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So freaking pumped, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of my favorite games of the last 5 years
It's not the best monitor on the market, the new Acer 144hz IPS monitor is better, and I think the Rog Swift is better, and yes,I do have a catleap 2b sitting right next to my Swift
As long as steam isn't congested, I should be able to pre load in roughly 11 minutes
111 games14 games
I just recently got gigabit fiber(as in 2 days ago recent) and I can not imagine faster speeds, I'd need raided mechanical hard drives or pure SSDs to take full advantage of 2Gbps! Though I most certainly wouldn't complain if it was a free upgrade
Not morally wrong to me, but to Nintendo it probably is You can't just own the original game and then download a rom off the internet and play it via emulation and think it's perfectly legal, it's not.
You do realize that playing them via emulation is basically illegal, right? Unless you have a way to rip the N64 cartridge and the bios from your N64, 9.99 is worth it just for the fact that I can now play it on my wii u pad IMO
Anyone have problems downloading steam games at high speeds? After mine hits about 60-70 MB/s, it constantly says "busy writing to disk" and slows down, and it doesn't matter which drive I try it on, it happens on my SSD, raid 0 drives, and regular mechanical drives
Woke up to this, not bad for a free upgrade
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