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What happened was your driver update failed, that's why you saw those clocks after the update and that's why when you re-installed (different drivers I know) they went back to normal clocks. If you install the latest drivers - unless it fails again - it will give you normal clocks. It wasn't throttling per-say, it was a failed driver install.add: got my 2 Giga G1 Gaming cards coming, will stay on air for the first time and see where I go from there! Sold my 780TI Classy as...
Using that program r0ach just linked above it shows I'm @ 15.625ms browsing via IE. When I launch a video via Media Player it drops to 5.0009ms. When I launch Origin to start BF4 it drops to 1.0009ms. When I launch Steam itself it's using 15.625ms but if I use 3DMark from there as an example it's back to 1.0009ms. So from what I see it's working as expected, no need to play around.
ASUS board right? It unlocks MSR 0xE2 which then allows windows tools to change package C states as an example, if you google that MSR you'll see a lot of hits.. for example In the real-world on an intel platform you have no need to change it's value.
Well I've sold my 780TI Classy and not getting this because of what I've read and won't wait, so I grabbed SLI 970s G1 gaming which will hold me over nicely until whatever the 1080TI Classy ./ insert your favourite here, might actually be called.
Well to be fair, it does suck and no cards like that should exist. It falls into the same category as the newer laptops which promise and deliver great power savings, until you push the chip and it throttles because it's not allowed enough power. So you're never getting what you actually bought.
Where's our confirmation / denial of existing block working on this card...? Need to know soon.
Does anyone know why and hwbot isn't tied together, at the moment you have to duplicate everything and then it shows up at hwbot again. Whoever came up with this should just clean it up so if there's a comp going then your hwbot submitted score goes there automagically or simply ask via a tick in a box option.
What? add: do you have a linky..
That's pretty interesting.. wouldn't be the first time things said early on were wrong but I'm not putting hopes on it without someone else showing / confirming it works.
For the first question, yes that's sufficient. For the second question, you didn't mention what you'll throw in there later on but I'm going to say again, yes that will be sufficient as then you'll have 2 rads. Regarding airflow, that'll depend where you'll put the rad. If it's at the top then that's exhaust and I'd just put a single intake at back to keep it nice and quiet.. but that's me.
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