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I probably should have mentioned it earlier but I don't really intend to use photoshop to do much retouching or otherwise improving existing photos. At the minute I'm happy using Lightroom and making minor adjustments to exposure, sharpness, lens corrections, etc.. I was thinking about using photoshop more for making composites and stuff like that where several individual images are involved. By advanced I meant anything beyond the current extent of my PS skills, which...
I don't actually know what my official position will be, I'll have to take whatever position the students union says needs to be allocated for the society to be allowed to run. Last year the society was run very badly with half the committee standing down early in the year and the rest having other commitments. We've got to get it turned around this year.
I don't think I said anything quite to that effect I don't only shoot film and I probably won't ever do, even if it was cheaper to use I wouldn't be using it exclusively. If I developed myself I'd probably do a bit of cross processing though
I know I've mentioned it before but I could do with learning how to use the more advanced features of Photoshop. I'm going to be the uni photography society President's right hand man when I go back in a few weeks, it'll look bad if I can't even work Photoshop
Good news
I'm on holiday and walked past the local camera shop almost drooling. They have a couple of Mamiya SLRs, a couple of Bronicas, a few other things and a TLR. Then they have all the usual canikon stuff too.
I agree providing insurance comes under being able to afford a replacement. I don't see anything wrong with saving up for a better caemera as long as the act of saving up doesn't prevent you shooting for whatever reason. I also agree that cameras are tools that inevitably wear out so you should budget for upgrades, repairs and replacements.
Drop the shutter speed down to 10s and maybe put the ISO up a stop too and I think you'll get better results I've tried astrophotography a couple of times and there's too much light pollution here to get good results. I meant to try again while I was camping a couple of weeks ago but there was only one night with clear skies, and I couldn't be bothered to get my gear out.
It would have been nice to get down there in the late evening some time but it's a 20-25 minute drive, then 10 minute walk each way. Neither me or my friend that I went with have our own cars so we can't be that picky about when we do things
We got down to the farm today but we could only take pictures outside since someone was actually living in the house, read below for more details of how it went... [[SPOILER]] Some pictures: [[SPOILER]]
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