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lol don't bother returning it. The VIA chip probably won't be available to the likes of us for quite some time. They said it was primarily designed for embedded systems.
That's because of duplicity. The next-gen sequencers I use at work do millions of short reads (Increasing the read depth to an average of 1000 reads over the entire sequenced area allows for higher sensitivity in finding mutations from samples.Genome sequencing usually averages out at 10 reads over the entire area. The read depth is not consistent due to the chemistry changes for various regions (GC rich or poor regions usually get lower reads than average).
The genome builds I use for work (UCSC hg19) is closer to 3.7 GB. That includes all non-coding regions and headers for each chromosome/locus/arm/etc all compressed into a .fasta file.
ARM support on GeForce cards is pointless besides building development rigs to expand the ARM desktop ecosystem. Only open-source games would work on the ARM platform since they would have to be recompiled/re-optimized from x86 to ARMv8. I have some experience using Debian on an ARM computer (Raspberry Pi) and you have to recompile most programs to use them.If game devs hate anything, it's market fragmentation and ARM represents a huge piece of market fragmentation...
ii) I'm pretty sure ARM64 host compatibility will be restricted to their Tesla cards. They don't see a market for consumer grade ARM desktops yet so they aren't going to support it until the ARM server makes more progress against x86. The same goes for IBM Power8 support.I don't know about the first question. It'll be a new architecture so they might be able to get the same performance with less power consumption using fewer CUDA cores.
So basically if broadcasters weren't legally forced to freely broadcast their content over the air they wouldn't.
Trouble is you need the quadro drivers to get the support and performance out of Autocad and other professional applications.
So I guess if we are to ever see a new AMD product we should expect to see it on some tech slides before they officially announce it.
I'm thinking it'll be this.Don't expect new CPUs when AMD axed off most of their R&D.
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