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Do you even watch TV? Crysis 3 commercials were on constantly
completely wrong. You will only kill it if you tighten it down unevenly and crack the die
That's a terrible terrible powercooler 7950 you linked and openbox to boot, you can get a much nicer gigabyte wf3 for 8 more dollars(after rebate)
shaders, rops, tmus, architecture, etc
Never once since launch, I've even sanded drywall without covering it up, thing keeps on chugging along
? you start off making sense saying the 690s are 4gb but really only 2gb because they are mirrored. Then you ask if it would be a viable choice over a 2gb 680 sli setup because of the extra VRAM? They both have 2gb of usuable video memory
You thought that the GHZ edition of the 7970 was supposed to be the 8970? It came out 6 months later, not a chance in hell, not only that, but not a single person reported any rumors of the type, so why you thought that I had no idea
My 780s clock higher than my 7970s though least with the new volt mod, but 2 vs 2 is a rather small sample size
Since this is a thread referencing The Witcher 3....I'll assume TW2 stands for The Witcher 2
For what possible reason would Nvidia do that? Do you understand how business works? Cuda is HUGE for Nvidia
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