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Have you removed the fan from CPU and cleaned the fins? Same applied to GPU. The fan pulls in dust and lint and it packs up on the front of the cooler fins until air can no longer flow properly.
I think it's a combination of all the changes made in the case.
Thanks Astote. It's easier if you remove the bottom 5.25 cover and use thumb to squeeze with fingers behind the cross piece. I've notice the crosspiece flexes back a little which makes it harder to get it to release by just pushing on it.
Most people do not understand what static pressure and airflow specifications are; Static pressure (mm H2\o0 is the maximum height the fan can push water up the tube before air stops moving. Static = stopped. the weight of water in the tube is the difference in the pressure the fan is pushing compared to pressureon the air everywhere else around it. Cubic Feet per Minute (cfm) is how much air the fan can move in open space with nothing in front or behind it. Neither is...
You might find this interesting. Gentle Typhone and Slipstream score very near identical, Grand Fles not as good. Click to on name to add / remove from graph.
Logisys MC6002GS is same as Alpenfohn Matterhorn Pure and is as good as 212.
Depends on where you live. There are several very good fans for less than $30.. and Dark Knight is not all that great. I know Hardware Secrets show it as good as NH-D14 and Dark Knight is not even close.. NH-D14 is way better cooling.
You might find this thread interesting. Phanteks PH-F140XP and NH-A14 PWM are good choice. I use many Thermalright TY-14x series fans and have modified them to be square. They than fit in Define R4 front nicely once modified. Here's a pic of TY-147 fan in front of Define R4 Here are before and after mod pics of TY-140. I painted the housing black. I cut slightly too much off. The cut should just...
Thanks Astote. How hard / easy is it to push release / latch the lower front panel? It's a problem many of use have to endure.
Why not just use a cheapo digital indoor/outdoor thermometer like I show in link below. Once system is setup there is no need for it.
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