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For AMD it's really just the two that I recommended as well as their more expensive derivatives. The cheaper boards just won't get the job done.Check for the boards on ebay since they might be cheaper there. Get one that's lightly used and hopefully still is under warranty.
"Be advised. Lord Vader has landed" - Darth Vader glitches through a tree on Endor and falls out of the map.
Your board should support overclocking though it won't be able to handle much. I had an ASRock 990FX Extreme3 with your kind of power phases (4+1) and it couldn't even run my FX-8320 at stock speeds for more than a minute at a time. Have you noticed that with your board when stress-testing with something like Intel Burn Test? Most FX-8320s can do 4.5 GHz on a decent motherboard. I got an ASUS M5A99FX Pro r2.0 used and that gave me my 4.5 GHz OC that I now run 24/7. If...
I'm doing this build for a Raijintek mITX windowed case so any other form factor isn't going to happen. I won't be concerned with really overclocking this since I have more powerful computers anyway.
So lately I've been thinking of doing a mITX build using an 860K with 8GB of 2133 memory and a GTX 970. Compared to an i3 build I would be saving about $100 Would the Athlon hold back the 970 in any significant way for most games? I mostly play Payday 2 and thought this build would make a great LAN rig.
Oh and for removing programs installed from tarballs I think you can just delete the folder containing the executables. Usually you would open a root terminal, cd to the directory and "rm -r 'foldername'".If you want to do it with the GUI you would need to open a root file explorer by going into CLI and typing "sudo nautilus" (nautilus is the name of Ubuntu's file manager).
Weird I've used Ubuntu Gnome 14.10 for the past month for just about everything and nothing like that has ever happened to me. It could be a bad BIOS setting. Linux should be compatible with just about any USB controller out there so I don't think that's the issue.
Okay I've included full specs on the first post. The slide is from WCCF a year ago but they haven't changed. The TDP has been specified as 160W to 215W
The articles say 1.1 GHz to 1.5 GHz. Presumably the 72 core model would run at 1.1 GHz and the 60 core model at 1.5 GHz.Also the 16GB of HBM plus 6-channel DDR4 should be pretty decent.Okay so the L1 cache is actually 32KB/32KB per pair of cores with 1 MB of L2 shared per pair of cores.
Lol no. Do you really want 60 atom cores? Single-threaded programs will really suck on this thing.
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