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I haven't had an change to really mess around with 10 enough to know if it handles scaling any better then 8 but my gut feeling is that the same issues will creep up as half the time the issue is that the software does not respect the windows DPI setting or reacts incorrectly to it.In practice this means things end up to small or out of place. For example text in an program being to small to read. Other times more serious issues might arise like text being enlarged but the...
Word of warning. Many things in windows do not scale very well so running 4k On an 28" can be a bit problematic at times. Personally I would't go for anything smaller then 32" with 4k
That's not a bad price. But at the end of the day I rather wait for the 2GB model or something similar. Considering how OS patches tend to bloat up android over time I'd rater future proof a bit (if there is such a thing) and get a phone with more ram.
I'm pretty much in the same boat. My Desire Z is just to old an slow so I'm on the hunt for a mid range phone to replace it. There are many things about the Moto G 3rd that I like that its water resistant, it run a stock lollipop, has an SD slot, 720p screen (which I consider optimal for this size). What I don't like is the price and the 1GB /8GB spec. Here in Finland the 1GB / 8GB model costs 250€ and currently there is no info on when the 2GB/16GB model will be...
Yeah. Like I said "has an pretty decent built in video editor " and really as far as free video editing goes its one of the better options. Just a suggestion.
Its probably not what you are looking for but Blender has an pretty decent built in video editor and it can render out to common formats. Its open source and free so even if its not what you want you should take a look
As far as I know no. Further more the power needed to run such an device would probably be very close to the idle power consumption of an router anyway, so really what would be the point? That is of course assuming you want this done due to power consumption and not some other reason.
Whats probably happening is that its ends up with an mono connection, meaning left channel on the jack makes no contact and the right channel goes to both left and right.Like so
Yeah that's seems like the correct way to me But like I said you should measure the connections with the multi meter and actually rather then using the circuit test beep use the ohm setting and measure the resistances.
OK in that case I'm fairly sure the wiring should be as follows.So use the "beeper" and check that it matches with standard stereo jack layout (ground being the same as negative in this instance)So in actuality on the face of it the connections look good. Could be an cable issue (kabelbrott).
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