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As far as I know no. Further more the power needed to run such an device would probably be very close to the idle power consumption of an router anyway, so really what would be the point? That is of course assuming you want this done due to power consumption and not some other reason.
Whats probably happening is that its ends up with an mono connection, meaning left channel on the jack makes no contact and the right channel goes to both left and right.Like so
Yeah that's seems like the correct way to me But like I said you should measure the connections with the multi meter and actually rather then using the circuit test beep use the ohm setting and measure the resistances.
OK in that case I'm fairly sure the wiring should be as follows.So use the "beeper" and check that it matches with standard stereo jack layout (ground being the same as negative in this instance)So in actuality on the face of it the connections look good. Could be an cable issue (kabelbrott).
Shouldn't be much of an issue in this case as it has an separate PCB part. As seen in the picture there there are what seems to be 3 main solder points and 2 smaller point that I would presume are the ones that are for the driver wires.
Just to clarify
Sounds like your left side + wire is is shorting out with the right side - wire. Post an picture. I can probably point out the correct connections.
Oh will you look at that. The where that easy to get off after all. Thanks +rep. Honestly I never really got the whole toolless quick release thing, who needs to add and remove 5.25 bays so often they can be bothered to undo a few screws
Edit never mind. I remembered wrong there was never any official 60FPS footage
So I just got the Luxe. Seem pretty nice. I have started to move over my old gear into it but as my old tube res has an crack in it I'm shopping around for an new one. So here's an question you guys. Has anyone put an bay res in one of thees? I ask because the quick release look like they will not play nice with most reservoirs and I don't see a way to remove them either. Build log here:...
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