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I would try the fan using some rubber bands to hold it on. If it works out then use some zip-ties. I fyou don't know how to use zip-ties, ehume has a tutorial in his sig to how they work.
Aerocool DS Cube has 190mm CPU clearance. 980M Pro has 92mm from center CPU to near side of first PCIe socket and 51mm to RAM socket Hyper X Fury is 32.8mm tall .. meaning you need a cooler and fan that have 28mm from bottom of cooler to bottom of fins and/or fan. As MicroCat said, TRUE Spirit 140 rev.A is a smoking deal at $40 + post. It cools as well as NH-D14 .. which cools as well as NH-D15 with same fans. IMHO NH-D15 & NH-D15S are grossly overpriced. They are no...
As already said, case is not a problem. Kingston Hyper X includes 4 different models of RAM. What motherboard? The distance between top PCIe socket and CPU socket is rather important.
Let us know what CPU, case, RAM and budget. Then we can give intelligent answers. 9 out or 10 times pancake coolers will work better pulling air away from CPU .. like 5-15c better.
Running them the way you are is definitely using PWM signal to control. If you didn't have a PWM signal the fans would always run full speed on the 12v from PSU.
As said, not easy to do. Why control case airflow based on PSU wattage? Why not use heat? Most mobos have heat sensor controlled fan headers for CPU and mobo, as do GPUs. Using watts is kinda like trying to cool your car based on horsepower or fuel consumption at any given time.
I've built several Defines' and helped many others on airflow and fans. Most are PWM case fans using CPU_fan header and/or GPU_fan header. There are several post in "Ways to Better Cooling" link in my sig. 1st post is index. Just click on relevant subjects. I'm a lazy git, and got tired of re-posting same thing over and over.
May I suggest you look at "Ways to Better Cooling" linked in my sig. There is a indexed guide to several guides about case cooling and how to control with variable voltage and/or PWM.
As ciarlatano said, the warmed exhaust from psu and GPU that is going out the back will be brought back in by rear intake. How many fans are on your GPU? 92mm fans are 30-40cfm at speed, so we need at least 80-150cfm when GPU is under heavy load, more is better .. to a point. We also need fans bringing air into case to feed the 360mm radiator exhausting out the top. Again, at least as much cfm coning in as 360 using .. of course this is in addition to the GPU case...
Caster base does the job nicely. Also improves airflow to bottom. Not my rig, just by base.
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