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Best buy in terms of what? If cost go for the D3200, if you want to go flashing your camera epeen around then go for the D7100 or D5300
I should be getting an iPhone 5 at the weekend (because my Nexus is going dodgy). I'm quite looking forward to playing around with handoff, and to actually having an iPhone again after 2 years without one
IIRC by default time machine will only back up to HFS+ volumes. You're probably better off using rsync
I bought that a couple of days ago too, it's been working great for me. I like how it lets you snap to the corners as well as the sides, comes in handy with the monitor hooked up
I upgraded through the app store, but only because I didn't want to mess up bootcamp or apps that I couldn't really be bothered with installing again, such as MS Office, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc..
Anyone experienced any instability with Yosemite? I just went into the kitchen for 20 minutes, came back and my mac had rebooted because of some error. I had it crash a few days ago after plugging in my monitor too.
Hyperdock does it easily enough so I wouldn't image it's hard. The lack of it is probably more down to apple not wanting to implement it because windows has it, although some would argue that apple hasn't had a problem with stealing someone else's ideas before so why start now
I usually prefer to do clean installs but for this I couldn't be bothered. I use this macbook for nearly everything and just want it to work
I haven't really noticed much of a difference, although it seems to take a little longer to boot on my macbook
I have a 32GB one but I don't really use it for much, never edited photos on it and probably never will I don't see why it wouldn't theoretically work though, could be useful for someone who doesn't have a laptop.
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