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Thermalright AXP-100 (L119mm x W105mm x H58mm) and the larger AXP-200 (L150 mm x W140 mm x H73 mm) are quite good and quiet. I ran an AXP-100 on a i7 920 and was amazed. Had 100% load temps of 69-70c @ 1500rpm (couldn't hear fan inside of case) in 21.5c room. Amazon has it for $49.95 delivered. It's the Power version so has black & white fan, but same exact cooler and fan except...
Good job! Blue LED accent looks nice. Just curious, but would it be possible to cut the Antec housing to match the Phanteks shape? Something like this maybe?
I've been following Ciarlatano's testng and review. He does good work. Decided to use his results to show how even the best AIO and CLC perform against top tier air coolers. Edit: I'm pretty sure the only coolers not a factory sealed CLC that has a fill plug or can have components changed is the Swiftech H220 & H220-X.
You an me both mate.
I'm assuming most of the airflow is toward back, but there are fins and open area on blower toward front so some airflow that way. I doubt it it gets very warm.
To all;We must be very careful what we post now that Ciariatano is here. I think he may hate CLCs more than anyone..
Fan headers are rated in how much power they support, not number of fans. Most are 1 amp or more at 12 volts .. which is 12 watts total load limit. As long as you do not exceed that with the total wattage of all fans going to header you have no problem. I always lower that by 10% just to be extra safe. so 10.8w total. That is 7x 1.5w fans, or 5x 2w fans, or 3x 3w & 1x 1.5w fans, 2x 2w & 1x 6w fans, etc. or less on each fan header.
Removed for painting or just painted? I've had good luck painting housings without removing fan. Carefully mask the fan and spray the housing. Hardest part is the face of motor mounting strips behind fan blades. This is where a felt marker the same color comes in handy. Used black felt maker to do housings on a couple of TY-140 fans. Had to look real close to see the were not originally black.
Three possibilities come to mind:1. Dust / lint is restricting airflow thorugh radiator .. common problem. When was the last time you cleaned it?2. TIM has dried out and isn't doing it's job .. often new TIM solves the problem.3. Pump is wearing out and not moving coolant like it should .. common problem as these CLCs age.
Air goes out both ends.
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