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How do you figure 780TI was only "decent" compared to 980TI being "brilliant"? The 780TI was a machine that you could OC to the moon and back, there wasn't anything lacking there. 970 SLI punishes a 980TI even today still so not sure how it's a huge evolution or brilliant? I won't bother trying to convince anyone here about AMD either way as this site is just a joke when it comes to AMD and the hate against them.
it'd be a dumb move to sell them to get a 980TI which is pretty much equal considering it loses on others while wins on some. If you don't experience (see/feel) micro-stutter then SLI x70s are a better option, me.. I can't do that anymore so will always now go for the fastest single card.
This kit is driving me nuts. Last night like I posted it was showing 34 and couldn't get it back to 12 which was implied on that screenshot from a week ago. Posted here and went to play with the kid and wife and then sleep. Now I'm back.. and guess what, it's freaking 12! I swear this system is haunted and I have no control anymore
Yeah same kit as shown it's the 3866. Never touched these values before reading that hwbot thread, all auto values. Then found that screenshot showing I already had them at 12 for this 3866. And now as earlier mentioned, they're at 34 for some reason.
.Don't ask me. I just found a picture I took only a week ago which has my values at 12. Today, they're at 34, 34, 34, 35 respectively. I've reset the mem and can't get that lol, no idea what is going on. For reference.
Most of those values for my auto are stupid high (well, if the possible mins are near CAS levels) at ~34 ..what are yours?
Look at the core temps. eg right now my package has maxed at 31 but one core was at 41 at some point, what temps are your cores hitting (or were?). Is this OC a week old.. if yes, then it's possible it just wants a tad more now though just powering off wouldn't indicate that, I'd expect a BSOD.
No.. I wouldn't recommend it.I'm now looking at the Mionix Castor, seems to tick all the boxes for me. Now just to figure out the mouse pad lol
Did you ever get anything? I had a MX518 and now rocking a g500s but I really, really want a new mouse. That naos 7000 to me looks fairly nice.
I'd try 390(?). That's what mine default to on auto with 3866 though I'm only using 8GB, maybe that's a reason.
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