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To be honest I think you're over thinking this considering you've already committed to pulling it apart and cleaning the blocks and replacing the tubing. Me personally, I'd do just that, drain it, pull it apart and clean each part. Put it back together, I'd use X1 as coolant add (now that I've got it, love it), run it little while and then drain. Fill it again and enjoy my new, shiny cool system again.
I find it little odd how little information, real information, there is about these chips. They're needed to sell Z97, the board itself is freaking waste of space. So let's say it'll be called 4770X (whatever), it'll clock to 4.8giggle easily and with work 5giggle is reachable. Then that'll mean Broadwell will have to reach 4.8giggle to match it.. that's 14nm right? Smaller, hotter etc. Sounds good if it happens but it's just a tad odd.
I've got this, they're combined but I never did that. Now I'm curious if that might help.. version 1.3 though.
Use the sensors option.. better. Funny.. Asrock finally given you guys microcode 17, of course 19 is out by now.
Can you go and tell Unwinder this.. point him to this thread and ask him why the tools he (effectively) created can't do it. I just want to see the reaction...
There's no point to "monitor" it per-say, it's a specific value. However, if you're anal and want to ensure you don't exceed it then you can always use RealTemp TI, go into options and set the alarm to 72 degrees and force shutdown.
That's screenshot is not under load right. It tells you the multipliers anyway (8-46)... 46 is of course the multi you set, change it in BIOS and of course it'll match it in CPU-Z. However, IMO this program is close to useless nowadays so I don't even bother with it.
You want to leave anti-surge enabled. It's kicked in few times for me, for example if I've had my power cable lose. The Disable bit, either way IMO. It won't affect any OC ability.
Really.. the voltage you set in EFI is your VID. You said 1.24v and you can see your VID is that. Your Vcore goes up under load, also shown on your screen as 1.27v.
The VID doesn't change, based on that I'm just going to say that what you see as VID in HWInfo is actually Vcore. That's Manual mode, EIST disable, C3 only enabled and Performance power plan, changed to 5% min CPU usage.
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