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Isn't sleeping dogs extreme AA basically x4 ssaa ?so you'd basically be rendering the game at 5120x2880 and then downscaling it, I can see why it'd crush your framerate
actually it makes me sad, unfortunately I'm running a 955be@4ghz paired with a 290x on my backup rig, but my backup rig is hooked up to my home theater so I really was hoping the phenoms would put up a better fight
12:01 eastern time is an hour from now, not an hour ago
after you enable sli shut down afterburner and restart it,I had the same problem
slit your wrists? Really? Little over dramatic aren't we
I remember when far cry 3 launched, the stuttering was so bad on crossfire 7970s that it was unplayable, it has since improved, but it's still there to a degree, it has always been smoother on nvidia setups though
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