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First off does everything work right now? It could just be some factory oil/grease in the fans or thermal paste that is vaporizing when it gets warm. If it is oil/grease then it should go away after a few days of use.
Yeah I noticed so I guess they have a reference GTX 970 and the Galaxy non-reference 970.
So basically people who want secure internet connections will now be labelled as pirates and therefore no one will be able to have secure internet. Grate.
My guess would be they can match a similar price to the Pi for similar specs (if they ditch the wifi, bluetooth, GPS).Right now they're giving these boards away so we'll see how well it does.
SourceInteresting to see MIPS come back as an alternative to ARM.
So can executives like CEOs be computers? I'd like to elect a computer like this one as president.
So I'm reviving this thread since I was never able to fix the problem. I looked into RMA'ing the motherboard but for some reason the serial number isn't recognized by Gigabyte's RMA service website. CPU and memory benchmarks work fine and all pass using an older XFX GT 240; it's just the 3D accelerated stuff that fails. Installing the Nvidia forceware drivers causes a blue screen when it tries to enable acceleration. Ubuntu (and lubuntu) fail to start up due to the 3D...
I remember when the FX-8300 was expected to come out. That was two years ago. To think they would bother launching it now.
lol don't bother returning it. The VIA chip probably won't be available to the likes of us for quite some time. They said it was primarily designed for embedded systems.
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