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sorry you're going a little beyond my PSU knowledge....voltage regulation? Meaning the power to the cards is going to vary slightly? Would it help if I ran just the GPUs off one PSU, and the rest of the system off the other? I'll look into this phanteks buisness, thanks EDIT: Meh, that looks about splitting one powerful psu into 2 smaller systems.
yea I have the phanteks 140SPs, and have the same vibration issue from my top fans. Other than that they're great, but I'm also watercooled. Aren't these fans designed for pushing air through radiators? As for the power supply, you're telling me not to run dual, is it a huge issue? But there isn't a single PSU that can run all this, so wat do?
Well the single wasn't enough, if you look towards the bottom I have included a second one, so 2x 1000w. Can you recommend a single PSU that can power this build? And while I want to say looks aren't a priority, I've always had an aversion to those fans, can you recommend a second best?
I'm beginning research for a dual CPU, quad 980ti workstation. I will be 100% utilizing the graphics cards and CPUs quite frequently and for long periods of time. From what I can tell the juice I will need for this will require two power supplies. Do I have to get into splicing wires, or is there a cleaner way to do this? Can I plug the power supplies into the same outlet, or will that draw too much? Should the power supplies be identical? Below is my PCPP list at current,...
an "inline" temperate sensor is one actually touching water think you are referring to the ones that came in the package, which are external temps and aren't that great for getting temps. I use one near my front intake to get an "ambient" temp which I compare with an inline sensor to get my ambient - water delta which is what I use to control my fan speed.the virtual sensors use input from an external piece of...
The option is checked and doesn't start
tried that. Its set to always run as admin
Yes...I've done that. But its not running on startup still."Anyone having issues with running aquasuite at startup?"
Aquaero 5 LT owner here. Anyone having issues with running aquasuite at startup? I've tried changing the setting by running the aquasuite as admin, as well as uninstalling/reinstalling. Using windows 8.1.
Ughhh now I've gotta break down my loop My spare psu was able to boot, it doesn't have enough cables to power my entire setup though. Thanks guys
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