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The lap or uneven surface might be the downfall for Surface Pro 3 kickstand or they so called "lapability."It requires an even surface surface otherwise it will tilt and fall over.It also require vertical room on the surface compare to laptop.For example, if you are on a plane and is a tray in front of you (behind the seat that is in front of you), and you tried to use it. It will fail compare to a laptop.If you are going to use Surface Pro 3, you better make sure you have...
That is basically what I told him. Macbook Pro may be faster than Surface Pro 3, but it depend what the OP wants from it.Does he want mobility or better performance?There is no both, so he had to decide carefully.For me, being as a college student, carrying a laptop and an iPad Air is painfully annoying.It bottles down my mobility despite the fact that it may have better performance.I mean if all his works aren't too heavy tasks, then SP3 is probably enough for him.
I am pretty sure it is powerful enough for stream Steam and use Remote Desktop with SP3.You can spend extra $100 dollar for a Surface Pro 3 Dock which it should turn it into a Desktop typeish.I think saving your extra $100 dollar for i5 dual core, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD is better than going for dual core i7 where the performance are probably not noticeable.On top of that, you can just throw in a X360/X1 controller and play any Steam's games.
I am assuming it is extremely noticeable.I can't answer it in an accurate answer because I am at school on my iPad taking notes, you are going to have to look it up.
You are comparing dual core i5 and quad core i7. Quad core i7 has more horsepower.If you already have an external monitor, then go for Surface Pro 3 for portability.Be sure to watch LimusTechTips review for Surface Pro 3. He pretty much nailed the important issues.
Don't get the dual core i7 on Surface Pro 3. It won't make a difference compare to i5 dual core so might as well save extra hundred dollars.Now then, it really depend on which OS you will be using for your work. OS X or Windows? Does all of the program and software that you will be using appear on OS X and/or Windows?For me, I would go for Surface Pro 3 just for mobility. But multitasking is a bit weaker compare to laptop and tablet. Reason is that I can program stuff on a... is a decent "gaming" laptop, however, there are few downside that you need to consider.A) It has a HDD which it is slow IMO.B) It has a dual core i5, and I wish I could find you an i7. Sadly, it will be require to spend at least $900 dollar for it.C) 15.6" screen. I was thinking to find you a 17" because it is better for...
Does it have to be from Amazon?
Also if you buy a full Windows OS tablet, you can download a program emulator that allows you to installed Android Apps, however, it is a bit laggy and require monthly fees I believe.
If you want, we can chat more on social media.Hit me up if you want to.
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