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It really should be remote controlled (think Real Steel). With a guy inside safety will be to much of an issue to really see proper action.Still bigger budget large scale robot battling will happen. The risk then is that it will become really boring with everyone using something like old tanks or APC's as bases.
So is there a link to a stream or?
Its good to know the EU patent laws still have some sense in them. Now if only the US could could bring some common sense back in to theirs.
^This. I go by spec and reviews for any card I'm about to buy, not brand. Legitimate warranty claims will pretty much always be honored by any company, however with things like coil whine and stuff like that that is more subjective the cheaper brands might be less likely to play ball.
Sounds like you might want to look in to Roccat They have several alternatives with extra thumb buttons
Making Windows open source would kill it almost overnight as it would enable people to port over its libraries/features over to linux. The only thing keeping windows going is its proprietary nature as it keeps users restricted to their platform and limits cross platform comparability.
Interesting, the fact that AMD has an press release about it does lend it some credibility but I'v got a sneaky suspicion that it will still suffer form the same issues as thees type of services always suffer form, to high latency and image quality issues in the form of video stream compression artifacts. But really unless someone tires it and reports back there is no way to know. The last part about "regardless of your local internet connection" does sound a bit like...
Well aside form the obvious lack of expansion ports I always felt that the biggest short coming of the Mac Trash Can was the fact that there was no dual socket variant. Due to that the people wanting/needing a serious CPU work horse where far better off looking at "real" workstations. Not that thous where cheaper by any stretch, a slightly tricked up HP z840 series will set you back well over 10k.Workstations are expensive. Really expensive. A single good Quadro card can...
Essentially this illustrates the need for Apple to speed up their product cycle or they will not be able to stay competitive.
Well generally speaking the newer the hardware the more reliably it works/worked with Win 10 aside of the early black screen bug.On Skylake and newer its fine.Personally I'm sticking with Win 7 as long as I can though I might have to upgrade when I build a Ryzen system.
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