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That issue can really be caused by any of the three (drivers, card or game code). If the issue only happens in Far Cry 4 then most probably its an issue with software.
If its an monitor issue then turning the monitor on and off usually gets things working. If that does not help then it really is 50/50, could be the GPU or monitor. Could even just be the display cable it self.
That would totally depend on how good contact it makes and the CPU wont throttle until it hits its Tmax which is something like 105C if I recall right on that CPU.Can we get an picture of the spread pattern so we can see what it looks like after the cooler has been on.
The cooler is not making proper contact, that much is clear. My guess is that there is something wrong with the installation bracket. Do you have all the springs and nuts in the right place? You didn't forget to install the back plate did you? In case you lost the manual -->
Does the system detect 8GB during post?
Well its hard to say without hearing the drive my self but yes its possible that two drives even though they are the same model will sound different. After all they are mechanical devices and there is always some play in terms of the machining tolerances. There is also the question of how the drive is attached to the case. That can have an effect on how certain sound made by the drive ... well sound. Usually if an drive has some manufacturing fault it will fail within 6...
Well I got an CM Storm QuickFire TK with browns. Its pretty nice even though it isn't that expensive. Its back light so it uses laser etched key caps (unfortunately for you it also has red back lighting but hey it can be turned off) but it does not have an rubberized coating. Its nice and heavy though quite tall and does not come with an palm rest. That my personal take on that keyboard. Aside form that I would say you'd probably want to look in to Keyboards made by...
Very cool. I can see lots of places where this tech could be used.
Does the PSU get very hot? Can you restart the system immediately after it shuts down? Does this also happen if you run the CPU at stock? Have you tried first uninstalling the graphics driver and then re-installing it?
I'v had an reference (blower style) Palit GTX 670 for some time now. I can't say anything bad or good about it. Its a fateful reference design and works as it should. At least as far as reference designs go I don't think they are worse then any other brand.
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