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Got my T50rps mass loaded on the driver side of the baffle. Sealed the little bass port on the ear side of the baffle and they are really coming to life. Love the snap that these can give (even stock) from percussion and although I think I eventually will tone down the highs (Im used to DT880s) they were not bad stock.
My T50rp's came today and I was excited to listen to them while at work for a bit before I got home. Only a 1/4" jack, will have to wait until I get home to listen.
I found a cheap pair of new in the box T50rp that I am going to mess around with. Initially I am just going to try dampening them and some of the common mods. Over the winter I think I am going to try and make some wood cups for them. I don't have lathe so I am going to try and use a router and some pattern bits to make the cups. A cup shape like this should be pretty easy with a router. Would anyone be interested in following a build log? There is a lot of stuff...
Ive been rebuilding my music collection and going with CDs exclusively. HD tracks is more expensive as is iTunes. My local store ranges from .99 to 4.99 for a used CD and they are really good about what they accept, I haven't had one skip yet. I get home and rip them to a lossess file format.
Thanks! Is it the same on the GPU side? The board ends and then there is a small tab that mounts to a rail?
I looked through a few build logs and struck out, does anyone have a picture of their S5 motherboard tray with the board mounted? Trying to see how the motherboard looks on the tray and if there is any overlap, may build a tech station using a caselab tray.
Spent a few hours at the Chicago headfi meet and I have to say if anyone has accesses to an event like this make the trip. I learned more about a wide array of headphones than could ever be done reading reviews. Getting to try so many headphones on my setup and swap with my DT880s was really interesting. I also learned what I like and dislike about my setup a lot more.
Anyone here from Chicago and going to the head-if meet tomorrow?
Is that based on what you perceive as the markup or the performance. Obviously a large number of people think their products sound great.
Lets say that 40% markup over all costs is correct. Why are people paying that? And you think its limited to Schiit? I think audio in general is full of heavy markup.I always find it interesting when people get upset at people making a profit, I say to any company that can make a good profit without actually scamming people or being corrupt are doing something right.
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