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Yeah, that would be a problem A few times since buying my 17-50 I've wondered if I'd have been better getting a used sigma 24-70 instead. I'm still undecided, I've used several full frame bodies and at the minute I'm happy enough in crop land. I might just wait it out and see what happens to the prices of the D7100, and others in the same price range.
High street & online retailers are selling the D610 for £1199, and used D700s seem to be going for £500-700+ depending on condition and shutter count.
Looks like the D7200 is going to cost £939 (~$1450) here, so I won't be getting one, at least not for a while.
Probably be more like $1500 with the standard UK price hike By larger I mean something I can actually get my hands around properly and comfortably. My hands aren't massive by any means but even my D5100 is to small to use comfortably without a grip.
I have kind of been eyeing up D700s $1000 is about the maximum I'd be able to spend, and that would be at a rather large push, the lower the better really. Depending on the D7200 price I might look out for D7100s instead. Sensor performance wouldn't be much of an upgrade but I'd be happier with a larger viewfinder, better AF, physical buttons for things, larger body etc..
Well... it's rumoured that Nikon are announcing a D7200 tomorrow This could mean upgrade time Also it's my 1600th post
I was excited for the GTA V PC release about 6 months ago, I don't think I care any more now.
Okay then, looks like I'm all sorted so I can shoot these rolls at my leisure, cheers guys
I've put 4 rolls of 120 Superia 400 and 1 35mm BW400CN in the fridge for now. I put the packages/container individually in freezer bags with a packet of silica gel, then tied it tightly. Then I put all of the freezer bags in a locking tupperware tub, I figured that should be enough Would it be advisable to open the tupperware tub inside the fridge (or freezer if I move it) and take 1 roll out to defrost/warm up, reseal the tub? Would that cause any condensation or...
Guys how do I store unexposed 120 film? My film came today but it's about a month away from expiring so I think it needs to go in the freezer, because it'll take a while to get through 5 rolls Can I put it straight in the freezer just in the sealed packets that the rolls are individually sealed in or do I need an additional container as well?
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