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In it to win it
In again
In again!
So the person buying the PC is frugal and buys games smart, but when he buys his things for PS4 he does it stupidly? I've never spent 60 for a console game in the last 5 years, it's very very easy to find games $45ish before they launch, and even cheaper a month or two after. And also, no one looking for deals on PC games is going to spend 60 bucks a year for psn+ when it's always available for roughly $30 at least once a year', I love my pc as much as the next guy, but...
I'd get a used 670 or stretch that budget a tad more and get a used R9 290....really wouldn't have to upgrade that for a long, long, time
In for the 15th!
To be blunt, amd has nothing as fast as the 4770k, if you want the fastest you can get, the 4770k is it, besides Intel's 6 cores
So you think the 880 will probably beat a vanilla 780...has there ever been a gpu release where the previous high end model(780) BEATS the new high end model(880)? Because that would equate to about 0 cards sold
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