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If the games you're playing have decent scaling, the 690 should be faster
Not 4k, 3440x1440p
I'd like to read...but there's no source
Basically just want to know what I should be able to get for my backup rig, really have no need for it anymore, the 290 flashed to the 290x has the Accelero 3 cooler on it
probably less than 10 dollars a year
it doesn't "completely" destroy it, it IS faster, but destroy is a bit harsh. And it wasn't half price, the 780ti retails for $699, not $ also came out, you know, 9 months AFTER the Titan.
I think everyone was still excited for this game from the last couple of years, probably had ridiculous pre order sales, I don't see the sequels selling as much honestly.
...It has way more, and better, games than either other "next-gen" system
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