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Ive recently just started using asio on my TiHD and noticed the same effect. WASAPI seems much warmer. (realistic)Im in exclusive mode right now in foobar for the first time and from what I can tell it's blows WASAPI "shared mode" and both asio4all away.WASAPI "exclusive mode" via foobar for me.
Dude, got my drive in today? I didn't get ANY papers mentioning anything about a rebate. (bought from newegg same deal same day) Edit: rebate was on newegg. (you need to do it online)
Thanks guys! All set and running now. Ended up going with a Raid 1 with my 2 500GB hardrives (music), and used the ssd fo my boot/game drive. RST tech will obviously report if my drives have any issues regarding S.M.A.R.T. right?
I have 2 hardrives that will be set up in a raid 0, my ssd WILL NOT be in the RAID, however will trim get messed with when the controller is set in this mode?
Thanks, also, I plan on running my sata controllers in raid mode. Will this prevent trim from functioning properly? I will be runing 2 hardrive's in raid 0. (the ssd will not be in the raid)
Just bought Does this drive have trim?
Not bad for a 3450 right?! What kinda passmark scores are you guys getting with your rigs?
Updated to F8 bios today. Was able to pull of a 3.9Ghz overclock rather than the max of 3.7 with the f4 bios! So yay! God I wish I could just get it at a solid 4.
My block is also at 100.1, (even tho its set at 100 in the bios) Is there any hope of getting 4.0Ghz on my processor/mobo config guys? It seems I dont have any voltage options?
ATH-M50 Done end of story, best headphone ever made, $150, the charts dont lie... Bass is outstanding
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