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This does not sound typical of Noctua. In recent years I've contacted them a couple of times with quick replies and resolutions.
You are going fan crazy. You are OCD. More fans don't mean better cooling. Proper airflow means better cooling. Proper airlfow in your case for most builds (air cooled builds) is 2x PH-F140SP in front as intake and 1x PH-F140SP in back as exhaust. You don't need H2O to overclock. A top tier air coolers will give plenty of cooling for a nice daily use overclock. The PH-F200SP is simply not a good fan. You might be able to sell it for enough to get 1 decent 140mm...
What is happening is you are freaking out over normal fan performance. The XF140 is what it is. Your XF140 rpm is within factory specifications .. Just like MicroCat and I have said.Here are graphs with rpm range expanded so we can see both SF fan lines.Your PWM % to RPM is near identical to the my graph you posted before.Like MicroCat said, it is also within the 10% margin of error in specifications.
Semantics. 'hung up on verbiage' calling a cooler 'passive' when it's airflow is cases fans versus one on the cooler is not 'passive' .. well unless you don't run the fans. Then we have 'passive fans' .. but now we are really dealing with semantics.
Using case fans to move air means the system is not passive. The cooler is not passive when the airflow cooling it is coming from a case fan.A fan is supplying the airflow to cooler, so it is not passive.I suppose you could call it 'semi-passive.' but that is not really what it is.It is still using fans to generate airflow to cool components .. therefore it is not passive.
My last reply was not a result of language, but of you not looking at the 34mm RAM clearance measurement I posted before asking if 42mm RAM would fit. If the Le Grand Macho is turned so long end of cooler is facing forward over the RAM, there is only about 34mm of room for RAM 50mm forward from center of CPU.Can you put 42mm ram into a 34mm space?The 3rd RAM slot away from CPU is about 70mm from CPU center .. this means the 2 RAM sockets fartherest from CPU have room for...
You need to start thinking about what you are asking. I told you the approximate height of RAM that will fit. Figure it out.Same goes for Le Grand Macho size. The finpack back is 98mm back from center of CPU. I'm guessing with your motherboard that center CPU to case is about 139mm, but that is only a guess.
Trident Z are 44mm tall.With Le Grand Macho mounted with offset toward back of case the front of finpack is only 22mm in front of center of CPU.IWith LeGrand Macho turned around and closest RAM socket is 50mm from center CPU there is only room for 34mm tall RAM to clear the heatpipes.You will probably need a fan on the cooler to flow air through the cooler and keep it cool .. and there is no logical reason to not have a fan on the cooler if there are other fans running in...
The finpack is about 55mm closer to front of case .. 55mm less distance for cool intake air to travel .. 55mm less area for other heated case air to mix with cool intake air and warm it up.
I'm not saying it won't work.Fact is bringing the cooler finpack forward in case may help keep the heated exhaust air coming off of GPU from getting into it. Simply because it is closer to front of case .. like in front of the GPU heated exhaust air. Hope that makes sense.
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