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You could either just add 100 to that product or do: (A2/A1)*100
There were no issues or errors/artifacts with Furmark, Prime 95, Crystaldiskinfo or HDtune
Yeah no problem dude, Thanks for still trying to help me resolve the issue.Thank you for the recommendation , I thought about the HDD but then thought it probably wasn't it (I don't know what I was thinking). I will run that now and see how it goes.It is really getting to me, as it shouldn't be happening. I am about to run some furmark and prime 95 see how they go. I will report back with the result of them
One last bump as no one seems to know the answer or any possibilities.
I just ran memtest, and no errors were found. I am going to try reseating the RAM. Will report back if the issue has been resolved. Still taking any feedback on what may be causing the problem.
The problem still persists, I will try a memtest. will report back to see if it finds any errors.Still open to ALL Suggestions-Raged-Daniel
Ok doing that now, Will report back!
You are correct the re image didn't help.I don't have any realtek drivers installed, Only the nVidia graphics and Physx drivers.What would you recommend I do to resolve the issue?
Even after sweeping and reinstalling all drivers the lag issue is still apparent. I have just started re-installing windows. I will get back to you, Now just hoping that it isn't hardware....
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