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Welp, I finally finished my build. I replaced the exterior lighting on my Enthoo luxe as well as mounted strips to the side panel. I used multiple strips and then wired the corner bends. A reddit user requested I make a tutorial, so here's that:
Hey guys, I just finished my build. My buildlog is still a WIP, but I wanted to share my review of the Enthoo Luxe if any of you are thinking about buying. Edit - here's a teaser
Just finished up my setup. Not quite happy with how they're illuminating, I think I'm going to purchase some diffuser sheets or something. Also very hard to get them to light up the areas you want. I have mine mounted to the side panel around the outer perimeter and one between the two windows.
Having issues with channel 1 of my fans. Moving the min/max power slider does nothing. I moved the fans to channel 4, and then channel 4 behaved the same, but channel 1 was showing voltage adjustments etc when I moved those sliders (empty) I moved the fans back to channel 1, and I got a brief spin up, and then's especially weird because they've been running fine, I noticed today that they weren't spinning. Faulty unit? edit - I've tried resetting factory...
So my 5960x is rock solid stable at 4 ghz. No extra voltage, just changed the multiplier to x40. I don't know how much more I want to push it because I'd like this chip to last awhile but it is in a custom loop...what do you guys like to keep your temps below for 24/7 usage?
Oh yea I did a dual xenon build in a primo for a buddy of mine. Pretty solid case. No WC for him though I'm in a Luxe now, I prefer full towers. Managed to get a 420 and a 120 in it at least, needed some of my drive cages.
Yea I've been using the minimum power to keep my fans spinning at all times. How much rad space do you have that you maintain 1-5c delta?? I heard PID is the best method of control once it's fine tuned, but it's a little over my head. Guess I'll stick with a curve controller for now. At 85% (max) fan speed I'm able to maintain
Can someone break down PID for me? I'm having a hard time understanding it, I read quite a bit on the aquacomputer forums and the wikipedia article. My Ambient - hot water delta at idle is about 6c and I've created a decent ramp up curve by P=200 I=50. I understand D is not very useful for this function. However this slow ramp up means it also ramps down very slowly. My delta is reaching 4c before the fans go back to idling speeds. I guess what I'm looking for is a slow...
Really loving my Aquaero, it really is top of the line. I finally ordered the 2 pin PWM plugs today so I can install my LED strips. Going to try to complete my build log this weekend. One question, my boot time increased dramatically after installing aquasuite and AIDA64. I was booting in 4 secs and that shot up to 34 secs. After eliminating a lot of processes I got it down the 17 secs, but I was spoiled by those initial quick boot times. Any way to reduce? AIDA64 is a...
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