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They already do force you to use UPLAY, even if you purchase the game via steam
That's completely wrong, the number of games in the last 5 years that support SLI is far greater than the amount that doesn't, unless you bring indie games that even intergrated graphics could run @60fps into the equation
I'm not touchy, I was actually saying it a bit in jest, but truth or not, it seems anytime a console is mentioned I always see your name pop up pretty quickly afterwards!
You know, you were a lot more fun before you sold your PC and became the champion of consoles around these partsDon't buy an Xbox one, go get your damn PC back
Yup, tested it over my lunch break, it's terrible. Are you only forcing AFR2 for sli? I haven't tried that yet, are you setting your GPU count to anything special?
There's no real SLI support, they just forced AFR1 and you actually get worse performance over a single card, it's pathetic
Actually no, I get worse FPS with sli enabled, it looks like all nvidia did was force AFR1, really pathetic if you ask me
Welp, I tried this driver on my lunch break, I get literally the exact same FPS as I did with 1 card, except it's split evenly between the two, pretty useless
Depending on what you're getting for the 780ti, I'd go 980 or if you don't care about a slight performance loss, a 970, and if you don't care about space in your case, then 970 sli! But no, the different between the 970 and 780ti isn't very much and probably won't be noticeable most of the time, just like the difference from the 980 to the 780ti probably won't be noticeable mots of the time
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