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That is true.Then again, the laptop is like $200 dollar for the OP, and he was asking if it can run those games.To me, I think OP should save up his money to buy a better gaming laptop or desktop.
That is because those games aren't high demanding.Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 is a pretty high demanding games.
I guess the GPU is possible, but I am not sure.
Yeah, the laptop looks like it'll struggle to play high end games.If I were to say the specs, it is either not possible or lowest settings with less than playable fps.You were going to get a laptop today, right?What is your budget, screen size and other taks you'll be using it for beside gaming.
There is one way to get that, but I believe some of the user might hate it.That is getting a Macbook Pro 15 Retina or wait for 2014/2015 model that I am assuming it'll have IGZO Display and NVIDIA Maxwell.To me, Macbook Pro is probably the only laptop that is powerful while maintaining a good battery life compare to most PC laptops.You can do dual boot for Windows 8 if you want.If the Op wants it...
For that budget, it is no doubt that you should get either Y410p or Y510p as a gaming laptop.Most gaming laptops are usually at least a grand for a good one unless you can manage to find one that is on sale then you are golden.
Maybe. To me, it is pointless to buy. Even the APU and current IGP from Intel is better than NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT SLI, it really depend on what he'll be using the laptop for.If he plan to use it for gaming, well, he is better off spending extra hundred or two hundred dollar for an Outlet Lenovo laptop with A8 or A10.If he plan to use it as a regular laptop and plug in 24/7, then it is sort of a good laptop because my gripe is that 2gb ram. In my opinion, he is better...
What will you use the laptop for?
You can try Cold Music Player which is by Google Music I think. It is where you store your own music to cloud and stream it from there.There is TuneIn app that you can use. It is similar to Pandora.
Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p on Lenovo for $799.You can even replace your optical drive for another GPU to make it a SLI.Of course, it'll suck your battery life dried, so it is a trade off.
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