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Thanks for letting me know. I checked some other users and see they have the longer work units too. I also double checked the earlier work units and the difference between the i7 and i5 isn't as large as I first though. Easy to misread it when the numbers are much smaller
Hmmmmm. . . . I checked work unit times on the shorter ones and although the i7 was slower per unit, It was never as slow as this
Has anyone else got tasks from DENIS with really long run times? Instead of the task name starting with "1XP" these start with "GD_jcarro" as in the screenshot below. I don't know how the optimized app works but I am wondering if it works on any tasks, or was it specific to the other type? I have the different work units on an i5 3570K clocked at 4Ghz and my i7 3770K clocked at 4.5Ghz. The work units on the i5 are completing in half the time (on average) and the ones...
I've already burnt out one fan using the HP branded laptop for BOINC but I hoped the ASUS would do better. You're right though - that aren't built to take the 100% CPU usage 24/7 @ Scuba - good luck with the 2600K. I'm looking for a cheap i7 to swap with the Pentium dual core I have. I looked up the motherboard last night (Asus P8B75-M LX) and it will take one or even a 4 core Xeon
I have a feeling that it will be 23.7%. I have only ever imported electronic cigarettes from china and they stung me for 20% V.A.T and 3.7% tax. . . . + the shipping company charged me £20 for administration fees But yes, that's better than 33%
Yes, that would definitely be cheaper I need to check my finances as I think I would be looking at around the £300 mark. Would I need a 'server' case for that type of board?Edit to add. Found this on Ebay: HP ProLiant DL160 G6 Rack Server Twin Hex Core Xeon X5650 2.66GHz 36GB DDR3 RAMCan anyone see why that wouldn't be a good buy? Could I throw a SSD in there and run it with Windows 7 Pro?@BritishBob - Thanks for pointing out the server section of Ebay
I tried running the 2 x i3 laptops that I have but the temperatures went up to 85c after just 15 minutes and were still climbing. I'll maybe try without the optimizations and see if they run any cooler
Cheers Tex! I ran a quick search for that board on Ebay and the only ones I found were listed in the US. They do send them abroad but the cost is more like $120 + at least 20% import charges. Everything is more expensive on this side of the pond and it sucks
I've been looking into dual Xeon boards but they seems pretty expensive in the UK, especially when you factor in the CPU's, case, PSU and RAM I might have to settle for upgrading the Pentium dual core to an i5. . . .
WOW - Thanks for posting Tex! I hadn't got anything on my two main computers but I hit the update button and tasks came flooding in I had my buffer set to 5 days as previously It didn't seem to make a difference. . . . . I think I need to adjust that now!
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