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Comcast's new 150/20 tier (replacing the 105/20 tier) effectively maxes out a 4 channel downstream modem.
The 4930k is 6/12 as well, but obviously with a higher clock than the 2620.
That's how we have been doing it. It works fine, but it's slow (unless you have like 15+ techs working on it, anyway.) 150 PCs is going to suck.
Can't help but notice it now looks just like the scareware it's designed to remove.
Assuming the DC transformers would accept a lower input voltage, you would need a 110/120v circuit that could deliver over 40 amps. That's a waste of panel space, if nothing else.
Why don't you just let them do their jobs and do what they ask you to do? You're treated like a moron because most people who call them are morons. You're not paying them enough to be entitled to some other level of front-line service.
XP SP3's "mainstream support" ended in 2009, some ~8 years after the original OS was launched. Windows 7 will very likely follow the same path that XP did; support (mainstream or extended) will be extended repeatedly. This will hold especially true if Windows 9 is a bust.
I have one of those in production but I can't say how loud it is compared with other systems because it is in a rack with several other machines (R710s, mostly). All I can say is that it is not really any louder than another 1U Dell server. It may actually be quieter than the C1100 because it only has 1 CPU to cool.
I just remember the crushing, suicide-inspiring disappointment that ravaged my soul when I found out that X79/C600 had only 2 SATA3 ports when there were demo boards that, allegedly, had like 10 or 12. I'm not going to go through that again.
I've seen Google Earth hoard data on the order of 100+ GB. The only way to know where the reported size is ocming from and what that data actually is is to run WinDirstat or the equivalent. Until you do that, you're wasting lifetime asking about where it came from, what it is, why it exists, and so forth.
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