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Same here with POEM - I was looking forward to getting 1 million PPD+ again with my 7850 but sadly, it's no longer possible
Count me in. . . . . again
I'll be sticking with Convector. i7 + i5 24/7. Laptop i3 during the day
If the 8 people above me keep putting out the same points, I'll be at the number 1 spot in around 3 months
Cheers Yeah, I think it took about 2.5 months
Definitely IN
Congrats I Finally made it past 1 million in Convector
I've been running Convector for the past couple of months. Should make 1 million points by the end of the month
YAY - Cheers mate - I'm on there now Have a beer on me
No worries! It's on the first page of this thread. DarkRyder's BGB Stats
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