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Social club name: scott1541 (same as here minus the capitalisation )Won't be playing much over the next month but I will be after exams are done
I wouldn't be surprised if you could only use one copy with one account, it's the way a lot of games have gone now. The way you have to put the key in after logging into social club suggests this is the case.
It's a similar story for us actually, about 5 regular members, all international students, which is a problem because I'm going to be the only person left to run it next year. We need to try and get at least another person on board or there might be problems, I can't do everything. I could maybe have a word with my mate who I do the odd jobs for, he might want to help out. There's a club in the city that's open to the public and that's supposed to be pretty decent. We're...
I need to try and get my society in the studio again before the end of the year. If not I'll just wait until next year when I'm supreme overlord
Yeah, that was another option which I was considering, If the D600/610 had all the features of a D7100/200 but just in full frame form I would have gone down that route. I didn't like how all of the focus points were in the middle, and if I got a used D600 there's the possibility of that dust/oil problem occurring if it hasn't been fixed.At least staying DX I'm happy with the lenses I have at the minute, with the exception of the 55-200, which I'd like to upgrade but...
Yep, it would have been, It's a good job I don't need one
Well damn, I've just gone and bought a D7200 I was originally going to get a used D7100, but then my mum said get a new one and gave me some money to put to it. That would be £750, and the D7200 was only an extra £170, so I thought why not spend the extra and get a camera that's not 2 years old It was more than I originally wanted to spend but oh well, it'll still be worth about £600 in a couple of years, hopefully
Haha, I'm kind of wondering what to do about my next upgrade too A new body is coming, that's inevitable, but I don't know whether I should go for a used D7100 for about £600, new D7100 for £750 or a used D600 for around £650-700. If I went D7100 all I'd need is a few batteries and maybe a grip, If I went D600 I'd need all that, along with maybe an AF-S 50mm and I'd need to juggle my lenses around and acquire a decent(ish) FX zoom, maybe a sigma 24/28-70 or older AF-D...
True My hands aren't huge but then again they aren't particularly small either. The grip made a difference but there's definitely still room for improvement. Anyway, I think I'm going to buy a D7100 in the next couple of weeks I'm pretty sure I'll get a grip for that too, especially since the grips for these models have all the wheels on them etc.., don't need one of those stupid cables, and they can take AA batteries.
Didn't you hear, opinions are banned on the internet ION I've learnt that the D5100 is quite uncomfortable to hold for a long period of time, even with a grip. Did a bar job last night for a few hours and my thumb is sore this morning I'm supposed to be doing the same thing again tonight so this time I'll use the knock-off black rapid instead of the stock strap.
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