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Hey guys, I'm a new college grad that is trying to get back in to enthusiast building again. I had intentions of spoiling myself with a new build and 4k monitor and kind of got half way there... But then realized after buying a Dell P2715Q and 2x GTX 1070s, my financial situation wouldn't allow me to blow 2k/3k cash on the build I really want to make. Instead of building a new PC from the ground up I was thinking of moving my sig rig (which is currently out of service)...
Yeah, the intention was a 6700k with some type of x99 Asus board.
Thanks. My main concern is that the i5 is gonna bottle neck my 1070s. I mainly use this for 4k gaming and programming.
So I have a current build with an i5-3560k and 16gb of 1600mhz ram. I'm waiting on two 1070s that are coming in on Monday. I was thinking about upgrading to an i7 x99 build. I'm wondering if an i7 and an m.2 drive is worth the 500/600 buck upgrade. Thanks for the feedback.
Hey guys,I'm currently on a surface pro that is running the update. I write video games in java, and whenever I run one of my programs I get this error...
Do you know Haswell release date? I'm looking at a 3570k, it's what is in my desktop and it's a beast. I'm right near a MicroCenter so I'm using their 50$ CPU/MOBO combo deal.
Damn, I wish AMD chips had better support with M-ITX boards, . So you think it would just make more sense to pick up an i3/i5 and get a new board?
Understandable, I originally went with the FM1 because I used this machine as an HTPC and wanted the APU for Blue Ray movies. Do you think I would see better performance if I scrapped the board and the APU and then just went with a AMD CPU? Apparently, the 3807k is only equivalent to a Sandy i3, from what I've seen on the internet.
Hey guys, I'm going away to college and don't want to bring my beast of a PC with me (way to big), so I'm going to be supping up my little HTPC to bring and use as my main desktop. It's in a little BitFinex prodigy case so I can bring it around with me. It currently has a no-name 500W power supply (which I plan on switching out for a Corsair or something that I can relay on while I'm away from home and not close to a Micro Center), 4GB 1333MHz of Micro Center ram (Which,...
I'd rather have a smaller screen. I want a tiny/thin laptop. Windows 8 is fine. Preferable, actually. I'd like to stay away from toshiba and acer. I'm willing to get an HP or dell but would rather not.
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