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Firstly, get yourself version 1.36.. nit 1.30, secondly AFAIK it won't work as you can only lower them so low.
lol, what's with the PM suggestions. Just get a screenshot and post it here for the dude and he can try if interested... he might even give rep
Me personally I wouldn't bother, that "gap" you're missing isn't large and core is king anyway.
Weird, I had mine show up but now I looked and it's missing also, must be drivers or something. Either way, you can also use NvidiaInspector which shows what you have (that still shows mine).
I'm guessing with little to no information - you can check this easily yourself though - but when you raise the volts by +23, it raises your clocks by a stepping also, so +13. That then causes you to crash the run.
Isn't FAT badge easy to calculate.. just check the users profile at extremeoverclocking and that'll show if they did 10 months minimum?
It'll work just fine, don't worry.
Nope, tried that myself and it was overheating like crazy. It's really hard IMO because of those gaps, I just wouldn't recommend you re-doing it at all. The crap that's there looks poor and you'd think you can only make it better but I had to put heaps of it on the GPU so it wouldn't all just disappear into those gaps. I had no improvement, still think it's actually worse..
All of them are way too bight out of the box. I had a 10T also previously, compared to that my current 11Z is much better for eyes. I'd assume the newest 30T would be at least the same or better.
Why not use the tool created for this?
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