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If front fan on top is intake, unplug the back fan on top. Otherwise the form a airflow loop .. each intaking the air the other is exhausting. Case airflow needs to be greater than CPU & GPU fans. If it is not there is no way they can cool without re-using / intaking their own heated exhaust. Case cooling link is sig may be helpful.
That's plenty hot. I would not touch any of the CLC systems. They really are not as good as top air .. or just barely. LQ310 is not quite as good as H100, which is not quite as good as H100i. You can easily see how much better top air is than H100i. Other top air are Phanteks PH-TC14PE Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E or better SB-E Extreme Thermalright Silver Arrow IB-E, or better IB-E Extreme Logisys (DeepCool) Gamer Storm Assassin Silver Arrow SB-E & IB-E Extreme...
We really need to know what your system is, like a list of all components. As above a pic helps too.
Vengeance Pro is 44mm so should just fit. RAM socket raises RAM 3mm . PH-TC14PE has about 52mm from bottom fin to motherboard. Should have 5mm clearance.
I mean like this.
I'm from Missouri. I find it extremely hard to believe an IF reading off of edge of IHS setting under a heatsink isn't several degrees cooler than the actual chip.
petkovski, Dave probably didn't take his medication today. We can't monitor CPU temp with an IF sensor .. unless you want to try running your CPU with no cooler on it. : tatmMRKIV Does that really matter? Aren't the software reading good enough for our needs?
Best case it that will only give you surface temp of what point is touching or the temp within the area of the IF cone. Neither is applicable for monitoring CPU temperature.petkovskiGenerally CPU sensors are more accurate the closer to the maximum allowable temperature. AMD are notorious for reading way low at or near room temperature, but are more accurate the closer to maximum operating temp they get. At 55-60c they will be 1 - 2c off, while at 30c they may be 10c or...
Sure does look like the 30mm on ebay. You might be able to find one closer to home by searching for "30mm 12v fan" or similar. Good Luck!
Thermalright AXP-100 (L119mm x W105mm x H58mm) and the larger AXP-200 (L150 mm x W140 mm x H73 mm) are quite good and quiet. I ran an AXP-100 on a i7 920 and was amazed. Had 100% load temps of 69-70c @ 1500rpm (couldn't hear fan inside of case) in 21.5c room. Amazon has it for $49.95 delivered. It's the Power version so has black & white fan, but same exact cooler and fan except...
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