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I run an asus swift as my primary and a 2b catleap as my secondary, everything works perfect so no worries
I'm still averaging quite a lot of frames, dont get me wrong, but it's still pretty annoying to go from 100+ to 55 or so, even with gsync
Ehh..I went home on my lunch break and gave it a whirl, I think it actually made performance worse
Anyone who tries the patch, report back with any changes you noticed please, thanks!
I thought that video was absolutely terrible. My favorite video they've made, by far, is the one when they called in swat due to the high power consumption of Nvidia cards, I thought that one was hilarious
Arrrgg, the only game I can't get on PC is yakuza and that kick and fennick game, I've already bought at least 1 new game for me this month!
Dying Light has absolutely nothing to do with Ubisoft
Yes you can, they said they would never have a scheme where you paid for weapons, this is exactly what they did, the fact that it's in alpha is irrelevant
How can it affect the XB1 and PS4 versions when they both have been out for months?
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