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I wouldn't base everything on this one test. Run another to confirm it's not using boost. I've got a laptop here that if I disable EIST then it won't clock-up at all, I think it had some weird behaviour with C states too. You can use something like HWInfo and/or Throttlestop to monitor what is going on, then put some load on the processor. Change values, rinse and repeat.
Is anyone folding with beta flags, if yes.. are you getting full credit or just base?
So I did 2 WUs yesterday, didn't change passkey. Changed the name and team - both WUs only gave me base credit. Not exactly happy at the moment, but can't be sure if FAH have changed their Beta flag so you don't get proper credit anymore or what else might have caused it. Trying an Advanced flag for now, this should bring in 30K or 4k as Base credit only.
Advanced flag doesn't guarantee Core 17 units.. though like you said, that's what you'd want. Beta pretty much guarantees it, though you may run into problems (such as them releasing a unit which appears all fine but once it's submitted you only get base credit etc). edit: like what just happened to me, got 10K should've been 44K. I'll try this one, should give 75K but if it gives base of 13K again then I'll stop.
!! 10% left, paused and changed it over and seems to be running ok. Thanks a lot, I always though they're all tied together.
So with the curecoin, these guys are asleep so I'm wondering if anyone here knows a fix / work-around to my problem? Do I even need this or can I use something else.. etc. I have no idea.
So let me get this right.. the only thing different here from standard folding is that we change teams and get coins. So in theory, if you already fold then why would this be an issue..?
To be honest I think you're over thinking this considering you've already committed to pulling it apart and cleaning the blocks and replacing the tubing. Me personally, I'd do just that, drain it, pull it apart and clean each part. Put it back together, I'd use X1 as coolant add (now that I've got it, love it), run it little while and then drain. Fill it again and enjoy my new, shiny cool system again.
I find it little odd how little information, real information, there is about these chips. They're needed to sell Z97, the board itself is freaking waste of space. So let's say it'll be called 4770X (whatever), it'll clock to 4.8giggle easily and with work 5giggle is reachable. Then that'll mean Broadwell will have to reach 4.8giggle to match it.. that's 14nm right? Smaller, hotter etc. Sounds good if it happens but it's just a tad odd.
I've got this, they're combined but I never did that. Now I'm curious if that might help.. version 1.3 though.
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