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What does the Qcode on the mobo show, as long as it's not 00 you have hope?
Because I read your weird question and just couldn't figure why you are wasting your time. If it upset you that much then I guess bohoo.
Why not save more and get the non K if there's no plans to OC (or change to the i5 and save even more).
There is only one place to enter it.. put it in the wrong place and it simply replaces it with .999 or something similar, at this stage you of course know you used the wrong one Change it back to Auto and enter your value into the other one.
ASUS "changed" what they monitor good few years ago which caused this, can't remember if it happened with Z68 or Z77 but what they changed is exactly this 10 degree difference. You want to use HWInfo etc which all match vs. ASUS.
Thanks guys, looking at the Hero board there's nothing I have that would cause a clearance problem.
@Darkwizzie You may have my entry under 4.7giggles as it's not under 4.8.
Just buy a 512GB size drive, windows and apps take a small portion and rest is for games. Best of both worlds.
Would something like this work, have some laying around from some old purchase? ENZOTECH MOS-C10
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