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Yea it can do 12v up to 1amp, so I can do about half the strip if my calculations are correct.
Those are the cards I have, what temps do you get under load? Have you had any issues overclocking them?
I'm having issues overclocking my EVGA SC reference design (SLI) They do fine at stock, but when I install afterburner or precision it seems like the GPU severly downclocks. When I do use afterburner, it lets me overclock like crazy (it told me I got my core to 2.3 ghz yesterday) and it even shows up in GPUz but my heaven benchmarks are garbage. Any ideas? They're under water so I was hoping to overclock them quite a bit...
I did a run at full stock...uninstalled afterburner. Same score. These cards are under water, is there something that could be underclocking them because there is no fan detected? edit - also yes, SLI is working according the nvidia control panel. Both cards are recognized as x16 in bios. edit 2: ok, after I just got a run at full stock and got a 2650. But whenever I install OC software it seems to underclock my cards???
Are these the same as in the OP? and are they dimmable? I want to control these via my aquaero 5 LT PWM connection.
Any idea what could be wrong? Where should I start?
Here's mine - still fine tuning my OC but pretty happy. No voltage bumps. Dunno why my memory is so low, the EVGA website says it should be running at 7 Ghz tCoLL --- i7 5960x / 3.7GHz ---- 2x Nvidia 970, 2000 / Stock / 2250 ---- 48.4 ---- 1218
Any idea how many it can power? I'm looking at probably 6 20in strips, planning on daisy chaining them together. They're only 2 pin, how do I connect to PWM 4 pin?
Would I be able to connect LEDs like in this thread and connect them to one of the fan ports and use it as a dimmer? Seems like most of the guys in there are using fan controllers as dimmers.
What do you guys control your fan speed based on? Water temp, or something else? Where do you put your temp probes in your loop? I want to keep my fans quiet when I'm doing light work but would like them to gear up quickly when things start to get warm. Wouldn't water temps take a while to show that the CPU/GPU is getting hot?
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