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I can't get beyond 1 GPU stable in windows. I have tried rotating all the cards and risers trying to find a good combo.
The 2 different kinds I have are from different vendors
I CANNOT get this thing to boot with 4 GPUs on risers installed. It works fine without the risers. I first was using x16 to x16 risers, am now using x1 to x16 powered risers. It passes BIOS but windows does not load "your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart" I've gone one by one with the risers and can't get past 2 cards, and even that seems finicky. I have tried every BIOS setting I know of, booting full UEFI with above 4G encoding enabled. Any suggestions?
Anyone have experience using powered pcie risers with this motherboard? Should I still plug in the additional 6 pin power cable or will that in addition to powered risers fry my gpus?
I do have UEFI enabled
BIOS time/POST is at 2000 sec right now LOL what settings can I use to reduce this….
UEFI is enabled everywhere. Can I install the NVME driver after I load windows or do I have to do it before the install?I guess it's not the boot that's taking a long time, but the POST.The whole thing seems extremely unstable, it hangs during multiple different POST items and when it does go to windows sometimes it immediately says it encountered an error and needs to shut down. I've gotten it to a point where it will recognize 1 GPU but when I go to install 2 or more the...
I'm encountering very slow boots with my samsung 950 pro. Updated to latest bios no luck. Also having a hell of a time getting it to recognize 4 graphics cards.
anyone still looking for this motherboard it can be found at bleep box, they're UK based but international shipping was only $30.
uhh care to share? How are you snagging these?
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