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Posts by y2kcamaross do know that just means no pay/salary increases, right? They aren't actually making them work without pay
This would be absolutely amazing, I would need it to come in stainless steel though, but definitely signed the petition and I hope this becomes a reality
around 4 years
Just beat the game last night, it runs beautifully now, it actually never really ran bad, but it's about perfect now hovering between 100fps and 144fps constantly, game was a blast
I'd really love to get a couple 390x's when they launch, but AMD lately, as in the last 6+ months, has been absolutely ABYSMAL with crossfire support, which is a shame considering how good their frame pacing is now, by the time the crossfile profile comes out, I've already beaten the game I would need it for, if it even comes out at all
After reading this news, I decided to check my ISPs webpage this morning, and although there was no mention of gigabit yet, I decided to check on the internet tab on started to " build a bundle ", low and behold, they now offer 1000/200, I called immediately and upgraded, unfortunately it won't be available for a couple weeks until they are done " programming their new equipment ", the best part is, it's only costing me $3.42 more per month over my current 200/50!
I run an asus swift as my primary and a 2b catleap as my secondary, everything works perfect so no worries
I'm still averaging quite a lot of frames, dont get me wrong, but it's still pretty annoying to go from 100+ to 55 or so, even with gsync
Ehh..I went home on my lunch break and gave it a whirl, I think it actually made performance worse
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