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Confirmed Drug Dealer. Jk. Well thank you for what you are doing. As was said before that AX1500i will be perfect. But also keep in mind Quad 780 isn't native IIRC.
$450 is not a great deal. You can find them new for $400. I just saw some last week for that.Alternatively you can get them lightly used for $300.
Yeah plus the bezel in the middle blows.
No. It's the placement of something on the board.Look at this post for most of your answers. It's the 290x Need to Know Post. club also has a lot of good info for you.
Those are both Reference Boards yes.
I just bought two Sapphire 290x's with full box and still under warranty (I checked with Sapphire) for $300 a piece. No way is this worth it.
Not really for what you want. And honestly a mouse lasts a while. You want something you'll like for years. So maybe waiting an extra couple weeks for the money might help prevent buyers remorse.
You can get a 290X right now for around $300. Why even consider a 780 in that case? As long as you have adequate airflow you'll be fine. Keep in mind that (IIRC) Sapphire and MSI just require the S/N for RMA and not an actual invoice. So snagging one off ebay will definitely not be a big issue. Make sure you use paypal, etc etc.
I have one at my office and it's stellar. I don't think anyone I know with one complains about it. It's literally perfect for the short outages.
Certain components require a little bit of onboard memory to be reserved in order to function properly. As to what exactly is reserving that small an amount I can't say without looking further into your system details. It's possible that even though you don't use the onboard graphics that it still pulls a little. Although most likely it's just being used to manage temp stuff for your hard drives or whatever.
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