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Only as an opposing view ... you want your RAM at the end of the day running at XMP, that's a given. Now, if you set your OC and it's running fine, then enable XMP and it fails, what do you do?I have not seen any evidence that raising agent or the other 2 voltage values (bugger it if I remember what they are right now) helps. Secondly, if you subscribe to Prime etc then running your RAM at a lower value will run your system cooler which sounds great, but in reality that's...
With cache on auto it's @ x39 on our boards. You could set that manually to a lower value, I see x35 mentioned often so maybe try that. For cache volts put in 1.2v and Manual, you'll find this right below the core voltage.Also, I always use VCCIN @ 1.9v even though there's plenty of posts saying you can run less. But personally I've found both on my 4770K and 4790K that going below 1.9v makes things harder to get stable or cause crashing with nothing else changed.
I always use LC but then I don't play with straps or BCLK.. got no idea if it makes any real difference but been doing it since day 1 and habits die hard.
Yup, agree. There's a specific SB thread that had this requirement for Prime. Nobody created one for Ivy nor has anyone bothered to create one for Haswell (original or DC).This is sort of the point I've been trying to make. This is an owners club only, specific people want/need to expand on that but they need to speak to the OP and after this many pages, can't see things changing. Then you have few more "how to overclock" threads and they only concentrate on that fact, but...
I posted yesterday exactly what the Prime creator thinks about stability and it's very clear (you can read this yourself in the text files) - he even mentions that at times you can crash after few weeks only. So though he recommends up to 12 hours, in theory if it's possible to crash after few weeks then run it for weeks. What I don't get is people who still insist others to run Prime. I've lost count on how many times I've told them to create a Haswell Prime thread where...
Ask Intel and let me know.. so does my 4770K.
Batch #L418C169 (edit now I can put the pictures). Now to play with it to see what it wants to give me. [[SPOILER]] Funny.. nice.
Works fine for me using IE..
Nobody uses (or should use) offset with haswell..
Honestly, I see so many people mention something like this and no offense to you particularly but if you REALLY want something like this, then create a new thread which states "Prime95 stable Haswell club" or whatever. Put up the rules in the OP and program in the OP.This is just an owners club and the other haswell threads are an OC threads (or rant threads) effectively.
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