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Let's do it Again
In again
In for the 11th
This is a huge LEAP for emulators.
I had the same issue with a quad set up. You have to connect the front panel connectors first (without the little attachment asus gives you to make it easier to put on the reset, hdd, +-, etc) on to the motherboard and then pull those cables down so it's flat at like a 90deg angle. It's a squeeze but most of the things can be connected (even the front panel audio) except for the usb 3.0s. You have to connect those near the 24 pin cpu. I'll draw a paint image to help you...
In all honesty it's a bit late to get in the mining game. Not worth spending money on a rig at this point. So my opinion would be to scrap the entire idea and save 1000 for something else. I did mining a while back when it was "profitable" and the difficulties weren't so high. Now you're just playing to hope other currencies take off. Just my
My father is big into photography and what not and he came to me with the problem of trying to store all of the photos in one place. Currently he has his photo spread across multiple 1-2tb hard drives. So I figured I'd come to the storage gurus here and see what you guys think would be the best course of action. He doesn't want to compress or degrade the quality of his photo so compression isn't an option. Here's what I'm thinking: 1. Invest in a prebuilt super massive...
Technically yes you can run the 1440p monitors through your Dual Link DVI. However, if you plan on gaming you won't get any sort of good performance as that resolution requires a lot more power than your 6600 series can provide. But you'll be able to use the monitor yes. I'd recommend a GPU upgrade along with the monitor though if you want to do any graphically intense gaming or work. Otherwise you can use it for general use if you want.
I'll try my luck
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