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I thought that was Halo 3?
No, it would be pointless
Nope listed it at a dollar, you didn't make it one of the key bullet points in your auction description that it starts at only a single dollar! A matter of fact, he said that was the best part, besides the games.
I know how auction works, I have a very nice ebay rating built up, but you never see auctions brag about how it only starts AT A SINGLE DOLLAR! they just list it at $1, the entire fact that hes talking about how it starts so low, would imply, at least to me, that there's no reserveapparently not
Thats all fine and well, but don't go and say " and the best part, besides the games, is the STARTING BID IS ONLY 1 SINGLE DOLLAR! " Just seems scammy to me
it says the starting bid is only a single dollar...yet it has a very high reserve? That's flat out lying
Make sure you add an e8400 into the mix!
I have windows 7 AND 8 on my ssd, there is little no to difference in boot times, and I don't ever shut my computer down, so thats also pointless, anyway, that is definitely not a " major " improvement, unless you consider 1-3 seconds difference as major
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