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Uh you might want to check the conclusion. Shadow of Mordor is still broken and Bioshock Infinite broke. The Fury cards are still gimped as well.
I was really pleased with how it went actually. There was enough space for a Swiftech MCR320 and 3 EK Vardar F2-120 fans.
Is anyone looking to sell their 2P rig? I'm looking to buy one for use with bcbio-nextgen-vm for genome studies.
It isn't so much new technology as it is simple lack of memory. When games run out of vram they either slow down tremendously due to streaming from RAM or crash. There are some technologies outlined above to aleviate this but that requires developer input. Games like skyrim are definitely done with development so those features definitely won't be added in.
I would imagine driver updates (more specifically game profiles) can help a lot with this.
So what does this mean for older modded games like Skyrim (Fallout 4 will probably have the same problem)? It already uses 6+ GB of vram with 4k textures at 1080p. Maybe if someone could mod or patch the game engine then more efficient caching and streaming would be doable.
Because this is actual news posted on the front page of TechPowerUp
BUT WAIT THERE'S MORETPUStep aside ATI and Nvidia a new flash drive is about to trash your titans and furies (furries?).
Okay I found out it was MSI Afterburner's FPS counter overlay that caused it. Weird since I've been using that since I first played the game.
I've been getting this error a lot recently. It comes up after just a couple minutes of driving. It doesn't kill the game but the screen freezes. I'm playing this on an HD 7870 with the latest WHQL AMD drivers.
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