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Since the subjective vs. objective thing has been a topic here lately I thought this was relevant. From Jason at Schiit.Whole thread here:
This is what I did to, love it.
Think outside the box a bit. Albeit a small machine, but there is still a bit of room to make some everyday things. up with your own custom cups for headphones and print away. A lot of money to be made there as evidenced by the prices being charged.
XP will still work after tomorrow, no need to panic. The support from Microsoft ends tomorrow but XP will continue to work.
If you truly adore them why not repair them?
Klipsch S-3's as in the headphones? They go for $25-50 on amazon.Or the older surround speakers?If the headphones, no.If the speakers, just looking at specs I wouldn't make the trade. The Klipsch's don't look like they go very low and are designed for surround use not as main speakers.
This is a horrible way to respond to a post when you have an alternative opinion.This on the other hand is much better. State your opinion and why you think that way.I get tired of some of the outspoken people in a few of the groups I frequent who just post, NO, Don't or something similar and don't state why.
Download Audacity (its free). If you can't figure out how to do it there are lots of tutorials on youtube.
The 50mm 1.8 is pretty cheap and can be had used for under $100. The 40 2.8 is really good and can be had for about $125 used.
Be sure to setup, at least, a simple contract. What they are providing, what you are providing. I see to many times where people are getting into arguments with 'clients' over what was or was not provided. If you google around you can probably find some good examples or things to include.
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