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Have you tried to "repair" BF4? Have you reinstalled the Nvidia drivers using DDU for example, see if that helps.
Ok, yeap. That's impressive. :)Now I just want to see how it was cooled..
This is what I meant.. I used to think it was overblown but it really isn't, for me there's a night and day difference between how you feel after playing it. It's all about how sensitive you are, if you can't see it and don't feel it after gaming, then that's a good thing.
lol definitely but mine went down so the wrong way.. that's why I was keen to try it. I also keep reading about some special Inspector that allows +20 (or the so called setlod 15) but I don't know if that's urban myth etc, my google skills failed to find it.
Well firstly, what's a "gamer"? Am I gamer because I play BF4 for couple of hours a week and that's it or do I need to play it more to qualify into this group. I guess that's how I look at it, your GPU is only chewing power when it's being used and for me that's actually not a lot beyond the gaming and when I want to bench.Secondly, don't AMD cards go into zero-power or whatever it's called while Nvidia cards don't?Anyhow, compare those limited runs to say your fridge or...
Didn't see my score go up, certainly noticed LOD kicking in (se it to +3) but that's it.
No, nobody who pays their house bills and has a family would care because they could ACTUALLY tell the difference which is so minimal in the scheme of things it doesn't matter. It feels better to some though. But you're asking if this is AMD propaganda and quoted one part of the commentary. What matters is how hot they run and that's where AMD ran into their little problem which of course they tried to rectify.
I truly believed there was no such thing as micro-stutter, having owned 580 SLI and then 670 SLI, I thought it looked and went smoothly. Never ran into compatibility issues, sweet. But then I bought a single card and straight away noticed the difference. It's there regardless what other's say, they just don't see it / feel it which is great for them of course.
It's a funny old test, finally got it to run @ x50 and I'm 11th still lol, 7000 points or 20% behind the leader clocked similar to me. Those tweaks sure impact this bench.
lol. I ran into the page you quoted when trying to find a problem to my run, took a quick look and then ran away. My problem is "2D Graphics Memory - 64 lines" which fails to initialise so it sounds like a different problem than you. For the life of me can't figure out what is going on, I don't have SLI/CF.
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