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If it's at the stock frequency I think it's fine. Obviously to use 3 50mm TECs a chiller or something equivalent have to be used.
Looking great! Be careful that the clamping force of vise can bend the work piece so "flat" becomes "curved" when you take that work piece off the vise.
12 Mosfets Now the test result !
It's on top of my list. I hope you can wait
I wish I had more time.
A single 62mm Qmax=400W TEC works well on 4770K when powered by 12V. You can expect 5-10 degrees below water temperature on the TEC cold side at full load. To buy TEC in US you can check avoid condensation a controller is a must have because when CPU is idle it's so easy to go to -10C.BTW to estimate how much rad is needed one should consider the total heat in the loop, not the rad "before" GPU or CPU. The loop temperature is always...
Be sure to use a good lighter. Quicker you can remove the IHS, less risk to damage the chip.In my case core temp did drop noticeably on i7-960. I was using MX-4 or Gelid Extreme I cannot remember. I think you will need to try and find out. Liquid metal is proven to be the best TIM on bare die.
Here are the test results compared with previous test of T50 (dual TEC block with two 50mm CTE 331W). T38 is my single 62mm TEC block as you can see in my earlier posts. I haven't done the comparison with CTE 400W at exactly the same condition, but I'm confident to say it is slightly more capable than the CTE 400W module I have in terms of cooling capability, by about 20%. I have another Thermonamic module to test later, maybe it will give some pleasant surprise? The...
Physical comparison between Thermonamic and CTE: On the left is CTE Qmax 400W, right is Thermonamic. Thermonamic is slightly thicker and less transparent. The wires are about the same thickness but Thermonamic wires are more flexible. The arrangement of TE pellets are the same. Both seem to be 199 couplers. CTE 400W: Thermonamic:
Yes, the numbers are outlandish. The way the curves are plotted also clearly suggests they are theoretical. It is much easier for the manufacturer to test a number of individual TE pellets and calculate the expected performance according to pellets couple number. I think that's what thermonamic did. In the case of high density TEC module, obviously the discrepancy between theory and reality will be significant.Are you sure it's BiSn? May be BiSb. It is not very common in...
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