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Speaking of fan specs versus actual performance, here is the P-Q graph of several fans I added the 1.0mm H2O airflow numbers to show how real world use compares to specs. And here is the temp & db(a) for120mm fan pull. Now miklkit can quit pouting.
As already stated, keep the D15. It is much better, more dependable and quieter than CLC coolers. I'm seeing more and more CLC users drying out as born-again airheads.
Contact Noctua customer service and explain the problem include link to the video.
I think we have proved nothing but that a box fan gives those temps. Anything else is an assumption.
Honestly, I haven't a case yet that performs at it's best right out of the box. At the very least most need more fans. My Enthoo Primo and Define R2 are quite good out of the box, but are even better after modding.
Good! Please let us know how it performs.
I understand the quandary. But without know what the cooler intake air temp is we are only guessing .. and those graphs are classic for intake air temp changing. Please keep in mind fan speed does not mean air is flowing where it's needs, it can simply be "airblow" without helping the cooling .. and sometimes even hindering cooling. I'm not saying this is the problem, just that it might be.
The drawing is what I think it should be. Sorry, should have said it cannot be removed from case, but I sure wish it was removable.That is a great idea. I added the airflow at 1.0mm H2O to the graph to show how fan specifications are deceptive. Notice how the 3 lowest static pressure fans stop flowing air at less than 1.0mm H2O while the 2 lowest cfm fans are moving 3 & 7cfm respectively.This is why we need the P-Q graph for all fans.
This is a common problem with modern cases that allow the use of 120 and 140mm fans .. and some even 200mm fans. Putting a 200mm fan over the mounting framework lowers airflow and increases noise even more. Enthoo Pro and Enthoo Luxe front 200mm fan in case with 120, 140 & 200mm fan mounts are example of this
My guess is the first is a result of increased fan speed and air movement through case lowering cooler intake air temp resulting in cooler CPU. Second is case not flowing as much air as needed and cooler intake air temp keeps rising as CPU increases in temp and cooler exhaust increase in temp. This is why I asked what the cooler intake air temps are.
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