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You say thicker blade for more static pressure.To me this drawing shows the definition of each dimension. Is this the same as yours?
Silver Arrow IB-E is slightly better than Silver Arrow SB-E with what ever fan is used .. as long as they are both using same fans at same speeds.
Case is 180mm but CPU clearance is 150mm without fan in side panel. Without knowing where you live it is hard to recommend a cooler because prices and availability vary so much. Thermalright TRUE Spirit 120M, 120M (BW) & 120M (BW) Rev. A are 145mm tall and set back on base so distance from center of CPU to front of fan is 40mm, so unless your RAM is very close to CPU the fan will fit between RAM and CPU. TRUE Spirit 120M is a better cooler than 212 If you can supply...
That is how a 'Y' splitter is supposed to be. On fan has rpm, ground and power and other only has ground and power. As said above, motherboard header can only read on rpm signal on a header. Feeding two rpm signals can confuse the rpm reading because twice as many pulses as should be are going to header. If pulses are in sync & phase with each other there is no problem, but if they are not the header cannot read them properly.
Sorry to hear that.I did some more digging and the LGA2011-1 Z-height is 0.467mm shorter than LGA2011-3. How much that will affect mounting with spring loaded mounts I don't know, but so far most manufactures do not seem to be worried about it.Z-height:LGA2011-0 8.014mm +/-0.34mmLGA2011-3 8.481mm +/-0.270mmdifference = 0.467mm
3 fans making 35dBA each make 44dBA all together.I can't hear 3 TY-140 fans at 800rpm a meter away. The loudest thing in the case is the HDD. I can hear it when it works. At 1000rpm I hear them but just. It's air noise. Above 1200rpm I start to hear the motor.Here is a link to sound clips of coolers at 800rpm and full speed
Wow! There at is not an easy question to answer. There are many variables involved here; appearance, noise level, case size and airflow, overclocking or not, GPU size and heat displacement to name a few. I will gladly discuss this with you, but I think it would be best to start a thread rather than do it on the Cryorig R1 thread.I only have the screw pillars that come with cooler. Is it the pillar / spacer part or the length of the thread that is different?IFX-14 is a...
Definition:semanticsthe meaning of a word, phrase, or text.plural noun: semantics"such quibbling over semantics may seem petty stuff""Cooler intake" is not the same as "room ambient." .. and the example of it above "such quibbling over semantics" is not what I was doing.No just using an open test system does not always mean the cooler intake air temp is the same as the room. It often is not. But without actually monitoring the cooler intake there is no way of knowing...
Facts say your are wrong mate. The air temp going into case is not the same as the air temp going into the cooler. That is a fact. Put a sensor in front of cooler intake and one in front of case intake and watch the cooler intake temp rise when you stress the system / game. I've tested this many times and so have others. Game over.
But all other factors are not the same. The simple fact is SA IB-E is a little better.Your theory was false because you did not include all the variables .. and I don't care about hearing any new theories. I would rather rely on good factual testing results. Oh, and Cryorig R1 Ultimate is just as good as Silver Arrow IB-E.
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