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lol yeah ok. Not sure where you live but I've yet to see this be reality.There's this other guy on another forum going on about how Linux rulezz for gaming, maybe you two should get together and spin some more magic.
^^ what.. most people don't have PCs more powerful than consoles. You talking about people who game or just use wordpad/word?
Have you played around with SA, Digital/Analog I/O.. sounds like you've narrowed it to RAM so those should help with IMC. Though I've personally never seen any to much help at all, then I'm not running 5giggles.
How can you call that idea unfair when the person who has much higher clocked RAM I guarantee 95% of time did no OC but actually bought them as-is. Using your logic, we shouldn't separate anything.. you can OC everything. Let's force the i5 compete against a i7. RAM has a large impact on many benches and if it's not considered then that's unfair.
Is that comparing against the old Win7 or Win8.1 up-to-date?
Where is this listed? AFAIK it's 10 foldathons and that's it. Quick google finds a hit from 2010 which says 10 foldathons or 9 + CC.
Isn't the reason they could advertise it as 8GB because there are programs out there that do see it as complete 8GB of vRAM? I'm not talking games etc, that's my understanding.. and yes I see your post is about poking fun at the 970 crowd but just curious if anyone knows.
The problem is that it does not affect everyone, there's plenty of evidence it's a problem though but take Oyclo as an example, he has this problem. I have the same board as he does, yet I don't have this problem.
When my BIOS (on the USB) was corrupted it did this, it started and then got stuck with a solid light. Not sure if you've tried but why not grab the latest BIOS from ASUS themselves, then run UBU against it and let it rename it and try again.
Take another look at your manual and it'll tell you. If it's a PCI card it shouldn't.. but the manual will tell you when the x8 x8 drops to x8 x4 x4 as an example.
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