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Sorry for not being clearer.They will idle down to about 550rpm and go up to 2500rpm and 130cfm of air while sounding the same as your stock fans up to 1300rpm.TY-1473 at 37 seconds in is 5V (1065rpm) and 49 seconds to 57 seconds into video is 6V (1263rpm )1: 40 is 11V (1072rpm0 and 2:01 is in12V (1148rpm)
Thermalright TY-143 fans are the fans you want. They will idle down to about 550rpm and go up to 2500rpm and 130cfm of air while sounding the same as your stock fans up to 1300rpm.Just remember you need to increase case airflow so it supplies all the cool air to the cooler fans need and also gets the coolers heated exhaust out of the case.
I don't know about the EOL, Kelvin are available here in Europe. I agree, we need an accurate table of all AIO / CLC coolers with detailed data of pump and radiator specs.
I think you are partially right. I think the Fractal Design Celcius is Asetek OEM with aluminum radiator while the Fractal Design Kelvin is Aphacool OEM with copper radiator.
Basically correct in general turns, but very few fans have linear PWM% to RPM ratios. Alm,ost all PWM fans have their own PWM% to RPM curve and few are the same. Here is a collection of Thermalbench PWM% to RPM curves.
Extra pressure means more airflow against restrictions. Enermax has high pressure rating at same rpm near it's top speed. I don't know about how they sound, but I suspect the the bit louder the TY fans are is not an issue. Do TY-143 fans cost the same as TY-147A?
If the 4-pin fan header you use is really a PWM fan header it will control both fans with PWM signal. If your 4-pin fan header is not PWM it will control both fans with variable voltage. PWM has rpm on pin-3 same as 3-pin fans. Pin-1 is ground and pin-2 is power, but PWM is 12 constant power on pin-2 and variable voltage is variable voltage on pin-2. Pin-4 is PWM signal for PWM fans. But PWM fans work on variable voltage too. Generally the only fan header on...
Your 1350rpm fan spins 1350 rpm (+/-10%) on 12 volt power. Your 2000rpm fan spins 2000rpm (+/-10% on 12 volt power. I assume your fans are 3-pin fans?
Motherboard sends 7-12 volt for 3-pin fan and PWM signal to PWM fans (4-pin fans), but motherboard does not pay attention to rpm of fan. Voltage or PWM signal is determined by temperature of component. The RPM signal is for use to know fan's speed .. and sometimes for motherboard to know fan has stopped turning.Motherboard monitors component temperature and increases / decreases fan power /speed to get more or less airflow through cooler. Most if not all motherboard do...
The one you want to see the rpm of.
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