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Looks very nice! Am interested in how you are doing this install.
I would use an air cooler. As a general rule, air coolers are cheaper to buy, make less noise, last much longer and are much quieter. But before I will make any suggestions I need to know what model case you have, what motherboard and what RAM you are using. Also where you buy online. That way I will know what will fit and what is available to you. Also your budget please. The stock cooler should keep stock system cool. If it's not my guess is your case is not...
Nice to you you are still with us. Good job. +rep If you can test the Thermalright TY-147, TY-147A and TY-143 I would love to see the results.
Low to mide 20s .. similar to yours. The PH-TC14PE cools the about the same with stock fans as TY-143 up to 1300rpm. I got about 5c more at full speed with extreme overclocks.Thanks. That one died so I'm using an old EAH6850 in that system. Wife is using my GTX580
Indeed. If the custom color shrouds sell well, I suspect the price will come down.
I have TY-143 fans on my red PH-TC14PE System idles in mid to upper 20s @ 700rpm and stresses in the 50s @ 1000-1150rpm. Can barely hear it. At about 1100rpm I can just hear them moving air .. just enough to know system is working hard.
The stock shrouds are 6.99. The custom painted ones are $11.99.But you can spend that same $11.99 for paint and more for primer, sand paper, etc. and paint them yourself if that's what you want to do.
Silver Arrow IB-E Extreme is .. well .. extreme! It is a wolf in sheep's clothing. The TY-143 fans will run up to 2500rpm @ 130cfm free airflow, have good pressure and when ran below 1300rpm (they will slow down to 650-700rpm) sound the same as the other TY-14x series fans .. very low noise level. At full speed they are loud .. as loud as H100 is. But SA IB-E Extreme preforms as well as H100 at 1300rpm and exceeds it at 2500rpm at same noise level. Here is a test...
A15 is like TY-147 in both performance and shape.NF-A14 PWM is square version of TY-14x series fans. I have not personally used any but they should work very well I would probably get 3 of them for front and bottom intakes. They will be all you need. Exhaust fans are optional and probably make no difference. Without knowing what you have available and pricing it's hard to say what is best choice.
Go to hear it's not a real problem.
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