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Actually, it wasn't even 3 years ago. Bulldozer came out in October
Kinda makes "preloading" irrelevant
I hear ya, I just upgraded from 150/30 last week to 200/50 a few days ago for no reason whatsoever, I just thought, hell for 10 more bucks, why not? The previous 17.9 MB/s downloads were just fine and I really didn't need faster, but 24+ MB/s makes me feel happy inside
heres my home internet my work is substationally slower
I decided to upgrade yesterday for no real reason, so heres a new speedtest
L&O:SVU parody
it runs@60fps in single player when you look at the ground in a corner, otherwise, not even close
Me too, but the new PS3 games that will be coming out that are worth playing will be few and far between
Isn't that the Kingston drive that they gave reviewers with synchronous NAND flash, but after the positive reviews went online,Kingston started shipping the drives with poorer performing asynchronous flash?? I'd stay away from that drive until it hit 40-50 bucks
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