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I'll get you my EVGA reference 980 SC when I get home if no one else has by thenedit: whats the program to dump bios's? I remember one wasn't working correctly awhile ago, not sure if that's fixed or not
I wonder if Amazon looks peoples accounts before they decide to do $100+ dollar refunds like that? I funnel all my work purchases through my amazon account, and I buy a lot of stuff for myself there too, but not even close to the amount I spend for work, they probably think I'm a high valued customer, when really, if it wasn't me ordering this stuff from Amazon, it'd just be someone else at the office ordering it from Amazon
Yup, I saw amazons pop up, and then I chatted with them about my warehouse "deal" that was 37 more dollars than a brandnew unit and stated it came with all accessories and manuals, when it didnt have the USB 3.0 cable or any manuals/dvd, I ended up getting 20% of my order refunded, so I ended up paying $669.16 for my Swift, not bad!
Was hoping someone with a 970 and a 280x/7970 could run it at the same level/settings that this benchmark did and compare results
Cough it up!
Also, how would I go about flashing 2 cards in SLI, I remember there was a command I used for my 780s, but I don't remember what it was!
Can someone who has a 970 try and benchmark Ryse now and see if it still gets " beat " by a 280x?
SLI/Crossfire optimization & quality improvementsImproved GPU performance on NVIDIA cards, especially for GTX980/970 versionsFixed potential crash when running the game in resolutions higher than 1080pFixed graphical corruption on nVidia when running in resolutions higher than 1080pFixed a bug that occurred on low framerate which prevented the door to open in Pax RomanaFixed a bug that allowed Legendary difficulty to be selected with mouse even though it is not...
What's the dead rising 3 SINGLE SLI profile added mean? I just tried the game, still no SLI support me
If that was the case, couldn't we all just flash the G1 bios onto our reference cards?
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