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Not a car fanatic but even I can appreciate the nice work there
I expect TI variant in ~10 months, long bloody wait between drinks.
*** is this, it's disabled lastpass!edit, thanks for the fix!
I want to play too!
It's not Nvidia, hell I don't know who to blame but yes that's a problem. eg. I don't have AMD or Nvidia card, just rocking my iGPU with it's drivers yet I get the same error. The only way to fix it is to use DISM against your original ISO and then it's "fixed". Which one is the correct file to have, the one we have vs. what MS wants us to have (and when it sees it's not that, it complains of an error).
read the thread, all the information is already around..
Here.. I'd do it if I could return the CPU afterwards lol, it'd be fun for a day or two for points and then, meh.
There were already posts showing it works on ASUS rog boards...
So you were at 5.0giggles, having issues at this clock I'm not really surprised but you're now at 4.5G, still running manual. Adaptive doesn't work at all still? I've seen your posts in the mobo thread, little odd.
Welcome to the world of trying to OC and have RAM running high while using iGPU, there aren't many of us Few pages back I played around with SA and IO exactly because of the problems you're experiencing, screen black out / flickers / freezes etc. I settled for 1.0v for both IO and SA and RAM was stable, what I'm saying is that I think you're going too far causing problems. eg. if I go past 1.15v it's good night monitor, hello flicker.Not every chip is equal obviously, try...
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