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Well if the case is set up for positive pressure it might have an effect. ah silly me both the intake and exhaust is in inside the case so pressure is irrelevant. Or perhaps its just the ambient temp that is different.
Most laptops suck in air form the bottom. Normally when an laptop is on a table all the air has to get in form the little gap provided by the rubber feat. That's why some people prop up their laptops when gaming using eraser or whatever is lying around. Now in your case its vertical with plenty of room for the fan to draw in cool air and thus cooler temps.
Well you could just make some custom resolutions in the CCC. Or you could give Durantes generic downsampling tool a try. (GeDoSaTo)
4.7GB a month? I probably use more in a week. Man I do feel sorry for you yanks. My trusty land line migh just be 2/8Mbit but at least I get use for everything its worth. Data capping/throttling are both bull.
There was the main feature patch of 0.24 aka first contract. After that there was the 0.24.1 patch and today the 0.24.2 hotfix for the buggy right click.0.24 did break at least some mods. I don't know if 0.24.1/0.24.2 break anything more then what 0.24 does.
I got stuck in the loading screen when summoned for PvP. I'm assuming alt-F4 is the only option here or will it time out eventually on its own? If I alt-F4 will it be counted as an intentional disconnect?
Well that's how they see it and I would be inclined to agree as the point of the contract is to get the kerbal back to Kerbin alive. But I would also agree that just having an exposed kerbal going through reentry should kill them, but for that we'l just have to wait for an official equivalent of dealey reentry.
That is actually now fixed in the 0.24.1 Revision Patch. Or at least it should be as it is mentioned in the patch notes. I haven't tried it for my self yet
Are you sure all the TV/monitor settings are correct? As in resolution, 60Hz and no overscanning. The one thing I can think of that could cause something like not being able to re arrange columns ect. is that something is messing with the softwares click detection. Something like it using absolute location and then getting confused by scaling or something. If seen thous types of things happen in a few games when not running native resolution. Or alternatively some other...
Can you explain a bit more about what you mean when you say quickbooks don't reports correctly. Sounds like a very strange issue indeed.
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