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either you're lying or a very sad individual, the game came out 17 days ago, 300 hours is 12.5 straight days, that leaves 4.5 days for sleeping, eating, etc
lets hope
you honestly think evga well be selling 770s for $200 in 90 days?
did you see the price they got? Almost everybody else in the world would have done the same thing
I really don't care if you're programmer or not, this does not happen all the time, as a matter of fact, I can't think of ANY other time a game or DLC has been delayed ON the day it was to be released, at least not by more than an hour or two. If you can, please name some.
Almost as boring as you constantly defending anything AMD related like it was your first born child
I'm not sure which is more problematic, the fact that your xbox live gold isn't working, or the fact that you're actually paying for it on a month to month basis and getting raped by Microsoft's prices
actually they are both his opinion, it's his thoughts on a game, him saying the game sucks isn't fact, it's what he thinks. Whether a game is good or it sucks is always an opinion, it's literally impossible for it to ever be a fact.
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