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ION my afternoon lens modding persestance has paid off. Not only have I undone my previous mess-up with the Helios 44-2, I've now got it properly modified to focus to infinity (and in fact past infinity) So now I have my original Helios 44-2 working perfectly on my DSLR, and I've got the new Helios 44M that I can use on film There is a slight problem in that the modified Helios can only be used on DX format bodies, it hits the mirror on full frame, although that's...
I wasn't sure if the background was shopped out or just really blown out, but I suspected photoshop since you only have one flash
I guess there's not really anything wrong with using jpeg, it's just lost potential. If you're doing a wedding shoot and charging close to £400 for a set amount of photos it's the least you can do IMO, especially if you're not a great photographer anyway (like her).That pro I mentioned in my last post spends endless hours editing and tweaking his wedding shots to give his clients the best he can offer.
I had to laugh earlier, on my village spotted Facebook page someone asked for wedding photographers. Anyway, I ended up checking a few of the suggestions out and one woman stood out to me as being particularly bad. Profile pic was her with a D300, superzoom and a crappy flashgun around her neck tourist style, most of her photos were mediocre snapshots, and to top it off there was a photo of the camera LCD and she was shooting in jpeg To me a professional photographer is...
Made a trip to the second hand shop down the road... came out with a Moscow olympic edition Zenit EM with Helios 44M. I wanted it for the lens because I kind of broke my other helios. Fortunately the guy who runs the shop doesn't know much about cameras so I got it the body and lens for less than I paid for the Helios 44-2 I bought off eBay last year He also had a very nice Fujica GEr in there too, I was tempted for £8 but left it in the end because I couldn't...
Went out to try a bit of street photography again this afternoon Tried my knock-off black rapid strap/sling today and a bit last night too. It works pretty well, much less hassle than the standard straps. I need to tie something onto body and bottom plate though, I don't like the idea of having my camera only attached via a cheap chinese battery grip. DSC_5531 by Scott3933, on Flickr
The only real complaint I have about APS-C at the minute is the smaller viewfinders. The viewfinder on my F60 is so much nicer to use, It's like of like looking through a toilet roll tube vs a straw.
Oh, oh, I see where this is goingFord suxxxxS-10 > F150, chevvvvy rulesssss
I don't think a 20 day window is that bad for shipping from china
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