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Galaxy Note 3 for sure and Galaxy S5 for sure
That news is from December 29th, 2013, why is it being posted now?
I assume this was some lame attempt at an insult to my cards in my system? I buy the fastest cards available, I'll buy either the new 390x series or the full GM200 series as well, so really got me good
That was deep, very insightful. The odds of them having all those GPUs to test now are slim to none, do I hope those results are true? Of course. I'm all for the fastest GPUs possible, manufacturer is irrelevant
If you believe that chart is real, you have problems
Loved the first one, I'm in! Thanks!
I'm thinking saying 10 fps is too broad, that could mean anywhere from 5% more to 100% more, depending on the game/settings/resolution
huh? Why would a delayed game eventually be good? I mean I guess it could make a game better, but delayed games definitely aren't just magically eventually good, does DNF ring a bell? Good games are good, delay or not, bad games are bad whether they are rushed, on time, or delayed
The 6XXX series aren't GCN
Possibly the stupidest thing I've ever read, are you saying when you are in shape you can't tell the difference or can't notice the difference in room temperatures? I'm extremely fit with a sub 8%bodyfat@5'11'' and 174 pounds, I absolutely hate being hot, and I can easily tell the difference when my house is 68 degrees and 70 degrees, maybe you not being able to notice is more that you have some kind of condition that needs to get checked by a doctor
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