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What welshy said.The PWM signal is used to change the voltage going to the fans on the hub .. the 12v supplied by SATA from PSU. .
Fractal Design also do a bigger Define XL R2. If you haven't looked at the Enthoo Primo, it's a beauty with lots of features and big enough for all but the most extreme uses.
How do you mean? What do you not want to see on the front?
Only takes some samples to top test and review people .. Like Martin's Liquid Lab, ehume, etc.First thing I noticed was the missing ring brace.
I've seen them. They will not work as they are on TY-14x fans. The tabs that go either side of fan mount housing would need to be removed, but something similar could be made. Advantage of the adapter plate is it effectively seals the fan to whatever it is used on .. for like use on radiators. And only increase the thickness of fan by 4-5mm. There are adapters out there for 120 to 140mm / 140 to 120mm fans, but they are a shroud / duct so much thicker .. and one end...
71-72c is not hot for a GPU. What are CPU temps? Have you optimized the airflow in your PC-9F? If you need a bigger case with great airflow, I suggest you give the Phanteks Enthoo Primo a look. Great case, comes with 5x 140mm fans, is cheaper, great customer support, and a great club thread here on forum. Another great case is the Fractal Design Define...
Scythe / Nidec Gentle Typhoon AP-29 & AP-15 compared to EK-Vardar. Definitely not the same fans. Anyone can write specs down .. doesn't mean they are accurate.
I agree with MapRef. 8900 is not as good .. and if the fan dies it's not as easily replaced. Thermalright only uses 2 basic mounting kits that I know of .. one for thick bases like HR-22 and not so thick base one like on AXP-100. There are a few variations depending on base sizes, but no major differences. Also, I've had very good customer support from Thermalright over the years. All AXP-100 coolers are the same. Only difference is fan color. I have tested the...
I don't know of any other twn towers with as much setback as the R1s'. HE01 is set back but still 47mm center CPU to front of cooler .. about the same as R1 Universal with fan.
Have you hooked up a PWM fan to PSU power and motherboard PWM signal and been able to adjust the fan speed? If you can't do this, than it's most likely not the Phanteks PWM controlled variable voltage 3-pin fan hub that is the problem.
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