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Cool, is that an old microwave oven transformer? I've got one of those bad boys sitting around that I salvaged from an old microwave, was considering replacing the secondary with some heavy gauge wire for melting purposes
As much as I love using it, digital is always going to be my main format. I've got 2 full frame DSLRs now, about £1500 of lenses (what I paid used, not new)... as if I'm going to turn my back on all of that in favour of mediocre scans from cheap film, shot in a beaten up camera from the 70s
If you do it right you can get it done for about half that, but you're still right, its expensive for what it is. Just done the maths and for what I'd currently pay per shot of 135, if you shot 150,000 frames (a reasonable DSLR shutter life ex) it'd cost about 10x more than a current pro DSLR would cost (D810, 5Dwhatever, etc..) I really need to get into home developing but I haven't got the time right now, and don't use film often enough to justify it
Thats crazy The most I've ever paid for a film camera is £50.... and that was for a practically mint F80, boxed, complete with 28-100mm lens
I love my FE, its so satisfying to use.... no DSLR I've ever used comes close IMO.
Well thats good to know
Yeah, thats one of the big drawbacks of film really.... its not too cheap to shoot I think I've worked out a reasonably cheap way of doing it, at least for the time being. For 35mm, If I choose to have the negatives scanned to CD it would cost me £0.26 per frame, or If I scanned myself (will try and do this in future) it would cost £0.22 per frame. This is worked out sending 2 rolls at a time for development, and shooting 36 ex rolls of Fuji Supiera. It doesn't...
The more modern plastic SLRs are way more convenient to shoot, but a lot less hipstery At least with Nikon you can use the same lenses on both to an extent. Although saying that this isn't the case for me, I asked on a fb group and they came to the conclusion my FE has been dropped at some point and the lens mount has been knocked slightly to the point some more modern lenses won't mount, so I can't use my 35mm f/2D If it shoots ok I'll just carry on using it as-is, If...
Right now its loaded up with Poundland's finest Agfa Vista 200 which I'm using to test it. After that its probably onto Fuji Superia 200 which I think I've got a roll or two left in the freezer. That's probably what I'll shoot the most, but I do plan on trying some other film, like Kodak Ektar, Ilford Pan F, Delta or FP4.Since I'm mostly going to be scanning the negs for online use I don't want to go crazy with expensive film all the time. I would stick to Agfa vista but...
Doooooooo it, give it some film... To be fair I could do with trying to get rid of my other cameras that I'm just not going to use now I have this. I'm not really a collector, but I've got a fair few bodies that I haven't, and probably never will put any film through.
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