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Use a tower cooler rather than a pancake/downflow/flat cooler. With case rear exhaust vent behind CPU the heated exhaust air from cooler goes back and out of case so the heated exhaust air does not mix with cool intake air going into tower cooler. Pancake cooler push down, so air hits motherboard turning it out, then it hits RAM and GPU etc. turning up along sides of cooler and fan where it can and often is drawn back into cooler. I think of coolers as a long term...
You are designing an airblow, not and airflow case. 2x front and 1x bottom middle intakes are plenty of airflow, even with no exhaust fans.Front top fan is only steeling the airflow from front to CPU cooler. Dont' use a fan there. Move it forward and use it as an intake instead of the .5.25 bay intake. Rear bottom intake is at the least a waste and very probably lowering total front to back airflow.
There is not 'best fan', but some good case fans would help. 3x 120mm fans move approximately the same amount of air as 2x 140mm fans. Phanteks PH-F140XP or PH-F140MP are good and reasonable priced. Noctua NF-A14 PWM are good, but high priced.
212 is 158.5mm tall. Many 120mm fanned coolers and most 140mm fanned coolers will be too tall to fit. Reviews say 165mm cooler will fit. "we managed fit a 165mm CPU cooler, although we wouldn't advise going much taller than that." Another site says 160mm How much do you want to spend and what country are you in? Then...
Good information. Thanks!
And you do not seem to be aware that the compression stroke is compressing air and vaporized fuel, no liquid. If it's a petrol engine the fuel is mixed with air on it's way to cylinder. If it's a diesel engine it is a timed injection directly into combustion chamber for an injector that is pushing the diesel under such high pressure it vaporized out of the injector. diesel injecters have such a small hole that water cannot go through it. and will break the injector. ...
Please explain what liquid in an internal combustion engine is compressed to help detonation and how it is done.
Is the radiator full of lint behind the fan?
I was wondering what the case CPU clearance is too. Just wanted to rule out fixable problems first.
I just finished reading the motherboard literature and agree with @josepi about using 4th PCIe socket. The top socket is absurdly close to CPU.
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