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Yeah you're right, the jury must all be dumb, ignorant and on Apple's payroll. No way could Samsung lose the case, their phones look nothing like Apple's. Why can't Samsung lead and have other companies copy them? Everyone knows Samsung are some of the greatest innovators on the planet, shouldn't be a problem for Samsung to create something unique and original to differentiate themselves from Apple.
I think everyone could use a little comic relief in here,I love how you simplify it so everyone reading can easily understand. You're right, all lawsuits, small or big, is all about money.
Must youo twist and skew everything that is Apple related?The case was a victory for design infringement and intellectual property owners everywhere, not just Apple. The reward is a penalty reminding the defendant not to pursue the same course of action again.Just like a DUI, initial fines and traffic school for first time offenders, the fine and penalty increases and for repeat offenders, but of course according to your logic, fines are all about money.
Guess you never heard of the word re-inventing? The Japanese reinvented many things during their post-war recovery, copied and reinvented Western designs to suite the needs of the Japanese people. Now they are one of the world leaders in design, fashion, culinary and arts.You have the right to your own personal opinions.
It's evident by now you are completely clueless what a monopoly is, especially when it's all theoretical, it's what YOU think will happen. Wanna share next week's winning lottery number since you're so good at guessing?Again, I never said Apple invented anything, you don't have to invent something for someone to copy your design, your futile attempts at trolling are amusing.You're right, so what's your point? Apple grew up during the dawn and golden age of computing....
I too, am looking forward to Samsung and other Korean original and unique designs. All I know is this will lead to more distinctive choices for consumers in the future. I sure don't want to use a smartphone that looks exactly like the one the person standing next to me is using, reminds me of private school when everyone had to dress exactly the same.
Here's the question. Since Samscum is 20% of S.Korea's GDP, they have a ocean of cash to fund R&D. You're trying to tell me they can't influence and attract talent to create something original and unique? Why follow Blackberry when they were popular? then follow Apple? Why can't Samsung take the lead and have others follow them? Is it because Samsung is incapable or is copying the easy way out? Sounds like the latter to me.If you read the news even badly it doesn't require...
I never stated or claimed that Apple invented anything. My stance has always been, Samsung is guilty of copying and the courts reenforced that fact, legally, regardless of what you or other people who dislike Apple think.
It's easy for spectators to give a personal opinion regarding how no one copied Apple.You never had your hard work copied by someone that's why you'll never know how it feels, you can spout all this nonsense without proof because this is just another forum on the internet.Problem with people like you is that your comments carry no substance, it's all emotion. It's funny how you make it seem personal when you have no stake in either company.Like I said, haters are gonna...
It makes sense, what's $1 billion to a company worth 600x that? Apple was set out to prove a point and they achieved that goal. Cheers to them, lets see what the future holds.
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