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I would not trust each of the two CPU fan headers to be on it's own 1Amp power trace.. It is very possible both are on same power trace .. same as they share the same PWM signal.Hopefully I am wrong.
Cases that a person like more the longer they use it are few and far between.
You are on PH-TC14PE thread complaining about Phanteks. Please stop doing it. You stop, I stop. As simple as that.
You make an unclear statement and I question it. Many of OCN's members do not know as much as you and me .. and often make statements / ask questions we consider common knowledge / common sense. Members thinking the big vent in PSU is exhaust has happened many times .. and I have no way of knowing what you do or don't know. .. so I asked for explanation. You blow it all out of proportion and try to lay it on me, than berate again to defend yourself. Seems you are...
Seems you are the one with a chip on their shoulder just looking for a fight. I underlined what you said because it didn't make sense.Does that mean if it was facing down it is intaking??? But when it's facing up it's exhausting???And yes PSUs usually have their intake vent facing down. I did not say always because some to face up. I see no reason for you throwing that back up.
It really is worthwhile to do a dry / practice install of cooler before doing the actual install with TIM. When I get fan clips I'm not familiar with I always R&R fans several times to get the feel of the clips. So much easier than fighting them inside of csse.
Power supplies exhaust out the end where power plugs into them. The big vent with fan behind it is intake .. usually facing down.Water cooling (at least custom loop) is usually way cooler running than air .. but it costs many times more than even top air cooling does.
Didn't read the PM. Just drop this Phanteks bashing. Very few complaints have been voiced about customer support from Phanteks compared to the number of people raving about how well Phanteks has supported them. And we all know it's those with problems who speak up first on the web, not those getting good service.
You were running 2x FHP141 fans on CPU fan header? And that they draw up to 0.65Amp each? For a total of 1.3Amp? On a motherboard fan header probably rated 1.0Amp?
Airflow is a combination of many things: Vent area Vent flow area Filter restriction Fan's ability to over come the resistance of the above What is behind fan; like HDD cage, cables, etc. Direction of airflow Exhaust placement and restrictions. Etc. Most modern aircooled cases do not address the huge amount of heat coming off of modern GPUs .. especially in regard to exhausting that heat without it mixing with cool intake air and feed warmer air to CPU cooler .. and...
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