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They should have hacked Thermaltake instead.
Run SVP4 as admin? I'm out of ideas Edit: is out. Maybe that'll fix your problem.
I had the MT error when I first installed SVP 4 too. What I did was uninstall SVP 3, SVP 4, and Avisynth 2.5.8, reinstall them, and replace the avisynth.dll in syswow64 with the sET's 2.6.0 MT.Nothing so far. Here is a little table comparing the differences between all of the differences between the versions.SourceSVP 3 does all of that besides: control multiple videos, user defined video profile conditions, 64bit, 10bit, and whatever other cool features is.
Unfortunately, I can't get this bios to work on my PCS+ 290X (Hynix Mem mod/No mod). The drivers won't install. Here are the bios dumps from my card if someone would like to look around.  
Thanks for the link, cookie. I've been testing SVP4 TP and submitting bugs left and right Right now, the best avisynth to use with SVP4 TP is 2.6.0 MT by sET. 2.5.8 gives me crashes, and Avisynth+ doesn't work.
The D15S is already out in NA and has been for about two months or so.
Not interested anymore. Asus Zenfone 2 here I come. $90 cheaper, faster processor (?), same RAM and internal storage capacity, support for 128GB sdxc, >60ms touch screen response time (the fastest in a smartphone, iirc), won't overheat, I can buy right now without waiting for invites, and it's ready for custom roms.
Yeah, I knew the 7/8/15 hotfix was different because going to a high contrast theme showed me that, but I wonder what the previous hotfix fixes?
I did up some AVS comparisons: Don't pay much attention to the CPU usage numbers. They were all about the same (16-20%). AVS+ performs the best, but I wanna test it longer before putting it in my guides. GPU usage on all of them looked like this (Only SVP is running on my second 290X, nothing else): I'm sorry my graphics card setup isn't really the best at emphasizing the differences.
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