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I can see the rational of your hypothesis. Give it a try! Worst case is you have to change it back.
Expansion slots have standardized locations. Not X16, x8, x4, x1 placement stands, but PCIe in general. But is there a standard placement for CPU and RAM sockets? I see center CPU to 1st PCIe socket from 57mm (GA-F2A88XN-WiF which is AMD), 62mm (Foxcom H55, EVGA X99 FTW) to 100mm (EVGA Z97 Stinger) from center CPU.
Don't know what are flying on but it's definitely not real.
Sounds like a good/bad; bad/good kind of thing.
Rule of thumb, if there is any resistance (grill, filter, etc.) use pressure rated fans. Which is why I always use pressure rated fans.
No idea why, sorry. But will be watching this thread to see what you find out.
Interesting. While AnandTech says exactly what instruments they use to measure pressure and flow, they are very vague about their "custom apparatus" used, When I read "custom apparatus designed for this specific purpose" flashing red & blue lights and and loud alarms started going off. instruments to measure airflow, pressure and noise are easy to get.The "apparatus" needed...
I've never mounted on 2011. Always on 115x or 1366 so did it all from back of mobo so can't help. sorry.
Me thinks near side of 1st PCIe socket is about 77mm from center CPU and near side of RAM is about 55mm from center. Should fit no problem with PCIe socket, Not sure about RAM height. Measure from center of motherboard mount screw to PCIe and add 40mm. 2011 mount is 80mm square.
I need to get at least 1 more FHP141, better yet 2 more and do some testing of my own. I have a Cogage Arrow (basically same as original Silver Arrow) with 39mm between fin packs, so it would be a good test rig. That and make a shroud to increase the TY-143 to 38-39mm to hold airflow through middle fan and we should be able to get some more data. Hopefully ehume will do some testing of both fans too.
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