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Is this what everyone is talking about for the VRM?
I beat you.. I was bored of it before my "training" in the beta was over. As soon as it showed what it'd be like.. uninstalled lol
this sounds off, even with my 670s because you couldn't overvolt them, I could only make them pull combined 450W at some hard benches, much less in real-world. Combine your Ivy which again at most would pull 150W but much less in real-world.. I can't see you having problems with 750W PSU.IMO you could run 780 TI SLI (non-overvolting ones) with that PSU. That might be close with benches etc, but in real-world again you're not pulling the same power.
hmm ok thanks, though mine have basically been the same since day 1. That's why I changed the fans and only recently went back to them as going by numbers, they are better. I'll take them off and see if I can undo them and maybe clean them inside. While I put the new rad in, I cleaned the fans but didn't know you could just pull them apart.
I really don't get the hype for these fans.. sure they're quiet by themselves but as soon as I put them on my RX360 they make this very, very annoying whining noise. I just "updated" to RX360 V3 and I swear they're even louder now. They're only @ 1100 odd RPM. I previously used Nexus real silent which are way more silent. This is pretty close to what I think explains the problem.
I would not run @ 1.4v + that high PWM, if you go through the Classy thread you'll see the guys with DMM show that to be ~1.5v Me personally, I use the stock volts for gaming but do raise the PWM, it does help getting more out of the clocks.
I posted this elsewhere but AFAIK it's all about pixels per inch.. 4K on 24inch monitor isn't overkill if you're looking for the 250-300 PPI mark where AA becomes redundant (AFAIK), you'd still need 2xAA.
I'll just put my numbers too.. idle is 1.3GB, with battlelog loaded it's now 1.5GB. IE/origin takes ~250MB.Silk road usage.. until the game fell over lol
No.. you're nowhere near the limits. I run my 4770K @ 1.4v and when I put my TI Classy through the benches @ ~1.4v it alone was chewing 600W (that was the limit I put on it because of my 760W PSU), my PSU (I think we have the same) didn't even cough.
I don't have other suggestions besides trying the forum I pasted, Raja is ASUS rep and should be able to assist. You mention it's stuck at boot device, did you try and remove everything besides the OS drive.. just grasping at straws here, it shouldn't behave as it is especially as the previous version works fine.
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