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Those with SLI.. 970, what is your GPU utilisation say in BF4 as an example latest drivers? I can't get past 45-55%, there seems to be no issues, no throttling of any kind and FPS is up there but I can't figure out why they're utilised so poorly. Also was surprised DSR doesn't work, you can enable it but then in-game it doesn't exist? MFAA of course is still MIA but here's hoping..
The G1 has 2 connectors, one 3pin and another 4pin but I forgot to chase them down to see what they did.G1 is little odd, it has 2 BIOS there depending where you plug. I had some weirdness happen when I updated my BIOS (mine are FC), for some reason when I then decided to roll-back to the stock BIOS it told me one of my cards was using FD version. I had to over-write it so it went back to FC.. still can't figure out why, it was using the same connector etc.
How'd you find the paste? I just re-did mine (still on air) and it was horrible, as in spread widely and concrete hard. After first time I did it I figured why they did that.. the block doesn't actually touch the core very well and you need a heap of paste there.
Different card.. but if I mod my Giga G1 Gaming (seems to the volts) then trying to use AB at all will cause an BSOD each time. I can use it's monitoring function, so get stats to my keyboard LCD but that's it. No big deal as I've done the needed on the BIOS itself of course, but still little odd. Point is.. you mentioned you can play around with AB after doing that which either means cards behave differently or it's not applied even though it "appears" so.
Someone tell me what's wrong with this BIOS.. It's set to 1506 / 4000 and shows that in GPU-Z as an example but in games I'm only getting stock clocks (so ~1400)?? Suggestions, what am I doing wrong here?  
What's everyone's "pagefile" size in AB after playing little while? Mine spat an error saying I should close the game as I'm running out of RAM!! and AB showed it at ~9999MB.. is that a memory leak or what?
Odd problem some help.. SLI setup. I can't get them to run at the same speeds, temps are fine so AB tells me that I'm hitting SLI Link limit whatever that is? GPU2 is running as expected but GPU1 isn't....
gpu-z 0.8.0 backs-up mine just fine...
Is there a known problem with AB and Gigabyte 970 cards? I keep getting BSOD every time I set values and press ok, related to the Nvidia driver. I've reinstalled multiple times using DDU and the same story for AB but the problem remains. It may work 1/10 but otherwise it pretty much BSOD.
The weirdness.. everyone todate has said ASIC means nothing, except the 900 series owners. This 2nd card has a much better ASIC score, it overclocks ok without changing volts but where the truly weird thing is, voltage does nothing for it. The small gain as explained was 1548 to 1569.
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