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Finally a hype-train I can join to. Ignore Titan, I want my TI and unlocked thanks EVGA.The 990 = 690, so it'll be between 970 SLI and 980 SLI, more towards 980 SLI. This card won't be interesting (to me) and it'll certainly come out before Christmas IMO. I don't know what "taped out" means but that keeps coming up in relation to the BIG BROTHER. We know Titan will come out because so many people bought them for some reason and we know TI will come after that. So I think...
I'll be honest just say.. these tests are worthless today. There is no NAND endurance issues anymore, the testers should instead concentrate on the controllers etc. The M4 had the 5200 hour bug, no NAND issues. Seems the EVO had a problem, didn't read about it but again seems to have been fixed, no NAND issues. It's a dead topic IMO.
That font issue also exists with IE, only seen Chrome mentioned. Anyhow, you don't need to go looking for it from another computer. Do a search on your Win8.1 (in my case) for that file and pick the one with original date. Throw that into the \font folder and it'll install. Reboot and you're good to go / back to normal.
Is anyone folding with a 970 or 980..? How are they looking?
Yeah, I thought you had a Xigmatek or something? Changing away from the stock cooler will remove your problems, you don't need to spend a lot of money or get a huge one.
It doesn't sound like you have a great CPU but that's totally out of your hands, nothing you can do. x43 or x44 is nothing to complain about at the end of the day when you're running those volts only. You want temps to stay "low'ish" so that's fine. Regarding VCCIN, just ignore that little jump. You can manage it by changing LLC to slightly lower if it annoys you.
In the user.cfg file on the C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4 directory (or wherever it is)... put in the limit. gametime.maxvariablefps 60 As an example.
It was a slight dig at Prime seeing as this was picking errors nothing else had previously and just kept giving errors. Seems I did guess my culprit correctly and it was tRFC. Had it on 125, went back to auto (177) and it's been running fine. Nice to find little easy fixes like this.
You guys and your stability tests.. Is this "memtest hci" like Prime for RAM?!?! I've been blissfully running my ram OC with no issues, throw this at it and it's been doing nothing but spitting errors and laughing at me. Almost all the way back to XMP values now! I "think" it's been tRFC that's been causing issues, but I'll find sooner rather than later.
Why do you want to keep using Intel Burn Test, you've now been advised to ignore it few times... you can throw Linpack into that group too. Just get the x264 package from the first page here and run that for overnight. When you wake up, cancel it (so put 100 runs). So, as covered already; whatever you put in your BIOS as your core voltage, it will be ~0.02v higher under load (so 1.3v becomes 1.324 for example). For Cache/Uncore, it can be as high as ~0.05, haven't...
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