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Your opening two lines set the tone for my replyAnd your reply to me now isn't much better. You might want to change the wording as a mode will give you a warning for profanity as it is now.I see no justifiable reason to use CLC when there is rarely if ever a situation that 'requires' their use. Users claim it's to clear ram, or because their cases are too small or some other lame excuse, when there are plenty of good small cases and good small air cooler and good ram...
What ciarlatano said. Just be sure the 12v source is powerful enough.All fan plugs are the same on first 3 pins. Ground, 12v or variable voltage and rpm signal from fan. . 4th pin is only used on PWM fans and is PWM signal to fan.
xioros While I can agree more data would be nice, many of us have done comparison testing and case to the same conclusion; that CLCs are a waste of money. Imperfect data doesn't change that. ciarlatano The fact they use an open air test system but don't actually monitor cooler intake air temp is not perfect, but it sure beats reviews in cases using room ambient and not monitoring the cooler intake air temps, meaning all we have is how their systems perform with...
If your case feels hot, you might want to check the temp of air going into coolers (CPU and GPU) to see if they are more than about 5c above ambient. If they are, I would be looking at optimizing case airflow. Link in my sig, 1st post is index, click on topic to see it. I suggest #5 as a good starting point.
You watched a Linus video and can still think? You sir, have a much stronger stomach than I do.
No need to be diplomatic about it.Simply put, the temperatures are extremely high compared to a decent air cooler are similar noise levels .. for pretty much any $49 cooler, at least any I would be look at without laughing so hard tears would be running down my face. .But i'm not sure whal al is classed as $49 coolers. i do know TRUE Spirit 140 Rev. A is $49.90 on Amazon, but it is a top tier $50 air cooler, not a a 'top $49 air cooler.
Sorry, but a CLC CAN NOT BE a 'custom starter kit'.CLC = a system sealed at the factory that cannot be opened up, components changes or added.Custom starter kit = components in a kit that can be changed and / or added to.See the difference? A pre-assembled and filled 'custom starter kit' is an AIO, but not a CLC.Just as the Swiftech pre-assembled and filled kits are AIO, but not CLC.
Yeah, I saw that, which is why I gave info on all .. in case he changed it for some reason.
Your source shows TRUE Spirit 140 Power There are several variants of the TRUE Spirit 140 cooler out there:TRUE Spirit 140TRUE Spirit 140 BW same as TRUE Spirit 140TRUE Spirit 140 BW Rev. A (sometimes called TRUE Spirit 140 Rev. A) Has offset base and is 165mm tall.I won't even go into detail about the different fans, but basically TY-140, TY-147 and TY-147A. TY-140 is same as TY-147 in different colors and TY-147A idles at 300rpm and others idled at 550rpm .. don't...
TRUE Spirit 140 is 170mm tal,RUE Spirit 140 Power spec is 171mm, but mine is 170mmBut TRUE Spirit Rev.A is 165mm tall.
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