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Welp, you already answer your own question.You can always buy it and try it out.
Yeah, it is quite nice to do it, but the problem is syncing on OneDrive. If you have ****load of PowerPoints Slides on OneNotes, it takes FOREVER to sync all of them to another device.Last year on Spring 2015, I have sync ****lot of PowerPoint slides on my OneDrive. Holy crap, it took me over 2-4 weeks to only sync 1/3rd of them!Microsoft need to make their OneDrive syncing faster IMO, lol.Oh well, this year, none of my Professor are using PowerPoint slides. :S Bummer.
I find Chrome is better although it does lacked features for touchscreen. :SEdge uses a lot of performance even more than Chrome even though they claimed it is lighter and better than Chrome. :SI did heard Edge will be getting an Extensions support soon.Firefox, I don't know. I barely use it.
Nice. If you want longer battery life, you can grab a portable battery charger that can charge laptop.Something like this. never bought one though because I never find myself using it or worth buying it.
If you are talking about the screen protector if it is glass, then no. It is more of like a plastic screen protector unless you are talking about tempered glass which it is both mixed of plastic and glass I believe. Don't quote me on that. Of course, getting a tempered glass is like having a second similar screen as the SP4 on top of it, but you need to invest a better one to get better results. Cheap ones will have its screen edge chips off, and you don't get this nice...
Congrats on getting SP4 for a lucky pricing. Although I don't have Surface Pro 4, I do own Surface Pro 3 i3/4GB/128GB Model (newer model that was released between Novemberish to Januaryish).It is entirely up to you if you want a screen protector or not. For me, I use a screen protector for my SP3 to get a nice friction when writing on the screen to mimic like paper and pen/pencil that has friction when writing.As for case, I don't use any case because I always snug it in...
Surface 3 is doable but USB to micro-USB charging are painfully slow. It will take your HOURS to get a full charge, but it does make it up by having a decent battery life like around 10 hours if you are casually browsing.But ... it will cost you more than $500 dollar with every necessary accessories so keep that in mind.There are few laptops or 2-in-1 laptop/tablet that I think are worth mention.HP Stream 11 to 13 are decent. There are the 14" one that slightly more...
Well, I believe it is possible to get 128GB micro-SD inside of a device that support 32GB storage but not all of them.I had a Samsung Sidekick 4G, and I manage to get a 128GB micro-sd card slot in it, however, it was sort of unstable.
I am interested in Gigabyte MoBo, FX-6200, Hyper 212+, a Corsair 200R price and R9 270 if you still have it.
Oh, I know you weren't. Like you said, you were only stating the differences. Yeah, you could have bought a nice gaming laptop or ultrabook with SP4. For me, I had to get SP3 just for school even though I want a newer gaming laptop, but my class is going to filled with math and ****s so typing won't work, lol.Well crap, apparently BBY doesn't have Surface Pro 3 i3/4GB/128GB in-stock anymore and I forgot MS had to recall of their charger.
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