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1 seated the card in PCI x16 slot, plugged it in2. updated drivers3 ran benchmarks4 cried a little (lol)5 uninstalled drivers and reinstalled6 logged into OCNhavent touched any bios on the card...
having issues with cards..... plz help
reinstalled drivers, same thing..... I really dont wanna reinstall windows again I just did it a month ago
I am aware of that
and according to the usage graphs why does card 2 seem to be doing all the work?
ya same thing..... I'm wondering if something got messed up during the whole driver thing..... I guess I should just re-install windows and hope for the best
I tested it in my friends rig b4 I bought it, worked great, and its a brand new CF bridge *edit* furmark wont even run now, it crashes everytime I try and start it
ok lost the over clocks, vrm temps aren't high be usage starts going down what drivers should I be using? *edit* I updated afterburner
So I just intsalled my 2nd card and installed the newest beta drivers ran a few benchmarks and wow..... worse performance than b4.... anyone come accross this b4? should I re-install windows? I made sure both cards are in x16 PCI slots both overclocked, I dont know where to start here is my messed up usage wile running valley benchmark HELP!
what I've been told is that you can use a single strand of wire from an ethernet cable and put it in the spot and it might work, or take a pin from your other CPU and just set it in there and it should work
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