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Well yeah but 8.0 and 8.1 are hardly different OS's. 8.1 is essentially just 8 with an service pack. I don't see anyone wanting to use Windows 7 without SP1 either.
That's entirely dependent on the pixel density of the monitor, the game engine in question ect. For example if you are running a 4k 32" then an dab of FXAA is all you really need. On the flip side if you are running 1080p on an 27" and have GPU umph to spare then crank up that SSAA as that gives you the best quality. Then there is the question of game engine. Sure if the engine fully supports it then MSAA does offer an pretty nice balance between smoothing and...
I have always been and always will be heavily anti DRM but one thing that would be nice is that companies like Ubisoft would no longer be able to justify their poor sales by claiming that their games are being pirated
Well its entirely possible that they to will be sued, that is unless they haven already been contacted by paramount (hey they might even have worked out some kind of agreement).What I do think would be kind of improper is to allow fans to make fan film but only as long as they are poorly made It should not be about the quality, it should be about the money (never though I'd type out that sentence )
Run spacesniffer It will tell you what your capacity is being used for.
One dick buttification coming up
Can't say Paramount is in the wrong here. They own the IP and this project does infringe on it. While they have been pretty loose and understanding in the past it is understandable that they have to draw the line somewhere and they decided to draw it here.
Yes in theory but in none synthetic real world applications onboard raids have much of that potential performance is lost due to fact that there are no dedicated caches (as well as many other missing features). You might get an decent improvement in pure sequential writes but unless you are look for improved sequential write speed for a very specific reason like storing uncompressed screen capture videos then the sequential write numbers aren't actually all that...
Witcher 3 Life is strange Kerbal space program as this is the year it came out of Beta Honorable mention MAD MAX, a fun but very flawed game.
Raid 0 is pretty sub optimal at the best of times. Combining 2 different size and make HDD on what I'm assuming is not an actual proper SAS card the no its not an good idea, not a good idea at all. Raid 0 on an consumer grade mobo that essentially runs software raid is not going to net much performance anyway.
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