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I would almost bet the delay was planned all along, there's no way they wanted to compete with themselves for sales between this and the new Assassins Creed
If that is the actual real power consumption, holy bajeesus, that thing is gonna suck some serious power down once overvolted/clocked
How does this decreas development costs? Developing for another API on top of direct X sounds like it increases development costs. Unless AMD was talking about if the development studio STRICTLY used mantle...which will never happen
I wouldn't get it, not worth it IMO...what's your buddies name and phone number by the way, I need to ask him something
if you have free power, probably 6 months, if you don't....either never or probably 1+ years
If you plan on over voting, don't even think about a 650 watt unit, your 750 should be fine as long as you don't pump too many volts into them
I'm pissed at myself for not seeing the in store pickup option, ugh. Should make a great upgrade from my aging Galaxy Nexus though
My frame rate counter says I'm getting 90+ fps but the constant spikes sure doesn't make it feel like that
....Which doesn't have anything to do with what he said. IB pulls less wattage than sandybridge, still a hotter chip, same with haswell.
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