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Hanging in here but the heat is making my living room like an oven and the girlfriend is giving me grief Meh, she's dieting so I'm telling her that it will help her to lose weight
Quite right! 2 x 110 Ghz Asics generate 0.07 bitcoins per month using a pooled server. I've managed to get a grand total of nearly half a bitcoin so far. . . . which probably covers about a third of the electricity used
Congrats Tex
Thanks for the info. I may try some Collatz. Still got the ASICS but they're trying to mine Bitcoins
I'm in. We're due for a heatwave next week. . . . but the forecasters will probably have got it wrong again Edit to add, what's the best project for AMD cards, points wise? I haven't done much GPU crunching aside from the Pentathlon
Geesh - I think this was a bad choice of a project for the Pentathlon. We'd probably move up a place if all those work units got validated
I've still got a high number of work units Pending Validation. 106 pending, 183 valid. So, over a third of completed work is not valid
Hey Dark - hope you're keeping well? Nice WCG work - that's some serious time put in
That's good to know. My first 20 work units all ran for 40 - 45 minutes and then the next 8 have been going all night at around 8 hours!
Congrats dude - it sure takes a lot of time to rack up the points on CPU projects
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