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HDMI is 8bpc, aka 8 bits per color. with RGB, that's 24 bits total. with 32bit in DVI, you are actually using the first 24 bits of that for the actual colors. So in the end, both are 24bits per pixel, which means the "normal" RGB range of 0-255 in colors. If there's a real difference, it's either because of your monitor (weird hardware problem or settings), or output settings on you computer.
Firstly, you should (if not already) have references to each thread, save them in an List for example. Then, you can iterate through the List to find the thread serving the specific user you want. Alternatively, if you have an identifier for each user, and know what identifier you should interact with, a Map would be a better choice than a List, there the Key is the identifier, and the Value is the Thread where the user with the said identifier is "connected to". I can...
True also, assuming you got normal or better vision, either boat you jump into, there is no (easy) going back, and as far as I understood, the OP is wondering which boat he should jump into.
You're pretty much right. I have anti-aliasing off for most games so that my GPU don't run so hot, and the sheer amount of pixels make the jagged lines mostly unnoticeable. only the highest contrast lines (a 1 pixel wide white laser ray going through a pitch black space for example) are visible, but those are mostly rare cases. Besides, with 4k 60hz you only need to get above 60fps to make it "as good as it gets", but with a 1440p 144hz screen you need to achieve more than...
The average fluctuation is not something to worry about too much and is not necessarily what causes the coil whine, it's somewhat expected on every GPU and this is accounted for in the GPU design. The coil whine is pretty much just an acoustic concern, if you have good enough hearing to hear it at all.
Definitely looks like ferrite beads. They are there most probably for reducing coil whine (if any). Electrically it should be safe to just ignore them, but removing them might add some coil whine. It seems someone on this forum have thought about the same thing?
Which PSU is this, or can you provide a picture? They might be just plastic "decoration" or other useless "junk", or they could be Ferrite beads which actually serves a purpose there.. That's all that comes to my mind without a PSU model or at least a picture.
Sounds like a GPU/Driver problem, especially if the only solution out of this is to forcefully reboot or shutdown. Have you done any hardware changes recently? Try updating GPU drivers, or downgrading if you are already on newest to rule out a GPU driver problem.
Each runs independently, and serves one process at a time, also the other way around; one thread can run only on one core at a time. The "car example" is quite explanatory a few posts back. with 4 cars at 100km/h instead of one car, a passenger sitting in one car wont get to his destination any sooner, but 4 persons, each in their own car, will all get to their destination sooner (about at the same time), than taking turns with one car. This is assuming a car can only have...
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