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The standard you are looking for is DP 1.2a with HBR2. Both the monitor and your graphics card should have support for it. Other then that you are good to go as there is no such thing as an DP 1.1 or 1.2 cable they are all built to the same standard so as long as its an decent quality DP cable there should be no problem.
The main difference is looks. Smaller ID's with thick walls can do slightly tighter turns but practically the difference isn't really something to be considering about. If you are using Compression fittings its important that you run the right ID/OD that mach the fitting but that's about it.
If you are loosing the connection to several devices at once but can still ping the last router in the chain then you should contact your ISP and ask if the issue might be on their end. Sometimes IPS do maintenance ect. without bothering to notify their uses that their connection will be spotty for a while.Naturally if you have another modem to test with then all the better.
As in you can't open web pages but already established connections like chat ect. continue to work?If that is the case it could be the DHCP failing to resolve (usually an ISP issue) or it could be something that's messed up with your browser. Does this happen with all your browsers (assuming you tried to use more then just IE)?
Well depends on the tech but assuming its modern bluetooth then it can be as low as 8-12ms (compared to wired that never more then 8ms can be as low as 1ms). Its not an huge difference anymore but is one more thing added on top of everything else and in an world of 144Hz monitors people do care.
I really hope they add proper 21:9 resolution support and an FOV silder. Its annoying that its something most older games can do no problem but for some reason (console ports) aspect ratio and FOV keep getting locked down.
It wont work . The phantom's use 2 and a half slot coolers so you can't put 2 on an 4 slot mobo
No technical limitations as such. Its just more a lack of demand. Most people who want an mechanical keyboard are either serious typists who generally work at an desk (thus have no need for wireless) or gamers that don't want the delay that wireless tech causes. Thus the main bulk of the mechanical keyboard market is happy with cord keyboards and the ones asking for wireless are very few and far apart.
Boot into safe mode and unistall the nvidia driver and any AMD related stuff an try to install the driver again. This is almost certainly an graphics driver issue.
It was only last year that I replayed a lot of 90's point and click games. Things like Syberia, Runaway, some of the lucas games. It think day of the tentacle was the oldes coming at 1993. I just started playing Homeworld remasterd, tough as an remaster I would not count it as an 90's game anymore. Also just recently played a bit of Final Fantasy VI but don't know if I will actually get in to it properly.
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