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Awesome! Cannot wait to see your new driver in action
So no performance gain? I thought higher thermal conductivity helps performance, since the pellets are what generate temperature difference, and ceramics plates are just there as an insulator and hold pellets together. This is also new to me. I need to do some research.
Hey man, glad to see you here~ Right, I think I got two thermonamics for $150. Maybe they are busy and only want to deal with volume orders.I have never had an AlN peltier to test. That would be interesting definitely! Maybe a volume order will decrease significantly the price per piece. I will contact them again when I got around.Single layer neoprene may be enough if you have double layer on the side to help seal the gap. I personally run that configuration with a...
The plastic dip thing is interesting. Did you spray into the gap between cold and hot plate?
Nice polishing Looking forward to your full test~
I usually keep my machined copper blocks coated with oil, so they don't rust/tarnish. I then clean them before shipping.Yeah I like clear tops as well, especially to show the beautiful fins.
Fresh copper tarnishes easily so extra care needs to be taken. Camera doesn't do justice to these:D
Wow, is that again a buck-boost controller? You are good at this:thumb:
Sorry about your work, my bad
It will work to some extent, especially with high speed fans. But the TEC hot side cooling is probably the most critical part of the system. My mindset is to go for the best cooling. People tried air coolers but later used water when they want better performance. I understand you do not want to use water because of the limitations. A:Dnyway, it will be a fun project. I am interested to see how the high rpm fans increase the performance.
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