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an "inline" temperate sensor is one actually touching water think you are referring to the ones that came in the package, which are external temps and aren't that great for getting temps. I use one near my front intake to get an "ambient" temp which I compare with an inline sensor to get my ambient - water delta which is what I use to control my fan speed.the virtual sensors use input from an external piece of...
The option is checked and doesn't start
tried that. Its set to always run as admin
Yes...I've done that. But its not running on startup still."Anyone having issues with running aquasuite at startup?"
Aquaero 5 LT owner here. Anyone having issues with running aquasuite at startup? I've tried changing the setting by running the aquasuite as admin, as well as uninstalling/reinstalling. Using windows 8.1.
Ughhh now I've gotta break down my loop My spare psu was able to boot, it doesn't have enough cables to power my entire setup though. Thanks guys
I was doing some light gaming tonight and my computer shut down. Hitting the power button results in a click click sound. I detached all power cables besides my pump and tried jump starting it to no avail - still makes the faint click click noise. Normally powers 5960x + sli 970s. I had done some heavy gaming early but had been playing Warcraft 3 for close to an hour. Tried resetting the breakers in my apartment. What else could it be? Kind of worried it took my whole...
Welp, I finally finished my build. I replaced the exterior lighting on my Enthoo luxe as well as mounted strips to the side panel. I used multiple strips and then wired the corner bends. A reddit user requested I make a tutorial, so here's that:
Hey guys, I just finished my build. My buildlog is still a WIP, but I wanted to share my review of the Enthoo Luxe if any of you are thinking about buying. Edit - here's a teaser
Just finished up my setup. Not quite happy with how they're illuminating, I think I'm going to purchase some diffuser sheets or something. Also very hard to get them to light up the areas you want. I have mine mounted to the side panel around the outer perimeter and one between the two windows.
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