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why has nobody brought up starcraft 2 yet???? lol
pretty stoked for zen, the fact that intel seems to feel the need to add hyperthreading to the i5 to compete shows me that zen will not dissapoint... I have a feeling that intel might have a problem with zen
I just finished dealing with this issue with my brand new 480.... no flickering in 1080p but when i went up to 4k screen went black and flickered on and off.... bought a new hdmi and switched inputs on my TV to HDMI 2 slot and its fixed.. hope this helped
really hope this numbers are close to true, my 8350 is old and dusty....plz AMD, dont make me spend WAY too much on and intel rig
Not too shabby
why even bother compare it to a 8150...... but good numbers none the less
a bit off topic...... OMG this is funny
in plz
I'll take it! I'm lookin for a new case to build a rig for my GF I live in burlington
6300 will beat it
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