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Your faith in these CLCs remains to be seen. You claim Corsar is now only paying up to $150, but laws make them pay the cost of the loss. Now Cryorig have great customer support, but what they will be doing in 4, 5, 6 years from now is .. well. 4, 5, 6 years from now. Things change dramatically a years roll by.
You found more info than I did.
Looks to be USB 3.0 to me. Blue tabs in the socket with "USB 3.0" clearly written below them Quick google shows it to be USB 3.0 too. Like you, I find no specs for SDXCOr did you find more information somewhere else?
You can have lots of airflow but if that air is hot our components will be hot too. Not saying it is too hot, but I have seen it happen many times. is owned by caseking.deWhen Caseking starts carryign Cryorig we will have them in is a Cryorig dealer, but has almost no stock.At this time the best way to get Cryorig in UK is on Amazon.
But.. But.. but, you didn't ask what the air temp going into GP and/or CPU cooler is. HZCH touched most of the bases. "Ways to Better Coolng" link in my sig may be of interest. 1st post is index, click on topic to see it. 5th is a good starting point.Define R5 is a good case and with good fans like @Michalko589 should be fine. You could try moving back exhaust to bottom intake, raise case up on with some 30-40mm spacers under the feet (airisol can caps, screw on bottle...
H100 were not very good even when brand new .. but none of the CLCs are. Good air coolers easily do as good a job of cooling with much less noise, much better reliability, much lower cost, etc. I'm seeing more and more people (like you) either having problems with heat or noise and changing back to air. Every one who has is amazed at how much quieter and often much cooler a good air cooler with case optimized to flow cool air to it performs. I'm using PH-F120MP and...
What was it better? Same image with this wording.Is it because I didn't say my cat is bigger in 2nd one?
Yes, the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 are better than SP120 at lower speeds, butEven the TY-147A is not a very good radiator fan, but only because it is low rpm. 1300rpm does not always give enough speed to cool maximum load on radiators. TY-143 is better. FYI both are not being made is square housings. Thermalbench reviewed them both the TY-147A SQ and TY-143 SQ Typhoon 1850rpm or 2150rpm either variable voltage or PWM are probably the best...
I suggest reading 5th post in this thread.You say our H100 is working properly an you have be quiet! Pure Wings 2 fans on it. These are not designed to be radiator fans being even worse on the extremely dense fin CLC radiator. 11th post in this thread explains fan P/Q curve and how fans work.
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