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I have to wonder if there is even such a thing being considered. Image looks like its computer generated rather than a real cooler.
It would be nice to contact Corsair engineer. geggeg, could you get engineer's email and PM it to sdch? Then Corsair could send a pickup label to sdch and he could send the fans directly to engineer.
What a load of carp! They should never have been allowed to patent that. It is just normal radial fan design with a axial on front.Patents are supposed to be for new concepts, not re-using traditional design.
I agree with psyclum 2x PCIe back slot area is much to small a flow area .. made even smaller by connections to monitor. Even a 4x slot opening would be marginal for axial fans It would need a radial fan to build enough pressure to overcome the resistance from fin area and small back vent area even with 4x slots. I think a PCIe slot extension turning the card so it's running bottom to top and on it's side would be a better concept with a cooler and fans flowing air from...
You have a point? Is it sometimes called a conehead?
Those are actually low for TY-143, but maybe that because I posted NF-F12 3000 rpm graph. Here is NF-A14 / A15 fans compared to TY-147A & TY-143. "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" comes to mind.
What are you trying to cool with it?
What Gilles3000 said.
4-pin fan headers mean little. The CPU fan headers are probably PWM control, but all others are likely variable voltage. Some may even be fixed voltage. For case fan using GPU temperature it varies. Some motherboards have a header than is regulated by GPU heat. Read your manual. They often say what headers are controlled by what temps.
What case do you have, what case fans & their placement and what are your temps now?
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