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Here I am dropping my ZA12 for my MX518. Who would have thought.
Thank you based JStar. CS:GO community loves you.
Would selling it for $40 be odd? I mean I don't want someone to be out $100 if it wasn't an easy fix.
BUMP for old time's sake
I have a reference Asus 6950 2GB edition that works flawlessy. Runs relatively quiet and does really well for 1080p gaming. I've flashed it to a 6970 bios in the past but I'm currently on the stock 6950 bios at the moment. Original box. The Asus DCII6970 2GB has some flaws. The card itself is in practically new shape. I believe it needs a new BIOS but I can't flash it using ATIWinflash because of a systemID mismatch. Needs to be flashed via a USB DOS method using...
Hello beautiful.
I'll hire you for $50 to clean my house I rent with 9 other people. I can't guarantee any smells. EDIT: Free juice box. EDIT 2: I hope you like Gushers, PB&J and Pringles. That's your lunch.
hey kids
what's up!How's everyone?
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