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Whats your ambient temperature? What is your vcore at load and idle? I have ambients between 70-80F and get similar values for idle and load temperatures.
After having my 3570K downclocked for quite some time while it was used as a HTPC, its back as my main editing rig so getting my overclock back . First step was seeing if it was still stable at 4.2 GHz at the same voltage it was previously. Turned out good and now time to start moving the clocks up. Custom blend at ten minutes per FFT to make sure they were all hit in the 12 hours. My ambient temps are pretty low, during a previous test at slightly lower voltage it...
Hmm, Doesn't really answer my question.Negating volume control for the moment, do you need a pre amp if your using a power amp? Don't most modern sources supply plenty of input voltage to allow the power amp to do its thing?
Seems like what this guy is explaining. Saw this video awhile back.
It is my understanding that a preamp is not needed for the majority of signals. Taking the output from most modern sources (record players being the exception) will provide adequate input signal for most amps.What is lacking in that setup is a volume control option if your not using a computers volume control or don't want to. Which is where integrated amps come in. Basically an amp with volume control.
You can go just as wide with crop as FF. With lenses like the 10-XX lenses and sigmas 8-16mm you can go really wide on crop.
I did number 4. awhile back (one camera and one lens). Shot with nothing but my 85mm and my crop body for awhile. Tried to use it outside its stereotypical uses and really enjoyed it. Funny thing was people commented that they really liked my 'new stuff' and that said it was refreshing to see different viewpoints of the downtown area.maybe I should do that again.....
Save your money. If you want to shoot really wide. Shoot 4 frames to make a square with your 17-40 and stitch them together with Microsoft ICE (free).
How much RAM do you have and how much are you allowing lightroom to have? Keep an eye on your resources when your editing on a separate screen and see where things are getting overburdened. The brush you are using may be single threaded or not able to use all the cores you have available.
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