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At least the 390X came with double the VRAM.The RX 580 is still slightly better silicon than the 480 since the 480's stability tops out with the 580 bios but the actual 580 can overclock a bit more. Still it's hardly an improvement.
So when are we getting GP100?
I would be more concerned about the hairline cracks around screws (particularly around the power button) caused by overtightened screws from the factory. That seems to be more common on the Reddit thread.
The B350 chipset has an issue with IOMMU that makes setting up a GPU passthrough very hacky and tricky for now (there might be a BIOS update that fixes it).
Would you like a green or blue PCB? Supermicro usually makes those types of motherboards.
With a package as big as shown they can get away with a 200W TSP. It might be as big as LGA 3647 which supports a 220W Xeon Phi x200. It makes sense AMD would use PCIe lanes for infinity fabric since they already use that for chipset communication. Each module has 8 lanes for the chipset so combine 4 of those and another 4 from the other socket and you have 64 PCIe lanes used for fabric with another 128 for IO. EDIT: So this explains it better, and it is 128 lanes per...
Looking at my WindowsApps folder in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps it looks like the Xbox App is missing entirely. Doing the reinstall didn't work. Only XboxIdentityProvider and XboxLIVEGames are present.Forza Horizon 3 is installed and launches but won't get past the sign in.Update: I didn't realize you could install Xbox from the Store so I did that and got the same sign in issue. A quick search on Reddit suggested rebooting or disconnecting my secondary monitor. I will...
Is it possible to re-enable the Xbox app and services after installation?
Maybe they mean not validated for SLI but SLI will probably still work. It's hard to think of what could allow CrossFire to work but not SLI on the motherboard. We'll find out when people actually test them.
Ryzen still won't replace my Xeon E5-2680. Dat quad-channel memory and 40 PCIe lanes.
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