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I'll be finding that out for myself tomorrow when the R-Box finally gets here I guess it's not that big though at 110Gh/s? I've seen some on the list of supported ASICS at 400Gh/s +
If it's not - it should be, lol - congrats dude I've passed 100 million on Bitcoin Utopia. . . . not exactly difficult though, lol.
The USB miners are definitely not the best bang for buck - just a cheap introduction to the world of ASICS. I believe that some of the other supported miners can be had pretty cheaply and running at 30Gh/s or more, they sure churn out the points
Just in case anyone's thinking of trying the Antminers or other 1.6 - 2.2Gh/s USB miners. I had a lot of problems running the 1.6Gh/s work units. I have now switched to the 333Mh/s units and everything is running much smoother. With the other WU's, I had a lot of them time out, wasting whole hours. Some would be done in 5 minutes but a lot of others would take 20 - 30 minutes. . . . or time out. When running multiple miners, a decent quality USB hub is essential. PPD on...
Good job guys! I have finally made it to 1 BILLION
I got some decent advice on there but i guess it's hit and miss as to whether someone can be bothered to reply to your message or not.I don't know anything about the big miners and I expect you know more than I do. I do know that they have a list of supported ASICS though and it may be worth checking to make sure that Avalon unit will work. I saw someone on the message boards with an Antminer S3 (I think) and he couldn't get it working
LMAO - what project has gone crazy this time
I'm really not sure dude! I'm new to this and I guess that you're dong different work units to me. I would ask on the BU message boards as someone there will likely have the same miners and be able to help you better
What miners do you have? That sounds low for 3 but I am only familiar with the Antminers. Mine are 2gh/s each and I get roughly 2 million PPD with each of those. How many do you have in total? Do you have them plugged into a USB Hub? If some don;t show activity, I would test them individually to make sure that they work and then if they do and are plugged into a hub, I would guess that the hub doesn't provide enough power to them all.
No problem Yes, the USB mining sticks put out a lot of points with the Bitcoin Utopia project. But the slightly bigger miners have an even better price to points ratio. I started a few days ago with one stick and I'm now running 3. Not sure what's going on with the points system (I think it's a glitch) but I had 6 million PPD with 2 sticks, added a third stick and got 17 million PPD
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