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I'm following you guys. I started following a while ago then I stumbled upon this. My Twitch is Dopamine17.   Thanks for the opportunity! :D
What I have is one like one of those plastic folding tables they use for outside, except its metal/wood with a vinyl cover that looks like wood. It's pretty good. It looks kinda like this.   You can probably find one on Craigslist for pretty cheap.
It still has the same 250w TDP limit as well as the same power delivery circuitry, but it uses more of that than the 780 and the Titan.
Oh wow, this thing is gonna be a beast.
Looks awesome. What do you plan to do with the extra space? It's like a SG05 and a half.
My Crucial M4 64GB has 9307 power on hours (387 days) and 3348 power ons and I don't have any reallocated sectors. The Crucial firmware doesn't report the amount written, but I abuse the drive. I've had issues with it not being recognized during boot, but other than that it's running like a champ. This just goes to show that any reputable SSD will last for a long time, the thing causing issues is the Firmware, not the endurance.
Speaking of DBZ... :P
For some reason that reminded me of a video a friend showed me, just be warned, it's kinda weird. xD
You have a $300 processor, at the very least buy a Hyper 212. xD
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