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Same here lol
Damn sounds like its running with no water in it
A little read about the black ice rad LINKY I would go with a RX360 and some AP-15s to keep the noise down. And that rad should be all you need rule of thumb 120.1 per block
lol Thanks for that info very true [/QUOTE] but very few people actually try to design the right pumping power to match the restriction level. In large industrial pumping systems you have to or you can burn out the pump.[/QUOTE]
[/QUOTE] Ahh Dark side of the Moon
Auto adjust feature temporarily stops pump to test/reset
Looks Sick !! Good job
@Robilar I think you have one to many pcs under that desk send one to and it would look alot better
Yea go with a color tubing the clear tubing in the rasa kit will cloud up fast. But try to stick to 7/16 1/2 tubing that way you have better seals
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