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Settings look good. Most of the instability you will run into is either: *CPU GTL *IMC voltages Performance level is similar to RTL settings for newer gen Intel mobos. It sets latency from each channel to the IMC. Loosening this as FSB climbs can help things happy without having to set hard voltages. *as well: lowering the CPU multi, increases the actual NB/IMC clock too. E8xxx's run core and mobo IMC at 1:1.. until you lower CPU multi..then IMC multi gets increased by...
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check disk   looks like possible SSD/HDD related failure; see if you can use win diag to run check disk.   **also make sure you bios is setting AHCI/IDE properly according to your OS install (ie: if OS installed on IDE, but bios reset and defaults on AHCI, it will cause similar issues on booting OS).
 There are plenty of options for cheap x79 mobo3690x or Xeon 8c+ddr3.. oops you already have itWC'ing.. you can run 4.8-5ghz daily 6c/12t  it cheaper than Zen and still competes at those clocks. *keep and reuse more of your current hw*x79 + SB-E still supports PCIE 3.0.. and if budget allowed IB-E supports +2400 quad channel on most OC mobos   As someone who ditched their 3770k/Z77 rig for SB-E ->  I've only gained..and Xeons are so cheap for these boards its comical.
like this..? (one of many)   4.5ghz e8400   what same CPU was capable of on cold water *if the OP had a C0 you'd be lucky for +4ghz daily.. but its not.    like i said. +4ghz should be a breeze (E0 rev). Figure out your FSBv/GTL combo and get clocking.     @ the OP.. drop the multi only by 1.. and set 1:1.. try to boot at 500fsb with your settings.
If CPU is locking loading just need more vcore. Try 1.32v and again with 12x multi. For just adjusting CPU multi you only need yo increase vcore to stabilize the CPU.
Just work the GTLv. I would be surprised if 4ghz isn't stable. It's a low clock for your stepping and vcore.
OC is fine .. and not extreme at all. Totally and completely normal and common clock for CPU.   *that said - What you are looking at is most likely caused from improper GTL voltage settings for the cores. This is "Gunning Tranceiver Logic" .. it helps control jitter and timing of core-to-core communication.     1. stop using Prime for now.. start using wprime (if youve never used it.. you will have to launch as admin and make sure to set the proper # of threads in the...
raise CPU multi and raise CPU vcore.. thats all you need for fully unlocked CPU   *set 1.28v vcore *set 11 or 12 multi ... that will bump you to ~2.9 or 3ghz      QX6700 will start cooking your air cooler after ~3.4ghz..
  I think youre right on the scoring.. it would need to be (score/#cores). I checked some of my own scores and the spread can be too far for different gen CPU. Also.. AMD is very efficient if you compare clock speed lolz. A bit too efficient. :)   *i fixed the verbage above regarding scoring.   Finding some efficiency on this bench isnt as hard as others. Between teammates .. you want to check that tiny 'overkill' box and make sure core voltages are spot on.. if a core...
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