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So motherboard temp cannot be used universally for testing.So we are back to monitoring the air temp going into cooler.It's simple.It's cheap.It gives an accurate baseline temp for all testers to use to determine a delta tempAll that is needed is a cheapo digitalindoor / outdoor wired remote sensor thermometer. A piece of stiff wire on last 23cm with a clamp to hold it. All insulated so cannot short out to anything.
Most reviewers use case systems to test in with room ambient as base temp, but do not monitor cooler intake air temp Room temperature is really worthless. It's the temperature of air going in to cooler that is important, not what the room temperature is. Their tests results are how well their system is cooling in their room. I don't have their system or their room. I could care less how well their system cools. I want to know how well the cooler being tested...
Alcohol leaves no reside. The purer it is the less the chance of residue.
Pure alcohol, not rubbing alcohol.
You got it right. You want:Because:That's the smart thing to do!
Like I said, other have used dishwasher, but I don't
Maybe they didn't want orders to pile up over Easter break?
No more dust and noise mounted on outside than on inside.As said above, use a grill to keep diggie nose's out of fan.
ChipLoco review is out. Again no big deal. 0.6c cooler than 14PE which has PH-F140TS 1200rpm fans. They changed test systems last year. Original 14PE testing 17/05/12 was on i7 870@4.25Ghz and NH-D15 is on i7-3770K@ .5GHz. Can't find anything about retesting on new system. No idea how the 14PE. 14PE and NH-D14 are 3c different at 28c ambient in original review while above they are 6.1c different....
It's not just dust that collects on the fins. Over time the fins get a film on them that reduces their cooling ability. This is why I suggest washing the cooler. Some peeps actually wash them in their dishwasher, but I worry about how hot dishwashers are.
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