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Haha, I always assume discrete GPU is same as dedicated GPU.Well, more to know. pricey compare to Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14.
Umm, I need more information.What screen size do you prefer?Are you going to be using it mobile or stationary?What games are going to be playing and at what settings?More information is preferable.
Yeah, I finally got my answer from someone else a while ago but thanks for the help.I will be going for Surfsce Pro 3.
Hmm, I believe it is sata SSD if that is what you are asking for? You can learn from more Asus website about your laptop.I am at school and on my iPad, so I am limited.
It is possible to upgrade your HDD to SSD. As for coexisting each other in one system, I can't confirm it unless it has an extra bay.You can "possibly" add a mSATA SSD then you can coexist with your HDD, however, I do not know if your laptop has an extra PCI-E slot I believe. You are going to have to open the bottom of your laptop to see your internal hardware.It is also possible that you can use your laptop HDD for your desktop, but I am not sure if it is "stable" for it....
I bought an iPad Air 32GB Space Gray few months ago along with GoodNote 4 App and Adonit Jot Touch Pro stylus. It has serve me pretty well until I have to deal with the annoying issues like both the app and stylus always get into conflict to each other. So Black Friday is right around the corner and my dad was in need of tablet, so I thought I could give him my iPad Air while I get a better note taking tablet. I have several in mind, but I don't know which to...
That is true. It is almost impossible to find a good laptop that is roughly under a budget.Surface Pro 1 is a decent PC Tablet. Even though it is running Ivy Bridge i5 and pretty weak battery life, OP can make it up by buying a Power Cover. Not to mention, it has one angle kickstand. The OP can make it up by buying another case, but it will lose this awesome premium feeling if you slap a case with its own stand, however, it is up to OP.As for as I know, Ivy Bridge and...
What? There is Surface Pro 1 on Amazon (new) cost between $400 to $500. He can also buy a Power Cover that is just like Type Cover but it has battery inside of it. It will increase the battery life.As for how long it will last, I doubt it will be 8 hours unless the battery has a big mah or it is mostly light task.
Yep. Sooner or later, you are going to hit a dead end due to the ram.Might as well spend a lot of money for 8gb ram and enjoy it.Since you would be using for years and years, it is good idea though.
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