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You might find the second link in my sig helpful in figuring out what will most likely keep your case cool.
The Thermalright TY- 140, 141, 143 and 147 are definitely very good fans that most people know little about. I have modified a bunch in over the years to fit into 140x140mm square places.
As long as RAM is of reasonable height it shouldn't matter that the RAM sockets are moved lower. As for the CPU socket, there is no standard for it's placement either. But the removal of the top PCI-e socket increases the distance from CPU to PCI-e by a little over 20mm .. and that makes a big difference to the cooler clearance.
The TRUE Spirit 140 coolers come in 3 basic types: Standard TRUE Spirit 140 with no nickel plating on 6x 6mm heat pipes and TY-140 fan with old style fan clips TRUE Spirit 140 (BW) (same cooler) with TY-147 black / white fan (same fan as TY-140 except color) with new style fan clips. Both clips work. TRUE Spirit 140 (BW) Rev. A is newest and I haven't seen it yet. It has an offset base and lower height with with 6x 6mm heat pipes. It is nickel plated and has black top...
NF-A15 is / are very good. I've been playing on my NH-D15 with the A15s and TY-140 / 147 and can't tell enough difference to be sure there is any. TY-143s perform and sound the same up to 1500rpm. Above 1500rpmcooling does does improve, but they get noisier the faster they go.I assume you know the NF-A15 that Noctua supplies on coolers is 1500rpm while the ones we can buy are 1200rpm .. can't buy the 1500rpm version.
There is no smaller version of PH-TC14PE. Not one made by Phanteks.PH-TC14PE out performs CLC hands down. And if you lower the CLC noise pollution level to that of air coolers CLCs are 5-9c hotter. These are facts easily verified by looking at reviews with good case airflow or bench testing. Air coolers are quieter, cooler, cheaper, less to worry about, less failures, and if a fan dies system still works. When a pump fails there is no cooler at all.As for looking...
Those "copper piins" are the ends of the heatpipes. The CNPS9900 cools okay, but it is quite loud.TRUE Spirit 140 Power is as good as top coolers.Here is testing with TY-143 fan on both TRUE Spirit 140 Power and NH-D14. 1200rpm results are representative of stock fan / fans on both coolers.
Do you know what the distance from top PCI-e socket to center of CPU is? Or what the distance from our 212 to back of GPU PCB is? There may be other / better coolers that will fit.
No problem. Thanks for the thanks. Please let me know what you end up with and how it works. Always nice to know .. either it supports my beliefs or make me re-think what i was thinking.
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