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Looking forward to it mate!
Here is where my rig now stands, fairly happy with the colour scheme too!
Anyone manage to figure out whether the MK-13 is compatible on the reference 7950 or not?
Hey guys, quick question. Does anyone use the onboard Wifi chip with Windows 7 or is it only compatible with Windows 8? On the MSI website there's only a driver download for Windows 8...
I'm keen to see what you can produce, I'm looking for a second hand CM690 II so I can try and do decent mods to it. I'm too scared to butcher my Black and White Edition CM 690 II for now.
Hey guys, anyone know where I can find a mesh dust filter sheet similar to the one found at the top/front of the CM 690 II? I'm currently working on another case mod but can't get anywhere without that dust filtering material.
Here's my W.I.P Lian Li V1000 Plus, haven't got a system to put in it yet though. Let me know what you think
Well that looks familiar...Still loving your work good sir! Keep it up.
I had the blend test going overnight as well as throughout the next working day, so it went on for around 20ish hours haha.I also did a slightly shorter IBT run yesterday just to check temps and all. They were a little higher than what I got with the Blend test, but nothing too bad.By the way is there some sort of 'Official' Gigabyte Z77 overclocking guide like there is one for the Asrock Z77 motherboard? I've been looking but can't find any...
Argh the BIOS just froze on me again! I thought that the Blend test would've been good enough to test the stability of the overclock...
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