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Got told of the work-around and it, well, works. can now have my nice brightness via VT1500 + DSR.
It's funny, there are always some people who demand the use of Prime and that's fine but why force it on others? It's not AVX2 that's the problem, it's FMA3. Can you find everyday programs that use this extension? If you have no need for it but want to use latest Prime then just disable it.If my chip pulls close 180W-200W then these monsters would be double and there's no way I would put that load on it.Anyway, are we expecting a new revision / chip soon'ish? I've read the...
Dude, look at your stats, how do you think you're in a position to talk about someone else? Go and play some more so you crack 900 hours and actually, maybe just maybe raise that squad and team score up a tad.Is this how you talk about someone on the internet?add: this is me so you can attempt to put someone else down too and make yourself superior (I'm guessing this is your problem..).
If I only play BF4 here and there I don't really see the point of DSR. I HATE how I can't use my own custom profile (ie: 1500VT fix). It's also caused some serious madness, was playing yesterday and then after I quit, I went back to default clocks/volts - monitor went black and only way to bring it back was to uninstall drivers using another monitor! Not enjoying my DSR experience
How..? They didn't produce 780TI Lightning. They are not producing a 980 Lightning. So in both cases EVGA have delivered something they haven't. Both will produce whatever the next one is.. the price will be similar.
What do you think this will cost to us and you can't compare prices like you're doing. Even from Amazon delivered this is too expensive.
I'm losing my sanity, finally my google-fu worked and I found the needed to get whatever LOD I want on Nvidia but even @ 5 LOD known good runs start falling over, anything beyond basically freeze. Is this normal or what's going on?
Does anyone have 2411Z (Z model) monitors? I'm trying this DSR now and it removes the custom profile and doesn't allow me to tweak the Total Vertical Pixels anymore so I'm stuck with a darkish screen?
I just tried.. didn't see an improvement. First was 13700K and with it enabled it was 13590K so within margin of error, def no improvement though.
But.. what's the take away from that? Your cache is higher on ASUS so that's probably why it asked for more volts where-as the CAS7 compensates when compared to pure RAM bandwidth.
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