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I think everyone was still excited for this game from the last couple of years, probably had ridiculous pre order sales, I don't see the sequels selling as much honestly.
...It has way more, and better, games than either other "next-gen" system
No, that's not even close to the reason IMO, the reason is usually because they already have had an iPhone and are tied into the Apple ecosystem, the other reason people first get their iPhones, is because of the ecosystem and stigma to owning apple products, once again, IMO
And? GK110 clocks higher than Hawaii. What does the fact that it has to clock higher to make it faster have to do with anything, when it DOES clock higher and IS faster most of the time?
That didn't make any point at all, the 780 classified is far and away faster than the R9 290, it clocks to the moon. Hitman has a known 65fps bug on Nvidia cards with certain drivers/versions of the game
That's a hell of a deal
Yeah MSI is one of the last remaining serial based warranty companies, at least for their GPUs, if you have a receipt, it will be 3 years from the date that you bought it, if you don't, it will be 3 years from the date that it was shipped to the reseller
It says with bonus watercooling...then says the price is only slightly higher. Where I come from, if something is thrown in as " a bonus ", the price isn't increased to accommodate for it
In! Steam username=y2kcamaross
I'd sell that 6870 got around 70 bucks and pick up a used 280/x or possibly even a used 290
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