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What about us 1080p 120 users.. I can't bench @ 1440P and I don't want to be left out!
WC blocks for.. what? I did google quickly and they did say that most blocks would fit your board though I have never considered anything WC for the chipset/mobo. It won't give you anything besides a more restrictive loop...
It's not MEI. Downloading this from the ASUS site will likely fix it, the CD will likely have it but it's an older version. This will give him a "AMDA00 Interface" under the system devices section. ASUS_AMDA00_ACPI for Windows 7 32/64bit & Windows 8 32/64bit & Windows 8.1 32/64bit.
Need better instructions, put computer into microwave, now won't boot!!No idea if this is what you're after, the hash size does not match the defined 512MB, right click to make bigger. [[SPOILER]]
What drive is that .. and why is it completely empty, not really a real-world situation there?
Well that makes more sense then..With AB alone I was stuck @ 1228MHz with BF4 but using Classy tool @ 1.22v and 312PWM get's me to 1293MHz. Sure low volt and MHz numbers especially under water but not the point. So glad I bought this card instead of reference otherwise I'd have lost the lottery completely and been stuck!!
See that's what annoys me though. If I want to do a clean-install, I can use my 8.1 ISO which I've burned but it "lacks" all the patches since. If I could create a new USB with this update in it, it'd be much faster to do a complete refresh as I don't have to download heap of patches. I tried installing it yesterday, my key did not work. I then went via the ei.cfg method and it didn't ask for a key anymore so I think that would work.. though I stopped it half way through.
Doesn't AB raise it to 1.21v or is that just fake?
Well the confusion for me is.. with the release of Win8.1, we needed to "burn" the ISO onto USB or somewhere so we could actually do a refresh. To get that working was fine and the Windows 8 key worked - but that method involved starting the Win8 download, stopping it and then re-starting which gave us Win8.1.With this Update 1, I've got the ISO here but I'm now thinking will my key work. This is a different method, it was not gotten via the "store update" which made the...
Pretty large jump compared to what I see (using latest 1802 BIOS for my board).BIOS set to: 2.0vIdle: 2.016vLLC8 under load: 2.032vLLC7 under load: 2.016v LLC6 under load: 2.0v
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