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Been reading this thread for little while now since I returned my 970s and I've been really confused, why would a Classified exist if the Classified tool itself doesn't work. So I assume it works just like it did back with the 780 Classy right?You can raise volts to 1.3v via Precision but anything more, use the Classy tool - and to see actual voltage, use DMM?Reason I asked there was a fairly "cheap" Classy being sold locally that would've saved me heaps but it's now gone,...
Either way, it's now blocked and nothing can be done with it. It's just blocked out of nowhere, leaving me hanging.
This is my latest annoyance with this. An HWBOT moderator has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has marked one of your submissions as 'incorrect submission'. This was the reason the user gave: Subtest scores have to be shown: You can view your result here: Fair enough, so I try and look at what I actually put there but I can't get...
What am I missing here, the below is right after mentioning US so it's effectively excluded from this statement. the biggest culprits were countries that overtly clamp down on freedom of expression Then you compare the 3 mentioned countries and which one has by far the most requests?
On my loop I had to put in ~1.46v for my 780TI Classy to get it crack 50 degrees and it was chewing 550W at those volts/clocks. Been reading that the block from EK sucks for 970 (not enough contact) and thought this may have something to do with it but it seems it's bitspower? Either way, not like you have to tear down the loop because of temps as they're fine at the end of the day.
Mate, I think I do well enough on my benches. Feel free to grab a bench and sync values to mine (pick a bench from my bot profile).. I bet there'd be minimal difference if you think you're so good. At the end of the day, this was just a suggestion and if not agreed on that's fine, I don't make the rules.
I didn't mention anything about CPU speed? You're now backing away about OCing your RAM too. I've already explained and you know full well why it should be limited in a bench. Everything, including my previous counter to you still stands. If we're going to have limits why should this be excluded and if we're not including an artificial limit (efficiency), then hell, make it free for all and put those 8 core beasts against DC too. See how pointless it becomes.. fast.
lol yeah ok. Not sure where you live but I've yet to see this be reality.There's this other guy on another forum going on about how Linux rulezz for gaming, maybe you two should get together and spin some more magic.
^^ what.. most people don't have PCs more powerful than consoles. You talking about people who game or just use wordpad/word?
Have you played around with SA, Digital/Analog I/O.. sounds like you've narrowed it to RAM so those should help with IMC. Though I've personally never seen any to much help at all, then I'm not running 5giggles.
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