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Also just make sure you're using the latest executable for x264 and just rename/replace.
Default is 3 mins on latest Prime isn't it? I did also wonder how long does it take to go through all of them. I tried changing the time to 1 minute per FFT and all that did was make it take longer, so obviously have no idea.
. read only first few posts, waste of post.
Well, almost. Just enable XMP and it'll run at advertised speeds.
It's just passive isn't it though, I don't see any water flowing there. Not that I think it's a problem, wasn't with the 780TI Classies anyway and those had nothing.Lack of response / lack of card = nobody knows I'd say. If I had to guess, yes it'll fit or it's really dumb. I reckon the wait was due that card, at least partly due to it.
Out of curiosity, have you checked the C states when you play around with DSA? The reason I ask is because when I was playing with it ages ago now, it itself changes the C states or rather what C states are allowed. If you have all C states enabled and flick it to power mode (whatever it is, forgot as I don't use it anymore) it removes disables C states. So I found it useless from that perspective.
For many parts I'll let others suggest but for SSD you're probably looking at either MX100 or 840/850 EVO (these are slightly more but I guess it depends where you are). For OS I "think" your existing Win7 allows upgrade to Win10 just like a Win8 would so no real point in spending money there with limited budget.
Easiest/fastest/safest way.1) Download latest bios (1603)2) Grab a USB key and format to FAT323) Turn computer off and inset USB key to the back of the mobo / bios flash slot (on mine it's the green slot)4) Press button on mobo to flash, it'll blink until completeNow you're up to date with BIOS using USB BIOS Flashback.If you've got an external sound card then no need for those drivers. I avoid AI SUITE like a plague and suggest you do the same. Install Chipset and ME...
I think the "regulars" won't be coming here *****ing about BSODs because they raised cache... education and point of view is welcome from anyone though.
There's no right or wrong answer for this. It's wrong to say it doesn't improve things, I don't care what you quote as I've read them since day 1 and know what I see. I also agree if you're a gamer etc, there's little to no point raising it.
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