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Do not move the tree! If you do make sure you intake is getting hotter air!
Not all fan PWM PCBs perform the same. Thermalright TY-147 and TY-147 A are good example of how same basic fans have very different PWM : RPM speeds on same PWM signal. All but TY-143 have same specs, but TY-147 A has different PWM to RPM curve.
I agree, PWM control is better. Definitely will idle slower than variable voltage and give almost infinite speed adjustment. But PWM motors are pretty much the same motor as variable voltage motors are. In fact Nidec's / Scythe high speed Gentle Typhoon fans were sold wired variable voltage and have a PWM PCB in them .. only need the PWM signal lead added to be PWM controlled.
I don't see that much difference in how the front of Primo is from Luxe .. but Pro looks different. Primo is obviously much taller .. it is a bigger case. But otherwise not much difference in general appearance.
While there may be some PWM fans that don't like variable voltage, most don't care one way or the other. For example Thermalright say their TY-14x series fan are fine running on variable voltage.
Fair qustion.I assumed it was rather obviou so hadn't explained in detail.We want the temperature of air entering cooler, so obviously in the airflow in front of cooler.I usually put it about 3 inches in front of cooler intake about 2/3rds of the way above RAM kinda like these images.Here is one of the sensors I made from a simple indoor/outdoor thermometer with wired outdoor sensor.Rant:What it the intake temp of that Xmas tree?
Cooler intake air temp is the critical temperature on anything using air to cool. Not saying it's the only thing that could be or is wrong with many reviews, but it is definitely one of the things not being done properly. You many not be monitoring the cooler intake air temp, but you are using a system that you know the cooler intake air temp is very close to room ambient if not the same. Even more important, if you were getting crazy results like those reviewers we...
Using molex for 5v or 12v is fine, but doing 7v can be risky. To get the 7v, 5v of power is back-feeding into PSU. Most of the time people get away with dong this, but it is much safer to use a resistor inline on 12v power lead.
Trying to put a gaming system in these small cases with extremely limited airflow is a common mistake. We need at the very least as much case airflow as CPU and GPU coolers move. In this build you have 2x 92mm fans on GPU and another fan on CPU .. approximately 120-140cfm of airflow. Case only has 1x 120mm vent and 1x 80mm vent making it nearly impossible to move as much air though the case as components need.Add to this that stock CPU cooler is pushing air down inward...
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