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They forgot to add Harambe.
So Porsche Mission E required by everyone?
If BIONC has a git branch for Xeon Phi I could get onto that. The advanced vectorization, many cores, and 16GB of MCDRAM can make it a very powerful system.
So recently I got a Xeon Phi Knights Landing workstation for my work. I'm in the process of setting it up for benchmarking bioinformatics tools but most of the time it will be idle. Do you guys know of projects that could be set up on it? This is running as a host processor so unlike the Knights Corner PCIe cards this can run native x86 binaries. Here's an album of the system: It came configured with a Xeon Phi 7210 1.3GHz 64 core 256 thread...
Does can folding@home or BOINC make good use of Xeon Phi? I got a Knights Landing 64-core system at work and wanted to start benchmarking it. I'm using CentOS 7.2 as the primary OS.
Not very impressive at the moment. I hope Cinebench doesn't have a hard limit on the number of cores or threads it can use. Could be a wine config thing.
How do my scores compare with running Cinebench in Windows? Ran it in wine-1.9.19 I'm going to test this on my Xeon Phi Knights Landing rig at work. 64 cores with 256 threads should be interesting.
For a part with 64 cores, no SMT, no L3 cache running at 1.44 ghz this would seem more like an ARM server CPU than a Zen engineering sample. Perhaps AMD hasn't ditched their ARM effort yet. EDIT: Missed the x86_64 note in the distro used. Maybe a Xeon-D type CPU.
From my experience most E5-2670s don't handle overclocking well at all. You can bump up the BCLK to about 102 MHz before you blue-screen. I've heard it's the E5-1600 series that have the unlocked multipliers but they've never been cheap. The best use for them would be some sort of HPC application, heavy virtualization, or rendering.I've had a really hard time finding a cheapish socket-2011 motherboard as well and ended up getting a gutted Dell workstation from my work for...
Do you guys know about the compatibility of X79 boards with PCIe 3.0 GPUs? I could never get my Gigabyte X79-UD3 to POST with a HD 7750 or HD 7870 but it works with a HD 5450, HD 5570, and HD 6970. I've tested the board with a E5-2650 ES and a E5-2680. The 2650 ES has some PCIe issues as I cannot use more than 16 lanes at a time whereas the 2680 work fine with additional PCIe 2.0 cards installed. I've checked a BIOS setting for UEFI opROMs but that hasn't helped.
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