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I gave it a chance doing the sort of stuff that I'd want to be using it for and I wasn't happy with it. Loved the image quality, but the focusing speed/accuracy and fact that something was rattling around inside made me decide to return it. What good is a lens that has great IQ but can't focus properly If I'd have read the reviews before I bought it then I most likely would have decided against it. It was a sort of impulse buy as I was lying in bed on eBay
Update: I sent the Tamron back today, the package was 40g away from costing me an extra £15 to post The guy selling the Sigma got back to me this morning too, the price was decent so I ended up buying it for £270 inc paypal and postage fees. He then posted the lens then realised he'd left the tripod collar off, so there's now two packages on the way to me, which should get here tuesday due to the bank holiday. Hopefully I'll be happier with the Sigma, if it's sharper...
Ok I got the 70-200 this morning and have taken it out twice today to give it a good test, once around midday, then again just now (evening) to really get a feel for what it's like. Optically it's great, fairly sharp at f/2.8 and very sharp stopped down to f/5.6. The only real problem with it, as I expected after reading reviews is the autofocus. It misses focus occasionally, but not as much as I originally thought as it turns out I just let the shutter speed drop too...
If I shot canon I'd get a 70-200 f4 non-is as those things sell almost dirt cheap, over in the nikon camp things aren't as cheap though The nikon 70-200 f4 probably sells for about £600 used (not to sure, haven't even looked). My budget for this is about £300-£350ish, which sits quite nicely in the used Tamron and Sigma (non-VC/OS) price zone. My plan is to see how it goes with the Tamron; if it's alright I'll keep it, if not I'll return it as the seller I got it from...
I'm not sure if I've made a mistake or not.... Just bought a Tamron 70-200 off ebay It's used, and the cheaper version without VC but it was in my rather limited budget. Now I've got to sell a few things to make way for it since I'm not made of money, such as the 55-200, my old iPhone 5 and Nexus 4 Also should have a battery grip coming today for the D7200.... that with grip and 70-200 is going to be a beast
First attempt at scanning a 120 negative using a DSLR. It's quite good considering I was using a flashgun placed on the floor with diffuser cap on, firing up through 2 layers of toilet roll and then a white plastic bag.
As far as I'm aware I don't think they are doing one, they're only doing upgrade and full for LR6. They've got a student creative cloud photography package, which includes LRCC but obviously that's subscription.It sucks because I was planning to buy the Lightroom 6 student version too as I can't upgrade, it's a shame they're trying to force people over to creative cloud
Bang, HDMI into a VGA projector... had similar problems when we were doing our group project
I shall be playing with mine in a couple of days, my last exam is later today There's not a lot of subjects that lend themselves to long exposures here in Lincoln, but when I get home in a few weeks I've got some plans
There should be a button on the side of the lens mount that you can set to change ISO, should be just below the flash button. I've got the D5100 set up like this, it's actually easier to change the ISO on this than it is the D7200 by default.
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