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Sounds like they are over staffed on one front and under staffed on another, mainly lacking man power in the hardcore coder departmen while having plenty of people to work on content stuff (art, light scripting ect.)Still releasing DLC while the game is still in BETA is really bad form. Releasing something that cost as much as the core game is doubly so. What they should have done (aside form not getting int to the mess in the first place) is make the entire "core" game...
Well strictly speaking it would not need to be an "asteroid". Even an grain of sand would destroy it if there was enough difference in relative velocity. Probably the most likely place for that to happen (and still unlikely) would be before it reaches beyond earths own "trash belt". There is an fair amount of that stuff up there and satellites and space crafts do occasionally get hit.
Yeah. I don't think getting one strait from an shop would make any difference. They are like this from factory and most of them would be considered in spec to boot due to the measuring devices not extending out to the corners (they are round most of the time).The sad truth is that high end panels have taken an step back in quality due their attempts to cut cost.
That is actually a very common issue with current gen monitors. Its a crappy IPS panel type that is nearly every where. LG, Dell, Asus ect all use the tech and the nasty thing a bout is is that its very susceptible to pressure haloing (you know how IPS panels start to glow is you for example push with your finger on it). Due to this any small imperfections in the mounting will cause it to light up in the corners due to the mounting points.
Its not up to google. Chrome is completely capable of streaming 1080p and beyond using HTLM5 which netflix and youtube use. The issue lays with the rights holders and their stupid DRM bull crap. They don't want the high quality stuff to be streamed on an "weeker" security as it could be copied
I would like to say Guildwars 2 but in the end that game has 2 many issues. Wildstar seemed OK form what little i played as did Tera, I actually like Tera more then GW 2 and wildstar even if its pretty old school and grindy. That said even though I haven played WoW for a very long time I would still wager it is still the best MMO if you want something that is like, well like wow was back in 2004.
Well hopefully if they spent less time tinkering with the graphics we will have better fleshed out mechanics. Civ 5 was great in many ways but its diplomacy always kind of sucked.
IE supports 1080p as does firefox when you use silverlight.
Yeah, that's what I sometimes do with youtube videos. It doesn't work with netflix because the content is protected with DRM ( Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)For anyone who is intressted -->
Yeah I though that would be common knowledge here (no offence intended).You can check the feed info with ctrl+alt+shift + DThere is some DRM bullcrap reasoning for it. HTML 5 (what chrome uses for playback) is perfectly capable for 1080p from an technical standpoint.
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