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Nearly 20,000 Beta tasks available for DENIS - If anyone wants to grab some
There were nearly 600 when I posted but it looks like all those have been snapped up I hope they send out some more!
There are some BETA work units available for DENIS if anyone is interested. According to info on the message board, the optimized app can be modified to run them but I don't know if anyone has made the modifications yet
Damn - I'm late to the party, but I'm here and running Collatz
I've moved my 3570K, 3770k, and G860 over to WCG. I'm running the Mapping Cancer Markers project as I have family members with the disease and who have died from it. Is there a project that gives more points that any other that I can run for the challenge? I'll move the X5650's over later
I haven't run WCG for a long time. I seem to remember there being a few different sub-projects? Is there any particular sub-project to run that gets more points than the others?
Tempting I don't think I could afford to run it though! I have two constraints - my electricity bill. . . . . and my girlfriend I can swing a 12 core Xeon system as an upgrade to my main rig which is situated in the living room and also acts as a media server.I have 2 computers in the spare room (and she's pretty annoyed about those!!) and the Z600 in my bedroom. I was told that if another desktop appears, she would hit me over the head with it!!!I got away with the Z600...
And I'm about to lose, or already have lost, my top spot in the UK Hopefully the other guy will get bored and move onto a different project!I'll be better placed to fight off competition when I get something like a 12 core Xeon E5-2680V3, X99 board and DDR4 RAM sorted out
The DENIS server is out of work again. Let's see how long it takes them to get it back online again. . . .
Congrats - that's a huge achievement
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