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Hmm, this is a tough one. Not many games that I have played all parts of chronologically as they came out. The few would probably be The longest Journey (aka dreamfall series) Mass effect The Witcher The book of unwritten tales I guess I could put Metro 2033 and some other up there as well but I think for something to be considered a series it needs to have at least 3 parts. Then there are the ones I have played some parts of like GTA where I played 1,2 , vice, san...
What cable type are you using (hdmi, DIV, DP)? Have you tired reverting back to your old monitor just to check that the issue does not happen with it? Does this happen with all your games? Is it the same if the games is launched in windowed mode? You could try to change the scaling mode form monitor to GPU or the other way around.
Yes, even with first gen DDR3 overvolted to 1.66v there is still no need for anything more then regular heat spreaders.
If it is, it should not be. The thermal output of DDR3 and 4 is not high enough to warrant high profile ram so anyone buying thous are doing so mostly for aesthetics.
A well tuned air cooling setup will not have that issue either. A free flowing Tower cooler will not dump a lot heat in to the internals of the system. There are pros an cons to most setups. For example systems running on water or with tower coolers usually have very little air flow over the CPU VRM's. Some people actually run their rads as intakes to get the lowest possible CPU temps even if the rest of the system will run slightly hotter.At the end of the day though all...
Every now an again there is a graphics driver that causes issues with browser hardware acceleration. Think crashing tabs and drivers as well as incorrectly rendered graphics. Most of the time it works just fine so personally I just disable it when I run in to issue and then at an random point in time end up re-enabling it
Well the issue might be that you change your sata operation mode (ahci to RAID) after installing windows. You should never do that has it usually prevents the boot record from working correctly. On the subject of raid. Yeah anything less then hardware raid is all but useless so if you can't get hardware raid to work then don't even bother setting anything else up. What I would do here is try and run the windows installer again (this time withe sata operation in RAID)...
From the res to the pump in and after that whatever makes for the cleanest easiest tube route as loop order does not effect temps.
animal brains could contain human cells, raising Thous cells would not be any more or any less human then chimp cells for example as we share 96% of our genetic make up with chimps. Does that mean chimp brains are 96% human? No of course not its 100% chimp. I understand that there are ethical concerns but that one is stupid. Could genetic hybrids end up having an consciousness? I suppose. Will an pig with a few extra human genes start talking? Ain't gonna happen.
AIO's really aren't worth the price. The only time they make sense is when you don't have the space for a big air cooler.
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