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Using a radiator or cooler is a good way to simulate actual use resistance. Adding a filter test as well on the front of fan is good too. But using tapered adapters to 80mm, cotton & steelwool will be way more resistance than actual use .. at least my normal use. For accurate repeatable results the best way for most of us to test fans is use a cooler or radiator and record CPU heat rather than CFM. Equipment to accurately monitor CFM and mm H2O is extremely expensive.
What are you talking about?
Glad you like it Cyclops.
If your case is putting out 38-40dBA it is louder than cooler will be. All are slightly better than NH-D14 .. which is better than A70.
How quiet is your case? Top tier big coolers are all similar in performance and noise level. There's a link in my sig to cooler size and clearance that might be helpful. The top coolers are R1 Ultimate, Silver Arrow IB-E, NH-D15 (only slightly better than NH-D14 because of better fans), PH-TC14PE, Dark Rock Pro 3. All are within a few degrees and dBA of each other.
Adapting as 120mm or 140mm fan to a 60mm anemometer is a significant amount of resistance.Radiator adds more resistance.Cotton / steelwool would be even higher resistance.
I notice the OP's post with the ID-10-T reference is now missing.
Because the airflow out of a fan is not flowing evenly. This makes it very hard to read the airflow because the air is moving faster in some areas than others .. and every fan is different.And even if we could get accurate airflow speed readings (which is what most anemometers do) we have no idea how the fan will perform with resistance.Knowing the free airflow is almost meaningless because it is only part of what determines how the fan performs. We do not use our fans...
That graph is easily misunderstood. I manipulated Cyclop's graphs to show both temp and noise on one graph. Hope you don't mind. I prefer something like this or this
You can wipe the tears from your eyes with the tissue .. or blow your nose. After all, that is what tissue used to be used for.Edit:I have thought of making some sort of fan airflow test using something hanging that fan blows against. The higher the airflow the greater the angle from vertical it would be. Could even have competitions with a fan on each side and the winner would be the one that moved the hanging piece toward other fan.
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