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Far too many people see "water cooling" is synonymous with "better cooling". It's not. Another example of this kind of marketing that sells "mountain bikes" with rough riding hard to peddle knobby trail tyres to people living in cities using them to commute on paved paths, streets and sidewalks where normal smooth tyres are more fit for purpose .. riding much smoother, much easier to pedal and quieter too.
I was referring to this part of your postSo now instead of apologizing for posting only part of the info needed, you throw a hissy-fit and try ridiculing me?Wow!How about you post the link to where you got that info from? At least then we could see how you got the wrong info. That does not excuse posting it without verifying it's truth, but would at least we could see who did start this rumor/gossip in the first place.
Only the NH-D14 SE2011 has PWM fans. Can you get Thermalright TY-14x fans there? As I don't know where you live and shop online it's hard to make suggestions, but the TY-140, 141, 143, 147 and new 147 A are very good fans. Here I can get them for about 6 quid each. Might requires a little planning to attach them, but others have done it.
Group them into two groups. One along the right side of case and one along the left side of case. Zip-ties, velcro ribbon, twist ties, etc. all work The object is to have unobstructed airflow from fan to GPU and CPU. Airflow moving around the wires causes turbulence and slows / restricts airflow. An example of this is the use of snow fences to disrupt wind (airflow) slowing it down so the snow drops into a pile behind the fence.
They spec at 41dBA but that is open air noise level. Mounted on cooler or grill / filter combinations the noise will be about 60dBA .. for a single fan. 6x fans will be about 70dB .. and that is loud. As for power and control, check out the link in my sig about PWM control of case fans.
I saw your post, but have no idea what the problem is. Sorry.
My use of NH-D15, TC14-PE, R1 Ultimate, Silver Arrow IB-E Dark Rock Pro 3 etc. show them all to have similar noise levels and similar cooling. Less than 3dBA and/or less than 3c difference. In real world use that isn't enough to make a difference. Usually the air going into cooler can be lowered more than 3c with a little adjustment and tuning of case airflow.
NH-D14 is quite good. With same fans on both NH-D14 and NH-D15 the performance is similar. Even with stock fans the difference is only 2-3c.
If you are not using your HDD cage and / or can put HDDs somewhere else (like on the bottom) the cages are usually held in with pop-rivets. It is pretty easy to drill out the head of the rivet and take them out. Here's a link to simple way to drill off the head.
Opening up an eBay window and searching for DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module LM2596 as Imitationcrabme posted shows all kinds of them being advertised, most have specs and say 2-3A depending. That translates to 24-36 watt.I don't understand why people don't look up this sort of info themselves. Maybe it's like calling a story, them answering with name of store and than caller asking them if this is the store.
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