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Only time I'm concerned about power usage is when i'm worried about whether my PSU can actually support two of them comfortably, the actual electric bill usage; I couldn't care less about
Yeah the 7970s are in a backup rig that literally hasnt been used in probably close to 4 months, and I will obviously be turning off SLI when benching
Once the non reference coolers start trickling out, I plan on selling my 7970s and picking one of these up, should be fun benching it against my 780s
There's really no way to prove it, but I'd venture to say 99% of people who buy the reference blowers stay on the reference blowers and don't watercool or add an aftermarket gpu cooler, what do you really think the percentage is?
Probably close to 99% that buy them will use the reference cooler or a non reference cooler installed from the factory. How many people do you think actually watercool or buy GPU coolers? It's a very small amount
that's a nice crystal ball you have there
Unless they want to crossfire and stay on air., it's not all that matters. It might be all that matters to people who CARE about price/performance. Some people have a lot of money, and only care about performance, whether that be gpus or sportscars, same thing applies
well I always buy reference with stock pcbs, and i don't water cool. I guess I could always replace the 7970s in my other system with a few 290x's, though that might anger the wife ....if she finds out
not that I know of
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