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I agree, I think the video looks pretty terrible IMO
Now only if 4k projectors would come down in price, is getting one under 3 grand too much to ask?!
Honestly, I've had both systems since their respective launches, sadly the only time I've turned either on in the last 6 months was for Bloodborne, hell I use my New 3ds XL and VIta and Wii U more than either of the big 2
No, they are saying you can use the GOG client to download the patch without even having to login/sign up, they could still have it DRM free but make you at least login to your GOG account to download the patch, they are still being altruistic about it
You do realize this game is DRM free, right? How would they release a patch that only messes with pirated copies when every copy is identical with no drm, paid or stolen
Being a complete sucker for any metroidvania style game, and with SOTN being my 4th or 5th favorite game of all time, I can't think of a reason not to back this
Is all you do make excuses for AMD? Their crossfire support the last 6 months has been absolutely abysmal, the fact that you are trying to justify that is pathetic
I love mine, actually played some Xenoblade Chronicles 3d this morning before work
looks like a dual slot bracket to me though
Not any more, you can only do that if you're running surround, if you're just running two monitors and sli, you have to use the same display
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