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I meant the non retina pro. On one of those I'd upgrade RAM and whack a 256GB SSD in it.But now after looking at the new lineup on apple's website I'm probably going to go with the base model 13" retina pro now it's got 8GB of RAM, and I should be able to get it for £850 with student discount
I'm thinking about getting a MBP so I got excited then but realised that's all for the 15" If the 13" just gets a CPU refresh I'll stick with my plan and get a 2012 13" MBP instead and upgrade that myself
Anyone can do it, but it's whether or not they're any good at it that matters. I've seen a very mediocre photog posting on local Facebook pages offering his wedding services for just short of £300. Little portfolio work on show other than the last wedding job he did, which compared to a real pro left a lot to be desired.
If something needs DC then you wouldn't need this, you'd just run it straight from a battery or solar panel, like you say. This happens already anyway.
Film camera number 2 is now operable again
Can't you just upload an image to a website to check shutter count with canon cameras?
That video makes me want a harley Can't have one though because I don't have a motorcycle licence, and to get those there's a couple more hoops you have to jump through compared to car licences. I already have a car licence so I can't justify spending money getting a bike one while I'm still a student, might be something for the future...
Yay, the light seal replacement foam has finally arrived, 2 weeks after I ordered and 1 missing package later
9/10, can't really pick out anything that could be done betterI tried my first attempt at photographing lightning last night, so here's a 3 exposure composite I put together. I decided to use the kit lens for this and foolishly forgot that it didn't have a hard infinity focus stop, so it's a little out of focus
I think it costs me about £0.30 per shot, as long as I'm not using anything too expensive like Ektar/Portra.I'd like to get a 50mm but it would need to be an AF lens, which are selling around £60 used on ebay here. My D5100 wouldn't be able to focus one of these and I'm not sure how much I'd use it over the 35mm, so I can't really justify getting one.
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