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Just for the last 2 posts.. 1) Why are you entertaining Adaptive? There are plenty of posts and I still see it coming up everyday. Your board, set to Manual and use C6/C7 to get nice low voltage when idling. 2) Why are you disabling C6/C7. Those are the ones you want enabled so you get a nice low voltage when idling.
Can someone confirm this is the right block for the Giga G1 Gaming? I don't REALLY want blocks for these but the bloody summer is too hot already.
I doubt it's the case, something is "off" you can also try the 344.80 drivers. I think people prefer the older drivers but at least in SLI these give the best performance/utilisation.
I've tried this on mine and couldn't get it to work, it doesn't allow DISPLAY just GPU. The explanation on how to do it as above is clear, just won't work on my setup (maybe the monitor the SLI).
Just for comparison.1392Mhz stock everything but raise the volts via AB by +19 then it bumps to 1405Mhz (this is in fact a +25 rise but it kicks in at +19). If I then raise clocks and use something like Firestrike Ultra as an example, it will downclock by 13Mhz during test 1 as it drops those volts for some reason. To remove that "problem", I have to raise volts via AB to +45 and now it's steady and won't change.This GPU won't go above 1.2430v which is voltage after +19,...
Mine is from October 6th, haven't seen newer and techpowerup one is from the 2nd. Both of mine are v1.1.
Gaming mode CMSS-3D tick Speakers = Headphones Headphone detection tick Then as above.. sound button, make sure 5.1 surround is set. That's all I do.
If you want the best and RAID0 .. then 256GB 850 Pro will perform very nicely. That's obviously not the most cost-effective, you could always entertain something like a pair of MX100. RAID0 doesn't boost QD1 4K reads which are very important but games do use more than just that.
Just grab Bitdefender IS or Kaspersky IS and you're covered. The next 2 pages will be filled with people saying you won't need anything..
I use AB and never see temp throttling.. with SLI the top card is high 70s to 80s. But I'm not using any modded BIOS as SLI in 1080P @ 120hz is plenty already.
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