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Are you going to be running headphones, I didn't see mention of them and as the Emotivas are active speakers you don't need the Magni/Asgard.
Picked up a Bottlehead Crack (+ some extra tubes) for the price of a new kit. I was going to build one but couldn't pass up the deal, Ill put in some soldering time modding it as its bone stock. Coming from the Ether C and Jot combo the Crack and HD6XX combo is a pleasure. Fantastic combo to just sit back and relax and soak in some tunes. The Jot and to a lesser extent Ether C went on their way as I didn't really ever want to sit and drink a beer with that combo. ...
I think caenlen's methods of audio procurement is spreading. I sold my Ether Cs, the guy had them for one day and they were up for sale. Sold my Jot and not even sure the guy had it yet and it was up for sale. Both were at market value so they are not flipping them, I think there are just more Caenlens out there then I realized, lol.
Thats all that matters.I had a pair for a short while. The packaging and build quality are really nice.
Not sure about the RAID setup but what you want is very possible with ESXi. PFsense in one virtual machine, ubuntu server on another with a SMB or NFS file share setup. I run a sever for my home automation and wanted to run PFsense so It made sense to have them on one box. I run my with a i5 3570 but it is barely getting utilized. Pick up a intel 4 port gigabit NIC off ebay for ~30 bucks and you will be ready to roll.
Read the release info on the Element, I believe its a different DAC also.
I don't think they were taking a hit on the HD6XX. The R&D was paid off long ago and other than a small amount of development on the color and box there was little cost to do the drop. The parts certainly don't cost 200.
Focal Elear sold. Down to HD6XX and a Jot and love it. Simple rig, great sound, and relatively inexpensive. Not perfect at everything or really resolving but really fun to listen to. Only path I may venture down is building a crack. That would be more for the fun of building it though.
As this box will be on 24/7 I would go with the Intel setup. The difference in power usage will add up over time.
If I am reading the ESXi docs correctly you can over provision your CPU. ESXi does not give direct access to a certain core(s) as I thought. It instead receives the request and sends that work to the available core(s) of the CPU.Given that both PFsense and HA barely touch a 3570 I think its safe to over provision. Now my only problem is RAM.
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