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For PG there was.. done because it's used for fog effects in movies isn't it, actors wanted to know if that was harming them? I can't find it anymore, saw it while back now and the conclusion was, no fear. VG sounds better in theory but no studies has been made.
Why..? Do you search for Prime numbers, you've already done a fairly good stress test with BF3/BF4 and as long as you've thrown in the latest x264 from here and/or RealBench then you're good to go. Don't drop cache now, you don't want to raise it higher than it naturally wants to run as then you'll just compensate via vcore. eg, anything over x45 for me wants more vcore, I'm happy to leave it there instead of raising vcore.You don't mention you setting LLC here, did you?...
First, learn that it's not smoke.Smokers will blow smoke which you KNOW (we all do) is dangerous, I won't say the habit will kill you but the chances are as high as 98% (eg, some 90 years still smoke, they have dropped). I call myself an ex-smoker as I vape now, vaping does not blow smoke. This document is published by EPA so it is tied to Government also.Now all that said, I personally agree 100% that the juice flavoring needs to be looked into, the paper has merit but...
Bought this mouse., very happy. no weird noises and SW downloaded / worked straight away. Now just reading this thread to see what problems some may have had..
hmm, remind me again how this is different?on topic, this is very cool and actually gives me hope that this will happen in my life time still. Way too many news stories and break-through s only for them to disappear.
I think he means(?) these.tRDWR_sg, _dg, _dr,, your last value quoted is not relevant and I'd just forget about them and leave them auto.The problem becomes apparent with higher frequency RAM, at 3866 it wants to throw in 1.3v when using Auto while 1.21v etc is sufficient (on my chip).
I don't get care what others think but ..benq blur reduction master race rulzz note: yeah, I'm trying to sound like the OP but I love it nevertheless.
ATTO being old definitely, however it doesn't report what that user is seeing for me.
Looks really good, been waiting for this and if it ends up good then I'll have to buy a GPU lol
Am I the only one who downloaded, extracted and installed it on my mobo lol Anywhoo, yeap agree it's a BS move by Intel. They know how well the G3258 sold, they could've easily provided something similar and/or better but nope.
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