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Geesh - I think this was a bad choice of a project for the Pentathlon. We'd probably move up a place if all those work units got validated
I've still got a high number of work units Pending Validation. 106 pending, 183 valid. So, over a third of completed work is not valid
Hey Dark - hope you're keeping well? Nice WCG work - that's some serious time put in
That's good to know. My first 20 work units all ran for 40 - 45 minutes and then the next 8 have been going all night at around 8 hours!
Congrats dude - it sure takes a lot of time to rack up the points on CPU projects
I've switched my 3 computers over to yoyo as we look safe with WCG. I thought that the Muon tasks were the shortest? They seem to be taking around 10 hours on my i7! Is everyone else getting similar times and do any of the other sub-projects give a better points to time ratio? I've got LHC tasks ready to upload on all 3 computers but not many due to the restrictions
I'm running the LHC tasks on my i7 and I only have 8GB of RAM. No problems running 7 tasks with a completion time of around 35 minutes and RAM usage doesn't seem any different from WCG. I've stopped them from uploading via the Hosts file so I have no idea if they will validate okay though
I've got a 7950 and a 7850 on the job but I'm wishing that I hadn't sold the other 2 x 7950's that I used to own
I think I dumped around 200 x Einstein tasks this morning. I've got a 7950 and 7850 crunching those. My 3770K , 3570K + Pentiun Dual core are all crunching WCG. I'm having to leave my rigs crunching as they are because I sprained my shoulder on Monday and the pain is so severe that I can barely move
Just tried to run Einstein at the same time as WCG. It ran but with 20% GPU utilization. Using the max_concurrent tags in an app_config file, I was able to limit the number of WCG work units from 8 to 6 and that freed up cores for Einstein
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