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It could be an oldskool virus, one of those that does all sorts of "funny things" on your computer. If possible, you could try to use another OS on the same computer (hardware) for a bit to see if the problem stays, to see if it's software or hardware "problem". Install another windows on anothe HDD, or simply boot a Linux from an usb stick.
Connect all fans like you want them and check BIOS if there are some fan control options, it might be that the other fans that "don't operate" actually spin up only when needed, depending on settings. It's also possible that the total power draw of the fans is more than the mobo fan headers can handle, and in that case the only solution is to plug some of the fans directly to the PSU instead of mobo. In that case you lose direct control over the fan speeds without a fan...
And, mobility GPU's (usually) don't even have the performance required to run such high graphical settings. (of course it depends on how the game/software is optimized and so on)
I would take the latter one. The minor difference in clock speeds is like nothing, but even a "hybrid drive" is a lot better than a plain old HDD, also the extra ram on the latter one is also a big plus, especially considering memory hungry applications and/or applications with a lot of rapid disk accesses (RAM caching ftw!), which are directly noticeable on especially web browsing with modern browsers.
First of all, it's quite important to understand what is key chattering, and more importantly, what causes it. See more here: Basically, it's not necessarily the switches fault, all mechanical switches have chattering, and it's up to the controller to properly filter this behavior out. Of course user-caused chattering is another thing, which occurs when the user presses the key barely to the contact point. for those users who experience...
Did you try this:Code:File file = new File ("resources/UserScores.txt");OpenFile.openFile(file); //<------------------------------------------ error on this lineYou seem to be using Windows, so I am not entirely certain, but at least on Linux etc OS'es that would be an absolute path rather than relative (hence the leading slash), so it might refer to something like C:\resources\UserScores.txt instead of C:\something\morething\project123\resources\UserScore.txt on your...
Had xfire for over ten years, and stopped using it around last december (didn't bother to install it after OS reinstall). Darn, I would had loved to take "one last look" at my profile page, but it seems profile pages are already unavailable. edit: At least they have this screenshot & video export thing, but.. "You are #3981 in queue".. I guess I'll check back tomorrow.
It will fix itself over time with normal use. It's not uncommon for the stabilizers to be a bit stiff at start, mine was too.
Unfortunately not 4k content, see this (specs tab) for maximum supported resolutions for different outputs. For 4k content, ideally you want at least Displayport 1.2 or HDMI 2.0 (extremely rare compared to DP1.2) with sufficient hardware support for output resolution, which the 6950 don't seem to have.
If you plan on running the computer, don't do it on antistatic mats. Antistatic mats are conductive (with a controlled resistance for removing the static charges..). Basically your best thing would be what has been already suggested, use the motherboard tray from an old case.
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