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Sorry to hear that one won;t work either! Assigning IP addresses is too technical for me. If the rockminers had needed that I would have been stuck.The Pool servers are down for all ASIC work at the moment
Thanks for pointing that out - I wouldn't have known if you hadn't, lol!I only filled out the profile bit the other day too @ spdaimon - I have one in the spare bedroom next to me and even with both doors closed, I still hear it whirring away at night.I managed to quieten the other one down by replacing the fans as another user did on the BU message boards and I have that in the living room now
Congratulations man
Shame about the 100Gh/s unit, but glad to hear that you have managed to pick up one that will work There is a huge backlog of work units waiting to be validated at the moment. The BU project staff are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. . . .
Congrats on the Collatz Way to go Dark - keep on crunching Passed 7 Billion in BU and about to pass 8 billion combined
Congrats Wheezo
Congrats dude! Catch me if you can, hehehe!Passed 5 billion in BU and 6 billion combined. The Novelty of hitting a Billion starts to wear off after a while, lol!
I have run both of those Antminers under Windows and all you need to do is to follow the instructions at the top of this page to install the correct USB drivers.I think you will also need the cc_config file. Overclocking info can be found on the BU boards and they should get you in excess of 1 million PPD
And so it starts . . . . . hehehe!!I started with 1 x 100GH miner and thought, what could be better than this? Obviously. . . . 2 x 100Gh miners
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