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PICS of greenback build
No you can add to your loop by cooling your GPU, Chipset on mobo, and ram if you want. But the more you cool the more radiator you need. Every block needs 120.1 rad. So if your cooling two video cards and a cpu you would need 120.3 to cool
You can buy a kit for water cooling like Rasa kits and yes you can replace the tubing with alot of colors As for air vs water its the load temps that water shines on KITS Here is a link to some TUBING And all you need to put in is distilled water
An old hand like you scared? Come on now lol
Lol oh well I tried
What would you say would be the best Martin?
I think they do make them LINK
LINK Scroll down the page
LMAO there sure are alot of people jumping ship on this
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