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True, but that's what custom roms are for. Unless you dont root, then I see where your coming from.
What I normally do for thick thermal paste is put a hand towel in really hot water, ring it out, then wrap the tube of thermal paste in the hand towel for a few mins. It usually work for the uber thick stuff like IC Diamond.
Hopefully Verizon gets this one. I was pretty pissed they passed on the Galaxy II
I know im late to the party on this, but look at what i found on amazon.
HAHA. I'm just saying.
The stuff that comes with it is pretty decent. It is a small tube thought. You'll maybe get 2 or 3 applications out of it.
Just thought I'd say that we really appreicate the testing your doing. Forgot to ask, were you able to mount the AP 121's with the fan clips that came with the SA or did you have to use something else?
for the most part. Tbh, the wizzard is a tad OP.
Everything you need comes with the heatsink.
Many thank Sean. I'd Rep you, but it looks like OCN took it away.
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