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Silver Arrow ITX has similar fin and pipe design as Silver Arrow SB-E, not IB-E. Here is all three side by side to scale.
Same principle applies to heatsinks, TC.Whatever air the fan can push into a heatsink it can pull out of the same heatsink.I go through at least 2 coolers and 3-6 fans each month. They all perform pretty much the same with fan pushing to cooler or pulling out.I see more difference in cases resulting from changes in airflow pattern and warmer / cooler heatsink intake air temps. than in the actual performance of fans and/or coolers with push vs pull. Biggest difference is...
I have to respectfully disagree.Most fans pull the same as they push.All fans "pull" air in their front and "push" it out their back.Sometimes the are a little better one way or the other, but we are talking 1-2c difference at most.Case intake fans "pull" air though restrictive grills and filters.
Swiftech PWM hub is a good PWM hub. It only splits the PWM signal to the fans and uses 12v from PSU for power. Like the Phanteks one, it needs a true PWM signal to control fan speed.
I have no personal experience with the Node 804, but from what I've read it seems to be a good case.
I'm not impressed with the F200SP fan. Maybe mine is defective too, but it ticks, wobbles, vibrates, and doesn't move as much air in open airflow as F140SP. Add to this the restrictive 140mm and 200mm fan mounting plate over the 200mm fan in Pro and Luxe and there are potential airflow / noise problems Edit: Phanteks' PWM controlled 3-pin fan hub with PSU power is a great hub. Problem is many users do not understand how P/WM functions .. and with Phanteks calling it...
Is optimun rotation dependent on the hemisphere they are being used in?
Well then, does it? It all depends on what fans' P/Q curve is compared to radiator resistance .. and case vent resistance, filters is used as intake, case intake and exhaust vent resistance, etc.
MicroCat If I've told you once, I've told you 847 X 10 ³³²³³²¹ times not to exaggerate. Those are not fans, they are leaf blowers without the tube on them. Besides, using 2 means the second fan counteracts the disruptions caused by the first and the world is safe.
Stacking computer fans does increase the static pressure rating .. assuming the fans are sealed together. Saying it will not shows a total lack of understanding of the principles fans work under .. or how airflow and pressure differential affect performance in use, rather than the specs saying only free airflow rating and pressure point air quits flowing. Simply put, fans are nothing but low pressure air pumps. The way fans work is the air in front of the fan that is...
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