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In again!
In for the 8th!
Wow, totally missed this until now. In for day 7! ...10.
This is what I was thinking.What monitor are you using?You should definitely try and avoid using VGA completely if at all possible.
Thanks!Ordered a set of AV40's, found them on Amazon.Unfortunately, my main rig is itx, so no room for a sound card!I was thinking of a usb sound card / dac - again I know little about this.Saw a video from linus recently on the Fiio Olympus E10, I was thinking something like that?Any advice?
Ok, so my 10 year old Creative speakers are showing signs of death and I need something to replace them with. How are Corsair SP 2500's? I very much like the look of them and I have read good reviews. I'm in the UK so some things in the OP are not necessarily very easy to find.
Does anyone know if a Kraken G10 will fit in this case? TTL said in his OC3D video that he thinks the bracket is too large, but didn't actually try it. Looking at the video above, it looks like it should. Looks like there's a good half slot of space between the side panel and a dual slot GPU?
Have a look in your BIOS. Asus motherboards sometimes have a setting that's called something like Hardware Memory Remap, or something along those lines. Try enabling/disabling it and see if that fixes it. As for the slots it's best to use the colour that is furthest from the CPU socket.
Can't wait for this to hit the UK. As much as I love my node, it is awfully cramped. I'll be picking this up asap, along with an H100i and a kraken g10 From the looks of it, the new H105 won't fit in this case with motherboards with an ASUS VRM daughter board on it?
It never occurred to me that NZXT don't have anything smaller than standard ATX? Is that correct? Very interested if it's itx. Contemplating the 250D or the prodigy at the moment!
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