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Nope. Framerate being unsynchronized with refresh rate is what causes tearing, and framerate doesn't depend on mouse polling rate. It might cause some stutter of animation that depends on mouse input, but not tearing.
1: I think you're thinking more of the off equator launch site here, so you need to launch when the launch site passes under whatever you want to rendezvous with. In KSP, the engine can't handle off axis tilt, so RSS tilts the ecliptic instead, this doesn't change anything about launching, unless you're doing an interplanetary mission, in which case you need to pay attention to longitude of ascending node. Basically, once you get to your interplanetary launch window, you...
check if there's a hair or something stuck in it.
not even a swamp cooler?
I think there's plenty of demand to justify such a part, most people buying 4 or 6 core i7s today would prefer a 6 core mainstream socket CPU to the part they purchased. The thing that keeps it from happening is that AMD doesn't have a product competing in that segment, so Intel doesn't lose any sales by neglecting it.
Yes, there was an IGP on-die, it just wasn't functional. Just like a lot of xeon chips on the mainstream socket.
Volume, not yield. Yield refers to the proportion of good dies on each wafer of silicon. You'd only switch for better yields if there was a major problem the current fab was unable/unwilling to fix.
Meh, I think I'll just stick to Kerbal Space Program.
the overshoot would be the ball against the pad more than the ball against the rollers.
I guess I need to read the spec more thoroughly.
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