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It says with bonus watercooling...then says the price is only slightly higher. Where I come from, if something is thrown in as " a bonus ", the price isn't increased to accommodate for it
In! Steam username=y2kcamaross
I'd sell that 6870 got around 70 bucks and pick up a used 280/x or possibly even a used 290
*raises hand* you'd be surprised the kind of setups some people have I've had both my 780s at over 1.212 for around 9+ months along with my 3770k@4.9ghz+all my hard drives/fans and I've never seen my kill-a-watt even get to 875watts, which would seriously be under 800 actual watts from the PSU, the only way I see that happening is possibly with furmark
My favorite part of my past lan parties were the quake 2 deathmatches till 4 in the morning
I think the best case scenario for PC gamers is developers locking all console games(or at least ones that are also coming to PC) to 30fps, as long as they don't lock the PC versions, our games will look better, and with the right hardware, perform substantially better
a 5820k should overclock to 4.4+ just fine, I bet every single chip will be able to hit 4.0.
How do you know mantle isn't buggy and it's the developers? How can you differentiate the two?
they can never, ever, ever, optimize a game as well on PC as they can on consoles
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