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I only wish that, if this is real, that SOTN2 would be on the wii u instead
SOTN2?????please LORD, be true
It's already been covered and he already recognized it, no need to bring it up again.
Learn to understand sarcasm before coming off like an ass
I'd say maybe one of my top 100 fps's of all time
destiny doesn't have a subscription fee
not that much.... there has been 5 games ever that have had budgets more than 100 million, 1 with a budget over 200 million(GTA5)...all games have infrastructure, game development, marketing, and whatever else...but saying "not that much"is hilarious wrong. If this number is correct, they would have to sell 8.3 million+ copies(all at retail price) just to break even, hard to do for a new IP, and that's if they got every penny from every sale, which they don't
Not worth it
yeah, having a cost nearly double the next most expensive game ever, which was a sequel to a highly successful and critically acclaimed game, isn't insane "anymore". I understand that you think that you're God's gift to the world, but get over yourself
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