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The Surface 4 might be released on May or June like Surface 3 did. Even I don't know what CPU they are going to use because they used core-m on Pro 4 rather Surface 4.I think Black Friday will drop the price of Surface 3.I think you should go for Surface Pro 3. I mean it is similar size as a piece of paper or spiral notebook.
Black Friday is right around the corner so maybe you could get it a bit cheaper or with bundles?
Oh okay, I am just making sure you, lol.You got a nice deal. xDAlthough I don't know about the 16GB storage on iPad Mini 2, you should have got 32GB model or something, lol. Oh well, as long you are happy.
I agree and it is awkward to use the tablet while your Pencil is charging in the tablet. I have a feeling it will break sooner or later, lol.
When did you buy it and how much?I mean Black Friday is right around the corner, and you can probably get it for $200 or $300 dollar?
Well, it does look silly.I bet there is going to be a "new" accessory where it has a USB to lightning port cable to charge the Apple Pencil, lol.Hmm, I doubt it is just iPad Pro. It might be able to charge on any iPad/iPhone or any device with lightning port, but it is up to the people who has it to confirm it.
12 hours, hmm, not bad I guess.But the charging is still stupid. Why can't you use lightning cable to charge it rather charging it from the tablet or any device with lightning port, lol?
It does seem great but a bit overpriced IMO.Lacked of buttons for features like undo/erase/etc.Last roughly an hour of use before charging. ***?You have to charge it directly to the lightning port?
Why not grab Surface Book with GPU?It would allow you to run games like FFXIV. Right now, prioritize your needs not wants.It would help things a lot better.
Apple should have release iPad Air 4 with Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard support. It would have been a great mobile tablet for taking notes. Sure, there is Surface and any PC Tablet with pen input support, but you can't really beat iPad battery life compare to PC Tablet IMO. I mean, it is probably great just to replace spiral notebooks like I am doing for my iPad Air. Sadly, it is limiting if I am planning to use it beyond just taking notes QQ (Didn't have enough...
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