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Why do you need SP3 or SP4? For me, I actually cancelled Surface 3, lol.The thought process of spending $900 dollar on Surface 3 really gets into you like your brain keep asking this question over and over, "Is Surface 3 worth $900 dollar?"I just went with Toshiba Encore Write 2 10".Not the best W8 Tablet, but it is probably an affordable note taking tablet with its TruPen (Wacom).
I think you mean, IGPU, right?Correct me if I am wrong, APU is usually for AMD APU not Intel.Anyway, it is really up to you if you want Surface Pro 3 or Pro 4.Are you in a hurry?If you are, then there is nothing wrong with Surface Pro 3.If not, then wait for Surface Pro 4.If you wait for Surface Pro 4, you can always go back to Surface Pro 3 because the price dropped.For me, I had to went with Surface 3 128GB (Intel Atom Model) because well, the Surface Pro 3 i3 doesn't...
Uhh, what? Dell Venue 11 Pro doesn't have 8GB RAM. At most they are 4GB RAM with 128GB SSD.Are you sure you aren't talking about Surface Pro 2 i5/8GB/256GB or Surface Pro 3 i5/8GB/256GB or i7/8GB/256GB?Okay, never mind, I found it.It doesn't exist in the Dell's website, but you can find it elsewhere.
Maybe it is the Type Cover faulty?Get it replace and see if it fixes the issue?
I believe they still are.If not, you can also use the OTA and update it.
1) There are some difference between 720p and 1080p if you look closely.It is mostly up to the apps to optimize the resolution. The most important are PPI. The higher it is the more crispy the texts are. Correct me if I am wrong but there are nothing wrong having a 1080p. Especially on 10" screen or higher when trying to watch a videos or games.2) Hmm, since you didn't mention it has to be Android brand, there is always Apple. Of course, there is ASUS, Samsung, Google...
Sorry, it was too long to read, lol.Uhh, you can try Nexus 7 2013.You can't go wrong with that tablet because it is still IMO the best Android tablet. It is slightly over $200 dollar for the 32GB model, but it is worth it IMO.
Is there anyone own Alienware 13, the one with GTX 960m? If so, how is the laptop? I was thinking to buy it for a portable gaming laptop, so I can take it with me for both school and work. I am just curious about the battery life with just using Microsoft Office/OneNote without the dGPU enable.
>.> and my school WiFi blocks remote desktop/PC.
Mostly, it is just browsing, checking emails, watching Twitch stream and messaging my buddies on Steam.Once I go to my class either before and/or after work, I will simply type my notes away and hoping my laptop can last on battery without charging.
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