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Why not go straight for the Yggy? Buy expensive, buy once? lol
Adjust your gain as someone else mentioned.The Element works well with the Ethers. In low gain I have to go nearly all the way back around for me listening level. On high gain it's only about 1/4 to half.Haven't had any time with their odac/o2 rev b so can't give any impressions there.
Doing some Beta testing for JDS Labs and they sent a Element along to use during testing. Pretty nice little Amp and DAC combo. I would put it on par with my Mojo. Can't talk about what else they sent along but here are some pictures of The Element.
I would purchase a DB meter.Keep in mind that if this build is as quiet as you say it is going to be the noise floor of the room is going to have to be controlled as it should fall below general background noise. Keep in mind also that when measuring you will need to keep the distance the same.I think it would be interesting if you built the computer and got a DB reading and then added a level of sound dampening and then took another reading.....repeat as necessary. It...
The strange thing is the Ether C Flow is getting good reviews from Can Jam in London. A number of people are saying they prefer it over the open version. Im wondering if the tuning of the Chicago demo was having issues.
Yeah you can get a Ether C or Ether converted to either a Ether C Flow or Ether Flow. However, I want to stay closed and the C Flow really is a step back IMO.
Yeah you missed a pretty good meet. Good variety of gear there.
Got to listen to my first Stax setup that I liked. I have heard a few of the rectangular models before and didn't care for them really. However this 007 setup was pretty damn nice. No idea what the DAC and Amp were but totally different sound than what I have heard before. Bass was deep and full and the highs were detailed and clear. The HE-6 running off a older Sansui speaker amp was pretty nice too. It was amazing how much power they took before getting to a...
T20s and T50s are the same headphone except how many of the vents on the back are open. Same driver same everything else. So you can follow any T50 mod just pay attention to how they cover or uncover the port (three slits on the cup just below the headband attachment)
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