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Neighbors would be filing noise complaints while the house resonates so dramatically the concrete crumbles, nails fall out and all that remains a pile of lumber and dust.
Indeed, sheltered life and all. I was trying to show the difference in temps based on airflow of 2x 140 mm vs 1x 200 mm fans. The 200mm fan will work, but not near as well as 2x 140mm fans will. I wouldn't be surprised if 1x 140 mm gave same temps as 1x 200mm does.Edit: Many peeps seem to think small cases do not flow as well as larger cases. This not at all true. The only problem with smaller cases is many do not have the needed vent area to follow the amount of air...
ciarlatano ran his Enthoo Luxe with 200mm front fan testing for quite awhile. CPU cooler intake was about 10c warmer than room when stress testing. Not the best, but not terrible. When he changed to 2x PH-F140SP in front with PH-F200SP in top as exhaust (I don't like top exhaust) temps only dropped 3-4c.My Luxe CPU cooler intake is 4-6c above ambient at full load with 2x PH-F140SP front intakes, no exhaust. Temps improve about 2c with PSU cover removed and bottom...
@WhiteWulfeCould you start a thread? This Cryorig cooler thread is getting way off-track.I have dimensional drawings for many coolers and can post them if needed.
Please move on. This is a cooler thread, not guitar.
First thing we need to do is get rid of the cheap background noise. Case has 170mm CPU clearance.Quick scaling of MB says about 67mm center CPU toward other CPU cooler clearance. (134mm center CPU to center CPU)E5-2670 is 115 TDP so makes a bit of heat, but nothing outrageous.Do you plan to overclock?Not sure what all is available in Canada. Something similar to Hyper 212 in size should fit.
Of course the bottom isn't solid copper. That is the vapor chamber.Hunter VC-Twin is same cooler I have with different color fans.
Remind me in a couple of weeks to follow-up on this. The next 10 days or so are Computex 2016, so can't do anything until things settle down again.
I have Fi Reex Deluxe here. It does real well, but the bottom is slightly concave, and that makes it hard to get good contact on center of IHS. From what I know, it's a rather common problem with vapor chamber designs. The coolant is vacuum sealed to lower boiling point to proper temp, and this vacuum causes the bottom to flex in slightly.
Bummer it wont' work.Did you ask if he has any options that would work for you?
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