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I'd rather have a $250 body and $2000 lens than the other way around. Any zoom lens that costs $250 is going to be crap. I think the rule is you're supposed to spend more on the lens than you do the body, or something like that?
Ok Sigma is definitely going to be there, and the website says they will have the 150-600mm Sport there. There's no mention of Tamron anywhere though so they might not be there as it's not a massive event, just a smallish one organised by a camera store chain that has a couple of stores here.
I'm pretty sure there's a sigma stand, not sure about tamron
There's a photo & optics show in my city next wednesday. I don't know exactly how big it is but I've got some money lying around, and I have some non-camera things I'm selling soon, so this may not go too well
Didn't know Ansel Adams was on OCN I've changed it a bit since I posted, but it is still mostly the same, If you want a copy of the final version drop me a PM The president liked it so we'll see how it goes tonight. I'm still going to have a go at it even though I made it, going at it with the 35mm and 50mm primes
Cheers, I want it to be a decent challenge because our pro photog friend is coming along
I've got to get this photo challenge thing done for tomorrow, it's not quite complete yet but what do you guys think? I'm planning on getting everyone to try and complete part 1 on the night, and having the whole week to do part 2, with the idea of getting people to explore the city a bit more. [[SPOILER]]
Best buy in terms of what? If cost go for the D3200, if you want to go flashing your camera epeen around then go for the D7100 or D5300
I should be getting an iPhone 5 at the weekend (because my Nexus is going dodgy). I'm quite looking forward to playing around with handoff, and to actually having an iPhone again after 2 years without one
IIRC by default time machine will only back up to HFS+ volumes. You're probably better off using rsync
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