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. Yeap same problem for me, thought it was ok but nope.
It's not a problem, that's what many see. Doesn't mean anything, start using Adaptive or Manual (also switch to HWInfo program).
Thanks but for some reason they want to throw in VAT too which is dumb, well dumb for me. They're cheaper but with VAT it becomes more expensive.
Probably easy microcode update, hell that's how they remove functions if needed.
For reference these are my optimised values (4.2giggles) under different load conditions. Under load Cine15 vcore = 1.28 VID = 1.24 Under load Prime 28.7 small FFT vcore = 1.328 VID = 1.266 Under load Prime 28.7 Blend vcore = 1.36 - 1.376 VID = 1.32 - 1.345 Anyway, how many people here are running with iGPU only at the moment, it's doing my head in. If I let XMP dictate VCCIO / SA then the screen will flicker, to fix that I lower them to 1.05v and my RAM still behaves...
Is Overclockers UK the only place selling these, well "selling" as in I can pre-order as there's no stock? I'm trying to figure pricing as from there for the 512GB delivered it comes to ~AU$630.
Yeah unfortunately it's dead, doubt any MacGyver skills will fix that. You could always try and see if there are bent pins causing it.
OCN has a heap of trackers and ads if you disable everything.. that's why you never do!
It should boot in just fine, once you're in then install latest chipset etc and make sure all devices our found. I did this "dirty" method myself little while back and it was fine.
What does the Qcode on the mobo show, as long as it's not 00 you have hope?
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