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Sorry, but to clarify you are saying the VM/PWM is for PWM control signal. But if not using PWM to run 12v power to this connection?Reason I ask is normally when using a PWM fan on variable voltage the PWM connection is not used at all.PWM fans run on contanat 12v volt with no PWM signal .. same as a variable voltage fan at full load. Then just vary the voltage to change speed.
6400rpm 63dB That's not a fan, it's a jet engine. What its it's idle speed? Specs: Rated voltage 12 V10.2 ~ 13.8 V Operating current 1.85 A Rated input 22.2 W Output Rated speed 6400 min-1 Maximum air flow (m3/min) 5.94 m3/min Maximum air flow (CFM) 210 CFM Maximum static pressure (Pa) 342 Pa Maximum static pressure (inchH2O) 1.37 inchH2O (34.8mmH2O) Sound pressure [db (A)] 63 dB[A]
34c during boot is not uncommon. 60c full load is not bad,
I'm pretty sure you mean cooler base block, as in the big copper block the heatpipes are in that sets on top of IHS, and not the mounting cooler mounting plates.
Sounds like you have a mess. More fans might mean more air moving around, but that does not mean better cooling. I suggest you take a look at "Ways to Better Cooling" linked in my sig. 1st post is index, click on topic to see it. 5th post is a good place to start.
What is the model number?
As stated, don't use Prime. Use something like X264 stress test or just Handbrake set to use 'high' priority. Maybe use 2 sessions of Handbrake at same time. That will definitely use 100% CPU.Component temps are highly dependent on component cooler intake air temp. With air coolers temps are almost a 1 : 1 ration beteen intake air temp and compoent temp; if intake air is 22c and CPU is 45c, if air rises to 25c CPU will be 48c .. and if air rises to 32c CPU will be cc...
paper, cardboard, tape, self-sticking vinyl in pattern/color to match build theme, Put it on both sides of tray and cut out the openings needed. Probably best to cut out holes on each side as it's installed with a slender sharp knife like a scalpel.
H110 is 280x140x28mm of cooling area. X41 is 140x140x36mm of cooling area .. about half as much. Most GPUs make about twice as much heat as CPUs do. In other words it's not a problem for a much bigger CPU radiator to be using air 2-5c warmer than GPU coolers are using.
You can only flow as much air in through the radiators as can flow out of case. 4x vent areas into case and 1 or 2 vent areas out means the intakes will only flow as much as the 1 or 2 exhausts flow out. What flow is must flow out .. or .. what flows out must flow in. It really is as simple as that. You can only put 8 pounds on noodles in a 2 pound bag.
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