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Caster base does the job nicely. Also improves airflow to bottom. Not my rig, just by base.
Expansion sockets (PCIe) have standardized locations, as does the I/O opening. But CPU, RAM and most everything else is pretty much where they want to put it.
Hot air will only rise if here is no other force involved .. like even slow moving fans. What is the 360 cooling? What is your GPU? Where do you live? All the above have a significant impact on suggestions.
ASRock Z87M Extreme4 is approx 76mm center CPU to near side of 1st PCIe socket and 52mm to near side of RAM Either these measurements are incorrect or NH-D14 will fit. NH-D14 & HE01 are same width and height. Both are 146mm wide w/ fan clips and 140mm wide w/o fan clips .. and 160mm tall. HE01 is 140x122x160mm NH-D14 140x130x160mm NH-D15 150x136x165mm
Here's a 2D drawing of HE01
HE-01 is 146mm wide .. meaning 73mm center CPU toward PCIe socket. What motherboard do you have?
Phanteks cases are well built for a production case .. but they are mass produced and therefore are not perfect. They are one of the very best in their price range .. and better than many that cost much more.
Martin did a decent job in his reviews. Not perfect, but good for an "at home" testing. The mic is manual control but only 48kbps
I respectfully disagree. With braided fan cables and good cable management they can look good.And again we disagree. Rampage does not need a waterblock .or to be used to max OC. For example I'm running Rampage III w/ 980 @ 4.0GHz on air .. and it's been doing it for years now.Same applies to your one fan per header.. Fan headers are rated for 1A / 12w and most fans are less than 3w. .. meaning 3 or 4 of most fans are well below the 12w rating and present no danger of...
Sorry about that. I just looked at manual for your board and posted that page. On my older boards I'm using ET6 Smart Fan
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