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I've been thinking about grabbing a X-Rite - i1Display Pro for awhile now, with this monitor being fairly hard to get "right" I think now is a good time. One question though - do I set it up as I want it before kicking it off and by that I mean, enabling the blur stuff, putting colour and gamma where I want it etc. I'll just remove the profiles and then let the thing do it's job? Or should I reset Standard completely, then run it - and only afterwards do the Blur...
You want the version 2.. it allows more "tweaking". I don't know if it works on Version 1 but you could try the 1350 tweak (or even 1500 which I'm using, I believe 1502 is max). Additional Improvement In Ghosting: “Vertical Total 1350″ If that works, it will make it brighter. If it doesn't then you're stuck in a black screen, turn computer off and on to fix.
Benq AU told me that the 11Z are all version 2 (and mine was).
Do you remember the discussions back when 2700K was coming out.. nope? That's because everyone knew what it was, there was no discussion.Now try and relate that to all the hype that Intel has spewed out regarding DC, all the benefits and "fixes" it was bringing in, see any differences? I think it's fair to say it's a flop from everything anyone has posted.. to try and negate Intel hyper-advertising to ensure people know the real information.There's nothing wrong with...
Yeah sure, but then look at the XTU scores.. those aren't 5giggle scores. You get better scores than that with 4.6 and simple 2133MHz RAM.
What the hell is this meant to do or show...?
^^ Yeap, same here. I ran out of RAM when pagefile was 1GB, I had to up it to 3GB for that problem to go away. No idea how people are able to play without one and 8GB of RAM.. must be lesser settings.
Most people here should only care about XTU.. the amateur scores were odd consider the Multi they're showing.. can't see their vcore.
Dude it was mentioned already but just for sanity.. you are in Manual mode when running Prime right? Also what version of Prime95 are you using..
When is that on..?
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