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BIOS set to x39 @ 1.2v and Adaptive.First picture is using Cinebench, it's asking for 1.184v which is little weird seeing as that's less than what I've put in BIOS.Cinebench 15:Second picture is using Prime 28.5, it's asking for 1.264v which is exactly that expected ~0.08v (1.184v + 0.08v) increase when using Adaptive.Prime 28.5:Nothing new to see here.
It flies and turns much better than attack jets, basically attack jet cannot outrun it now IMO.. it's cannons though are still pea-shooters so unlike the attack jet which would wipe you out with a quick hit if it gets behind you, you need more hits overall.
I'm little lost so just trying to understand this (I bolded the key word in your post).I'm reading the above as you're using Manual (or fixed whatever it's called on other boards) - not adaptive or offset. Right? Then you say that X programs run fine @ 1.184v (say x264 Cinebench, etc) but prime falls over. To get prime working you needed to increase your volts to 1.216v or so?If all of the above is true then where's the argument? Prime just needed/wanted ~0.03v more than...
Don't we all run in Manual mode nowadays to avoid that exact jump..? Anyhow, I do and I run power plan at high performance with 100% min CPU usage. With C1E and C3 enabled it still drops the volts to 0.7v which is all I need (Multi is of course at max but if I wanted that down then I'd drop 5% min processor).
Thanks.. gone back to v17, got a BSOD even with just Cinebench and now BSOD in BF4.
Where's forcemans x264 loop.. I just rolled back my MC to v12 from v17 figured I'll see if it's worse or better.
What it's worth, when my screen goes colours then it's stuck because of too much RAM OC.. shutdown is the only way to go forward. When it's the core, the driver will fall over, but even though it "recovers" I do a reboot anyway. So I'm guessing you're clocking your RAM too high for it cope as-is.
Metro Last Light (great game anyway) is a good test too, for me it's ~BF4 if not 1 stepping tougher. The bench it provides is good but playing it is better as testing capability.
Unless you're seeing something different then you won't lose the arrays. After reset just go back to BIOS seeing as everything has been reset, then turn on RAID. Your arrays are still there.
Yeah they've hidden their ping and they keep telling that nobody outside AU can access them so it doesn't matter.. equal footing, but you've shown that to be false. Most don't know they're based at LA but it's full of AU players..
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