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hehe, same. I see others got 10% off etc was sort of expecting this but that said I don't really want to buy a new card, our dollar is piss-weak so Amazon is a no-go etc. Ebay looks ok at the moment.. it's just to wait out the drought.
How though, I didn't think the 980 was a cut down version so what exactly is the full Maxwell chip? Sure they can pump up the power etc etc but there's nothing to add per-say.
For me it all depends on how the 300 series performs, I don't care who's card I use, that's the good thing about not being a fanboy. On separate note, both of my cards are gone now and I can finally stop reading these threads lol
Me personally, I downloaded the right version. Renamed it to .ROM file Disabled Devices via Device Manager Used nvflash to flash Enabled Devices via Device Manager Rebooted You could of course just use their GUI but it's pretty much the same thing, you still need the devices off or drivers uninstalled.
Why is that the easiest method.. it's from years old card and programs.The nvflash Gigabyte offer is available here now modded so you can easily use the latest nvflash via cmd prompt.
Well google fails at it.MSI working on BIOS Update for GTX 970 against uitleesfout memory Whatever that is, I like the sound of it.. sounds dodgy enough.The below appears reversed as far as I get what it's saying. But I doubt GPU-Z is going to show 3.5GB of vRAM either.This has ensured that GPU-Z for example, indicates only 3.5 GB of memory, but with the new BIOS must 4GB appear on the screen
Do you have access to FireStrike Ultra and if so, can you run that at stock clocks. I don't are about score, I've seen enough comparisons.. but nobody shows the TDP peak. For example, here my 2 G1 Gaming cards are peaking at 200W and 220W. I've got RMA already happening just looking at what to use until next-gen comes around.
Nice clocks but there is still something "off" as you're matching mine now (GPU only) but with over 100 more at core. So you're throttling or it simply stops scaling which would be very odd.
You can open up the debug file in text or hex editor and see what it picks up, of course I have no idea how to convert those values but it gives you an idea what it's picking up. I'm puzzled as to why you see more than me when we have the same chip: NCT6791D (for example Digital I/O).
I'm in, thanks.
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