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Honestly I would just save up a bit more. While the GTX 660 Ti is a decent card at this point its starting to be old tech already. I would probably wait and see how the GTX 960 turns out.
Like badtaylorx said chirping is often actually coil whine. An choke coil can oscillate under certain conditions which produces the "chirp". As the coils are a part of the voltage supply and regulation any change the amount of power the system drawn can bring the coils in question in and out of the oscillation. Unfortunately this is one of thous things one often just has to live with more or less. Some brands/companies will accept this as an fault covered by warranty...
Sounds like you want is an SCYTHE Q-12 Like the name suggests its an 12 channel unit.
Depends on the hardware but in your case its looks like its an wifi/Bluetooth combo card that use the same antenna for both wifi and Bluetooth. In short yes it needs to be connected (assuming there is no separate antenna for the Bluetooth) ON closer inspection it looks like it does have seperate connectors for the Bluetooth and wifi but the shipped antenna has connectors for both
Well most of the time the GPU load scales quite linearly so essentially you need 16 times more power for 7680x4320 then you would for bog standard 1080p. For most modern games with any higher detail level this is simply un reachable. 3840x2160 is much more obtainable as its only 4 times the load of 1080p. For that an single GTX 980 is capable in some games but other heavier games will need two or even three 980 to maintain good FPS and level of detail.
In general yes an second GTX 760 would provide a good boost in gaming performance. However for the issue you are having in Wow it wont help. WoW is notorious for having very poor performance is crowded areas including large raids. The thing that effects Wows performance the most in cases like that is the CPU's single core performance but even with very fast CPU's there are issues, some which are caused by thee server and so can not be helped.
More then anything I just feel sorry for the rest of the dev team. Having a down right their company ruined like this due to one mans stupidity is got to suck big time.
Finally Dark souls GFWL is dead edition I might just to wrap up DS2 and go and have another spin with 1
Its might be. If you haven't already you should make an back up of everything while you still can. After that you can do some more testing to try and figure out if its indeed the HDD that is causing the issues.
For playing at 1080p downsampling from 3200x1800 gives a pretty good balance of performance and IQ (this would be pretty similar to running 2xSSAA).If your GPU can't handle that then you can always go for the 1080p to 1080p. In that case I would also recommend changing scalingType to bicubic. As and side note it think its good to mention that I was having some odd FPS dips and this was fixed by setting presentInterval 0 in GeDoSaTo and enabling Vsync from the nvidia...
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