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Great. Now for FB, Google, etc..
An OCN App
This is bad. They will come built in, more commoners will illegally download not knowing how to protect themselves or anything about bittorrent etc. This will probably lead to more things like SOPA, PIPA etc.
We're going to need to buy a lot more than one each, even if 250,000 people did so.
No seriously.. do so.
I have this as well. It happened to me when I changed icons and then deleted the said icon in its location. Have you ever changed the icon to a custom one?
Oh! Oh! Can I play your game of chucking random industries into that sentence with absolutely no proof?
Is this a new investigation? Or ongoing? Cause I remember this being reported a while back. Still, thanks for posting.
Maybe this is the problem. I add HTML to automatically open in a new tab/ window (dependant on browser settings) so maybe you doing so manually will confuse the browser or something...
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