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Good, now devs can focus on compiling for fewer APIs, and AMD doesn't have to spend more time optimizing drivers for Mantle. Instead, they can allocate that time for DX12 and others. As far as I see it, Mantle has already done it's job. It pushed the Graphics API segment forward by allowing low-level access go GPU resources. Now that DX12 does that and isn't tied down to one brand, the value of Mantle rapid diminishes, and the result is this. I wonder how TrueAudio is...
The lack of spoiler tags in this thread is too damn high! In any case, this one is very interested in this game (lets see if any of you guys can guess which species I'm referring to ).
Intriguing layout, but it's already been one-upped by the Cooltek/Jonsbo W2 in terms of quality and functionality. It's more expensive though, especially if you're importing to the states (cost me $205).
How did I completely forget about clear cases? I guess I'm too used to seeing those 3ds cases that make it look like its made for throwing at walls, haha. Have fun gaming!
Lucky dog. I had mine on pre-order, but BB canceled it and gave me a $50 coupon. I put it towards a regular black one, so it's all good. Now, I won't cry if I accidentally drop or scratch it, haha.[small rant] Having limited editions are nice and all, but you really can't treat them the same as a normal version if you want to keep them mint, and putting a case on it pretty much defeats the purpose of having one, imo.Now, I gotta figure out how to sell my OXL.
Sapphire Trixx lets you get to +200mV on the core.
Don't see anything out of the picture here. When G-Sync was released, there wasn't a DP standard that offered variable refresh rates, and no monitors out there had a scaler that could refresh/blank at variable intervals, so NV needed an external module in order to do that. DRM was just an added "benefit" for NV to be able to lock it down to their products. So, they found the Altera Arria and programmed it to do what G-Sync does--offer a variable refresh rate on monitors...
No problem Well, I guess it would be MPC-BE, but for most intents and purposes, both players do the job perfectly fine. The main reason why I changed MPC-HC to MPC-BE earlier in the guide was because it was more aesthetically pleasing. The windows classic look of MPC-HC always got on my nerves. Bring in MPC-BE, which offers basically the same functionality of MPC-HC and looks better, and I was sold.Now, as far as a documented reason why MPC-BE was developed, I have no...
Who doesn't benefit? Bill Gates? Thanks for the refresher
That's why I was homeschooled Time to correct myself now, hahaFirestrike Bench:R9 300: 8374980: 5928290X: 51175928x=8374x=8374/5928x=1.412618083670715R9 300 41% faster than 9805117x=8374x=1.636505765096736R9 300 64% faster than 290XGame bench:R9 300 34% faster than 980R9 300 51% faster than 290X
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