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If you are not using your top PCIe X1 socket you can easily fit the TRUE Spirit 140 Power If you are interested in it, I can post info comparing it to NH-D14 and others
I don't know of a "Phanteks Pro M" case. As far as I know they are all "Enthoo Pro M". Is this the case you have? would not use a top exhaust. The reasons are many but basically it's all about wanting front to back airlfow so the heated air coming off of GPU does not move up around CPU cooler and warm up the CPU cooler intake airflow. Try just moving your rear exhaust fan to 2nd front...
I stated the facts involved in my post, you are they one out of line here by taking a simple pun name change and ranting on with accusations of homophobia
It's not like TV or newpaper are always truthful, but at least there are some laws they have to stay within.The Israeli occupation and settlement of Palestine in USA was and is not reported as an i invasion of another country .. and any time the Palestinians fight against Israel they are 'terrorists' not Plaestinian resistance fighters .. like all the resistance groups that fought against Germany in WWII or are now fighting aginst Russia. The facts are Israel invaded...
Did you ever hear back from Tt about this?Just curious about their CS these days.
Indeed.Or more like "please look at my website / YouTube" to improve the number of hits they get. Sadly search engines give us lists based on website hits, not how how relevant the site is to our search criteria .. or how accurate site information is. Regrettably t he internet is now the world's greatest source of miss-information for the uninformed. Very few users know enough to dig deep enough to find the truth.
I do that all the time.
Changing my Enthoo Luxe from 2x 200 to 2x 140mm made a big difference. I know of many other people who had the same experience with Enthoo Luxe, Pro and Evolv cases that came stock with 200mm front intake. On Phanteks case thread it is almost always done.My Evolv ATX came with 2x 140mm fans.
geggeg (Thermalbench) says 4x ML 120s worked fine on his PWM splitter/hub.
PWM splitters do not drop the voltage .. never. PWM splitters and fans always supply and use 12v power, so if he was saying anything about less than 12 volts he was blowing smoke with no fire .. simply put does not know what he is talking about. Well, if someone was to put too many fans on a fan header or even a PSU Sata or Molex it is possible to draw too much amperage and cause the voltage to drop .. but something would short out and smoke would appear before the...
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