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In for the 24th.
Hmmm, you can try disabling SLI. I know with my 290Xs, with CF enabled I get some slight stuttering, but when I turn it off, it's gone.
In for day 23.
Well, I'm running CF 290Xs on a 3820, and I have no issues with performance. While I do want to get a 4930K, for the games I play, and the games that only support 1 or 2 cores (majority of the games out there), it really isn't necessary. It might be just me, but ever since SB, there really hasn't been a need to get a new CPU since they all basically perform the same, especially when you have a graphics setup that can push over 100fps in most of the games out there. I...
In for day 22.
Yup.Yup.Used reference 290 worth (imo), $340x2= 680Used 7970 value (imo) = 200x2= 400+260= $660Seems good to me.
NCIX US does, but at $170. You'd be better off buying from Canada, and NCIX is the only vendor that sells this case and ships to the US.
I remember seeing a good amount of people with BF4 290s that were unlockable back then. Don't hope on it, though. While your chances are better than getting an Asus or MSI reference 290, you should be prepared for the "worst". The 290 has the same pcb as the 290x. The only difference is the GPU die (290 vs 290x die).
I was basically writing this post before I double checked This should be a nice game to play when I need to cool off from Assetto Corsa.
Yeah, that's the cubitek magic cube AIO. One of the best thought out minimalist cases that I've ever seen, but it's plauged with poor, flimsy build quality (aluminum bulges from the cables due to how the panels screw in, and chassis isn't that sturdy due to very little reinforcement), and sub-par quality control (some owners had rough edges due to poor panel cutting, the top fan mount is really delicate, and the psu dust filter just sits on the bottom with no holding...
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