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I bought it at launch and only played it for about 30 minutes, I didn't really care for it much mainly becausei thought it was boring and the stupid fps cap and lack of sli support, then i just kept hearing so much praise that I started it back up again and had it finished in 3 days, loving every minute of it
A lotAnd it does personally affect me, sli and crossfire support are non existent, and it has a lame 60fps capbut yes, the new order was a pretty great game, and I'm very much looking forward to this
Yup, crossfire is actually pretty great right now...when there's actual profiles you can use, which has been so few and far between lately it's ridiculous, I couldn't recommend a crossfire setup at the moment personally, hopefully that changes when the 380x/390x's come out
2 weeks isn't that bad of a wait, considering it will be technically superior to the console versions, I'll wait
They were new at least
I bought 2 4tb externals last week on ebay for 179, made them internal and am taking a gamble by running them in raid 0
I'm really hoping the note 5 has an edge version,and it's in the same style as the s6 edge, I will definitely upgrade my Note 3 to that do know that just means no pay/salary increases, right? They aren't actually making them work without pay
This would be absolutely amazing, I would need it to come in stainless steel though, but definitely signed the petition and I hope this becomes a reality
around 4 years
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