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I wish you could trade items on ebay, I'd love to trade my flashed 290x for a 780ti ;p
Um, no.
I'm not doing the legwork for you, I get 630+khs with my 780s,
funny, cuz the 780ti can hash over 800khs, so I guess the 290 and 290x must have the same hashrate as your foot as well
This is the game I'm most looking forward to all year
How hard is it to run, and is there an SLI profile for it yet? Hoping my 2 780s wont have much problem running it at 136fps@1440p
I just got my PC and xbox one codes, so they are definitely still rolling them out, nice!
People honestly hate the PS4 controller? I love my 360 controllers compared to my PS3 controllers, but I actually prefer the PS4's to the Xbox One's
1. Giordano's sausage and mushroom(deepdish) 2. All EVGA classified cards 3. Maximus VI Formula[/quote]
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