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Okay, I am looking for a bluetooth keyboard for an android tablet such as the "Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition 32GB." No, I don't need the bluetooth keyboard case because the keyboard are always small and difficult to type if you have a big hand. I was thinking a full size bluetooth keyboard that will be sitting on my desk that is in front of me where I will put my bluetooth keyboard there. I am hoping it has a rechargeable cable, so I don't have to use a...
Haha, he already bought it, so we can ignore this thread, lol.
How about the NVIDIA Shield Tablet?I hear it is pretty good and it comes really close being a Nexus tablet, but it isn't sadly.It has a decent pricing. Powerful processor and GPU, decent RAM, 1080p screen, okay camera, comes with a stylus, so you can use it to take hand written notes in class.And it is also 8" tablet. As for battery life, I am not sure about it.What you might enjoy the dual front speaker.
Oh yeah, I did.I decide to return it and maybe wait for Holiday seasons or something.After all, it is right around the corner. Not worth buying a refurbish product with 30 days warranty.
I have bought a refurbish SP2 with 4GB RAM and 128GB ssd. Holy crap, it lag, freeze and crash. I decide to return it because the seller has 30 days warranty. I we like screw that. Oh well, for me, I might wait for the new tablets on fall.
It is great your finance has got you a SP3. Sadly, I don't know how well you will do with a 4GB RAM. I just never like using any Windows product with less than 6GB RAM imo. Also Happy Late Birthday.
To be honest, I think you should grab an ultrabook that can handle the games.I know the benefits of owning a SP3, but you are going to have to go for the i5/8GB/256GB model plus a Type Cover that is going to cost you a lot of money.Not to mention, I don't think gaming on a Type Cover is enjoyable other than typing.
Definitely.I bought a Refurbish Surface Pro 2 i5/4GB/128GB SSD. Holy balls, the 4GB RAM is annoying as hell. It is lag, freeze and crash because of the lack of RAMs.I was like, I am done with it and return it back, lol. I just can't deal with 4GB RAM on a Window's products.So every time I see a Windows product, I am going for at least 6GB or 8GB RAM because it is definitely a must own.
Except the pen input, I wish it was a Wacom rather N-Trig.Sure, it won't matter that much, but it does if someone is an artist and want to use the 12" and 2160 x 1440.
You can try HP Omni 10 that has the Intel Baytail Atom Quad Core CPU that is equivalent to the ASUS Transformer T100. It has a 1920x1080 resolution, so it is a nice touch. As for accessories, I think they are quite limited, so it is a downside if you want to go for HP Omni 10, however, they are price pretty well like $300ish. Not to mention, you can find deals to drop it to $200ish if you can.Another option is Dell Venue 8 or 11 Pro. Dell Venue 8 Pro is a really good...
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