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This might also interest some or not; how to get Win8.1 into USB so you can do stuff instead of having to revert back to Win8. Apparently some don't need this, but when I tried to do "remove everything" under Win8.1 to perform clean install it failed (same for refresh etc).
Fast Boot all the way but reduce the size of hibernation file to 50% (lowest you can).
I haven't kept up to what the issue appears to be but I see lot of people whining about it. I just ran it on my current system - this is not to record anything (my 1st entry applies for that) as this is simply using my 24/7 settings (4770K @ x44 and 670 SLI @ 1202 / 3500). Only error is the use of the new Nvidia driver that isn't "approved" yet.
I did this while back now, don't have screenshots or the CPU anymore but the link has all the details (HW, SLI enabled, clocks, name, no errors etc).error-id10t --- 3770K@4.8 --- 670 SLI --- 6321've had ASUS boards since Z68 up until my current Z87-Pro and haven't seen this problem.. must be specific board(s).
hmm 96th with 112k overall, pretty damn piss poor. I remember the good 'ol days when ~170k ppd was achievable on my GPUs. Got 2 lots of 8900s and they take 14hours to complete atm!
It's confusing, it doesn't happen to everyone so it's a setup thing. For me it happens when: - HDDs (non-RAID setup) are on Intel SATA2 ports - SSDs (RAID0) are on Intel SATA3 ports - RST >12.0.x version - hibernation file is enabled for Fast Boot / Hybrid Sleep etc As I need to use RST and I want to use newer version than ~11 months old, the only way to "avoid" the problem (for me) is to move the HDDs to the Asmedia SATA3 ports, no need to install Asmedia drivers. This...
Yeah, you want to be at least on 0309. The latest as mentioned is 070.
The 7e may have been related to RAM. The 116s are TDR. The 113 I think is for DX. Nvidia did change "something" I think starting near 320.x. The drivers behave differently with 314.22 compared to anything beyond. Your system looks fine to me, do you have this problem if you disable SLI and then try waking from sleep? Do you see any errors in the eventlog when you try and shutdown/start or waking it? Sorry I don't have anymore ideas, can't see a problem standing out.
Yeap, but you have AMDA00 in the System Devices section and you also have that ASUS folder in C: drive that it points to. Now, does this matter, probably not but they're there right?If you're not running RAID, you don't need RST drivers however you can install it - it used to be a case that it provided better results, I don't know if that's the case today - I don't have an option not to have it as I have RAID. If you don't have RAID but are using RST driver, just make sure...
Weird results, getting lot of failures with Core 17 units (bad state). The thing that is troubling is that I've lowered my clocks well below say BF4 / Metro Last Light and they're still failing. Previously I could run GPU clocks well above anything that was game stable (+100MHz) for folding but now it's the opposite. Only thing that has changed that I'm running these useless new NVidia drivers for folding (yes I know 780 and possibly Titan are fine but they're an...
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