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Been running Distilled Water + Dazmode Protector... for 1.5 years.. I checked my loop, still clean and clear.
I've never been this... w_t...    I think I need to ditch GTX TITAN vanilla for real.
 I hope GTX1080 can really hold the power like GT8800, it can be set as example, American Muscle Cars vs Japan Import with new technologies. Metaphor. But what I really am looking for a card that is going to set pace for the technology. Given example, I should have waited before getting GTX TITAN original since DX12 support is just around the corner. GTX TITAN is only partial support DX12. More like DX11_1 only. I cannot even run the man on the moon demo on my card at...
So 1080Ti is already outdated? Darn it. I'll wait for another 10 years.
 I rather go low power... fanless or high power full watercool...
So I heard this 1080 Ti bottleneck by 7700K CPU @ 5Ghz... on 1080p and 1440p res. in some games.   I guess this is the last GPU I ever needed while still running 3930k.
 Been doing that since 2011. 
 1080 Ti no stock... TITAN XP waterblock no stock.
I am suffering.
I am not sure how is people feeling some CPU is falling behind. I am pushing every games maxed out and heavy application CPU wise no issues with 3930k 4.6Ghz. For games, GPU would be the one holding some FPS back. I really don't see myself need upgrade for 3930k. There is no lag on my system in 2017.
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