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I am interested in Gigabyte MoBo, FX-6200, Hyper 212+, a Corsair 200R price and R9 270 if you still have it.
Oh, I know you weren't. Like you said, you were only stating the differences. Yeah, you could have bought a nice gaming laptop or ultrabook with SP4. For me, I had to get SP3 just for school even though I want a newer gaming laptop, but my class is going to filled with math and ****s so typing won't work, lol.Well crap, apparently BBY doesn't have Surface Pro 3 i3/4GB/128GB in-stock anymore and I forgot MS had to recall of their charger.
That is true, Surface Pro 4 does have a huge leap over Surface Pro 3, but you have to factoring in the price.Surface Pro 4 may have a huge leap over Surface Pro 3 but the cost plus the Type Cover.I know TMatzelles60 does not use it for school or artist instead use in-home 2-in1 laptop/tablet use. Spending at least $900 dollar or $800 dollar ($100 off Surface Pro 4 Intel Core m3 model) without including Type Cover is still a lot compare to Surface Pro 3 i3/4GB/128GB $599 to...
Hmm, Surface Pro 3 i3/4GB/128GB at Best Buy is like $599.00 which it is a pretty good deal.I can probably send out one of my College Student Discount code for Surface Pro 3 ($100 Dollar Off), so it will be $499.00 without including tax and shipping, Surface Pen, Warranty and Type Cover.
For laptop under $350, you won't be expecting much. You pretty much get what you paid for.There is one laptop from Lenovo that are around the price and is really decent. has 4GB RAM which it is really nice for opening multiple Chrome Tabs.HP Stream 11/13 and ASUS 11.6 Eebooks are nice, but it has 2GB RAM which it is limiting.Battery life won't be the best compare to HP Stream 11/13 and ASUS 11.6 Eebooks,...
Wazzup,You are still looking for it?What happen to Chromebook?Anyway, you are going to have to tell us the uses for it, budget and everything as usual.Thank you.
Part of me telling you to wait because you sort of waited too long to finally to buy a laptop when Christmas is over thus you are pretty much spending quite a bit.Of course, if you really need a laptop for your Spring Semester, then by all means go for it.
SP4 is definitely amazing.Did you sign up for Best Buy College Student? You can get a $100 dollar off on any selected Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro 4 tablet. I think it will be nice.
Well, I guess that is a turn off.I was hoping you could unlock your tablet while in sleep mode.Now I know which Type Cover to get then, lol.But ... I did dropped it over a new bluetooth headphone, so I might use my SP3 without Type Cover, lol.
Well, ****, lol.Thanks for the help, man.
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