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Haha would be nice.... paying $75/mo for 35/3... I LOVE ROGERS!!!
Bunny hopping isn't that big of a nuisance, not nearly as annoying as dolphin divers...
Just bought CS: GO, can't wait till the time comes. its been so long... the memories
I can confirm this, isn't the first time it has happened to bf3 either
I would assume International version is standard in Brazil. Just check the Model # and look for the Samsung SII I9100.
I recently switched to the Galaxy S2 from the Iphone and love it. The battery will last you a day if you flash the proper kernel's and ROM's. One thing I recommend is that if you buy the S2, get the International Version (Samsung Galaxy S II I9100). The international version has much more support in terms of ROM and Kernels leaving you with more options to choose from. A great source for flashing Rom's and Kernal : Just look for the...
Do you know where you can buy the starter pack and beta key? Been looking on the steam site for a while but haven't been able to find it. Unless its not released yet for sale.Edit: Nvm found it.
If you mostly play BF3, then I'd say just go with the 670, they're cheaper, can OC just as well (Luck of the draw) and they perform well at 1080p and in BF3 specifically. So no need to throw extra cash for the 7970 where you won't see much improvement on.
Awesome thanks for the info, I'll try closing all that junk and see how it goes
Has anyone had their GPU core clock stuck at idle speeds even when they play games? The pass few times I've played BF3 my core clocks been at 500 MHZ, other times it was fine, not too sure what's up with it.
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