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You guys and your stability tests.. Is this "memtest hci" like Prime for RAM?!?! I've been blissfully running my ram OC with no issues, throw this at it and it's been doing nothing but spitting errors and laughing at me. Almost all the way back to XMP values now! I "think" it's been tRFC that's been causing issues, but I'll find sooner rather than later.
Why do you want to keep using Intel Burn Test, you've now been advised to ignore it few times... you can throw Linpack into that group too. Just get the x264 package from the first page here and run that for overnight. When you wake up, cancel it (so put 100 runs). So, as covered already; whatever you put in your BIOS as your core voltage, it will be ~0.02v higher under load (so 1.3v becomes 1.324 for example). For Cache/Uncore, it can be as high as ~0.05, haven't...
^^ what?
How can I test if it works.. I can see it there but like you show it only has 2 options and 01 is just empty?
What CPU do you have..? I've just started tuning in my stock clocks and am at the moment running 1.13v @ x44 1.15v @ x44 (thanks BF4 for showing the truth compared to x264 or XTU Bench)and 1.15v @ x44 cache with 1.6v VCCIN with XMP enabled and all power savings running. This is in preparation to handing over the chip to Dad. I couldn't get the x45 safely enough @ 1.15v, no BSOD just reboots. When I get a nice cheap air-cooler I'll see how it behaves then (thinking of...
970/980 is exactly what 670/680 was. 670 SLI threw punches with 780TI and so will 970 SLI with xxxTI. But having owned SLI with 580s and 670s compared to a single card today, I won't go back to SLI solution. There is a difference that you can see (well I can, call it what you will). Secondly, I don't see any resale value on 970 this time, they are so cheap new and even cheaper when you try and sell the used locked down cards to move to the real BEAST.
How much difference does that Package C state give you. If you disable Package C states completely vs. what you have now?
Never seen so much hostility from a GPU launch.. can't figure it out? So we have a 980 when clocked high can match an unlocked TI or beats it by 100 or 200 points in Firestrike Extreme as an example from the Owners thread. Many of us have had our cards for a long time and now we have a new king, all hail the king. The TI isn't obsolete as so many predicted and pronounced pre-release by any margin. It'd be a foolish man selling their card today to buy for that minor...
Isn't that what the TI will be.. or am I completely lost? If yes then what do you mean?
How..? Your Titan can't be that bad.
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