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In theory it could possobly be done but the amount of work needed and the chance of failure make it practically impossible. If you want a rotating screen just sell that lappy and buy one that has that feature as factory built.
Check your FPS. An obviously an 1440p has more pixels then an 1080p so it put an higher load on the GPU (almost always resulting in lower FPS). Also check that its indeed running at 60Hz in the control panel (nvidia) or CCC (AMD radeon). Lastly it is true that IPS monitors like your U2713HM are slower (8ms (GtG)) then some TN panels so if you are used to an fast 120Hz Tn with an GtG of 2ms then the ultra sharp might feel a bit sluggish in comparison but honestly 8ms...
Yeah considering the GPU and screen size I think 720p does have its pros in terms of windows scale and native resolution gaming. 1080p could be nice as well but sticking an 1440p in that thing is just wasteful.All and all it could be an nice little gaming laptops for on the go but considering its Alienware it probably wont be priced low enough to be good bang for buck.
While the graphics aren't really cutting edge I can honestly say this is one of the games I'm looking forwards the most.
Yeah. I use the mouse for the actually 3D part (moving around vertices ect.) and move to my wacom for textures and sometimes sculpting. Never had any issues with clicking with the DeathAdder. The blender control scheme howere is not very well suited for tablets as it relies heavily on the middle mouse button and modifiers keys.
It would't be the first time an USB 2.0 device had/caused issues when running in an 3.0 port.
Well I do 3D modeling and I'v been very satisfied with my Deathadder 3.5G. That said when doing things like projection painting and photoshop stuff an wacom tablet does come in handy as things like that are just tricky to do with even the best of mouses.
Drop back to stock speeds and see if the problem persists.
Well mantel is directer but its still an API and it does provide some abstraction and mantel does not exist on consoles.Mantel is an PC API that is intended to give developers lower access enabling them to do some of the same kind of optimizations that console devs do.Mantel is not the same thing as direct to metal programming and low level code on consoles can not be "copy pasted" in to the mantel API. Its not like XBONE low level code would run on an PS4 either which is...
The PS4 runs openGL as did the PS3. The difference is that developers working with consoles (be it XBONE or PS4) can choice to not use the abstraction provided by API's and instead program directly for the hardware.So if an game has an direct to metal engine then it can be challenging to convert it to DirectX (or openGL) but if the engine is already using one of thous two then the remaining problem is more about adapting the game for the OS. Like porting a windows game to...
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