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a bit off topic...... OMG this is funny
in plz
I'll take it! I'm lookin for a new case to build a rig for my GF I live in burlington
6300 will beat it
in #1
srry bro, didnt mean to offend you... I'd have an intel rig myself but its just too expencive considering amd does everything I want it to do but cost less.... I have no hate for intel,
benches show its only ~10%, does that warrent the $399 pricetag for the 4770k
haswell has very minimal gains over ivy..... I dont think intel will get many sales, only people that will buy are people on first gen core series, and stupid people that like to waste $ on e-peen.... not denying its faster than the 8350 but pretty lackluster for intels "tock" upgrade path when compaired to ivy
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