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Congrats Tex! Cheers everyone
Congrats dude It seems I've passed 2.5 million on Convector
Hello peeps I'm hoping to be around for this one. I need to give my rigs a good clean first though. Haven't opened em up for about 3 months. I bet the dust bunnies are partying in there
Cheers dude - Collatz it is then I think I'd best do come cleaning as I haven't touched the innards of either rig for months and I'm sure that the dust bunnies will be going wild in there WAZAAAAAAAAAAAP?!
Hello all I'm signed up and will giving my GPU's a much needed work out!! I've been out of the loop for a while - Which projects(s) will get the most points with a 7950 /3770K and a 7850 / 3570K>
Cheers and hello everyone! I've been working away for a while now but am now home based again and hope to see you all at the next BGB @M125 The cost of electricity was what forced me to stop running Dirt 24/7 on 3 x 7950's and 1 x 7850. Electricity prices here in the UK are stupidly high
Same here with POEM - I was looking forward to getting 1 million PPD+ again with my 7850 but sadly, it's no longer possible
Count me in. . . . . again
I'll be sticking with Convector. i7 + i5 24/7. Laptop i3 during the day
If the 8 people above me keep putting out the same points, I'll be at the number 1 spot in around 3 months
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