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Yes it will, you've just got to throw it in the right direction....... towards me
I'd personally say no. A computer running OS X is just that, a computer running OS X, just like if you solely ran windows on a mac (for argument sake I know someone who does), it's still a mac
Never done any photography courses, and probably never will I always wanted to do A level photography back in school but never actually did. Although to be fair I know a couple of professionals through my uni photography society (which I'll probably be president of next year), If I want to know anything I'd just ask them, or you guys on here of course
Earlier someone who does stuff for a local student newspaper was asking for a photog to shoot deaf havana at a venue here on saturday. It's a couple of days after I go home for christmas, so I hesitated and subsequently missed out : It would have been a nice opportunity (and a free gig) but oh well.
My library is just over 40GB, mostly raw with a few jpegs too. This is only what I've shot since getting a DSLR though which was just under 12 months ago. I store my photos on a 1TB USB hard drive which currently has about 600GB free, so I won't need to upgrade for a while (Photos are backed up to another 1TB HDD which is at kept home, so I can only back up once every few weeks)
That shot was taken on a whim when I met my flatmates in the library after a studio session
Got my images back today from the films I got developed. To my amazement accidentally opening the back of the camera mid roll hasn't wrecked any frames whatsoever If anyone wants take a look here's the album links: Superia 200 BW400CN A couple of photos have been cropped but that's it, nothing has been edited otherwise.
Just dropped a roll of Superia 200 and BW400CN off to be developed. I had a little accident with the BW400CN though, I was winding, about mid way through the roll the handle went stiff, popped the back open thinking it was done but it wasn't so I closed it up again quickly and continued winding. I hope it's not messed up too many frames Film dev is getting a little more expensive here now, cost me £12 for those 2 36 ex films to be dev'ed and scanned, which overall I...
My D5100 has a built in HDR mode but it only works for JPEG, so I prefer the bracketed exposures route Edit: Just finished playing around in the proper uni photography studio for a couple of hours It was pretty fun, can't wait to get a SB-700 now (christmas present)
Thanks for the responses guys. HDR is something I'd like to use more but never really get the chance, there's nothing that would really do it justice where I am at uni. Plus I usually push & pull the shadows & highlights on a lot of my images anyway so it's not that necessary to use HDR.
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