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This shows 1.5 inches of space
No, I want it in the case. Do you have the luxe or pro? The pro doesn't have the extra ceiling that the luxe has. Do you have more pics?
I would like to get my grill back on top, so I won't go as thick. You're using both the ports on the other side?
My luxe is in the mail, should be coming in tomorrow. I'm wondering about getting a
Cannot enter safe mode - f8 at boot takes me to select boot device
I was uninstalling CCC to install a new gpu. My computer blue screened and rebooted during the uninstall process. My computer now will not boot at all, it goes past the bios screen and bluescreens while loading windows. I've launched startup repair, but it seems to perpetually scan my computer for problems without doing anything. Any ideas?
I can't describe how much I dislike the color scheme. So much spent on hardware...why not make it look good? Whatever floats your boat I guess.
I just moved to an apartment with inconvenient power outlet locations. What are some good rules of thumb when looking for a good extension cord? I will have to route it along the wall from one side of the room to the other. I plan on putting a power strip at the end for protection.
Unfortunatly there is an issue with the router. My Xbox cannot connect via wifi. Wired connection is fine but wifi is very slow, slower than my old belkin.
In which case I can take it to asus to remedy the situation, correct?
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