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There are many small cases that meet the criteria I propose. For example: Fractal Design ARC Mini R2 & ARC Midi R2 BitFenix Prodigy is not perfect, but not bad either. They are just a couple of examples of smaller cases with good airflow. I Know there are more and some that are even smaller.
Call As far as I know they are the EU distributor.
@ Excelsius We have to move at least as much air though the case as components in the case use collectively. This has to be done in order to remove all the components heated exhaust .. and if we don't than they have to re-use part of their on exhaust to make up the difference between your higher use of air and what case is flowing. All the air we push / draw into case with intakes has to leave the case through similar vent area .. or .. all the air we pull / exhaust from...
1. Probably 2. Towers give better cooling as well as cool intake / hot exhaust air separation. 3. Can use CPU and GPU PWM signals to control case fans using PWM splitter with PSU power. Links to coolers, case airflow and PWM control of case fans has TRUE Spirit 140 BW Rev.A for €39.99 including 19% tax from PC-Cooling. Nan's Gaming Gear in USA has TRUE Spirit 140 BW Rev.A $39.99 + post has Nan's Gaming selling TRUE Spirit 140 BW Rev.A $49.90...
That's because I found them on Thermalright .de.
[NH-D15 performance with 1 fan is only 1c, maybe 2c less than with 2 fans.But really, as long as fan fits even if it's touching the top of RAM, there should be no problem. Define R4 has 170mm CPU clearance .. which translates to 175mm for fan and RAM .. or 35mm maximum RAM height.
Fan clips are somewhat problematic, but once mastered are no problem. Installing clips into cooler fins before mounting cooler is easy, but if cooler is installed first it's a right mare.
I'm sure they will be showing up in the next few weeks. Reviews are all new in the last week or so and coolers are usually available shortly after.
Noticed the new TRUE Spirit 140 BW Rev. A is now available from Nan's Gaming in USE. Haven't seen it over here yet and can find no reviews either. post reviews as soon as I find some.
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