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It uses the same 43" IPS panel that is/was used in the Korean monitors. The panel is good, and since it's coming directly from LG, there's a good chance they're using A Grade panels instead of A- or B grade panels with defects. Input lag will probably be similar to most Korean monitors out there which while is better than most HDTVs, it's still behind slightly in comparison to your average consumer and gaming panels. In other words, it's not for competitive gaming, but...
Well, korean companies aren't selling any large perfect pixel 4k monitors anymore, so pretty much the only one left is the Philips BDM4037UW. Otherwise, there are some 4K tvs that could be used as monitors like the new LG C7. The smallest size is 55", so that might deter most people from considering it, though. Personally, using a 55" 4K monitor as a daily PC monitor has been very nice so far. Edit: Bear in mind that many users are reporting bad ghosting on the Philips...
You can PM the mods and they can temporarily lift the edit locks.
SourceAlso a huge bump in performance for those who use Zbrush.I wonder if this update will also benefit the HEDT Intel processors or if this is strictly for Ryzen? Making the engine more multi-threaded, reducing overhead on tasks, and increasing thread efficiency sounds like something that should benefit all processors, especially those with higher than usual core counts.
For those looking for 1070s, 1060s, etc. at a realistic price, NV still sells theirs at MSRP. Limit 2/customer.
With the 2.1 spec finalized, we might be seeing TVs implement it as early as next year. 2.1 will allow for 4K 120Hz, variable refresh, possibly larger colorspaces, and Dynamic HDR. For me, that translates to an LG OLED 55" 4K 120Hz TV. And the neat thing about LG's current OLED panels, is that they already support 120Hz, so it's primarily a matter of updating the HDMI interconnect and the FPGA's to support the extra bandwidth. That's the main reason why I'm guessing that...
SourceThis will probably increase the value of BTC even more, even if it was only for a day.
RX 480s are going for over $400 on ebay FYI.
Well, you could just not overclock the core and focus on memory until you get a speed that's stable. I find that Unigine Valley is good for checking memory stability (artifacts pretty easily) and Heaven good for checking core stability (crashes pretty easily).
Something like this? It uses pretty good components internally. I have one I'm not using anymore, and the construction is really good. You'll have to use XLR - RCA cables for the XLR output, though. Edit: There is also the JBL MPATCH2 , but you'll have to use XLR - RCA cables for the outputs. I believe the preamp on this is passive, and the only thing that's powered are the headphone outputs. Don't quote me on it, though.
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