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Finished the update, computer restarted, now all of my desktop icons that were from Steam or UPlay are no missing and just show as blank .urls Everytime i try and create new ones, it does the same thing making unusable .url's Anyone know how to fix the issue?
Its coil whine, you think thats bad? Should have heard it on the 970's when they came out, I had to go through 4 different ones until I found one that didnt have it... Basically, your card is fine
Can someone explain how I can remove the filter on the front of the case to clean it? It has these weird tabs that I cant seem to bend or move without breaking, am I doing something wrong?
My buddy is currently using a Zotac h67itx-c-e motherboard, we tried 2 video cards, an R9270x and R9280x and neither card will post with his build, the computer starts but there is no image just black... He is able to get the system running using his old radeon hd6870 no problem as well as onboard video, and those cards work on different computers (i personally tested them) Does anyone know what the issue could be? We tried updating the bios, fiddling with the all the...
I keep getting this with my 970, its definitely a firmware issue. Whenever I play Diablo 3, its a low usage game so my clocks aren't maxed out, then the game randomly grays out and resumes, is there a way I can force it to use max clocks and stay maxed out? When I open the game the clocks usually start off okay for a bit, then it happens and they drop again. Everytime. How can I fix this? Do I have to use a different firmware? Im not too knowledgeable regarding using...
Is it worth selling my 970 for it?
Anyone have an issue where the front i/o USBS are SUPER slow and lose connection frequently? I was trying to copy something from an external drive and it took forever and kept dropping the connection to the pc, when i plugged the same drive in the back mobo it flew and was rock solid... Never had this issue with my fractal node 304...
Just got a air 240, noticed that somewhere in the building process it got knicked and cut up to the silver/copper inside. It's just one of the wires in the whole strand, thinking it's one of the LED lights, I haven't officially tested it yet, if it doesn't work can I email Corsair and see if they can send me a new one? Also, will the rest of the front panel connectors work or did it mess everything up? Thanks
One thing I wish they would add into the game is what they did with Witcher 3, by letting us control the sharpness. I find the game to be very blurry and washed out.
Wow, the game is AMAZINGLY ugly, The colors are gross, textures are crap, all blurry and distorted. Anti-aliasing is a joke, everything is all jaggy even at 1440p. Aside from all the issues, this bothers me the most because I thought atleast it would look good! NOPE!
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