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I could be completely wrong if these are a good match but just by going through BenQ's current offerings the GL2760 seems to fit the bill. $180 27" 1080p 60hz 2ms TN.
As the title says.
I am looking for a Dota 2 team ticket, I can attend with a full team but they are sold out. Anyone know if there is a chance of any more opening up or some team dropping out?
had mine built since friday I believe ncix canada had local stock a bit earlier then that though
should have stressed it in the op but this is for North America, and although prices of computer parts most times can not be directly converted this one seems fairly close to what I was guessing.
This is the 350D in your avatar correct?With 5 slots I was about to sell off my Xonar HDAV/H6 combo in order to get a single slot sound card but this has just stopped me from having to do that, thought it was going to be a 4 slot case.
I will be parting off both my pc's eventually except the stuff I need as I want to go to a single PC with the Corsair 350D. I will be going Gene IV+3930k until IVY-E then switching to their counterparts. Anyways first piece to sell is the Rampage IV Extreme which is probably the only one I need help with a price. I have the original box(bf3 edition) and all accesories as well as the BF3 keychain. The game code has been used. The motherboard itself is in perfect condition...
Does anyone remember when the Rampage IV Gene came out compared to the Rampage IV Extreme? If I remember correctly the Formula came last, but I can not remember when the Gene came out.
Paying $61.50 +$10 to change usage from 250GB to unlimited (At a 50% discount + free modem rental from the regular price listed on their website 122.99 + 8.00) With these download speeds available though it seems almost pointless without having multiple users on it as anywhere you download from will not provide this speed to you. Having a higher upload would be great though.
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