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I would still test running the game without the mods. Could be an issue with the load order or something.
That was an particularly useful piece of info My Dell U3415W had a slight yellow tint in the upper corners. I took an credit card and stuck i between the bezel and wiggled it a round a bit and then ran my finger over the are. The yellow "bleed" did reduce by a good margin. Seems like thees 34 panels should have been made a bit stiffer to avoid this type of bleed caused by pressure.
Tearing? Tearing is not an fault with the monitor, is caused by lack of vsync. Check your settings. As for what else its out there. Personally I opted for an U3415W, Its a neat monitor and it handles games and graphics work well, though it does have a bit of back light bleed and IPS glow does become an issue on a screen this wide. Benq has some nice monitors int the 27-32 size range. Samsung has some interesting VA panels but thous are probably to slow for you since you...
Probably some windows update that is screwing with the system. Either try to bear with it and hope that it gets fixed with an future update or run system restore again and individually apply updates until the issue comes back, then you would know which update is causing the issue. You could also test blocking windows update form updating drivers like this and then reinstall the graphics driver.
I have one of thees. Its very similar to the one you linked and also pretty cheap. I only have an 23" on it but so far it seems to have hold up fine and is work as advertised.
Well it still has more memory then the 780 Ti even if only 512mb more in terms of high speed, so its still less likely to stutter due to vram then the 780 Ti.
It really is an toss up. The GTX 780 Ti has an slightly faster GPU while the GTX 970 has more memory, HDMI 2.0 and a fresh warranty. In the end vram isn't that huge of an deal due to the GTX 970 running that 3.5GB 0.5GB split vram. For me it would come down to the bundle. Personally I'm quite looking forwards to witcher 3 so going for an GTX 970 + witcher 3 bundle would be quite attractive and really the 780 Ti GPU is only like 6-7% faster.
That and there is also the Philips BDM4065UC 40" 4k.
Fire up an old NES copy of Ninja Gaiden, TMNT or Mega man and see how you fair. Trust me, its the games, not us. Dark souls has a rep as being hard but really its pretty average compared to SNES and Playstation era games.
Well water cooling now days is fairly man stream, well at least as far as enthusiast go. If you want wild, exotic and unusual you should probably set your sites on sub zero cooling. That's still pretty "hardcore". Its been done to of course but it still has room for innovation. But basic rule of thumb if it's feasible someone somewhere has probably given it a try, after all people regularly cool their stuff with liquid nitrogen and that's about as unpractical and...
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