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Blowing air into case is not increasing the airflow though your cooler. What it is doing is lowering the temperature of air going into cooler. Why are you doing negative airflow? I always go positive airflow with filters on on all intakes. Less dust problems. The ambient at case intake will generally be the same as room ambient. The temperature at cooler intake is what is usually different. Often much different.
What motherboard do you have? Most now have a fan controller you can set to control fan speed of fans hooked to motherboard.
LOLThe Phanteks PWM controlled fan hub is for 3-pin variable voltage fans.But do try them on your motherboard. It may solve your noise problems nicely.
Be careful doing that. If you draw push too much voltage back down the 5v lead it can damage PSU. Phanteks PWM hub would do the trick as long as you have a true PWM signal .. and assuming the fans won't mind the hub. Most work fine, but there are always exceptions... always. Assuming they have normal fan plugs on them, plug them into motherboard. Just keep the combined load on each motherboard header to less than 1A / 12W. I would stay below 10w, but that's just me.
Sounds like a plan. Could you find or take some pictures of the side panels both inside and out, bottom, front, back, top etc. Maybe I can come up with some quick fixes to get more airflow through it.
Have you tried slowing the stock fans down to lower speeds? If that will make them quiet enough than a Phanteks PWM controlled 3-pin fan hub with PSU power could be used to speed them up as needed when under heavy load .. and idle back down when not working hard. I've been using PWM signal from CPU and sometimes GPU to control case fans now for a couple years using all PWM fans, but my Enthoo Primo has 9 case fans now on a PWM controlled 3-pin fan hub and it is dead...
There is always a way to do it. Just depends on how much work a person is willing to do.
Indeed. You are running normal temps. Enjoy what you have. If you ever do go with a higher cfm fan on cooler, do yourself a favor and get two and put one on rear exhaust controlled the same as CPU fan to pull all the heat coming out of cooler out the back. Really does make a difference.
That is so simple. Unplug it! Now,we need to know what your have in it, how you use it, and where it sets for starters. Than we might be able to help. But without knowing that we can't really do much to help.
GTX660 TI-DC2-2GD5 is 225W and 4770 is 84W TDP. So which Predator case do you have? If the fancy black and orange one you can probably sell it for more than a new case and good cooler will cost.
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