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How are you measuring 19dBA?Reason I ask is most everywhere is about 28dBA .. and most sound meters start registering at about 30dBA
Looks very nice! How much clearance is there between GPU and cooler intake fan? Looks rather close. Should have 30+ mm clearance. More is better. 140mm fan has about 140 sq cm of flow area. 30mm wide gap from motherboard up over top of fan and back to motherboard is 126sq cm .. 35mm is 147sq cm. of airflow area.
Thanks!Bill does very good reviews.
Another option for USB is to use a USB hub. I find it handier than USB leads on front of case and mine is axillary powered so can be used as a charger for other USB devices as well.
TRUE Spirit 140 Power performs as well as NH-D14 .. Actually it's 0.7c warmer and 2.5dBA quieter. But 0.7c is well within the +/-1c tolerance of error and we probably can't hear 2.5dBA of difference anyway .. So both have same performance. TY-143 fan 1200rpm to 2500rpm with 1 fans is 8.4c better, 2 fans is 9.3c better. TY-143 at 1200rpm is same as TY-147 at 1200rpm, and the difference between 1200rpm and 1300rpm is maybe 1c at most. Lenny's TY-147 fan had a...
Have you tried contacting Antec customer support about a USB module replacement?
Your idle temp are fine, but what are your full load temps now\? What case and components do you have? What case fans and how are they setup?
The filters are not too thick / restrictive, but some stock case fans are not powerful enough to overcome the filters resistance. To put it another way, many stock case fans are very wimpy fans and are not suitable for anything but open space use .. and I know of no real world place they are any good .. except maybe setting on your desk to blow air on you on a hot day.
Really, the P180 is not a bad case. In fact, with a few mods it would be a very nice case.The mods I would suggest are:Add 2x intake vents in bottom; one for PSU and one in front of PSU.Mod the case divider to allow front bottom intake and bottom middle intake to flow air up into motherboard area of case.Put some magnetic mounting filters on all intakes. Silverstone and Demciflex have tiem.Raise case so it is 35-40mm between bottom of case and what it sets on to give...
Using one fan versus two is not a problem for the fan. Cooler will loose a couple of degrees in cooling ability and fan will need to run a little faster too, but no big deal. Still haven't tested Dark Rock Pro 3. Will post results when I do.
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