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Sorry, but I don't for a minute believe Noctua won't help you with a defective fan .. unless you damaged it doing something you shouldn't have.
Archon is still a very good cooler. Thermalright sells an updated mount for newer motherboards and possibly replace the fan depending on what you have and you are good to go. As chrisjames61 said, every bit as good.. no .. NH-D14 is as good as the Archon, and the NH-D14 is every bit as good as the new NH-D15 with same fans. So it is fair to say Archon is still one of the top coolers.
Think of air in a case as being water in a square tub. Each of the intake fans is a stream of water being pushed into the square tub. Each of the exhausts fans is water flowing out of tub. What we want is for the flow of water (air) to flow from intake to through coolers and out exhaust without swirling around and mixing with itself. This often takes a lot of time testing to get it optimized .. because there are so many variables involved, many of them changing...
If you can, remove the rest of the case grill that is in front of the fans. This will give you even better airflow and lower noise levels. The top intake is not in a good place. More than likely much of it's flow will be go right out the back exhaust .. taking the place of heated case air the back exhaust would otherwise be flowing out. Probably better to leave it blank or as an exhaust .. maybe even blocked off completely. Experiment with different fan and vent...
Assuming this is what you have This is what I would suggest. Front top vent is only if you cannot put a fan in the 5.25" front bays.
That or basic sound meter. This is what I use. It works for 30dBA and above. 30dBA at 1 meter is very quiet .. it is pretty much the lowest noise level in our homes.
Again, the problem is delta temps are based off of room temperature, not cooler intake air temperature.
I have no idea how many different marketing names there are for various sleeve bearing fans, but it must be hundreds.
You mean like this.
Race engines redline is there for a reason. Stay below it and engine reliability is good. Go above it and engine will most likely blow up.A system tested to be stable may still error at a low enough rate to escape detection during very protracted tests of that task. Or the errors could be the result of firmware or software or interaction of any of a number of things not even considered when testing hardware for stability.So what's your point?For what it's worth, rope...
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