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Well it was the local annual photo & optics show today, and again like last year I made a purchase This time I came away with a new tripod, a Manfrotto 290 Xtra & 3 way head which is the replacement for the 804RC2 but has a weird model no. It only cost me £104, which I don't think is too bad at all, I can't even find them online that cheap and I got this from a highstreet retailer The list price for this kit was £149.99, and they were doing 20% discount for the...
IMO too many of the photography communities are online, especially on facebook, are just places for people to spam they crappy photos. I mean if you type your camera model into facebook, find the D7200 group for example and it's just full of crap, nobody really talking about it, just crap photo after crap photo. If I want to look at decent photos I'll browse flickr or similar, definitely not facebook.
Just done a clean install of El Capitan on the Macbook Pro, first ever clean install since I got it about 14 months ago
To be fair I got the Lubitel because it was one of the cheapest medium format cameras that's slightly better IQ than a holga or diana. If money was no object of course I'd have a Hasselblad 500 series
Got a Lubitel 166B TLR, slightly better image quality (I think) but still in the cheap tier of 120 film cameras. I've only put one roll through it so far but it works fine, currently got half a roll of fuji superia left in it
I picked up a Tamron 70-300 VC about a week ago. I was thinking I wanted something longer than 200mm for a while, and it just so happens that I let my dad borrow my 70-200 for an airshow, and that very weekend I needed a tele-zoom for a job. I'm an admin on a facebook selling group for Nikon gear and one of the other admins had it and offered it to me for a good price I could sell it on and make probably at least £30-40 but I might as well keep it since it's longer...
Looks like best buy are selling lenses destined for the US market and the amazon seller is selling grey imports. I don't think the 55-300 comes in many kits, so it's probably not a split kit. They are the exact same lens essentially though, I'm sure even import lenses have a worldwide warranty.
For the past week I've been shooting nightclubs with the D5100, and it's flaws are really starting to show after having to go back to it from a better camera... Smaller/worse viewfinder, serious lack of af points and cross type sensors, and the controls. I just thought something with very similar controls, and that takes the same batteries would be better suited to being my second body. I got it at a good price so I could sell it on again without making a loss if I...
Whoops, Just bought a D7000 on the sale group I admin. 34k on the shutter but it was cheap so I got it to replace the D5100, which I'm going to try and sell, along with possibly my ipod classic that I don't use. That should easily get me what I paid for this Also the D7200 is away at Nikon being repaired, got an email back yesterday saying they estimate it'll be done by 3rd sept. There's no mention of cost on the document they sent so fingers crossed it's warranty work.
Just with a normal microfibre cloth, after blowing off any loose dust particles, which is how I'd do it on pretty much all of my bodies. Never had this problem with the D5100, and I would have thought a higher end body would be a bit tougher that a cheaper one.Anyway, I should get some sort of answer from Nikon tomorrow
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