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I came into work this morning to find my GPU client had crashed. It is the first time that has happened. Anyone know if there is a setting in the program to allow it to restart automatically?
At least take me out to dinner or something, because I liked to be wined and dined before you f**k me.
Yeah Jap, I will take three. But I have to warn you, my student loans have higher interest so those get paid first.
Do you do layaway? First Post is updated w/ Ceadderman's stat's.
Welcome to the team!
Good luck.That was one of my problems. Too much pop and beer and no water intake. With the exception of last weekend, I have been drinking as much water as possible to try and stay hydrated.
Well I am back up and running again. Except my head still hurts. My mom told me she thinks it was more of a stress headache than a migraine. Either way I am happy to report I am still in 7th place even with being down as much as I have this month.
So a little more bad news. I got a migraine at 6pm last night. I didn't go into work today. So my rig will continue to be down even longer. Sorry guys.
So as of about 3:30pm I went down and will be down till 8:30am tomorrow. We had a blackout at work. It wasn't going to be fixed anytime soon so the entire office left for the day. At least I got to enjoy sometime outside in the beautiful 70 degree weather.
My wallet only seems to do that at the liquor store. I am afraid it has a bit of a problem.
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