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The only downside is that I have a bit more coil whine than before. Time to RMA again One thing that I noticed is that Hynix behaves differently to Elpida when it's unstable. Elpida gave me black screens, while Hynix makes the screen look interlaced and shows vertical scanlines (progressively gets worse the longer it runs). Just imagine gaming at 640x480 on a 1080p monitor. That's basically what it looks like. Edit: can you find the pun?
Yay! Both of the cards perform right (63.5fps - both vs 59.5fps - previous Valley EHD Single Card)! Plus, I kindly asked Raymond for Hynix, and I got Hynix PM me if you want the bioses (don't want any wanderers out there messing up their cards on accident).
I'm waiting on Fedex right now. They're later than they usually are.
Here's a little edit of my unlock guide in the 290 unlock thread for those who are trying to flash their card: [[SPOILER]] I would use atiwinflash, but I like doing it the manual way
In for day 15.
I just did a little test with my music, and I don't have any clicking sounds when opening/reading and seeking through the files on both of my 4TBs. Neither does my WD 3TB. You better RMA that drive Edit: Let's try not to turn this into an HDD reliability/experience thread, guys. They're all bad Edit 2: This may help you or any other people out when it comes to checking the status of your drives. Open up DiskInfo every day, and check the health status of all of your drives....
Well, it depends on what you want out of f2k. Personally, I use these: WASAPI VST 2.4 adpater EasyQ VST Plugin Shpeck paired with MilkDrop Preset Pack Rating music Well, I use more, but these are my essentials. Well, Shpeck+MDPP isn't really essential, but it's pretty neat to look at
Well, I'm using two of those drives in my rig, and the only noises they make is that buzzing sound when they spin up from idle, and a little clinking sound when deleting something off of it. It's basically silent when reading/writing any kind of files from/to it. You might want to get it RMA'd.
In for 04/14/14
Mpc isn't really good with music, even with reclock and the audio filters. In my experiences, mpc distorts a whole lot earlier than foobar, and that really limits you on how loud the music gets. My advice is to use foobar2000 if you want to listen to music. If you still want to use mpc, then do this: Open up configure reclock (start, programs, reclock, confirure reclock), and change the sampling rate to 192, and the bit depth to 24. Right click on the audio icon in the...
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