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Thats what I said to myself. Now I have about 400 movies and 13TB of drive space and I can't wait to see what kind of holiday deals I can find on 3-4TB hard drives. It's becoming an addiction.
X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter Me and my little brother used to play that together. We'd trade off one being the pilot and the other being the "R2" unit, trying to balance shields and picking targets. I look back at that with great fondness.
This may sound silly but have you connected the xfire bridge to both the cards?
Thanks ocman.I've got things up and running now, but I didn't install any Asus drivers at all. I just let Windows do its thing and install what it wanted. I then got around my hard drive issues with plugging them in one at a time. There was one port on the board that seems to not like having a 3TB drive plugged into it.Still haven't resolved the Sleep issue and that's a real bummer too as I like to use that feature a lot.
Is anyone running Windows 8.1 on this board? I'm having a lot of issues. I can't really seem to pin down what may be causing them. But Asus does not have any drivers for 8.1 so that could be causing my troubles. Sleep function wont work on this board at all. It just restarts the machine. When plugging in the other hard drives the system wont boot. If I download and install Windows updates it corrupts the install and starts an endless loop of Windows trying to repair...
Have they implemented any of the community warfare aspects they were planning on?
Hello and happy new years everyone. Had a quick question regarding the USB power on the P5Q Pro Turbo. Seems that equipment (LED light strips) are still able to draw power from the USB ports of the motherboard even though the system is shut down. I would rather have the lights turn off with the systems power. I don't see anything in the BIOS to turn this off but it could be something that I don't recognize.
Yeah I'd be curious to know why as well.
My monitors are not VESA mounts so I can't use any of the neat stands that are out there without finding some sort of an adaptor. I just put them on my desk.My desk is pretty good sized, 52" wide and 26" deep.
I'm currently using a Quad monitor set up. 3x +1 I love it. Great functionality and multitasking. Great while gaming in eyefinity and still being able to keep your monitoring and communications programs visible. But when not gaming I really only tend to use 2 monitors. Occasionally I'll use all the monitors to do stuff but it's rare. I'd say go with quad if your finances allow for it. You won't be disappointed and I've never complained to myself that I've had "too much"...
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