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For the past week I've been shooting nightclubs with the D5100, and it's flaws are really starting to show after having to go back to it from a better camera... Smaller/worse viewfinder, serious lack of af points and cross type sensors, and the controls. I just thought something with very similar controls, and that takes the same batteries would be better suited to being my second body. I got it at a good price so I could sell it on again without making a loss if I...
Whoops, Just bought a D7000 on the sale group I admin. 34k on the shutter but it was cheap so I got it to replace the D5100, which I'm going to try and sell, along with possibly my ipod classic that I don't use. That should easily get me what I paid for this Also the D7200 is away at Nikon being repaired, got an email back yesterday saying they estimate it'll be done by 3rd sept. There's no mention of cost on the document they sent so fingers crossed it's warranty work.
Just with a normal microfibre cloth, after blowing off any loose dust particles, which is how I'd do it on pretty much all of my bodies. Never had this problem with the D5100, and I would have thought a higher end body would be a bit tougher that a cheaper one.Anyway, I should get some sort of answer from Nikon tomorrow
If you can put up with what you have now keep on saving. At times I still wonder if I would have been better off getting an A7 or D610 over the D7200. The D7200 is no slouch by any means but I can't help but think I'd be happier with full frame, especially mirrorless for using any lens I wanted.ION I was cleaning the viewfinder glass today on the D7200 and I think a bit of the coating somehow wore off. I've messaged Nikon about it showing this photo and I should get a...
I see the old hand above the lens thing pretty often, from both canon and nikon users. I originally thought people did it because they thought it was more comfortable with canon lenses zooming anti-clockwise, but evidently not as nikon users so it too. I was somewhere with my dad last week and he took his D5200 with him, it was like amateur hour over in his area... flash popping up every few minutes, hand on top of the lens. On my part I will say I made a rather...
It is when you're taking a photo of a building that's over 100 metres away
Don't think I've ever seen anyone doing that, but if I did I'd probably just chuckle to myself, like when you go to a tourist destination and see pop-up flashes firing left right and centre
I have a cheap backpack that I use for storage or if I've got to carry a significant amount of gear. If I'm only carrying a body and a couple of lenses a messenger bag or similar is more convenient. I need a new one because the one I have isn't great and isn't that practical, but saying that it was a freebie.
I'd like a new bag... I've been eyeing up the billingham hadley pro but damn they're expensive even second hand they are about £100
Upgraded this afternoon and then performed a clean install. Overall I'm happy with Win 10 but I'm not a fan of the dark theme, I'd much rather have a lighter theme like 8.1 or the early Win 10 previews. Right now I've set the colour to blue and it's slightly lighter, but not light enough for me.
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