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well you cant say it is marketing until the product is released and test are done, possibly the extra PCIE is to off load the PCIE power to the 8pin PEG connector and if certainly has increased TDP beyond 50% like the chart above it will probably a need if it can overclock higher than that
Maximum temperature read while GPUz was open
I wonder if no one has find out if the P states can be arranged to stabilize the clock speed and make it constant and achieve better performance?
that doesnt look dated, I guess in Cryengine V it would have quite good graphics and probably would run slighly better, it looks slighly similar how was the space environment on Crysis 3
I doubt it is related to marketing, they would be losing consumers due to using more pcie, it has to do with supplying enough power,like R9 290X lightining not many could achieve same oc levels and it could run with 2-3PCIe probably here is the same an additional PCIe for those want to reach higher clock speed, or simply are planning to overclock, since these could require certain amount of energy once overclock?
higher overclock=higher voltage=higher power consumptionIF there is limited power delivery the overclock could be limited
Crysis always was about the aliens otherwise would be another war with North korea
well yeah Crysis MP made it a whole different deal with the gameplay,and graphics it had it was quite entertaining and current shooter of similar kind arent even at same level
well an extra PCIE connector form change the fact it already had 2 and that will help with performance so appereance predates performance?
it isnt really about appereance since these video cards seem power limited
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