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Looks like BTC and ETH are tumbling. I sold my ETH and am waiting to see what happens. I setup an account with to get into exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex with my cash. It's crazy how long the approval process is to get USD into cryptocurrency.
Ethereum may be a ticking time bomb for the people like me who invested in it ($200 - $300 in 5 days is pretty nice) but that's unfortunately what makes it profitable in the short term versus an honest currency like Monero. SoCal Edison already raised me from Tier 1 pricing to Tier 2 so now I'm paying $0.25/KWh versus $0.16/KWh up to 1200 KWh at the end of the month. I'm debating on stopping mining since it's using up garage space and might kill my GPUs after a short...
It's about 25C in my garage. There's a vent towards the ceiling that helps but real summer heat hasn't hit us yet.
I use a site like this one: just Google search 'ethereum mining calculator' or for whatever cryptocoin you're mining.Yeah it kind of sucks how a lot of pools have a minimum accumulation before payout. Sometimes you just never know when a pool decides to go bad unless you're always checking the bitcointalk forums.
As long as those wallet addresses are yours it should be going to you.
I noticed that however when mining on 7 threads the 8th thread had little to no load. The system has been running for a few days now with all 8 threads loaded and the hashrate increases so I'm all for it.Oh I figured out what was wrong with my 7850's config. The default intensity of 1000 in xmr-stak would cause the miner to crash so initial I lowered it to 100 but didn't try playing around with it much. I've since raised it to 500 and the hashrate is at 334 H/s. Since it's...
I'm using my HD 7850 for monero mining and am only getting about 78 H/s. By comparison my FX-8350 gets about 300 H/s when using all 8 cores.Even my HD 7970 is not so great with a typical hashrate of 451 H/s whereas an R9-380X and RX 470 are about 550 H/s and the RX 480 at 620 H/s
Anyone having issues with ethminer and dwarfpool? I've been having this JSON RPC error since yesterday. Most of what I've looked up said it was either the pool's fault or they mentioned I needed to run a local ethereum node. I have parity with the --geth option running in the background but it makes no difference, plus it worked before without it. I've also set up a proxy on my lan which seems to work but it doesn't solve the JSON RPC issue.
Thanks for the headsup. I knew their miner was off when it had very low hashing performance compared to CLI miners like genoil, claymore, or xmr-stak yet it pushed my systems to the max.Briefly reading someone's comments about mining xmr at 4.5 kH/s on dwarf pool they earn 10x more than what I got so far. I think I'll head to dwarf next.
For multi-GPU usually the miner's config file will have you specify how many GPUs you have and which index to assign to each one so you can tweak settings like intensity for each one.
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