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I think it was your connectors, sounds like you had multiple ones there? Anyway, when I experience this problem on mine it keeps happening afterwards unless I power off the computer from the subsequent reboot and flick the power switch off too. It's like it remembers it thinks there's a problem and starts cycling the surge protection after certain amount of time. We obviously have different boards so maybe they've made it better.
Just to correct some of this..It's FMA3 that is hard so you can use the latest and simply disable it or use 27.9 and still be fine. But I think he can run that multiplier just fine with lower voltage so depending on cooling Prime 28.5 is no problem (no point running small FFTs only). It's when you're pushing you obviously avoid this version.Also don't use AIDA, it's useless.
Well that was boring, all I learned was that Notepad++ is much faster than Notepad or Wordpad.
Unless that ASUS mobo is different somehow (you can use XTU as an example to check OP) it's already unlimited effectively, also worth noting you probably don't need that amount of voltage. I'm making my chip ready for Dad and OC it to 4.4giggles and am running Prime 28.5 with FMA3 @ 1.17v (cache and rest on all auto).
Under the ASUS EC tab, check V1 and V5.. can you tell me if you find anything in your BIOS that might be those values?
It's up to you but really, if all you do is game then don't mess with cache - you can more than likely drop the core voltage by dropping cache back to full auto. I like having it as high as possible for benching but other than that, in games you won't notice anything. About your LLC, don't run LLC8 as otherwise you may as well leave it to AUTO which is the same. You want it to stay ~what you set in BIOS which is LLC6 or LLC7.
That was just stock wasn't it? Raise the vRAM to say 4000 which you can probably do no problems and whatever core, then do a re-run, no real point comparing stock to anything.
Unless ASUS changed in the Z97 boards, your AUTO = Adaptive so when you kick off Prime95 it's not running at that vcore anymore. Like other's already said, use manual and then enable C states.
That's why I've been scratching my head here.. didn't want to take the jump just on assumptions though.
Yeah this is what I was thinking.You'll get two games out of this. The "normal" BF5 that is out on day 1 and then forgotten, 1 week later they'll announce the link and download for the "special" CTE version where everything get's fixed. umm, yeah that's BF4 today.Oh and of course.. where's my BC3!
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