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Maybe they mean not validated for SLI but SLI will probably still work. It's hard to think of what could allow CrossFire to work but not SLI on the motherboard. We'll find out when people actually test them.
Ryzen still won't replace my Xeon E5-2680. Dat quad-channel memory and 40 PCIe lanes.
I might build it up slowly over time. Thanks for the offer!
I would probably need this too. A single-slot 1070 but it's unknown if the US market will ever get them. Damn you Dell.Still with the adapters this would limit me to 3 GPUs when I could probably do 5. I would just need to jerry-rig a second power supply.
My Dell T7600 would make for a perfect GPU folding box if it weren't for the lack of PCIe power connectors and close PCIe slot spacing. 80 PCIe lanes and 5 PCIe slots but only 1x8-pin and 2x6-pin power connectors on a 1300 watt PSU.
Would you say the 1070 is the best PPD/dollar card?
If you guys have any benchmarks or tests you want to see run on my Xeon Phi 7210 let me know. I'm running CentOS 7.2 and can run Windows Server 2016. As far as folding goes the PPD seems hard to estimate as it fluctuates so much but also having a GUI running seems to seriously kill performance.
It looks like Wattman says the exact same things MSI Afterburner said. The card is a VisionTek reference card and is still under warranty. I might get a non-reference card instead if I can return this one with Microcenter's return policy.
Lately I've been having this random issue where the fan on my reference RX 480 would ramp up to 100% when idle. MSI Afterburner would report the GPU fan speed % dropped to zero but the rpm is maxed out at 13k rpm. Trying to adjust fan speed in MSI Afterburner would cause the fan to stop spinning with no way to get it turning again unless I reboot. Is this a driver or card issue?
Looks a lot better now thanks!
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