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Hey guys, I'm updating the equipment in my office and I got a quote of around $5500 without installation. If anyone with experience in these types of things can tell me if I'm getting a decent deal that would be great. Thanks!'t see this anywhere else. Maybe I'm bad at searching. Saw the news about the Nexus 6.EDIT: Another source with more models listed for Lollipop.
Price drop again.
Price Drop again to reflect new 290x prices.
Price Drop.
HynixHad to look up how to figure it out. Never knew the difference.
One is sold. The other is still up for grabs.
Laptop values are usually based off the GPU they run. Like they said. A 680m would be a lot more valuable than the 670m in there. $600ish is pretty good considering the age and what the laptop brings to the table.EDIT: If you can get more as the others have stated then by all means start at $750 and see if you can sell it from there.
Pending sale on 1 of the 2 cards.
No fan was never changed. Warranty stickers are intact. ASIC score? I have no idea what that even is. If it's mining related I can't help you. I haven't mined in 3 years.
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