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HynixHad to look up how to figure it out. Never knew the difference.
One is sold. The other is still up for grabs.
Laptop values are usually based off the GPU they run. Like they said. A 680m would be a lot more valuable than the 670m in there. $600ish is pretty good considering the age and what the laptop brings to the table.EDIT: If you can get more as the others have stated then by all means start at $750 and see if you can sell it from there.
Pending sale on 1 of the 2 cards.
No fan was never changed. Warranty stickers are intact. ASIC score? I have no idea what that even is. If it's mining related I can't help you. I haven't mined in 3 years.
Selling Two One Sapphire 290x's. I got a set of 4 and only ended up using 2. Ran these for a week tops to test them. Never OC'ed them. Still have active warranty which is Serial Number based. Both come in original box and with all packaging. They are the type seen here: Looking for $350 Shipped each OR both for $650 Shipped. Shipping is the US48 only. Outside of that you might have to help with shipping...
Ah. I see. Makes sense.And thanks!
Prove they weren't mined on? I'm lost.Yes they are true 290Xs. I'm looking for at least 300 so that helps me feel better.
I have two of the blower style Sapphire 290Xs that I am looking to sell. Both were used for maybe 1 week and then boxed back up and never touched again. I made sure both worked and then forgot about them. Any idea on the price I should be looking to get them sold for? Both have the complete original box and packaging and both are still under warranty. Nothing is wrong with either.
Confirmed Drug Dealer. Jk. Well thank you for what you are doing. As was said before that AX1500i will be perfect. But also keep in mind Quad 780 isn't native IIRC.
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