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You may need some perspective.. When I ran Cine15 stock (4.2giggles) it matched my 4770K at 4.5giggles (4790K is the same chip so compare against that if you want). I don't have a comparison for 4.4 or 4.5giggles but then 4.6giggles easily beat a 4790K at 4.9giggles. So you have a chip that matches ~4.7 HW chip already and more than likely runs much cooler + all the other chipset goodies that come with the board itself. If I was you, I'd take a break and just enjoy for...
I don't get this, so they remove them from the app store - how do I know if my wife has them on her iphone/ipad so we can remove them? I don't do apple but doubt removing an app from the store, removes it from the end-user.
something weird happened...
Advise on the igpu problem has already been given.1) It down-clocks (throttles) at stock - even at stock everything, yes. I just run it at x20 which is 1000, I'm not gaming so what do I care. The down-clock is from 1150 to 1100.2) lower your IO/SA. At least try that. My auto values once XMP set them were 1.15v. This is fine but as 99% of people run dGPU they may never even see this "problem". When I manually use 1.1v the problem goes away.Do both and let us know if the...
Mine is just on AUTO and shows up as 1.016v in HWInfo. When I set it to 1.05v in BIOS it shows up as 1.064v in HWInfo.
Thanks for the above, this is what I see when running x264 16 threads.BIOS: Manual, LLC5, 1.35vHWinfo: 1.344vDMM: 1.341vThat's a nice place for me to be at
Where can I find this information for the Hero if you've done this board?
AFAIK it works if in doubt go to the actual thread and ask there. e.g latest version Added: new CPU Microcodes fpr Intel Broadwell, Haswell-E and Skylake CPUs
I posted this earlier for what it's worth. 48/41 vs 48/46, L3 cache improved between 5%-10%.
Are you running latest Logitech software, no issue here but then I've never installed AI SUITE which is quite hard to uninstall properly. Did you also run this?
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