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If you look closely I'm sure you will find there is a fine mesh under the round hole grill. It is similar to insect mesh in tents. sheer curtains or fine window screen.
NH-D14 and PH-TC14PE are same width. Cryorig R1 Ultimate is 40mm to front of cooler from centerline of CPU, 66mm with fan. Cryorig R1 Universal is 35.5mm to front of cooler, 39mm with fan.
You coulld use a plain PWM Y-splitter onto one of your PWM splitters with power.
Have you read the 2nd link in my sig? It explains how to do it. Every build is a little different, even if in the same case. Where case sets and the airflow around the case is also part of it.You now have:2x 120mm front intake1x 120mm back exhaust1x 200mm top exhaustI would say you need at least 2 more 120mm intakes.We need to flow air front to back, not bottom to top. Bottom to top moves the GPU's heated exhaust up around CPU cooler .. and there is no intake to...
I assume the GTX 780 DirectCU II model? about 200-250w of heat dumping into the case when gaming that needs to leave case without mixing with cool air going to GPU and CPU intakes.
What GPU do you have?Second link in my sig might be helpful. It's a guide to optimizing case cooling & airflow.
I've had problems with wires breaking off of the Akasa PWM splitters. I like the Swiftech 8-way PWM fan hub, but if fan leads are not long enough the Gelid works very well. I've used them more than any other with no problems. When using 3-pin fans I like the Phanteks PWM controlled 3-pin fan hub.
With very rare exception the only motherboard fan header that is PWM signal controlled is the CPU fan header and sometimes the CPU opt header You can use the supplied 4-pin PWM splitter to connect both F140HP fans to CPU fan header. As for why you cannot control the fans my guess is as I said before. Something in your Bios is not set properly.
Both are very good indeed. Silver Arrow IB-E has better PCI-e socket clearance, but only a couple mm. Reading reviews is a crap shoot. The temps are all over the place because they all use room temp as base. The problem is that most use a case to test in and cooler intake temperature changes with each cooler tested and even with different fan speeds / cfm airflow. They say it's to give us "real world" results. Again the problem is the only "real world" it applies to...
Cooler uses no power, but fans do .. and new PH-TC14PE coolers uses PH-F140HP PWM fans that sare each rated Input power of 2.8 watts or 0.24 amp at 12 volts. Volts times amps equals watts. The original PH-TC14PE cooler used PH-F140TS fans each rated 0.15 or 1.8 watts, 0.15 amp at 12 volts.
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