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I finally got a 970 that doesnt have coil whine! 4th times a charm!
Quick question, im getting random fps drops that range from 60 fps to 30 fps, when ive seen benchmarks on this game and the lowest it got was 55fps with the same setup. Is it possible something is affecting frames? Im currently using Afterburner, im thinking that might be it. Or could it be something else? Is there something I can use that I can control fan curve but not ruin performance?
Whatever kind of cooling setup you get, make sure you get a blower video card. It's almost mandatory in this case in my opinion.
Im fairly certain that all 970's have coil whine, even if its considered to be so quiet its barely audible, just the way its built im thinking... I have seen 5 970's, 3 of which were different manufacturers, all had coil whine some louder than others...
Hard to get a reference here unless I order it online, and no North American retailer sells that AFAIK...Only one I ever found was sold online in the UK...Still happy with it though.
Thanks In terms of the sound, to be honest it does sound a bit louder. There is a kind of whiney noise (not coil whine) coming from either the SP120's or the GPU... Im figuring its from the GPU, it does sound louder than my MSI one.I don't really mind the noise, I kind of drown it out afterwards... Temp wise its doing the job, and thats what I wanted. Getting an 80 Plus Gold PSU and everything running at cooler temps gives me the piece of mind that I can play for long...
Just tried out my new 970 blower, I am VERY pleased with it. It LITERALLY gave me a 15C drop in CPU core temps because the heat isnt getting stuck in the case and blow hot air through the h60, which is exactly what I was hoping for. GPU temps are the same, if not a bit lower because the case isnt as hot.My only gripe is that it has a bit more coil whine than my MSI 970... I am convinced that every single 970 in production has coil whine, ive seen in it 5 different 900...
I'm using a Node 304 mini itx case, trust me when I say this, go blower. I had an open style msi gtx 970 which poured a ton of heat in the case which killed my cpu temps... It makes a huge difference
Will do, hope it doesnt have much coil whine though (im pretty sure it will have a little minimum)
Yusss my 970 blower is coming tomorrow, sexy time
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