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@ PR-Imagery - thanks for the reply and info! I guess I got overloaded on all the information on the BU site and started to panic, thinking it was going to be a bit of a nightmare! I'm no good with command line stuff so hopefully it will work with little effort I plan on starting with a clean install of BOINC 7.4.12 and following the instructions. I will have the AntMiners first and it will be about a week before I get my hands on the R-Box. Will let you all know how I...
Thanks Tech - I will wait until my AntMiner arrives and just give it a go. I'll be firing off PM's if I get stuck I also have a 110Gh/s Rockminer coming on loan. It's not on the list of supported ASICS but other Rockminers are. Gonna try to get that thing working - so if anyone has any experience they woudl care to share - please PM me as I'm pretty useless with adding config files etc
Definitely agree that we could do with a project support thread I'm not interested in actually mining bitcoins for personal gain - I am simply a points junkie and am interested in using an ASIC purely for BOINC Just managed to bid on and buy an AntMiner U2 that was for sale here in the UK - so I won;t have to wait as long as I thought to try one out
Hello all! After seeing the insane points put out by these ASIC Miners, can someone please clue me in on how to go about it? From what I am gathering, you don;t need to set up CGMiner as you would for BitCoin mining but you use the ASIC to work with BOINC - am I right? I tried and failed to set up and understand Bitcoin mining so if it's as complicated as that, I'll have to pass But, I do have some spare cash and I'm looking for something to play with, lol. I am in the UK...
Congrats Tex! Cheers everyone
Congrats dude It seems I've passed 2.5 million on Convector
Hello peeps I'm hoping to be around for this one. I need to give my rigs a good clean first though. Haven't opened em up for about 3 months. I bet the dust bunnies are partying in there
Cheers dude - Collatz it is then I think I'd best do come cleaning as I haven't touched the innards of either rig for months and I'm sure that the dust bunnies will be going wild in there WAZAAAAAAAAAAAP?!
Hello all I'm signed up and will giving my GPU's a much needed work out!! I've been out of the loop for a while - Which projects(s) will get the most points with a 7950 /3770K and a 7850 / 3570K>
Cheers and hello everyone! I've been working away for a while now but am now home based again and hope to see you all at the next BGB @M125 The cost of electricity was what forced me to stop running Dirt 24/7 on 3 x 7950's and 1 x 7850. Electricity prices here in the UK are stupidly high
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