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There is little you can do... radiator 120x120 would be able to dissipateheats for up to 200w. Which is why some said 360 radiator for 3 components. Actually recommend 1.5 rad per components that is rating at 200w on load.If you can mod those pipes for bigger radiator 360 : 480 rad; you will gain better temp.My system has 240 + 360 for GPU / CPU / MOSFET able to keep temp under 40c at load with ambient temp 19c
Can it run Crysis... wait this tiny is great for HTPC. Light duty PLEX.
Mmhhh noise controls...Let's see my old Titan clock 1250mhz @ 1.3v, on air it dissipate at 90c but on water block covers the GDDR5 memory. On load I never broke 40c. AIO is inferior compare to custom loop with multi rad. All fans at low rpm.I wonder if I drop 1080 ti under water... looking to clock 2300mhz with voltage unlock.Idle 20c both CPU and GPU custom loop. Ambient temp 19c. Water is still feasible for hot environment ambient temp. For Canada water on 1080 ti maybe...
 I am in the 3DMark 95% score range. So no bottleneck much but depends on the games also. 4.7Ghz
I'm waiting for the EK waterblock in stock... so I can jam with my loop together again and enjoy low temp on low at CPU+GPU+MOSFET 40'c and under.
Farewell good ol'GTX TITAN! It will be missed! Good running 1200Mhz 24/7!
Yeah, highly recommended to get the 4.4.0 Beta 9 now. Fan is working.
Hi!   Kepler to Pascal!       Afterburner 4.4.0 Beta 9     Green line = 4.4.0 Beta 9 Blue line = 4.3 Final   Fix the dip fps in the bench test.
 The Imperial are taking over. Welcome to the darkside.
Did they just pull something out of Air Conditioner?
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