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Okay I found out it was MSI Afterburner's FPS counter overlay that caused it. Weird since I've been using that since I first played the game.
I've been getting this error a lot recently. It comes up after just a couple minutes of driving. It doesn't kill the game but the screen freezes. I'm playing this on an HD 7870 with the latest WHQL AMD drivers.
I haven't told them that but the guy on the line was pretty strict about the key going bad after 3 "major" hardware changes. I've heard this kind of thing before and really he would have had to give me a new key so yeah.
How do you guys deal with hardware upgrades and Windows' activation? The last time I dealt with this there was a 3-strike rule after which I had to buy a new 8.1 Pro key.
Anyone having issues where the screen freezes ~5 minutes into a race but the sound and simulation continues like nothing happened? I usually have to alt-tab and force quit the game. The first day I played it didn't happen. This only happened a couple times to me yesterday.
I would think ~$700 flagship cards target a specific audience. Definitely people with cheap OEM desktops wouldn't be suitable buyers for this.Also it's not like the 295x2 required a special case to mount the radiator and fan.If I get this I would integrate it with my watercooling setup.
Has anyone had much luck running either the Steam version or the GOG version in Wine? I would always get some weird graphical glitch in Wine when it loads up a mission. Works great in Windows 8.1 though. With texture mods and a widescreen fix it's beautiful.
Great now if AMD could release Zen and Greenland this year that would be who cares which manufacturer Nvidia goes with? It's not like we've ever had a choice between two fabs for the same chip and if we did they would have been identical.You people and your shills.
For AMD it's really just the two that I recommended as well as their more expensive derivatives. The cheaper boards just won't get the job done.Check for the boards on ebay since they might be cheaper there. Get one that's lightly used and hopefully still is under warranty.
"Be advised. Lord Vader has landed" - Darth Vader glitches through a tree on Endor and falls out of the map.
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