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Well, your only option is screen protector to give somewhat a friction to Surface Pen.Even if you do find third party, what are the chances the note taking apps will support it such as OneNotes?Beside doesn't Surface Pro 3 uses rubber tips unlike Surface Pro 1 and Pro 2 uses Wacom Stylus that is hard tip?
Hello OCN, I am debating on which decision I should go for either a PC Tablet (Surface Pro 3 or Pro 4) or Small Tablet + Ultrabook w/ Dedicated GPU. I will be using it for taking notes (writing my notes) and use eText/eBooks for school, use it for work, casual usages (emails, surfing, browsing, watching videos) and maybe both Programming and use VirtualBox. Obviously, I will go for 8GB RAM or higher. Anyone have an opinions/thoughts on which one I should choose? Thank...
Surface RT is an ARM based of Surface Pro's series, so they don't have UEFI or Bios sadly from what I read.
Hmm, it really depend if you really want SP4 or not.To be honest, you can probably sell it, but I highly doubt people will buy it because they are waiting for Surface Pro 4 to be announced and released. Not saying, you can't do it just that you have slim chance.Of course, there are people like me who is waiting for SP3's price to drop and snag it.My opinion, go for it. Sell it and see if anyone buy it.
Hmm, it depend if the features are important to you and what you will be using your iPad Mini for.Yes, iPad Mini 4 has 2GB RAM, better hardware and everything compare to iPad Mini 2 and 3 especially on iPad Mini 4 you can do splitscreen.If all you do is browsing, emails, read etext/ebooks, play few games or watch some videos while traveling then choose go for iPad Mini 2 or 3 with more storage. I believe you can get it pretty cheap.If you are doing more intensive stuff...
Not to mention, with SP2 and PowerCover, you could get a better battery life than SP1 with PowerCover.Although it is a pity that PowerCover doesn't have backlit key nor getting a new update for SP3 or Pro 4, lol.
What is your budget?You can try which it is part of Best Buy to buy used/refurbished/pre-owned products, and it is pretty cheap too.Not to mention, you can also grab a warranty from there. Not promoting or anything just thought it would be nice for you.
+ It has Wacom Stylus+ Pretty cheap to grab+ Intel Core i5+ 1080p screen+ Can buy PowerCover to expand battery life+ 128GB SSD which it is nice- It uses Ivy Bridge ULV which it has ****ty battery life- Heavy- Awkward 16:9 aspect ratio for writing notes at portrait mode- Thick and Bulky- First gen which we all know first gen isn't worth a money- Only one angle for kickstand- Difficult to type on Type Cover+/- 4GB RAM which it is a hit or miss depending on your usageI would...
I am kind of disappointed there is no iPad Air 3 with the stylus input. Not sure if iPad Mini 4 support it. It would be nice if Apple does it. Yeah, I agree with you guys. Should have remove the 16GB and replace it as 32GB model. IPad Pro does seem nice but that $799. Sorry, there are a lot of laptop convertible/2-in-1 and PC Tablet that is better with a stylus.
Oh yeah, I forgot.My mind went blank on Microsoft Surface 3 because I thought it only has micro-USB.Yeah, Microsoft Surface 3 may work.Not sure about using SSD for Programs or stuff like that.I believe you can find SATA to USB Cable or something.
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