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It can do some reasonable bends. 1" is probably still possible but 1/2" is not going to happen.
Whit that budget you are probably looking at an R9 290, or perhaps an GTX 970.
Well if you are interested in both large 1440p monitors and triple 1080p then why not go for an 3440x1440 ultra wide 34". Easier to run then triple 1080p, has none of the issues of 4k and does everything that an 27" 1440p + offers some of the feel of surround that triple monitors have but without the driver issues. Even considering price it wont be far of form going for 3 decent 1080p monitors.
If you right click and select refresh do they then also rearrange?
There is no sure way to know. Multi adapter chains are notoriously unpredictable. The only real way to know for sure is to test it. It might work it might not. It might not even produce an image at all.
Is this "fake" firefox actually an launchable application? If so you can use properties to see where its installed.
Motherboards don't have support for temp sensors. Do not try to plug it in anywhere. The only thing that I can think of is the Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 XT USB Fan Controller Read more at Or yo can mount one of thous basic LCD readouts somewhere.
It can also be labeled PC3LConsidering that it only supports 4GB it is very possible that it only supports 4Gb when using two 2GB dimms and simply does not support 4GB dimms (like I suggested earlier). Given its age it most likely only supports standard voltage dimms as well.Max RAM Supported 4 GBTechnology DDR3 SDRAMSpeed 1066 MHzSlots Qty 2
Some laptops only take low power memory other only standard. That's one thing you can check for. Low power should be labeled DDR3L. There is also the question of size. It could be that the laptop only supports 2GB dimms as max. Also that link you have is broken so I can't see the exact type of laptop in question.
Its decent. Not great but seeing as you already payed for it then yes its worth it to deal with the pain in the butt Social Club crap.
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