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The article is CLEARLY talking about lifetime sales of ALL GTA V releases, a little reading comprehension and common sense goes a long way, that's off. Theres barely even 60 million people living in the UK, I don't think Rockstar has sold a copy of GTAv to 2/3rds the populationActually I just looked it up, theyve only sold 34 million copies of GTA V worldwide as of October 2014, so where ever you got your numbers, they were way, way, off
I'm currently running 1468 gpu clock and 7610 memory on both of my SC's for my 24/7 game clocks, and id just set a fan curve so it never reaches the temp limit, and prioritize power limit
If by plain english, you mean they are counting both the PS4/XO versions AND the 360/ps3 versions as the same game, then yes, it's plain english. If you honestly think that the PS4 and Xbox One versions by themselves sold more in a day than black ops sold in its lifetime, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you
I'm hoping I pick up lords of the fallen for ~$25 or so, so 50% off! that's about all I want though, seen too many mixed reviews of it to pay much more than that
No ones saying it's easy, but unlike you, we aren't acting like it's "okay" to release a completely broken game, just because it's "hard" to mash 4 games together
what I expect when I purchase a game is for it to be a functioning product, and no, multiplayer hasn't been working fine since the patch,maybe for you, but not the vast majority. All 3 of my friends who own it have serious problems,then all you have to do is look on the internet and see the thousands of pages on forums about how it's still completely broken
Yup, my buddy was over today for about 3 hours, we played 7 games total. SEVEN. In roughly 3 hours.
I'm in, from illinois, but wiill definitely make the travel
Did they add tessalation yet with the newest patch?
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