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Nan's Gaming Gear sell Thermalright, but don't show it in stock. Try contacting them, and if they can't help contact Thermalright. Please let me know how it goes.
I use TY-143 fans all the time. My systems run 1000-1200rpm 99% of their life, but the few times I play with overclocking or have extremely hot days they have ran as fast as 2300rpm. As miklkit says. rarely get loud. But sure is nice to have the reserve if / when needed.
The Extreme is 5-8c better.The TY-141 sounds about the same as TY-140, 147 and 147 A at same rpm .. and so does the TY-143. But when TY-143 is used at speeds above 1300rpm (the maximum speed of the others) it will get progressively louder.Problem is many reviewers are not monitoring the temperature of air going into cooler and are instead using the temp of air in the room. The TY-143 fan moves almost twice as much air as a normal fan. and if system is not adjusted to...
Here's a chart showing how Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 cooler compare to other top coolers Keep in mind the NH-D15 has 1500rpm fans compared to True Spirit 140 using 1300rpm fans. That is most of the 3c difference.
TRUE Spirit 140 rev.A performs and sound very similar to NH-D14. If you can squeeze the TRUE Spirit 140 Power in (it's 171mm and Define R4 is spec'ed as 170mm), it is a little better, especially with high performance fan. Here's thread for TRUE Spirit 140 Power and TRUE Spirit 140 rev.A
That is correct.Silver Arrow SB-E has one each, 74cfm 1300rpm TY-141 & 84cfm 1100rpm TY-150 fans.Silver Arrow IB-E has two 74cfm 1300rpm TY-141 fansBoth Extreme versions have two 130cfm 2500rpm TY-143 fans.All have same noise and performance up to 1300rpmExtreme versions just have more airflow & cooling from 1300rpm up to 2500rpm
I use front and bottom as intake. Top can be problematic. We only want top intakes in front of CPU cooler intake and never have exhaust and intake fans side by side. You will only end up with an air loop.
Maybe. I would think they would have corrected it if it was a error. Really, with a margin of error of +/-1c (2c total) there are many coolers in same group .. and as a general rule we need 3dBA difference for our ears to hear a change in noise level.Genesis is a good cooler, but I prefer a more simplified approach to airflow and the straighter the airflow the better. Turns mean turbulence, and turbulence is resistance to smooth flow. Think of the stream of air as a...
You second link shows the Silver Arrow cooler than Genesis. Also Genesis costs almost as much with no fans as comparable coolers cost with fans.The horizontal fin pack many be 44mm above CPU (52mm above motherboard) but the fin alignment with RAM means airflow to fin pack could be problematic if RAM is not quite short.It is a good cooler, but to me it's a compromise. Horizontal fan would need to pull air from fin pack to create decent airflow from front to back. Air into...
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