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That's screenshot is not under load right. It tells you the multipliers anyway (8-46)... 46 is of course the multi you set, change it in BIOS and of course it'll match it in CPU-Z. However, IMO this program is close to useless nowadays so I don't even bother with it.
You want to leave anti-surge enabled. It's kicked in few times for me, for example if I've had my power cable lose. The Disable bit, either way IMO. It won't affect any OC ability.
Really.. the voltage you set in EFI is your VID. You said 1.24v and you can see your VID is that. Your Vcore goes up under load, also shown on your screen as 1.27v.
The VID doesn't change, based on that I'm just going to say that what you see as VID in HWInfo is actually Vcore. That's Manual mode, EIST disable, C3 only enabled and Performance power plan, changed to 5% min CPU usage.
The GPU temps will reduce a lot so not sure what delta's were meant.. if you can fit the thicker ones and they're within your price grab them.
Just make sure you read your new mobo if you decide to go for M2 for some reason. Some are only PCIe while others may use SATA. You wouldn't want to grab an SSD that's not compatible and end up with a headache. AFAIK there's no reason to look forward them anyway, they won't be faster anywhere where it matters considering SATA3 isn't saturated except in the Sequential speeds which don't matter to anyone.
I don't know your system so all this could be for nothing but there is/was a problem with RST and fast-boot. Basically it took forever for the HDDs to spin-down. You could also see a problem in the event log once you booted up. Solution was to use an older version and/or migrate the HDDs to the other controller. It could also be specific to these HDDs.
1) Yeap, same thing different names2) It makes things faster.. by not much. I "believe" it'll increase the IPC speeds etc3) Depends on the mobo. If you leave cache on auto it'll overclock to x39. Other's may keep it at non-turbo values. You can see this in programs like HWInfo.4) It'll be faster though it'll also depend on the program. One program may be faster x46 core x35 cache while another is faster with x45 core x43 cache. Just overclock the core as high as you can,...
May have missed it but is the only difference between SOC and SOC Force basically killer NIC? I have no interest in that. I'm sitting here thinking if I want to jump to these boards and right now I'm looking at the Asus Hero vs. SOC. SOC is ~$20 cheaper so no difference really.
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