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If your block and loop is working as expected I doubt you'll see 50 degrees and that's with a fair amount of volts thrown in (not sure if you can overvolt your card.. didn't check what it was). On the EK block I usually find my VRM temps are ~5 degrees higher than GPU.
I think people will find it hard to start doing this again, I for example haven't bothered updating anything from my end and I take little to no notice what people post as their stable clocks, as it doesn't matter to me. If they'd post XTU Bench results and numbers then I'd be interested but they don't. Secondly, I run my system in various "modes". Usually day to day it's now just running x41 @ 1.13v but when I want BF4 I raise it to x45 (would have to check the volts...
Hey.. it's a single card, it did little better than that In all honestly this test scares me because of the amount it draws in test 1.
AFAIK just 1 BIOS needs to be the normal, meaning if the 2nd one stops working then I'd RMA it.
I don't think it matters which way you do it..? Once you get past the slight delay, the other is always there with no delay or is there more to this glitch?
Now it's saying it's valid, didn't look at the first page to see if I'll even make it anywhere but here it is. error-id10t - 4770k @ 4600MHz - 780 TI Classy - 1359Mhz / 1925Mhz - P17068 Throwing in another noobish question; TDP is peaking @ 550W for this, can I therefore assume that I have ~200W to play with on my PSU?
Ok thanks, I see my version is 1.04 and there appears to be v1.05. I'll install that and see if that fixes it.
I'm getting this error now.. why, is this just too old or I have wrong version of something? edit: Time measurement data not available Different clocks but otherwise the same on Firestrike extreme, no problems.
I think they meant the single red light on the back of the card, the white LEDs are there and don't change from what I see.
OS corruption or program hogging resources. Sometimes for some reason my Logitech program when it starts turns the computer into a slow mess, I have to kill it's process for things to start normal again, beyond that run the usual SFC /SCANNOW and/or DISM command if using Win8/8.1.
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