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Unless you get free electricity, there isn't really any money to be made with bitcoin mining. We don't mine for profit
I quite agree! There are a lot of people who would like to see points gained by ASIC use separated from the main points total and I agree with this viewpoint too. I can't see it happening though and I'm sure that someone will get a bigger and faster ASIC and knock me off the top soon enough. I'm limited to what I can run by electricity costs but there are some very fast ASICS coming out that will net a billion points per day - if you can afford the power bill!Congrats
A single ASIC should only be running 1 x work unit and would only use 1 x CPU core. . . . . I think!
LOL - cheers dude
Passed 10 Billion combined
It's getting cold here in the UK. The missus moans about the power bill but the BGB gives me a good argument for running flat out as she noticed how much warmer it got in my living room during the last event
Nice @ BritishBob - if you can stretch to £100, grab a rockminerThey are £15 cheaper than Ebay but sold by the same person. I bought one from them and a Powered USB hub and they've been decent with quick service. There's not many of them left and I don;t know of anyone else in the Uk that's selling them
Sorry to hear that one won;t work either! Assigning IP addresses is too technical for me. If the rockminers had needed that I would have been stuck.The Pool servers are down for all ASIC work at the moment
Thanks for pointing that out - I wouldn't have known if you hadn't, lol!I only filled out the profile bit the other day too @ spdaimon - I have one in the spare bedroom next to me and even with both doors closed, I still hear it whirring away at night.I managed to quieten the other one down by replacing the fans as another user did on the BU message boards and I have that in the living room now
Congratulations man
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