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Its up for 169.99 on, minus 25 with visa checkout, totals 170 after taxes, thats a crazy price for 480gb, im still debating it but i do need some space and I dont really want to use my external as a main source of space...
Anyone know how to solve downclocking when playing light 3d games, like Diablo 3 for example? It keeps dropping clocks causing the driver/game to crash... Im hoping there is an easy fix besides tweaking the bios...
^That looks awesome bro, well done
I'm using a pair of Arctic F9 fans at the front, that coupled with custom fan curves does the trick
Im playing max settings downscaled @ 1440p with FXAA, getting between 30-45fps... I love how 1440p looks so much i've gotten used to playing stuff at around 30fps..
Maaaaan Uplay is retarded! I used the promo code to redeem Far Cry 4, went through and purchased it, completed the order but I never got a confirmation email. And whenever I try and log in to the website to check order history (to get the order # in case I have issues) it says "The URL provided is not supported." UBISOFT! I HATE YOU
I have the z97-I plus, I can definitely vouch for it. I like the features it comes with, its a solid mobo for this particular build... Great bios too, im using a P/P h60 setup, temps are decent depending on how hot my room is though... I posted some pics a few pages back if you wanna see...
That video proves my point, it's better for multitasking and doing other stuff, in terms of sheer gaming performance, it isn't worth the money, 6fps difference (when he should have overclocked that 4690 in his test, I'm sure it would have closed the gap on the fps) for a cpu that is almost 3 times more expensive... No thanks
List me the games that 6/8 cores make a significant difference in performance, i'll wait.If you are a graphics designer/music composer, I can understand, otherwise its strictly e-peen.
For those having a problem with light games, STOP PLAYING LIGHT GAMES! it's 2014, we're off that weak sauce, CHALLENGE YOUR MIGHT PEOPLE!
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