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So I want upgrade my rig again buy getting another 7970.... one of my friends has one hes going to sell me for $250 in GPU-z it says its a 7970 but I'm wondering if its an engineering sample or what cause it looks funny and doesnt have a vendor.... looks like this but to red on it what so ever, no writing either, the cover is just a solid black box nothing fancy to it at all any thoughts of where it came from? the card works VERY well, and OC's nicely thnx, Malo
lol @ apple and it's fanboi's
this thread is a joke..... I LOL'd hard, GPU flamewars are much more entertaining than CPU flamewars lol, espcially when a mod gets in it, some people have more $ than brains.... people need to face the facts that new hardware = driver issues.... I thought AMD was the one with "horrible drivers"? lol
I dont know why people are getting so upset.... it'll all be fixxed in due time.... its not AMD or Nvidia, game fixes are comming soon.... PS. what are these driver issues with AMD/ATI everyone is talking about? I've never had an issue ever, I've owned a CF setup and a newly released card too... things just get better over time thats all PPS. I'm no fanboy I LOVED my Gtx 470, but AMD is cheaper
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS!!!!!I lol'd hard
I dont hear people crying about physx running crappy on AMD cards, but I sure am hearing alot of NV people crying about tressfx not running well on NV cards.... obvious table turn is obvious lol
why would someone buy an xeon for gaming?.... and yes the 3570k would be good enough for steaming and playing at the same time BUT, the 8350 would be a bit better at it
^^ This
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