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Just got shipping info for one i got off Bh photo for $270 shipped. Great price and no tax in Cali. The site said it would take 1-2 weeks for stock to come back but it only took 3 days (I ordered on Sunday). Can't wait to try lightboost!
Looking for a GTX 680, non-ref. Need a little more power than I'm currently getting. Please PM with model and price and we'll try to work something out. I also have a GTX 670 Windforce OC model that I can either sell/trade to fund for the GTX 680. If you're interested in that let me know.
bump. no trades
I upgraded to a GTX 670 over the summer and this 580 has been sitting around since. I used the GTX 580 in the past for four months but never pushing it to its limits. It's never been been overclocked for more then 24 hours (did some overclocking when I bought it to run tests). Works perfectly. This is for the card only, I left the box and manual at home (currently living away from home). Warranty is via serial #. Price is $250 shipped,. I will ship priority mail CONUS...
Get a 2b. Color representation is better, although it still falls victim to back lit bleeding. That doesn't bother me at all though.
If by fun you mean the entire game depends on the RNG of elite mob abilities. If I see a pack of move fast, teleport, invulnerable minions, walling I don't even bother. I just reroll the act and hope for something better.I'm a DH, and after the SS nerf I can no longer complete inferno act2 on solo. I'm pissed, not because they nerfed an extremely cheesy build but because they provided no other alternative to make things manageable again.
And the problem with the Asus is that there is no confirmed price or release date! May 15 and 30th and $400/$420/$450 price points are all speculation at this point.
No, go with the GB. I'd list the reasons but they're minimal and basically when it comes down to it the negligible differences do not warrant a $40 price bump. Get the GB if its in stock.
It's going to be even worse now that the Cali deficit doubled (politician surprise attack!) but the way that Amazon has treated me all these years, I'm willing to pay the premium. It's sure a hell of a lot better than relying on the alternatives (TigerDirect anyone?).
I'm upgrading from a 580 to 670 right now. 670 comes tomorrow, actually. I honestly never used my 580 to full potential. The games I play hardly demanded much work out of it - and most modern titles I easily hit max settings with 50-60 FPS stable. I didn't need to upgrade - but I got my 580 for really cheap a few months ago and didn't lose anything selling it. In the end it only cost me $50 to upgrade. BUT, I also just purchased a Catleap 2b Extreme. I need the 670 for...
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