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I have solve the problem. unbelievably, its due to my computer not having IE. so by installing IE, everything worked just fine. -.-"
Im pretty sure its not virus as i got AV. if it doesnt detect it then its new kind of virus?? I did SFC /scannow, it may have fixed the library but the problem still there. not sure about CMOS but ill give it a try later.
not sure what happen there. fixed. i did that with no luck. problem still persist.reverting doesn't work. I think the problem exist pretty long and just realized now when i tried installing ccleaner.
Hey all, i have this issue when installing stuff. I just had it recently as i tried to update my CCleaner. when i click cancel the download, it left me with the window below and unable to proceed further nor going back. Tried googling it with no luck. Hopefully someone know how to solve this? i tried reinstalling windows installer and java with no luck. Similar problem found when i click AMD Home on my ATI CCC. as below. Similar problem on Sopcast too. so if...
You could place the black mobo cable pass through behind your gpu. gives empty space at the back which may / may not affect airflow but i think its better. Annotated with red circle to show you where.
well i guess the sudden fluctuate of the temp is normal. but 100C+ hmm.. my cpu usually fluctuate in temp for split second when first run any heavy apps, but not that high. ;P
46 is abit high i think. my 7870 runs 28~30C idle (2monitor). and cpu running 100C+ is not normal regardless your ambient temp as far as i know.. probably your cpu cooler need a reseat? try reset ur bios? reset OC?
but aida64 widget dont depend on windows widget. so i dont think it matters if W8 has widgets or not.
Alright, got you. ill use it in the future to show my computer temp.
lol.. nice.. i rather get ur speed with better upload than mine.. ;P
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