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If I was you I'd just put cache (ring for you?) to 1.2v for now. I'd also enable XMP but that's me. Then I'd go to VCCIN and do something with it and raise it to at least 1.85v but I like mine at 1.95v, make sure LLC is set nicely so it stays on the voltage you've set. If that keep failing then all you can do is raise volts and yes that ~0.02v difference you see is normal.
Not sure I get this I'm just lost maybe.Nobody is overclocking with their turbo off, that's known. Doesn't matter what you think your BIOS is reporting, just check the MSRs, hell there was a thread about this just a little while back.Now regarding GB and their BIOS setting for 1 value, isn't that the case for most/all boards? ASUS boards allow me to set per-core or all-cores so I'm curious what's the difference?
They're not.. they are confused incase they board appears to show it implying that is what is happening. You need it enabled and/or it's forced ON once you overclock regardless what you put in there. This I assume is just another case of how different mobo's show values in BIOS.
hmm, came home with the computer BSOD and cat lying on top of the rad.. wonder how hot everything got before it just decided to shutdown / die!! The air was pretty warm, cat was loving it.
You sound nice, I bet you're like that in real life too but in secret, too scared to show your true-self. With 40 posts only, I hope you learn some respect.
Exactly the same could be said about AB, MSI sponsored. Anyway, if there was no Unwinder creating tools well I actually for example wouldn't need it. We can all mod the BIOS to set clocks which still allows down-clocking/volting + AB doesn't even allow me to over-volt, I need to use another tool to do that created by a complete different person.
I've only done the opposite in the past, see where it starts throttling to see how much my CPU needed. Can't remember if it was with SB or Ivy but once I went under 130 I got throttling.Just leave it to auto.
This is where I get little confused.Unwinder is "known" to have developed AB and it continually received updates where-as you look at Precision many people didn't know that nor did it get these updates. Only after asking who made it would people say something along the lines.. you know it's done by the same dude as AB.In the past he has said he doesn't get paid at all to do any updates, he does it because he loves it, then he changed the tune to getting royalties from card...
Man aren't you having bigger problems right now than trying to figure out CPU-Z...
I don't know.. I'm putting it down to having to talk with an intern and/or because I'm down-under so I'm low priority. Felt like I wasn't being believed or delayed, something weird. Anyways happy it finally finalised.
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