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No.. but BF4, Metro LL and Tombraider are up there with needing stable clocks. I don't know how Crysis3 would compare. Stable on all 3 with no artefacts obviously, still crashed Watch_Dogs.
Thanks very much, pretty sure I found your site (lol) and used the 120hz profile, it's now removed the "haze" effect I still had remaining. I initially used the tftcentral profile.
Yeah I also tried the CSAAx32, with no drop in FPS it's bizarre but for my eyes, it does work. I now use that with AFx16 which I had always been using. Can't run MSAAx8 on my system so I resort to TXAAx4 (for those curious I saw ~15FPS drop which is too large).
Watch_Dogs crashed for me on what "were" stable clocks/volts for anything else.. had to up the volts to fix it. Wonder if it is these new drivers, that's all I've tried obviously.
Yeap I had the same problem. I "fixed" it meanwhile by increasing the pagefile from 1GB to 3GB which was enough, also running 8GB RAM. Hopefully the patch comes out and fixes this nonsense as it shouldn't obviously need that.
Sounds weird though I did see this.. Update 5/20: ASUS just sent me an email that all their Z97 based motherboards will get a BIOS update that enables booting from the XP941. The BIOS is currently in beta testing and ASUS is expecting public release in about two weeks.
Mantle is what I don't get. Mantle if implemented on each game on Day 1 and if it actually ran properly would destroy Nvidia because DX11 just can't keep up. Using Watch_Dogs as an example, it would be a beast considering what it gives in BF4.AMD would be a fool from business sense to "share" it. But it's even more foolish to create it, show that it has promise but then not be able to actually get it into many games or get it working properly.
ASUS have nothing to do with the microcode. The microcode that comes with the Z97 boards was released way before they appeared and run perfectly fine on Z87. Now with this 2003 BIOS they have included that microcode by default, so you don't have to do it manually anymore. I don't really see how there's any question anymore based on the fact that they list that specific CPU and say it needs BIOS 2003. Pretty clear IMO.
2 possible reasons, too many BSODs have now corrupted your OS. Reinstall. Or the game itself is corrupted, I'd assume you can check for corrupted files.On your other question, yes, there will always be a difference between the VID you set in BIOS vs. vcore you see in OS which usually is ~0.02v. Don't worry about this. Use HWInfo instead of CPU-Z as it shows you many more things.Anyway, hope you noticed the point about not updating the mobo and rather - if you really want...
You didn't have problems OCing because the CPU wasn't up to par.. lot of advise was given but you pretty much only changed vcore. You're running 4.2G @ ~1.2v at the moment. The effort, time and money you've spent changing that CPU and now changing the mobo is crazy to be honest. I have not seen any evidence showing you can OC better on Z97. Can I make a suggestion.. save that money, keep your mobo and instead spend it on the 4790K. That chip will work on your Z87 board...
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