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Delete OCCT. Use AIDA only as a program to check voltage etc, it's no good for stressing. Now that those are done, download Realbench (I think 2.41 is latest) or x264 from one of the Haswell threads here. You could also just use Prime 27.9 Blend or 28.5 Blend and disable FMA3 manually, if you don't you'll just create headaches for yourself.Also XTU bench is another one, run that few times in a row and it's fairly stable if no issues arise. Don't run the stability test,...
Anyone know how to overclock the iGPU memory.. I've got core running at 1800Mhz all good but can't seem to figure out how people are raising memory?
I did a simple win7 image on my hdd and then restored it on the SSD (forgot the program [free, often mentioned] but it did the partition sizing correctly).
Go to BIOS and enable your C states. Secondly, once you've done that stop using Adaptive and change to Manual mode for Core voltage, then make sure you check vcore and not VID.
Meh, that's all because of you suck ups...So nobody still under water here?
But.. but.. "think of the children!" Not everyone knows, it's good to put some context around this so those lost souls don't just believe and buy it without checking facts first. Then if they want it, buy it. Well that's my view.
You're running stock now right, those don't really matter anymore but yes you can enable and use optimised, for CPU when you OC you may as well use extreme so the phases get used.
Crucial doesn't show that stat. You can see Writes to Host and Nand to see write amplification which would be good info though..
Pretty much the opposite, it'll start reducing stability. Lot of naysayers but nobody keeps it at stock, except the naysayers.With your cooling don't see an issue, secondly it won't be running that 24/7 unless you're folding 24/7 etc.Nope.
Remove AI SUITE unless you really want to keep it for fan control, that's all it's good for otherwise consider it a waste of space. Go to your BIOS and set the values yourself manually. First enable the C states, don't leave them to Auto. Then change your core voltage to say 1.15v and Manual (not adaptive or auto etc). That's about it. Run your benchmark something like the x264 from the haswell thread and if you're stable then either drop the core voltage further down or...
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