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Exactly. No performance benefit at all and copper blocks even when oxidized works just the same. Nickel plating is meant to look nice but at the same time introduce a slight risk of flaking which in turn can cause other issues like clogged canals or pump bearing/rotor damage.Its a very minor risk but still one that need not be taken.
Depends on your country and the shop in question. Manufactures warranties are usually international but you could also try just contacting the store you bough it form and see what they say.In order to get in contact with EK -->
Yes it will be a problem. If its sill in its warranty period contact EK. This is the reason why I would never buy anything but plain copper blocks.
Well yeah of course. A solid frame rate is the back bone of a good experience. I wasn't even getting in to frame dropping and frame time shifting due to v-sync ect. ect.But on the subject of film its also pretty important to remember that professional cinematographers do use a lot of tricks to make 24fps look good. There are things like not panning to quickly , adjusting the shutter angle as well as just the fact that not everything works "on camera".I remember for...
Motion blur in games is intended to simulate film blur (shutter blur). When an camera shutter is open it captures all the light and changes to said light that happens while its open. This is what we see as motion blur in photographs/video.Motion blur is what makes 24fps in movies work and not stutter as much. The motion information is still there just blurred form. CGI does not naturally have any blur at all as its an single digital sample, in high end CGI its not...
Could be a faulty graphics card or a screwed up driver. Try and un-installing the AMD driver completely and then installing the installing the latest radeon driver. If no go perhaps check if you can get the GPU RMA'd.I suppose it could also be an issue with the power supply though that is less likely.
I will never understand why people feel the need to preorder digital copies of an game. Its just a huge risk with no reward (pre-order bonuses are bull crap). Have a bit of patience and read some post launch review.
Is it the same even when the R7 370 is removed and you are running just integrated graphics?
Try safe mode?What happens when you try to re-install?
Sounds like they are over staffed on one front and under staffed on another, mainly lacking man power in the hardcore coder departmen while having plenty of people to work on content stuff (art, light scripting ect.)Still releasing DLC while the game is still in BETA is really bad form. Releasing something that cost as much as the core game is doubly so. What they should have done (aside form not getting int to the mess in the first place) is make the entire "core" game...
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