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How much difference does that Package C state give you. If you disable Package C states completely vs. what you have now?
Never seen so much hostility from a GPU launch.. can't figure it out? So we have a 980 when clocked high can match an unlocked TI or beats it by 100 or 200 points in Firestrike Extreme as an example from the Owners thread. Many of us have had our cards for a long time and now we have a new king, all hail the king. The TI isn't obsolete as so many predicted and pronounced pre-release by any margin. It'd be a foolish man selling their card today to buy for that minor...
Isn't that what the TI will be.. or am I completely lost? If yes then what do you mean?
How..? Your Titan can't be that bad.
I've got a feeling you're not stable, though I'm hoping otherwise. XTU Stress just doesn't do a good enough job and I'm not implying you start throwing in Prime95 etc.Quick and dirty test, can you pass XTU Bench 5 times? If you do and raise the voltage to say 1.175v does the score go up or not? If not then I'd say you're a very happy camper.Of course another few runs of x264 updated and whatever games you play will remove any niggling concerns you might have.Since when?...
Of course.. TI and Titan's, they'll sell.
But our dollar is down the drain.. need prices to adjust.Of course when that happens, it's time for the BIG successors and then you wait for those. Paying AU$750-$800 for a 980 today is a rip-off, imagine what the TI will go for!You can get 344.11 right now?
So now we know.. moon landing was faked!
While he's wasting time on Oculus or whatever, can someone explain why MFAA wouldn't work on previous cards..?
Saw this posted elsewhere
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