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I'm in! Sod the wedding costs - I'll divert funds to the electricity meter
That should crunch nicely! I got myself a pre-built HP Z600 as we just don't have the cheap parts here in the UK. I have dual X5650's that are only slightly faster than those CPU's and I'm well impressed with having 24 threads
Gaaaa! One of my computers lost it's internet connection overnight and I've lost a few hours. Oh well, on with the show!
I've just fired up Collatz on my 7950 and it seems to be working with the 15.3 drivers. Might be worth updating
I'm in - gotta remember to set everything up the night before
That's strange. I've been running since the start and I'm on 0 points Nevermind - It's showing up now
I'm in too. I think I need to dust / clean my rigs first though. I just had a peek and dust bunnies are taking over
I didn't notice it went down until a few hours ago and my rigs were idle overnight I switched to POEM and now it's back again. . . . typical! Edit to add: It's down again and I'm out of tasks.
Nearly 20,000 Beta tasks available for DENIS - If anyone wants to grab some
There were nearly 600 when I posted but it looks like all those have been snapped up I hope they send out some more!
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