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Pre-AM4 mounts do not have the 54.18x90mm AM4 holes. They only have the older 48x96mm holes.
I think they are 0.90mmH2O and about 50cfm. Not what i would consider a good fan.
Tweaktown tested NH-C12P with 1x and 2x fans and NH-C12P SE14. 2x fans were 2.7c warmer idle and 2.4c warmer load the normal C12P. SE14 was 1.2c idle and 2.9c cooler load as C12P. thier 'test chamber' is an insulated box with 6x 20w halogen lights in it to generate heat and as far as I know no fans to flow air into / out of box .. hardly what I would consider a proper cooler test...
Cryorig R1 Ultimate with stock case fans plugged to motherboard for speed control.
You might find 'Ways to Better Cooling', 5th post of interest. 1st post is index, click on topic to see it.
Low is probably best.Here is some info and photos of Define case mods, vent grill removal and better fans. the speed control from motherboard headers is fine.
I often suggest users of pancake coolers to mount fans so airflow is up and away from motherboard instead of down. 4 out of 5 times they get better temps and the others see no change or so little they cannot tell.The lower profile the pancake cooler is, the more likely it is to re-use it's own heated exhaust air.
If using fans with this kind of ability to overcome resistance there is no need to even use an exhaust fan.I do not believe there is room for 38mm fans in R5 if HDD cages are being used.The FHP141 is extreme overkill airflow .. not to mention the extreme noise level. They are not as quiet fan at low rpm as other fans listed.Also, move the bottom intake as far back toward PSU as possible so it's airflow is not fighting against lower front fan. This also improves cool...
The above is only true when there is nothing blocking the airflow on down wind side of cooler .. rarely a problem with tower coolers but can be a serious problem with downflow / upflow on pancake coolers with motherboard and it's components compromising airflow on one side of the cooler. Things like tall RAM and GPU PCB can extremely limit the area for downard airflow to move away from cooler. Using a bigger fan can dramatically increase this problem.I have often seen...
One of the very best fans I've ever used are red and orange. TY-143 and TY-143 SQ
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