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What can I say, I love my storage! I'm actually in the process of moving to 5tb for every drive except the 2 4tb drives that are in raid-0 and the boot drive
I scored 16668@1440p and 21893@1080p, maximum preset
20% is basically a free gpu upgrade
15% is nothing to scoff at, and if those are actually accurate, then an overclocked skylake 6700k will definitely be faster than an overclocked 4790k
Like how there is Amercan "Football" lol[/quote]Yup, the only good kind of football.
Weren't they just saying a couple years ago how they were basically proud to be have the most pirated show, and now they are going after the pirates?
In please!
Only got about an hour and a half in myself, but it runs pretty damn well and smooth, always between 70-144fps, at least so far
Just so unfair...all sites should just test with single cards so AMD CPU's don't look as bad
We get have a Titan X, and now all games require MINIMUM of 6gb VRAM, even at 1080p, and just to be safe, you should have at least 8, 12+@1440p
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