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Depends on what type of performance you are looking for. In terms of gaming performance an GPU upgrade will still yield the larger gains. For productivity an newer CPU could offer an good boost but in that case I would really urge you to go for an 4670k and an MoBo with an Z97 chipset and that will put you in the $350 range.
Yeah but OCN uses pretty dull blue hues. The new steam color scheme uses much darker and deeper shades and not only that it actually has light blue text on an darker blue element sitting on an dark blue back ground. Its not pleasant to look at. Same thing with the 75% tags now using green text instead of white like they used to. The reduced contrast just strains the eyes needlessly. Its a compromise made in the name of style over usability.
At this point I would't really go for an 690 anymore its 2 gens old after all. The 980 is an all around good card, future proof in the sense its got HDMI 2.0. Its pricing is also pretty reasonable, well at lest when compared to the 780 Ti and with the 980 you get more vram. Really at this point there is no reason not to go with the 980 if you can afford it.
Yeah I'v only used it a little bit but the blue tint is already staring to get irritating. I haven't reskinned steam in a very long time. Perhaps it's time to look in to it again. Also I'm not a huge fan of Valve also going for the flat shading look.Form the functional side it seems like a nice change though.
Well one can dream right. In all honesty an space elevator has always sounded a bit to good to be true to me. I don't think the other practical engineering challenges could be solved so easily even if the carbon nano tube cable it self could be made.
A-sync is eDP features transplanted into the DP 1.4a specification. With said features its possible to dynamically adjust the refresh rate form the GPU's side using drivers. AMD has shown that it does work as they did a proof of concept on laptops that run on eDP.Now sure we don't know exactly how good it will turn out once it goes live with the new scalar units and the unknowns of the real world but we do know a fair amount about it already.
Well as far as I know the best setting should be the Widescreen (16:9) and "EDTV/HDTV (480p)" on the Wii but yeah from what I remember Wii games always looked like crap on an HDTV. Its runs 640x480 Anamorphic widescreen so its no wonder it looks bad.
Yes, the point with Adaptive sync is that frame pacing and processing is done GPU side only and thus does not use expensive additional hardware like G-sync. The things outlined in DP 1.2a are simply to allow the monitor to accept variable refresh rates like eDP, nothing more. So in the end how good or bad the experience is up to AMD and NVIDA as long as the monitor is up to spec. Its entirely possible that Nvidia will come out with an better Adaptive sync implementation...
Clear the CMOS (bios) and run stock. That's the first step when encountering thees kind of problems.
I wonder if its actually possible to get an stable orbit around that thing considering its asymmetrical shape
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