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these are 6+8 pins, but yea I'm sure it would be fine. Again though…out of stock just like the D8.
It has one less PCIE slot. I could maybe sacrifice the thunderbolt card. But I also can't find that in stock anywhere. Every place that claims to have them in stock doesn't actually. The D8 also has an additional 6 pin power plug for powering 4 GPUs that I liked since these cards will be running at 100% frequently.
I was planning on purchasing the Asus Z10PE-D8 WS Motherboard, and planned an entire build around it. I ordered all the other parts, but the motherboard has been out of stock for months now. I have all these parts sitting around and I'm about done waiting for word from Asus. This is a specialized workstation utilizing both GPU and CPU rendering. Parts I have so far: 4x 980ti 2x xenon 2697 v3 10GB ethernet card thunderbolt card 128 GB RAM intel 750 1.2 tb samsung 950 pro...
Still not for sale anywhere….been waiting months now
I built a whole system around this board while it was available and have all the other parts here now unfortunately. I have 4 980tis and am using riser cards to access the other slots, as I need them all. I already have a case, 2x 2697 v3, EVGA T2 1600, 950 pro, intel 750 etc etc and just can't find another motherboard with comparable features.
I don't care about inflated price, is there anyone besides eBay selling new?
anyone had any luck finding this board in sto
except you can't, because of the placement of the header on the predators PCB. It won't allow for the extra pins. There is another fan header directly next to it blocking it.
the power cable is sata to a 2 pin keyed header, what is the name of the 2 pin? the tacho wire is 2 pin to 4 pin, doesn't pwm have 4 pins?
Anyone know where I can get longer or extension cables for the power and CPU fan header? Working in a large case and need about double the length...
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