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Hello peeps! So. . . . I got a HPZ600 workstation last year or the year before (my memory sucks). The guy who had it before me upgraded it from Windows 7 and he deleted the Windows Old folder. I never gave it much though as it was only going to run BOINC but it's been bugging me recently as I might be having to sell it. The 500GB hard drive shows as having 159 GB of used space. Prior to me having it, the machine was in a data centre (does that matter?). I have the computer...
Congrats to everyone! I'm not hitting any milestones but I should get a gold star or something, for putting up with the fans on my HPZ600 screaming along in my bedroom (running DENNIS), through the hottest couple of days so far this year - and the hottest day I can remember for years - In the UK
I noticed that I had a few hundred DENIS tasks today. Does anyone know if the optimized app works with them?
Congrats everyone! I think I made it past a Billion (without ASICS) sometime recently. It's been hard since I had to quit GPU crunching.
Okay - I've put the 2P and the 3770K back on Rosetta. Will throw the i3 Laptop at it too. After that - can anyone let me know where to direct resources? Much appreciated
Where do we most need to concentrate our efforts?
I have the same issue on just one machine that is connected wirelessly and crunching Rosetta. I have 5 x work units that are refusing to upload. I have tried coaxing them manually and one even got to 100% but just sat there! Others are reaching 80% or so and just stopping. I am not sure if new work units are getting uploaded - or if they are replacing the older ones in the block of 5. I will have to check! The issue did not happen when the same machine was running PG or...
I hoarded 100 work units by accident when my HP Z600 dropped its internet connection
My 2P system lost its internet connection sometime in the last 24 hours, so nothing uploaded. I reset it and had around 100 X Universe work units to upload earlier - and I just switched over to CSG to give a little shove
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