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It would have been nice to get down there in the late evening some time but it's a 20-25 minute drive, then 10 minute walk each way. Neither me or my friend that I went with have our own cars so we can't be that picky about when we do things
We got down to the farm today but we could only take pictures outside since someone was actually living in the house, read below for more details of how it went... [[SPOILER]] Some pictures: [[SPOILER]]
Just got my bag packed for an explore me and a friend should be doing tomorrow and it weights an absolute tonne. All I've got in there is the D5100 with 10-20, F60 with 28-80, tripod, flashgun, a few other small accessories and a 2D maglite. It should be a good day out if it's still anything like the pictures we've seen, which were taken around 3-4 months ago. It looks kind of like the farm equivalent to that rusty car place Conspiracy posted pictures of a while back....
Good good I haven't used it beyond playing around inside the house. I should take my 28-80 out some time and give it a proper test
You using that rangefinder thing I mentioned last week?
pcfoo is clearly a Fotasy salesman
I've now got a base model 13" too I've had it since tuesday
I don't know, it might
Hello fellow D5100 owner Damn, I could do with one of those for storing my film cameras I'd like a seperate bag for them but don't want to spend a lot.
Got lightroom all set up on my new macbook pro, now I need to get shooting again. I do have some exploring of an old farm with lots of vehicles planned for the near future but no definite date, I should probably get on it with my friend ION now I can start saving for my GAS again
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