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I've built three SSTO planes since 1.0. One with a single rapier, one with two turbojets and a single LV-T45, and one with a single turbojet and two LV-909s. My old SSTOs don't work anymore, because you can't go as fast on just jet engines before switching over to rockets.
While it would be nice, How exactly is AMD going to get the performance that justifies being the more expensive solution?
According to pcpartpicker, the cheapest 4 core 2.6ghz AMD processor is the a6-3650 at £38.69. you can get a 2 core haswell for 28.For gaming, I think the price/perf points are still g3258 or 4690k. If you give up overclocking, there might be some better option.
Bad analogy if the travel agency isn't deporting you. It's more like an airline selling lifetime tickets for unlimited flights, and then saying "nevermind, you're actually using it enough that we don't make a profit on you."
Launch at 16 minutes.
It launched and made it to the ocean with fully deployed parachutes, but looked a little close to shore.
So, SpaceX is testing the pad abort capability for their commercial crew capsule today, should be launching in a little over 20 minutes. NASA stream: Spacex event: Article:
1.0 preview stream (Scott Manley is on now)
You're repeating misinformation that was settled months ago. First, eDP is not adaptive sync, and does not specify variable refresh. That VESA press release was basically written by AMD, and the words "refresh rate" do not appear in the edp spec from 2009. If you think I'm wrong about this, please point out exactly where in the the edp spec variable refresh is specified: At best, it is possible to implement...
You have no clue what you're talking about here. The ONLY video cards that support variable refresh over adaptive sync are the R9 295X2, 290X, R9 290, R9 285, R7 260X and R7 260(aka GCN 1.1). Other video cards work with freesync monitors, but only at fixed refresh rates. That's from AMD's freesync FAQ.As for laptops, the only laptop that has variable refresh is that one asus laptop with the leaked alpha drivers, but it doesn't work well at all.Intel hasn't said anything...
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