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Variable refresh loses half it's value if you do image corrections that add a lot of processing lag. I wouldn't mind at all if those features were just removed from the display(color/gamma correction can be done on the PC side anyway).
Samsung's release date is apparently in March: So that's ~17 months after g-sync was initially announced. Pretty close to the first estimates of how long it would take for AMD to come up with something equivalent. Just think how much time we would have saved if people used common sense instead of believing unrealistic PR.
This is getting even more ridiculous. That monitor(nixeus vue) was used for AMD's freesync demo at computex, but there's no evidence variable refresh was actually working on it. AMD did say back then that all they did was update the firmware, but they also said there wouldn't be a firmware update published to make existing monitors compatible with freesync. In my eyes they were trying to backpedal on comments they made at CES without losing face.As for this article, we've...
It's low persistence(backlight strobing) that requires a fast panel, variable refresh doesn't.
the source for the article is the same video that was posted yesterday. We still don't even have a product announcement from a monitor manufacturer, let alone a review that shows everything is working as claimed. AMD has blown WAY too much smoke over freesync to believe anything but hardware.
It's still the same PR speak we've been hearing for months. We need a product announcement and an actual review.
Who? I haven't seen any monitor manufacturer announce an adaptive sync/freesync compatible monitor.Edit: Huddy said "it will just require a firmware update"...... Seriously? Even if we knew which monitor he was talking about, there's no guarantee such a firmware update would ever be made available to the public.Nothing has changed.
Warsam71 said September or October(for demo units to reviewers), and Ryan Shrout said he was promised a demo unit in September.
Sooo........ AMD said reviewers would get prototype displays in september or october. Shouldn't we have seen something by now?
NTSB press release:
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