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Hey guys,I'm currently on a surface pro that is running the update. I write video games in java, and whenever I run one of my programs I get this error...
Do you know Haswell release date? I'm looking at a 3570k, it's what is in my desktop and it's a beast. I'm right near a MicroCenter so I'm using their 50$ CPU/MOBO combo deal.
Damn, I wish AMD chips had better support with M-ITX boards, . So you think it would just make more sense to pick up an i3/i5 and get a new board?
Understandable, I originally went with the FM1 because I used this machine as an HTPC and wanted the APU for Blue Ray movies. Do you think I would see better performance if I scrapped the board and the APU and then just went with a AMD CPU? Apparently, the 3807k is only equivalent to a Sandy i3, from what I've seen on the internet.
Hey guys, I'm going away to college and don't want to bring my beast of a PC with me (way to big), so I'm going to be supping up my little HTPC to bring and use as my main desktop. It's in a little BitFinex prodigy case so I can bring it around with me. It currently has a no-name 500W power supply (which I plan on switching out for a Corsair or something that I can relay on while I'm away from home and not close to a Micro Center), 4GB 1333MHz of Micro Center ram (Which,...
I'd rather have a smaller screen. I want a tiny/thin laptop. Windows 8 is fine. Preferable, actually. I'd like to stay away from toshiba and acer. I'm willing to get an HP or dell but would rather not.
I'm transferring to a new college and I need a high quality laptop but I'm short in cash. The specs don't have to be amazing because it will be for coding and web browsing but it needs to be of nice quality. Double points for a convertible tablet.
I would love nothing more, then to sell this beautiful device to a fellow OCN'er, but I don't believe I have enough rep to do that. I do appreciate all the help i have received in this thread though.
Yeah, I'd go for the pro. My friend has it and it's really nice. I also don't know who I would sell it to. It's also rooted.
That's what I have seen, quite depressing....I feel like I can't get all the information on Ubuntu Touch that I would like though. Apparently it's a mobile operating system and then you can dock it to a monitor and put it in desktop mode. I just want the desktop mode on my tablet. I want to be able to run desktop applications.I LOVE my Nexus 10, but I honestly wish I waited a little and just got a Surface Pro.
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