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Would love to have a play with the H240-X. Even if I am a confirmed air-head.
Aahh! A true ghetto builder. Do you have a junk-yard dog too.
3c is quite good .. better than I would have expected. between air and AiO. I'm guessing room ambient was your usual 20c? That being the case, 29-32c cooler / radiator intake is significantly higher. It would be interesting to see what they all could do at same 33dB as NH-D15 does.
LOLYes, it was way out of character for you. Apology accepted. I was not so much jumping you but more trying it nip it in the bud so others would not make similar statements. You knowledge and help is greatly appreciated .. and I'm assuming other agree. You are a great help to us here.
correcting misinformation is not the problem.Mentioning me is not a problem either.But sayingis what got my hackles up. Correct misinformation all you want. Just don't think I will let you "say whatever you want," because if you step over the line I will not back you up .. Wouldn't be the first time I reported someone to the Mods .. and I'm sure it wouldn't be the last time either. It is a good AIO compared to CLCs, but can't hold a candle to Swiftech. I'm t surprised...
@ ciarlatano, probably not much difference in your systems with all the good airflow and attention to detail you do. But it's nice to rule out the difference if there is any.
Indeed!Being able to store data and see graph is quite nice. Graph is not adjustable in time duration, but with low price I cope with the simple little program.
Thanks! I like using both; TY-147 on cooler and TY-147A on case. Using same PWM signal the case fans spin slowier than cooler during most of rpm range.
Was joking about stretching the rubber bands.
I think most to lots of testing to be sure most things will fit, but there are so many possibilities it is near impossible to not miss a few things.Primo is very nice, but it is also very big. I love mine, but could easily (and would) move everything I have in it into an Enthoo Luxe in a heartbeat.My understanding is teh Kelvin has a rather low powered pump compared to some. It's fine as built, but questionable if wanting to expand.
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