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A joking reply and you go ballistic."You really need to learn to not get so defensive all the time, not everyone is out to get you in the world. As soon as any challenge to your knowledge or opinion shows up, you get so freaking reactive and defensive, .."comes to mind.
That Thermalfake copied / took others' ideas and products
Interesting how post was orginally "The 140 Direct being used to cool the new Rysen with overclock"now reads "The 140 Direct being used to cool the 7700k"
Not the first time either.
I'm very surprised the original one has gone bad.I would replace with same TY-147A fan.If you want more cooling performance the TY-143 does give more cooling and it has ball bearings. Great fan if you can stand the red and orange colors.
I'm not paying any attention to the opinions of someone who posts Thermalright for Thermalfaketake .
Usually it's the db at idle and full speed.
Not sure what you are saying .. You have a 4-pin fan header that is using 3-pins and not the 4th with the 2nd pin being variable voltage.Here are 3-pin variable voltage, 4-pin variable voltage and 4-pin PWM fan headers 4pin fans will plug onto 3-pin fan headers and change speed .. same as on 4-pin PWM and 4-pin variable voltag fan headers.
So one is only PWM and two are variable voltage.Variable voltage will control PWM fans, but PWM to 3-pin variable voltage fans will make them run full speed all the time. This means if deezdrama plugged a 3-pin fan into a 4-pin PWM header it will run full speed all the time because pin-2 in header is fixed 12v power.. Also of not is his variable voltagte header is a 4-pin header, but only 3 pins are used .. the 4th pin does nothing .. meaning if you plug a 4-pin PWM...
Can you also control with PWM? Is something in Bios that allows you to select 'PWM' or 'variable voltage' for the fan headers?The reason I ask is many older motherboards were not PWM or PWM could be chosen. New motherboards are often just PWM, especially on CPU fan header.
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