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Don't think I've ever used a camera with a power zoom lens that didn't make a bit of noise while zooming in/out. Even a few of the lenses for my DSLR make a little bit of noise while zooming, and they're manual zoom
The noise you mention coming from the lens could be the image stabilisation (IS) system. If it's in the lens on the G16 there will be element inside the lens that moves a bit to counteract any movement that the camera is subjected to.
Just picked up some Kodak BW400CN for our photography society trip out later. The local print/dev shop actually sells film at some pretty decent prices, and does student discount. With the discount they're pretty much on par with ebay prices
Not read the article but seems like a bit of a dick move
The only time I've ever had anything published was when I took some photos or a local charity group. Had a group photo printed in the local newspaper and a load more photos were used in a promotional poster. Wasn't my finest work but they must have thought I did a good job because I've been asked to come and photograph another event for them on the 27th. It's in the late evening so it'll be dark, and they will probably publish photos of this too so I'll have to step up my...
What Sean said Possibly including the Canon 1XXXD like too
It's about half way up the screen on mine, so you can work around it by moving things up/down or rotating the phone. I've kind of abandoned the android camp and I'm using an iPhone 5 now though
My Nexus 4 is running Purity at the minute but I'm not actually using it anymore Something is wrong with the digitizer, there's a 1/4" line across the screen where the touch recognition doesn't work. I can't be bothered to fix it right now so it's just lying around on my desk.
Just been to a charity comedy gig at my uni and the 'photographer'* annoyed the hell out of me. He was just sitting on the front row using a D7000 & 18-105 and he would take a shot, chimp, zoom in a couple of times and repeat this process every 5 or so seconds for about a minute. Then he'd stop for about 5 minutes then start all over again. From what I could see of the LCD display pretty much every shot he took of the same act was nearly identical too, so I'm not sure...
I'm a bit like that too. I'll happily enhance what is there or maybe remove imperfections like dust spots, etc.. but I'm not a huge fan of adding things that weren't there originally.
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