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The E5-2650 is an engineering sample. It works fine apart from a PCIe 3.0 issue that forces me to run only cards that use 2.0 or older.The E5-2680 is an OEM processor.So I tested the E5-2680 on my work PC (Dell T3610) and encountered the same issues I had with my X79 board. The only way I could boot up Windows with the E5-2680 was by disabling hyperthreading and 4 of the cores.I've decided to return the processor so I'll probably get a similar one in the near future.
The F20 bios supports Xeon E5 processors (Sandy or Ivy Bridge). The previous bios update supports Ivy Bridge-E processors. Considering how my E5-2650 works it's looking like the E5-2680 is defective.I'll test it tomorrow in my work PC with a C600 series chipset. If it doesn't work there then I'll have to return it.
Oh sorry I didn't clarify. I'm only using the Sandy Bridge-E versions for the E5-2680 and E5-2650 ES.
I've been running my Gigabyte X79 UD3 with BIOS version F20 for about 1.5 years now with a Xeon E5-2650 ES c0 stepping and it has been stable. I put this new E5-2680 in and I first get a blue screen. I reboot and am unable to POST. To make sure the motherboard and RAM were still okay I put the E5-2650 back in and it POSTs just fine. I put the E5-2680 back in and at first it POSTs but then the BIOS screen is unresponsive. Rebooting prevents it from POSTing again. I've...
Since it's taped out can't they release it this year? Right now AMD needs to get ahead of the game to have any chance of significant market penetration.
Uh you might want to check the conclusion. Shadow of Mordor is still broken and Bioshock Infinite broke. The Fury cards are still gimped as well.
I was really pleased with how it went actually. There was enough space for a Swiftech MCR320 and 3 EK Vardar F2-120 fans.
Is anyone looking to sell their 2P rig? I'm looking to buy one for use with bcbio-nextgen-vm for genome studies.
It isn't so much new technology as it is simple lack of memory. When games run out of vram they either slow down tremendously due to streaming from RAM or crash. There are some technologies outlined above to aleviate this but that requires developer input. Games like skyrim are definitely done with development so those features definitely won't be added in.
I would imagine driver updates (more specifically game profiles) can help a lot with this.
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