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how on earth would the 270x be better future wise, you are making no sense, it's literally they same tech...except less powerful with a worse memory bus and 1gb less ram
What's the 28th?
a stylus would still work just fine
I find it quite amusing that the win 8 defenders say that if you prefer Windows 7 you are basically a lazy idiot who can't accept change or grasp how "awesome" Windows 8 is
It's actually just the R9 290/290x and one of the lower tier R cards
a 690 is a bit less powerful than 2 680s....2 780s will slaughter it, especially when both are overclocked a bit
Wow, you sound like someone who might want to consider living in a bubble
I personally can't wait to try gsync, and if I knew that their 1440p gsync model wasn't coming out relatively soon I'd be buying this kit and the monitor immediately
Anyone made any dogecoin deposits into coins-e today? Mine haven't showed up in over12 hours -_-
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