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No you wouldn't i don't think I've EVER seen you praise Intel, you do nothing but praise AMD, and anyone who's seen any of your posts would agree, you can disagree all you want, but you're only lying to yourself
Are you on AMD's payroll? Anytime anything positive is said about Intel, especially in regards to the mobile sector, you can GUARANTEE you'll be in the thread crapping all over it and praising AMD, it's quite ridiculous
um....that's definititely just you, afterburner works great
Am I wrong to assume this will be exactly like telltales other games just with mine crafts assets, and nothing like Minecraft gameplay?
FF14 and WOW I have no idea about, as I hate MMORPGS, but if you think Destiny and this game had even close to the same amount of issues at launch, you apparently didn't play either
Performance issues on PC games I can forgive, random stutter I can forgive, console/pc games with completely broken online modes at launch like this and Halo: MCC, no. I got rid of that game after I couldn't play it for a week, and knowing 343 studios is behind it, I seriously doubt I'll bother with Halo 5.The only way this game is getting a second chance from me is if they ever release the PSN+ version, which will be after the holidays I'm sure, they don't want to give...
Why on earth should anyone give a game a second chance after the developer/publisher decided to release it completely broken, knowing damn well it was broken, just to get it out and get some sales. That doesn't make any sense. If anything, we should no longer buy games from said company, period
How original, that hasn't only been hypothesized about 10000x times spanning multiple threads
I wish they'd announce the price!
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