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Congrats Wheezo
Congrats dude! Catch me if you can, hehehe!Passed 5 billion in BU and 6 billion combined. The Novelty of hitting a Billion starts to wear off after a while, lol!
I have run both of those Antminers under Windows and all you need to do is to follow the instructions at the top of this page to install the correct USB drivers.I think you will also need the cc_config file. Overclocking info can be found on the BU boards and they should get you in excess of 1 million PPD
And so it starts . . . . . hehehe!!I started with 1 x 100GH miner and thought, what could be better than this? Obviously. . . . 2 x 100Gh miners
The recommended version of the BOINC client is now 7.4.22 for running ASIC miners. There may be work fetch problems with other versions. The following cc_config file is also needed for ASIC miners. The file goes into your 'ProgramData' - 'BOINC' Folder. Code: miner_asic 1 If you have more than 1 x miner, then to get 1 work unit running on each of them you need to increase...
Was just about to post the same thing
yes - the pools are still down The Antminers are decent little USB miners and easy enough to get working. I just sold my last one on fleabay! They seem to be going for around £20 each but I would advise getting a cheap USB powered fan to keep them cool. I picked up a USB desktop fan on Amazon for about £6
No worries I tried just now and the pools are still down. I'm going to leave it until bedtime (around midnight) and then try again. If it's not working, I'll shut the miners down for the night. If the pools stay down, maybe they can switch us over to some different ones. . . .
if you check the logs for the tasks, you'll see that they are not getting any work and tasks are only running for a minute. It's best to suspend the project for now, or else your cache of work units will run out
My Rockminers are returning computation errors on all tasks right now. It seems to be a problem with the pools. There are threads on the BU message boards about the problem if anyone else is wondering what the heck is going on!
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