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It is true that I did said games are slowly getting popular, but I am seeing a lot of decent amount of games he can enjoy.Some of them he can use a Xbox controller which it can make things much easier.Oh well, he can buy Surface Pro 1 with Power Cover and enjoy full PC experience on a tablet. Pretty cheap on Amazon.
True. Then again, the OP has to figure out if the Windows Store has everything he needs.If it does, then why not? Or he can buy Surface Pro 1 from Amazon between $400-$500 dollarish and throw in a Power Cover that will extend Surface Pro 1 battery life. I mean Surface Pro 1 battery life sucks, but if he has a Power Cover. He can make the tablet last long probably same as Surface 2 without a Power Cover.
A tablet would be used in meetings/briefings for notes, multimedia while traveling, light gaming to pass time (lay overs/connecting flights, bored in a hotel room), etc." and"HDMI/MHL is important so I can connect to a TV in a hotel room to watch videos (Netflix, Hulu, etc), and a decent battery life is also important."Pretty much Surface 2 can cover it.It has full Microsoft Office, so he can use it to take brief notes.Windows Store's games are slowly getting popular, but...
I vote for Surface 2.You should grab a Power Cover for it because it will make your tablet last much longer.Meaning if you are watching a movie at 50% brightness with a Power Cover, it will last you at least 20 hours.Only downside for Power Cover is that it doesn't have backlit.You can learn more if you watch Sean Ong from YouTube.Beside you have a full fledge Microsoft Office for free.
As for the driver issue.I found it, but it is a bit difficult and time consuming to fix it.Reason is that the NVIDIA doesn't recognize your GPU model or something like that, so it gave you an error. recommendation is Dell Venue 8 Pro or ASUS VivoTab Note 8.Or you can buy a Surface 2 tablet which I believe it can still run Hearthstone because it is a browser game, right?If it is a browser game, then Surface 2 can run it I believe.Note: The tablets that I told you are at least $130 dollar, and I think you can find it used at ebay or something.Or you can click on that link to find the list...
It is possible though.I had a 64GB SSD on my gaming Desktop. I "only" store OS and have my Programs and Software at my second 128GB SSD and all of the games and junks at my HDD.Sooner or later, it will take up your 64GB SSD.I had 2 GB left.It is probably NOT the OS itself more of Software that has to be with the OS such as probably "Drivers" and such.You can buy a micro-SD card and use it and have an external HDD.
Well, he still have time before he makes his decision.
Windows RT isn't that bad.I mean I just don't like it when people are comparing to a full fledged Windows OS rather comparing to iOS and Android.Surface 2 is better because of the kickstand and Type Cover.
Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is right around the corner.Can you wait? You can probably find s lot of good tablet deals.Another option is Microsoft Surface 2.
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