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Got the replacement monitor today and hooked it up. 1 dead sub-pixel (red) at the very bottom left. I am actually okay with this. It's in an area I don't visit often. Normal usage I don't even notice. On pure black, there are no bright stuck pixels and on pure white, the pixel looks light cyan and blends with the white. Pretty much impossible to see and only visible if you bring a bright red background. Pretty happy with this replacement. Depending, I may switch...
Same with me :\ I had a GTX 460 1GB SE and i used miniHDMI to HDMI, i only got 1920x1080. Pretty sure the cable was rated for it too.
Thanks for that :\ If this all goes to bust and the 2nd one is also bad, I am just gna get a refund and do pick up locally from Newegg. At least I know it won't be subject to shipping damage.I told the CS rep to add additional notes for careful handling, that plus 1 day shipping (vs 2), hopefully will snag me a perfect one.I am already coming from returning my Auria Grade A/A- panels due to poor construction and dust underneath, i didn't expect a quality $700 monitor to...
Check yours, mine was pre-opened as well. The ASUS SEAL TAPE thing was pre-cut and I have 1 dead subpixel to the center right. Green never turns on.use this: very closely and scan slowly. A lot of people tout no dead pixels, but I am starting to believe they just aren't looking since the pixel density is so high.Also ASUS no longer has the zero dead/stuck pixel replacement policy.
Well at the very least, Amazon is sending me a free replacement.It is shipping with 1 day, hopefully it will arrive without damage and UNOPENED.and hopefully no dead pixels.
And the monitor has arrived with 1 dead subpixel (Green) off to the right. totally visible when BG is white or any light color that doesn't use green. Not sure what to do at this point. Got it from Amazon and the box tape had been pre-cut even before i opened it. Not sure if it was due to mis-handling.
Now now let's not get too hasty I am happy to see 2560x1440 come down from the $1k price range already.Mine is coming in tomorrow, hopefully i get no dead/stuck pixels.
Your video card running hot is expected. Because it needs to drive more pixels for information.The same goes with running dual monitor set up.Not sure about your scale issue.
From TFT's review, yes you can turn off the Power LED from the OSD menu.Here are a few more you can try: Be sure to download the full HQ version.
As soon as this monitor arrives, i am going for an eyegasm.Wish it was higher in hz, but thats coo.
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