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What are you using to monitor load level. As I recall SLI does not work (at least not correctly) in windowed mode. It could be that the monitoring software is reading it wrong and should actually read 99% and 0% or something along thous lines. The fact that you are running dual monitors might also bee having an influence.
That's called IPS glow. Its not back light bleed as such. Its one of the draw backs of the IPS panel tech. The severity depends on the specific ISP panel type but they all have it. That is unless you are referring to the slight back light bleed that's happening in the lower left corner.
Its not that its bad per se. Its just not as good as Civ 5, IMO even when compared to vanilla 5. In all honestly Beyond earth feels more like an mod for Civ 5 then its own game. A decent mod but an mod none the less.Granted I have not played Beyond earth more then a few hours on the demo but still it failed to capture my interest. To put it simply, I had more fun playing Civ 5 then beyond earth and thus I regards Civ 5 to be superior.
Honestly the type of thermal grease makes almost no difference. Any half decent stuff will do. What maters is that i is used correctly. As for other products. I'v always just used alcohol swabs when cleaning was needed.
Sounds like it might driver issue. You said you had an 6870 before. Did you completely uninstall the radeon drivers before installing the Nvidia driver. You have any other software that could be messing with the GPU like afterburner for example? Either way I would try and un-install the graphics driver and then install the latest one form scratch.
Honestly all this speculation is not leading to anything. We should wait and see. Its only a few days and the game will go live. Then we will know for sure what the final game looks like.
Its almost certainly not an hardware issue I can tell you that much. Open the taskmanager and figure out what's gobbling up your memory. Chrome for example is known to keep hogging memory until you close it completely.
Well as most modern game pads use Xinput (what the xbox 360 controller uses) then it stands to reason someone made a linux driver for it. This article would point towards that as well. Also while on the subject of controllers. If you regard the wired 360 controller to expensive then the next step down is the Thrustmaster GPX. The Logitech F310 is usable but has an absolutely horrid d-pad
They can want all day long. Things will only change if and when AMD comes out with an truly fast CPU. Until then it noting but empty words.
Yeah an CMOS reset could be good. That would get the bios settings back to factory. If you are running an OC (like with after burner) on the GPU you should set that back to stock as well.
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