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Well, the card is competing against the 7850 I mean R7 265 No wait. R7 370!AMD screwed up their finances, and had to cut R&D to stay afloat, so now Nvidia is laughing all the way to the bank, while the consumers suffer.
Only if the monitor can do panel self refresh, and that command is implemented.
OP didn't mean 30g or 60g acceleration, he meant 30 or 60 gram force to actuate the key. Fingers don't exert a constant force, therefore there isn't a constant acceleration. You'd need a high speed camera to really tell how big a difference there is going to be between the two switches. There's also going to be a big difference between a finger resting on the key, and a finger hitting the key from a moving start.If you have access to both keyswitches, maybe compare how...
"instantly" isn't quite instant. It takes a couple milliseconds to send a keypress or key release over PS/2, depending on the PS/2 clock and the length of the make/break code. If you have a 1ms poll interval over USB, it will be faster than PS/2 for simultaneous keypresses, simply due to the much lower clock on the ps/2 interface. As for the 8ms poll interval over low speed, is there a reason windows doesn't honor the poll interval specified by the endpoint?
But without all the extra input lag.
I've built three SSTO planes since 1.0. One with a single rapier, one with two turbojets and a single LV-T45, and one with a single turbojet and two LV-909s. My old SSTOs don't work anymore, because you can't go as fast on just jet engines before switching over to rockets.
While it would be nice, How exactly is AMD going to get the performance that justifies being the more expensive solution?
According to pcpartpicker, the cheapest 4 core 2.6ghz AMD processor is the a6-3650 at £38.69. you can get a 2 core haswell for 28.For gaming, I think the price/perf points are still g3258 or 4690k. If you give up overclocking, there might be some better option.
Bad analogy if the travel agency isn't deporting you. It's more like an airline selling lifetime tickets for unlimited flights, and then saying "nevermind, you're actually using it enough that we don't make a profit on you."
Launch at 16 minutes.
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