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I have an intel TS15A cooler paired with my 7700k. Wondering if the stock TIM is good enough or should I replace with somthing aftermarket?
90C with watercooling? How are some people at 5GHZ on water at 70C and others at 90c.
Looks good. So when you putting it in a case? Lol
Wow. Now letsSee your loop...
Stock; I will never delid lol. To dangerous $$Just doesent seemWorth it
Temps even with liquid cooling seem to fly right above 80C in seconds from the looks of it.
Got my 7700 @ 4.7GHZ at 1.22 volts. Max temps with prime95 stress test Top out at about 70C with intel aftermarket TS15a cooler. My chip is able to hit 5GHZ at 1.3, but temps get to high for my liking. CASE PRIME95:
Ive recently just started using asio on my TiHD and noticed the same effect. WASAPI seems much warmer. (realistic)Im in exclusive mode right now in foobar for the first time and from what I can tell it's blows WASAPI "shared mode" and both asio4all away.WASAPI "exclusive mode" via foobar for me.
Dude, got my drive in today? I didn't get ANY papers mentioning anything about a rebate. (bought from newegg same deal same day) Edit: rebate was on newegg. (you need to do it online)
Thanks guys! All set and running now. Ended up going with a Raid 1 with my 2 500GB hardrives (music), and used the ssd fo my boot/game drive. RST tech will obviously report if my drives have any issues regarding S.M.A.R.T. right?
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