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Hyperdock does it easily enough so I wouldn't image it's hard. The lack of it is probably more down to apple not wanting to implement it because windows has it, although some would argue that apple hasn't had a problem with stealing someone else's ideas before so why start now
I usually prefer to do clean installs but for this I couldn't be bothered. I use this macbook for nearly everything and just want it to work
I haven't really noticed much of a difference, although it seems to take a little longer to boot on my macbook
I have a 32GB one but I don't really use it for much, never edited photos on it and probably never will I don't see why it wouldn't theoretically work though, could be useful for someone who doesn't have a laptop.
Got my prints delivered today. They're only 6x4 but most of the photos look good, even nicer than viewing them on a retina display. I should get stuff printed more often
I've only been using OS X for a couple of months Overall I like it but I'm not a big fan of the flat dock though, it just looks a bit stupid IMO. I'm not sure what I think of the new spotlight search yet either, but I do like how you can just type things in and it shows conversions for currency, units, etc.. One thing that annoyed me during the update was when the fan was turning at full speed for a few seconds. It was enough to blow a load of dust out and deposit it...
What's everyone's opinion on Yosemite? I'm still waiting for the update to download right now, it's taking forever on my slow connection
Would that even work? You can carry on twisting the focus ring forever, it never stops E: You can feel it get stiffer but surely that point could move in relation to the position on the actual focus ring you turn.
That's basically what I do at uni photosoc events
I'd take the 10-20, 35 and 55-200, but I'm probably only saying that beause I have all of those
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