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Which gain setting are you using on the schiit stack? Also are you comparing at the same volume level? It is well know that people prefer the louder of two samples.
Loving this setup. Desktop performance that I can quickly take anywhere in the house. Ether C and Mojo by Adam Mrugacz, on Flickr
I'm surprised you had that response from Zach (only person at ZMF) I've met Zach at quite a few headfirst meets and he has always been very pleasant. The few online conversations I've had with him have been good to.
Keep in mind that the sound produced at equal volume levels may not be the same. When I had the Lyr and a mojo in for review it was clear that the mojo could reach the same volume of the Lyr but the mojo was becoming harsh while the Lyr was still providing a nice full sound.The Lyr can provide over 6x the power the Mojo can and this circumstance was only on songs with a lower recording level.Long story short, in my opinion volume isn't the only thing to think about when...
If your profile is up to date and you still live in Albuquerque...Get on the notification list for your local Head-fi meet. Often free or just a few bucks and you can try a wide variety of headphones. With as popular as the 650s are, there is almost always a pair in attendance.
Here is the head-fi thread with some info on it.
I'm shocked. [\end sarcasm]. I've thought about it too. They have pretty nice instructions. Would be a great starter build.
You need a speaker amplifier. The Magni is designed to power headphones which require milliwatts of power. You have passive speakers which require watts of power to drive. Also the impedance of speakers is much lower than most speakers operate and if you do get some volume out of it, you are likely to overheat it rather soon.
I don't think the Asgard and Lyr are really aimed towards higher impedance cans. The Vahalla is the their high impedance amp.My Lyr is sold, Mojo came Saturday and pairs nicely with the Ether C. Loving the portability, move anywhere in the house with only one cord to plug/unplug.Chord Mojo & Rune Audio by Adam Mrugacz, on Flickr
Does the format matter? i.e. fat or NTFS? I thought Linux prefers one or the other. I would think their install notes would list that though if it was important. Maybe try switching that?
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