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Do me a favour. Open this site as an example, open resource manager and look at iexplorer.exe. See the "send" and "received" numbers cycling even though you're not doing anything? When you closed your laptop at home and disconnected from the web and then went to work and reconnected to the network, it would have started those sessions again (some network dude can enter the proper term there). Just to ease concerns though. That would have created very little traffic,...
You're jumping from x40 cache to x46 and didn't change anything and it froze. Not really a surprise there.. yes there are chips out there that cope with that but many don't. Have you tried SA, IO/D and IO/A yet? I would start with SA alone and go in stages, 0.1v then 0.15v etc and see where you gain stability (for me it was between 0.15-0.2v). Then try adding some IO/D and go from there, it may get worse or better. For me adding any IO/A made it all worse so keep trying.
hmm didn't know this, I don't do that but yes the Blur Reduction has problems. Anything less than 80Hz and it flickers horribly so need to keep it up.
Or.. do the VT trick which fixes that problem.
99% of the users don't go with LN2, that card can easily pull +600W and beg for more because it's "parts" can take it. The point I was making is that it's the quality of the card you're more concerned and then running something stupid like Furmark. Anyhow, hopefully my Giga G1 Gaming cards don't need to be played with, still not sure if it has 2 BIOS switches and/or if I can raise volts on it though.
Go take a look at the 780TI Classy thread and pull down the modded vBIOS from there.. then check the value for PCIe slot. It won't blow your mobo.. worst thing that happens is you'll blow your card.
Follow the instructions here.. it should work?
Well, I'm keen to hear the results from the rad testing and what they tested against. I've been happy with the RX360 v2 and now V3. Anyhow few comments from a basic WC setup. I don't have any method to filter my coolant so when I used the Blitz basic it was extremely frothy and took 4 times to empty and re-fill the system to get it out, even after those times some of it was still there. I sold my GPU so yesterday I pulled it all apart and cleaned the blocks and res,...
Thanks, also noticed your update for folding.. bare in mind it barely uses memory so increasing this won't give you more PPD, probably why it resorts to the lower power state.Do you have a screenshot / explanation for all of the settings in the BIOS tool beyond the PEGs and PCIe slot?
What system do you have, they don't hurt anything on Haswell..
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