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The M1015 with SAS to SATA breakout cables would give you the desired number of ports. What operating system are you going to run? Some flavor of Windows I presume?
AMD's launch of Ryzen is exactly what would prompt this to occur. If Intel is indeed going to sell a 4c/8t CPU for the same price they used to sell the 2c/4t Corei3 processors, then this is a win for customers. If anything, if AMD had failed, Intel would've taken what used to be 2c/4t and started calling it an i7 and charging i7 pricing for it.Usually is. Arstechnica's Threadripper review said it well: If you don't care about low power laptop chips in the past 5 years,...
Yep.Also, CAT6a is a pain to work with, but if properly terminated can indeed guarantee 10GBASE-T out to 100meters
The FreeNAS guys tend to steer towards the IBM M1015 flashed to IT mode firmware. They're pretty cheap but only have 2 x SAS ports, meaning a total of 8 x SATA ports. As far as a single card that'll do 16? Those are going to be pretty rare.
Well, you CAN run 10GBASE-T over CAT5e, it's just not recommended and won't always achieve the desired bit error rates and link stability.The fundamental "issue" is that single gigabit connections have proven to be perfectly sufficient for most client/end user machines. There are some circumstances where a desktop computer/workstation with a very fast local storage subsystem (large SSDs) could benefit, but those are rare.The main question is, if you have a 10GBE capable...
R210ii is almost always overkill but I like overkill
Cleaned. Please keep the topic on assisting one another with technical issues and discussing the monitor rather than insults.
Yeah no question about it this is overall a really bad thing. As I understand it, the project lost a lot of good devs in this whole debacle.I've never been impressed with the freeNAS devs and especially the support forum where everyone and their mother seems to be out to make you feel stupid. I've had some terrible experiences asking for help to a variety of issues, some simple, some complex
I use pfSense in corporate environments and FreeNAS in a few as well. Those are highly specialized applications of course. I can understand the frustration with dumping 10.0 but I tend to lean towards maintaining the bulletproof stability that FreeNAS has become known for and which is the reason that these Enterprise projects have beenbased on it
This is absolutely true. I was assuming a fairly normal home network
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