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I usually keep my machined copper blocks coated with oil, so they don't rust/tarnish. I then clean them before shipping.Yeah I like clear tops as well, especially to show the beautiful fins.
Fresh copper tarnishes easily so extra care needs to be taken. Camera doesn't do justice to these:D
Wow, is that again a buck-boost controller? You are good at this:thumb:
Sorry about your work, my bad
It will work to some extent, especially with high speed fans. But the TEC hot side cooling is probably the most critical part of the system. My mindset is to go for the best cooling. People tried air coolers but later used water when they want better performance. I understand you do not want to use water because of the limitations. A:Dnyway, it will be a fun project. I am interested to see how the high rpm fans increase the performance.
Anandtech uses 340W source to measure the thermal conductance/resistance. But that does not mean it can cool 340W effectively. According to their result, D-15 has thermal resistance of 0.0944C/W, so 340W will put it 0.0944C/W x 340W = 32C above ambient temperature. That is 57C is your ambient is 25C.You are right there should be TIM between surfaces. Pressure is about 50-100psi. This is a very good guide on TEC mounting:
Freezer normally has smaller compressor as opposed to large compressor in air conditioner. The smaller compressor may not have enough cooling power to cool computer 24/7. The way freezer only need small compressor is because it is insulated and the stuff inside freezer does not generate heat like a computer. The compressor in air conditioner is more powerful, and it can cool an entire computer if you use a large compressor. You can search for "phase change chiller" to...
Using air cooler on TEC? It is possible but could be difficult. Generally under 100W CPU may be possible using large TEC and reduced TEC voltage. Achieving zero degree under full load is not quite realistic. 1. Because TEC is larger than CPU, and the surface of TEC is made of ceramic which is a poor heat conductor along its surface, slapping TEC on CPU will not work. There should be a copper cold plate between TEC cold side and CPU to compensate the size mismatch. The...
Yeah, I think custom loop is the way to go:D
I agree it is the flow rate problem. On my rads input is only 2C higher than output.
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