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Well nobody is forcing you yo buy thees nor would I really lump thees in with the rest of late PC releases (like GTA V). Thees are ports in the truest sense of the word. Thorough bread console games that are being retroactively converted in to run on PC's.
Hmm. I'm interested when I can get all 3 on the cheap. Form everything I know thees are even worse then 12 and I never finished that despite absolutely loving 7-9 and found 10 (and to some extent 10-2) an enjoyable experience.
A PC game might be harder to QA then an console game but QA is only one small part of the development process. At the end of the day when talking about how hard it is to make a game for a PC or console it is all about what game is being made. If you are making TETRIS HD its going to be relatively easy on both.Writing an engine for consoles is by its nature harder because to get the expected performance out of the system you need to optimize everything. You need to not only...
Its not about brand its about model. Higher tier more expensive models tend to have all around better image quality. The best color accuracy (and least clouding) will be with pro grade monitors. Something like an Eizo CX271, 27" is pretty much top of the line and as good as things get but that's also reflected in the $1700 price tag so probably not what you are looking for. In the end you get what you pay for and an...
That really is an topic that as been talked about so frequently that there is nothing but bones left of the horse. When you compare PC vs Consoles in terms of long term cost and value rather then then just core system price tag then the end verdict is very different.There goes a lot in to this. To much to really get in to here. But let me just try and condense it down to a few idea.For example you say an console costs $400 but you can't play games with just an console can...
Its often worth ruling it out. Even minor system changes can have an effect. Who knows perhaps that power toggling tripped some sort of fail safe that got stuck. I would in fact not just return to stock but do a full cmos clear.
Does it still happen if you run all stock settings in the bios?
32bit x86 chips haven't been made for about a decade. I'm not totally sure but Northwood Pentium 4's where probably the last un-extended x86 CPU's made.Despite this we have been stuck with 32-bit software for years and years and its still very rare for an software to be 64-bit only.
It a mater of focus. With a more limited R&D budget AMD has unfortunately ended up in a situation where they have to pick their battles and instead of going after the high performance and server segment they have focused on grabbing as much of the mobile segment as possible. Form an business perspective its not hard to see why either as they have an far more robust GPU department the can rely on to provide them with good integrated chips
In deed. Though often the issue is that the customers don't know what they actually want so companies have to do a bit of trial and error. Still that's what betas and release candidates are for and I find it hard to believe there weren't some red flags about win8's interface before they committed to it.
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