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Putting my 3570K up for sale. I purchased a 3770K to get my system a bit more life before I do a complete new system. What you get: Intel i5 3570K Stock Cooler (if you want it) Condition This chip had a mild overclock (4.2 @ 1.192) applied for a bit of its life. For the past year or so it has been at stock. Temps were always kept super low under a Noctual D14. Chip is fully functional and was pulled from my rig only for an upgrade. Price: $100 shipped and...
How many of those people ensured that the resulting volume change going from SE to Balanced was compensated for during the change? Louder is generally seen as better. I thought I was hearing some differences during a review and decided to get out the multi meter and set the output of both amps to the same voltage. Wouldn't you know it, I couldn't tell them apart after that. There is a large difference in volume between SE and Balanced on the Jot.A lot of people forget...
Thanks, looks like I should set it up to just directly access my NAS. Ill have to see how the higher bit rate files play over wifi though, some have reported issues.Thanks for the input.
Not sure if this is the right place but its the best fit I hope..... Computer A (gigabit wired): NAS running Ubuntu Server Computer B (wifi): Rasberry Pi as a Audio Source running RuneAudio (Arch Linux I believe) Computer C (wifi): Laptop running Mint As my NAS and the Pi are both headless I use my laptop to access both directories (shared over SMB) and make the move. My question is, does each file have to move from the NAS to Computer C to the Pi or will it go...
Yeah, I just have good memories of the zDAC. I was thempted by the Jolida DAC you posted the other day, about the same price as what I got. The size was a bit of a turn off though. I generally only have time to listen at night now and need something that fits on my night stand.
Modi Multibit arrived today finally. FedEx lost the first one. If a black zDAC came up at a decent price I would be tempted but this little box has a great sound. The Jot was a great all in one be box for my bedside rig and took up less space on my night stand but this combo is so much fun to listen to.
Caenlen realizes hes had a relapse and rights his course.Nevermind, same old Caenlen. lol
Some functionality seems to be coming back now. I think the main driver is for ad revenue. All the ads are baked right into the site now and there are a lot more of them.
Are you going to be running headphones, I didn't see mention of them and as the Emotivas are active speakers you don't need the Magni/Asgard.
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