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I don't own SP3,but I have tried installing it on my mom Dell Venue 8 Pro, and you have to pay monthly to use it I believe. The are times you can try the free one for a while.Does it work? Yes. It is a bit sluggish, but it isn't bad.Would I recommend it, it depend if lag and monthly payment matters to you?
As long as she is fine with apps on Microsoft Store and use Microsoft Office.
Okay, I am having a debating on which tablet I should choose for school use such as handwritten note with the S-Pen and taking notes with a separate bluetooth keyboard on Word/Excel/PowerPoint App(s), browsing the web, checking emails, Facebook, play music if I am bored, Twitter, maybe couple of Android games, etc. I am aware buying a W8 tablet or ultrabook/laptop is better than buying an "overpriced" Android tablet for school use. I already own a gaming laptop (Lenovo...
Hmm, what laptop screen size do you prefer?Does battery life matter as in do you plug in the laptop all the time or take it with you?For me, I would go for Lenovo because IMO they make the best laptop's keyboard.I own Lenovo Y580, and I love typing on this bad boy. Of course, my only complaint about my laptop is that it is 720p not 1080p which I am disappointed about it.
The case looks interesting, but I am curious if you can throw in a dedicated GPU and upgrade the PSU?Like will it fit and/or have decent cooling?
True. However, regardless what hardware or function it has, it is still a tablet but with this "certain" hardware inside of it.When I said "just a tablet", I don't mean in a disrespect for Surface Pro 3. Trust me, I really want SP3, and I went ahead and pre-order it before it was release, and I choose the one with i5/8GB/256GB SSD but the feeling of dropping a grand bomb really tore me and makes me sad. So I cancel it and decide to choose a base SP2 or SP3 preferably...
I forgot to mention that we might transfer a 500GB HDD and an optical drive over to the $500 dollar custom desktop. Heh, I am kind of big fan of Corsair PSU, but I guess other brands might work if they are any good.
I doubt they will actually have a mechanical switches inside of it. I think they might mean like it is tactile keys or something like that?I mean, I haven't seen any mechanical keyboard that is slim as hell but prove me wrong.Also congrats, man.I also want to order Surface Pro 3, but I wasn't feeling happy when I drop the grand bomb on just a tablet.
Nah, you don't need to include the dedicated GPU into the budget. I just want an option in case if my dad wants to actually play PC games, then I have a flexibility to add a dedicated GPU, maybe an extra case fan in case it gets a bit warm and upgrade the PSU.
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