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Looks like this worked. I'm now able to get it up to 4.5 GHz on stock voltage. Thanks!
Well this is odd. I don't get throttling when I run AIDA64's stability test. Core speed hovers between 3.7 GHz and 3.5 GHz. Voltage fluctuates between 1.356 V and 1.320 V Could the problem then be related to the floating point processors in the CPU? Also temps go up to 52C on the core.
I have a Kraken x60 and the CPU temperature settles around 50C. I'm using 2 80mm fans to cool the radiator since the 140mm fans that came with the cooler don't fit and hit the motherboard/memory heatsinks. Still I don't think that should be considered overheating.I've set everything back to stock and it is still throttling from 3.491 Ghz to 2.892 GHz. The core voltage jumps from 1.32V to 1.26V each time it throttles.I guess that leaves the PSU though I think it's...
I did a reflash of the BIOS with the latest version in case the motherboard came with any odd settings. Besides my 300 mhz overclock and manual memory speed entry (it doesn't recognize the XMP profile of the memory so it defaults to 1333 mhz at 11-11-11-28) everything is stock. For the overclock I only raised the multiplier (didn't touch the voltage)Also I doubt the CPU with a mld overclock would consume anywhere close to 350 watts. Also I thought the power supply is rated...
So recently I bought a lightly used M5A99FX motherboard from Amazon so that I could replace my ASRock 990FX Extreme3 which constantly suffered from VRM throttling. I'm using a Corsair CX430 power supply, 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance memory at 1866 MHz (stock) 9-10-9-27, and a HIS HD 7750 (stock). I used IBT Linpack with AVX instructions turned on. I would overclock the 8320 on the ASRock board to 4.0 GHz (everything else at stock) and it would start throttling after 5...
First off does everything work right now? It could just be some factory oil/grease in the fans or thermal paste that is vaporizing when it gets warm. If it is oil/grease then it should go away after a few days of use.
Yeah I noticed so I guess they have a reference GTX 970 and the Galaxy non-reference 970.
So basically people who want secure internet connections will now be labelled as pirates and therefore no one will be able to have secure internet. Grate.
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