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I am sure I know the answer, but I have a 2500k, that runs at 5.2ghz 24/7 and has for quite some time now. All I do is game and use it as a media server. It cannot stream through plex while gaming without stuttering. I can sell my motherboard, ram, and cpu to a buddy for 300$. 560$ for a 6600K with mobo, and ram. Or another 100 on that for the 6700k. What do you think? D
A bit more explanation if you will. I already have a domain for the dvr. I guess. Its what i can use to look at the dvr via the internet. But the app on my phone has to have an ip adress and a port, which is my home ip. If that makes sense. D
Quick question guys. I have googled around but can't find the answer I am looking for. I am a hardware guy, and not great with networking. I have installed a home surveillance system with dvr etc. I can access it from work on my pc by typing my IP address and port number into my browser and then logging in. Same with my phone. I have set up the DVR with a static IP on my router, but if my router has to be reset, or power goes out, will my IP address change? And by IP I...
I am sorry . I only ever played at 1080p and none of the games I played used all of the 2gb so they worked fine for me. Just couldn't get SLI to work in some of the crappy games I play. (Looking at you Arma/Dayz) Otherwise I would still have them. D
Ah, I am sorry. It is the 2gb models. Ad updated. D
I have an ancient beast of a card for sale. I have 3 of these cards, because I like the raw horsepower they provide. Anyways, getting rid of one of them. This one has a Swifttech block, also have the stock air cooler and all hardware if wanted. Would like a 100$ but I am negotiable as it is an old card. Make an offer.
I have 2 MSI Twin Frozr GTX 760s 2GB models. I ran them for a few months, but some of the games I play didn't work well with SLI. I have since upgraded to a GTX970. Would like to get 250$ plus shipping, but I am willing to negotiate. I would like 150$ shipped for a single one, but am negotiable. I have the original boxes and I believe all accessories that they came with. If they both sell in the next week, I will have to ship one without the box as I sent a different card...
PRICE DROP-1000$FIRM! NEED MONEY ASAP Will not part out. Willing to ship anywhere on your dime, or can be picked up near Austin, Tx. May even meet you somewhere within reason. Can sell with gaming keyboard, mouse and even 1080P monitors for additional cost. i7 2600k - overclocked to 4.5ghz @ 1.33v Asus P67 Sabertooth motherboard 8 gigs 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance ram (2x4) Silverstone 750w fully modular psu Corsair 800D case DVD burner 2x300g 7200rpm Seagate Barracuda...
Need MOAR PICS! With a flash please. LOL D
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