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Thanks guys, looking at the Hero board there's nothing I have that would cause a clearance problem.
@Darkwizzie You may have my entry under 4.7giggles as it's not under 4.8.
Just buy a 512GB size drive, windows and apps take a small portion and rest is for games. Best of both worlds.
Would something like this work, have some laying around from some old purchase? ENZOTECH MOS-C10
Thanks Praz, so Auto defaults to 2. Comparing Mode 1 and Mode 2; 1 has a lot of loser timings but few were tighter so now I'll try and mix them up and see if I mess it up.Primary timingsRAS to RAS delay L = 7 (from 8)tRDWR_sg = 9 (from 11)tRDWR_dg = 9 (from 11)tRDWR_dd = 11 (from 12)Secondary timingsodt_read_delay = 0 (from 2)Error code 41, back to auto for those.
You know what you're doing so curious on the below.BCLK Spread Spectrum [Auto] - you don't disable this?Maximus Tweak [Mode 2] - why not auto = 1 = faster/better? Did you need this because you raised from 3000 to 3200?
Yeah that's cache / whatever the other mobo manufacturers call it. Sorry I always forget it has other unusual names against it too. That's the one I suggested you just leave on auto.
I've fixed your entry....Have you tried without playing with cache, just letting it stay at auto and see what you need? I've seen nothing to justify raising cache myself here or elsewhere (someone feel free to correct) beyond showing that it was raised.
There was a BIOS update (ASUS) that supposedly makes adaptive broken, I say supposedly as it hasn't been released for Hero but basically people were complaining that Adaptive was raising volts way too high, seems you may have this. If you can't make it work then meanwhile use Manual and enable C states. LLC5 should not be doing that but as suggested you can always try lower.
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