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Sounds similar to an issue I faced before. Try changing the content-type in the nVidia control panel. Auto-select is the default, but it can cause the screen to black-out when it thinks there is a change. Adjust Desktop Color Settings -> Content Type Reported to the Display -> Change Auto-Select
With new Skylake laptops rolling out with the Thunderbolt 3 port (Dell XPS 13/15 for example), I have been more interested in trying a small eGPU build. I have an extra GTX 660 laying around and wanted to know if such a project would not be a complete waste of time. Just from initial browsing, I was thinking of using a Silverstone ML08 with the right PSU. Would basically be like a briefcase I could carry around for the rare occasional I game on the go. Suggestions?
Anyone seen or own this model? Happen to come across it while browsing Amazon. Seems to compete with the Sager models (cheaper?). Never heard of the brand before so curious since all the reviews are overwhelmingly positive on Amazon.
I'm getting more confused about the Titanium Green model for the Pro. The review for HardwareCanucks shows it as a simple color change: The Amazon page shows a different front panel and side window: Anyone know what exactly this model is suppose to look like?
Haha, I'm in my early 20s. Bought this case back in high school for one of my earlier builds. The THOR is no doubt a great case, but since I'm in the middle to upgrading I thought I may as well change the case. I've had one of the fans die, a damaged USB port, and one the built in fan controllers no longer works. Regardless, the case has held up pretty well. My major nitpick would be that this thing is a dust magnet since the side vent has no filter. Also if my memory...
Does anyone have any opinions on the titanium green version of the pro? Can't seem to find much information about the finish or how it looks in person.
I've been using a THOR v2 for roughly 3-4 years for my P67 i5 2500k build and am looking to move to something new (and less tacky) since the case is starting to show its age. I've been looking into a Fractal Define R5 or maybe a Corsair 750D. Personally, I enjoy Fractal cases and have used the R4 and the Node 304 for different builds. However, I'm concerned if I will be downgrading in terms of airflow coming from the THOR. Would the 750D be the better choice since it is a...
Strange, when using that setting the distortion is reduced although still present. Definitely not that bad on my HTPC which was bothering me the most. Using some of the lower frequencies produces a more apparent sound. I borrowed a friend's laptop (HP Envy 6z) which uses some sort of Beats Audio and was able to reproduce the issue. However, it's inaudible at lower volumes due to the poor quality of the speakers.
Seems that if I adjust the volume during a video the distortion is extremely faint and hard to notice. It's more obvious during a quiet scene with practically no sound. Just to clarify, if I adjust the volume using a keyboard or a remote there's no issue. It's specifically when I drag the slider with the mouse and Windows produces the default beep sound.
My bad, I meant the onboard audio. It might just be a glitch in Windows since I never have this issue during games or movies.
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