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HWinfo will tell you the microcode in-use. You can use this program then to easily update it. Double check that it supports your mobo though.. all it does is mod a BIOS per your choices so it won't just run afterwards.
Just cause I cracked 13K which made me happy. error-id10t - 4770K @ 4700MHz - 780 TI Classy @ 1398 / 1975 - 13025 - 27/02/14
CPU-Z will read the RAM speed just fine.. it should show 1200MHz for you.
I know about the "fluctuation" between set and real, but I haven't read anyone else say before you that they also see 0.06v difference for cache which IMO is just crazy. Thought it was just me.
There is microcode v17, not sure what you have (HWInfo would tell you). I'm running that but it doesn't help at least for me.Just for BF4 x46 Multi and x42 cache I'm running VCCIN @ 2.032v and volts @ 1.408v. There's something stupidly wrong with cache, I've set it to 1.25v in BIOS but it runs @ 1.29v - 1.31v.
Don't forget Amazon, even with our crappy $$$ it's cheaper to get it from there..
It's pretty much exactly what I see for those clocks so there's no issue IMO (same CPU/GPU clocks and PSU).Bare in mind that if you try 3DMark11 or Extreme you might see some throttling from lack of power unless you change the vBIOS.
I give you 1 free internet clap, I'm happy for you. While you're enjoying that clap maybe you could expand how that is helpful or provides assistance on what I stated?
I see this thread is mainly people smoking something.. my BF4 stable setting takes less than 1 second to reach 100 degrees in IBT standard. Want people to use ****ty programs like that, hope you have more luck than previously..
So I'll ask a dumb question, what exactly does the difference between CPU vs. GPU FPS mean? So say CPU is showing 40 as min. but GPU is showing 60 as min. would that then imply your CPU is holding you back?
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