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It's either a bad o-ring, or it wasn't tightened down all the way. You can't really tighten down a rotary compression fitting without taking it apart, so I just did an RMA and put the cooler back in the box. I need a backup air cooler for times like these
Come to find out, my 280 is leaking. Finally did it when I booted up this morning.Fortunately, nothing broke.It is leaking from the base of the rotary fitting, where the fitting contacts the pump.
So it's a portable Wii U. It will most likely have similar performance too. I have mixed feelings about this. If they released this console instead of the Wii U, then it would have been great, but with the Switch being added, it seems redundant, given the similarities this shares with the Wii U. Nevertheless, Nintendo's consoles will continue to be a great complimentary system for PC gamers.
These designs are getting increasingly complicated with each generation. It makes me appreciate the first gen's art style even more. They just looked cool. These are just...weird.Spell Muk backwards and then the design will make more sense You also have Ekans and Arbok.
It seems like every time I turn on my computer after sleeping, I hear air bubbles. If I let it run for a bit with the fans/pump at max speed, the sound will go away. Is this something I should worry about?
I don't have a blower-style card to compare
I'd like to see some numbers. This is actually very interesting because your supposed tests goes against the design principles of blower-style coolers. I"m not trying to debate here. This is honest curiosity.
Well, then it my mistake for saying all instead of most...I don't translate well to analytical types like I guess.But you debate that blowers release "plenty amount of heat" in a case when that amount is insignificant compared to open-air coolers...I'm done on this subject.AC also stands for alternating current, atmospheric cooler, Auto Carriers, air compressor and apple cider . While I admit it is a lesser used acronym around here, I thought someone like you who is...
What duct?I thought the word seal was good enough to get the point across, but I guess it wasn't. Conceal, then. Or maybe channel. The shroud on blower-style cards conceals the components underneath and channels air outside the case much more effectively than AC (atmospheric cooling) or open-air type graphics cards. There is no debating that.AC stands for atmospheric cooling, otherwise known as open-air. You know, the MSI Gaming and EVGA ACX-type coolers. I used AC because...
I'm assuming you're complimenting what I wrote?Unless I'm missing something, I disagree. The card in question is sealed rather well, except for the small openings around the pcie power (which is behind the heatsink) and the sli tabs. The majority of the heat is going to exit through the rear I/O shield. AC cards, however, will dump a significant amount of heat inside the case by design, a significance that makes any heat dumped by blower-style cards, frostbite's card in...
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