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you also need to up the voltage little by little as you up the multiplyer... wehat do you have for cooling?
I mainly play COD on ps3, I find there is more action to it..... but I also enjoy BF3 on my PC, to each their own, dont look down on someone because of the games they enjoy *edit* I'm 31 lol
so the fans not ramping up is a problem with the fan not the actual card?
would buying an aftermarket gpu cooler solvevthis problen? they have one at a pc store near me for 42.99 (new heatsink + fans) specifically for 7970??
ok so I took out the good card and put GPU2 in by it's self and realized theat when I turn the fan speed up the sensor show it speeding up but the fan actually doesnt change at all.... faulty fan? I also flashed to another bios to see if that was it and nothing changed either...... more suggestions?
ok, looks like I need a new heatsink, I took it off to replace the TIM and there is a big dent in the copper where it makes contact.... resulting in same issues
wow!!! this guy totally booked you LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun being watched vampirr
its also been cleaned
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