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When the heatpipes in fin pack are aligned with airflow the cooling ability gets progressively lower as air cools each pipe and get warmer the farther / more pipes it flows past .. resulting in the base being cooler on side closest to air source.When the heatpipes in fin pack are aligned across the airflow they all get the same airflow temp and cooling Each successive layer of pipe gets less cooling, but the heatpipe base is evenly cooled.How much difference it makes I do...
When using PWM splitters like the Swiftech the problem is obviously not the amp rating of the motherboard, but the PWM signal strength. Add to this the fans whos' fans do not recognize the PWM signal unless it is very strong (eloop & Corsair) as well as different kinds and strengths of PWM signal and you have PWM fans running full speed.Motherboards (& fan controllers) do not all use the same PWM architecture to generate the PWM signal.Fans do not all use the same PWM...
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The cooling will be more evenly spread across the CPU & GPU IHS if coolers are stacked. Reason is that each laywer of pipes all receive the same temperature of air. Laying cooler on their side means air gets hotter with the heat from each pipe as it progresses from one side of cooler to the other.
I'm sure you will be happy with the TRUE Spirit 120. I have a couple of them in systems. One is Ultra 120A, the original 4-pipe of what became the TRUE Spirit 120 and it's still going strong. Had to update the mount and am using a PWM fan on it now. .
While TRUE Spirit 120 is not as good as Ultra 120eXtreme, it is still a good cooler. If you need more cooling you might like the Scythe Mugen 4 (6x 6mm pipes & 130x88x156,45 mm)
AXP-100 is a great cooler. You may find using the fan to pull air out of cooler gives better temps than pushing air into it. This is often true of pancake coolers.
Availability depends on where you are. They are available here in UK and in most of Europe. If you cannot get the R1 Ulitmate, the R1 Universal has same cooling ability if front fan is changed to 25mm XF140 fan. post #1329 shows the difference between the Universal and Ultimate and in my testing I can't find any difference in performance when both have same fans.
In order for warranty to be valid you have to register the cooler and fans. If you have not registered the product you are putting Cryorig in an loose / loose position. How can the supply you with fans if you did not register so they know you have the cooler?
The PWM fan splitter is only sending one fan speed signal to the motherboard. Each header can only monitor one fan speed.
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