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Too small. Guaranteed to be 60-75Hz if it's a 10 bit panel since you cant do 120Hz on a 10 bit 4K panel with DP 1.3. It probably won't even have DP 1.3. Someone just needs to make a 120Hz version of the Crossover 44K/Philips BDM4065UC. That would be awesome.
I can see them putting their wheels under the "Driving Force" brand. You'll have the Driving Force G29, the Driving Force Shifter, etc.
Thanks for pointing that out. I looked up the part number, and it looks like we have a 3000:1 contrast ratio.
You and I both That's if and only if we actually get true 4ms average GTG response times.
No, that's the base panel. Overdrive is brand-dependent. So, BenQ's will have their AMA Off/High/Premium (and most likely Blur Reduction), and Acer will have their Off/Normal/Extreme overdrive setting. FYI, the Acer XB270HU has a factory ~12ms response time, and they market it as 4ms because it can achieve that with overdrive enabled (side effect is horrendous overshoot). If Overdrive is actually implemented, we can probably see a 1-2ms response time with livable overshoot.
Found some details on the panel: Code: 35"WS AUO AMVA M350DVR01.0 2560x1080 4ms G2G 2000:1 300 172/178 16.7m sRGB W-LED Curved /144Hz May-15 AUO AMVA M350DVR01.1 2560x1080 4ms G2G 2000:1 300 172/178 16.7m sRGB W-LED Curved / 75Hz Jun-15 Source That contrast ratio is pretty low for a VA panel...I'm pretty disappointed there. The upside is that it has a very low factory response time for a VA panel. With some overdrive, we might be...
But it says G29 Driving Force in the legal documents. They're probably consolidating the two wheel types. I can't make out what that is in blue above the Driving Force words on the box, but it's short enough to be a G29.Edit:Looks like this picture was taken on the blue side of the box.
Look at the blue box behind the wheel.
SourceIt's like the DFGT and the G27 had a baby...Gear shifter box behind wheel.
I think ondoy is addicted to posting news. This is like the twentieth one in the past day...
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