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The negative / positive is just gobbledegook. How the airflow moves inside the case is the key ..the currents / channels the air flows in / follows through the case. Fact is what goes in must come out / what comes out must go in. I prefer slightly more intake cfm only because intakes with filters keep most of the dust out of case.Intake fans with decent pressure and airflow often don't need any exhaust fans, but often exhaust fans help create the airflow patterns...
The way ruler is on it their is a little light under each side. Phanteks fan clips can be covered with tape or heat shrink on what sticks out side of cooler.Cryorig clips are almost flush with sides.Take a close look at the bottom of the ruler. It's at least 5mm above motherboard.42mm* RAM just clears fan in highest position44mm* RAM with fan setting on RAM*Using Geil Value Plus RAM (37mm tall) leaves 5mm between top of RAM and bottom of fan, and gently lifting the fan up...
Have a basic understanding of how air flows and what affects it helps, but it still requires testing and usually some trial & error positioning of fans to get the best airflow / case & cooler intakes within a couple degrees of room. That is why the link is in my sig that I refer people to all the time.
2x intakes will balance to 1x exhaust, but not 4x intakes to 1x exhaust. The intakes an only build so much pressure regardless of the number used. We need similar exhaust vent area to intake area. This does not mean the same number of exhaust fans because the good intake fans will push air out exhaust vents same as good fans on coolers and radiators do not need a fan on back of cooler pulling air out. Think of case as a cooler 140x140x80mm cooler fin pack. A good...
I understand not wanting to, but why can't you? Edit: Not enough room with H80?
I would recommend a top and front intake. The top will supply your H80 and the front will supply your GTX 980
Hot air cannot leave case any faster than cool air is coming into case. It's a simple matter of displacement. Air coming in must have same amount going out .. air going out must have same amount coming in.
You will be fine with your present cooler. I wouldn't never replace it with a 120mm CLC .. or any CLC for. They just are not as good, quiet, dependable, etc as air coolers in same price range.
You should be fine. Always wanted a T60. Just make sure your motherboard has enough clearance between CPU and PCIe socket for the NHD-15's width.
Not a problem. I'm sure we can figure something out.
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