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So I changed the PCI ROM Priority setting from the default UEFI to Legacy and it hasn't fixed the issue. I've checked this issue on other forums and it looks like that was the only cause. I find it strange that the newer GPUs would be incompatible with the UEFI boot rom whereas my HD 5570 works fine with it. I wonder if having an engineering sample Xeon E5-2650 has anything to do with this.
I'll try that when I get a hold of the 5570. What a weird problem.
There is no onboard GPU. This is socket 2011.Also it doesn't help how I can't get into the BIOS. I've tried clearing the CMOS but that didn't do anything.
Okay seriously I need this answered. I just tested the board with a HIS 7750 and it's doing the same thing as with the EVGA GT 640. I just don't get this board. I know it works. I know both graphics cards work. Why can't it just post with what I have?
I hope Arch Linux wasn't compromised.
Lol I'm going to the race this Saturday. If only it were on PC.
I'm guessing the energy density of this type of battery doesn't really compare to what lithium ion or lithium polymer offer. That's probably why it can charge so quickly without blowing up.
So how are graphical settings for a PC game newsworthy? It would have been newsworthy if there were options to turn settings up to 11.
It is possible that a driver update can add the compatibility for existing cards. I know this has been done with consoles so that they can support newer versions of HDMI for 3D playback and 4K support.Since no details regarding compatibility have been announced we should just sit tight and wait.
I'm surprised this wasn't part of the FirePro brand. I know most OEM desktops for businesses (like my company's Dells) with socket 2011 processors ship with very low end GPUs like these but they are always "Professional" grade (i.e. FirePro or Quadro).
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