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I'm more excited for QD LED matrix displays.
Here's the video:
Dunno, probably 5~10 bucks/chip instead of 1~2, not that it's necessary if you're willing to put some more time designing the PCB and sampling scheme. Lets say you want up to 144 keys, with NKRO and hardware debouncing, using straightforward matrix design. You'd probably spend ~3bucks on diodes to get NKRO, a couple bucks on caps resistors and schmitt triggers to get the hardware debouncing, a couple bucks on a microcontroller, and a big wad of cash on switches. You pick...
yes, the interrupt will trigger many times in that 5ms, but after the very first one you can tell the computer the button has been pressed, and you either poll 5ms later to tell if the button has then been released, or you measure how long a bounce can take, and if the switch is off for at least that amount of time, you know the switch isn't just bouncing, it's actually been released. OTOH, If you use an instantaneous poll to sample the keypress, it's somewhat random when...
No link, but you can send pretty much whatever data you want over USB. Just don't expect the host to figure out what it's supposed to do with that data unless you write drivers for it. Basically, the USB spec has some HID definitions that are broad enough to cover most use cases, but there's nothing stopping you from reinventing the wheel to add more capability.
You can do it with PS/2, or custom drivers.
This video is very informative, it explains perfectly why marketing videos should not be published without the permission of an engineer. First, 'analog' is completely irrelevant to the consumer, because the switches only have two positions: on and off. If you want to use an ADC to demux all the keys you put on one input pin, that's your business, but it has zero inherent advantage over a digital read, because the signal is discrete. Second, The datasheet for those...
You still have the same tradeoff, and it remains to be seen which freesync monitors will be a good buy.
Because you value input lag and tear elimination over eye candy?
It's inside the lox tank. You can see the stage one lox tank at about T+2:45, and the stage 2 lox tank later.
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