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Jesus that's a sweet deal, if you sold the game on ebay or something, you could probably get this card for ~$330 out of pocket
Yup, NCIX is very reputable, up there with Newegg for PC gear
When was the last time you ran either of those bencehmarks, I used to get really high scores with my 780s on heaven and valley,especially valley, both seemed to have drop considerably over the last year, not sure if it's driver related or what
To be honest, it's gonna take an awfully beastly 780 ti beat out a standard 1500mhz gtx 980, and what do you mean you get more for your money, performance aside? You get a better selection of display outputs, and more performance, what else is aside from that that you get more for your money? Last time I checked, all that mattered with high end gpus WAS performance.Don't get me wrong, if I could have gotten 2 780 tis for 430 like they are now when the 980s launched, I...
That literally makes 0 sense. It may be cheaper, but I guarantee resell value will be less when you go to sell it, and the new cards are coming out in 4-6 months most likely regardless if you buy a 780ti or a 980, and saying you'd rather have the best of the last gen, even if it performs worse and has less VRAM, than a midrange chip of new gen, that usually performs better, requires less power, produces less heat, and has another gb of video memory, just because it's the...
Ugh, I can't find that NVFLASH version anywhere, either
Is that with the working FEAR 3 sli profile, or just one card?
You can't run SLI in an x4 slot, so if you decide to purchase another one, you're gonna need a new motherboard with a plx chip
I was reading the IGN review, they said that it requires 6gb of vram for ultra high resolution textures!!!
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