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One is likley fixed line out and another runs through the pot to provide volume control. There is also an analog in somewhere on there.
New Schiit. Fulla 2. Pre-amp, amp (anolog in) and DAC all in one nice little package.
IMO the mastering and recording quality matters much more than format of the file. Also you need to know the source of the file. I have heard of people converting their libraries of MP3s to flacs, those get shared and everyone thinks they have a flac from a good source. Really they have a MP3 with a larger file size.You will hear more difference listening to two different masters of the same song than you will ever hear from a quality dac/amp comparison.
It would be hard to to tell the difference between the two without volume matching and being able to provide a quick a/b.The biggest difference you will find in audio is from transducers. Amplifiers and DACs are important but if properly powered it's hard to tell the difference between two neutral systems powering the same headphone.Not to mention that your audio memory is very short. Transducer changes when large are easier for me to remember, however, dacs and Amos...
What connectivity options do you have? USB 2.0 USB 3.0 e-SATA
A 6.3 mm cable has the two ground cables (from each driver of the headphone) wired together.Using the adapter just provides the ground from the 6.3mm plug to two separate pins on the balanced plug. Its not actually wired like a balanced headphone would be with two separate grounds. Some amplifiers will be fine with this common ground, some will react poorly and could be damaged.Soldering is extremely easy and if the headphones have a cable coming from each ear you don't...
I would agree with shardnax. Those 650 s put out over 100 db with very little power. Maxed out on just about any amp and you are in hearing damage territory. Keep in mind that you will always want more as you get used to the new volume and your hearing is likely damaged.
This all may be moot now, but windows vs windows with a linux VM or straight linux? Will the GPUs fold in linux? Used to be there were a lot more points moving from Windows to Linux but that may have changed.The 3570K (~4.0 GHZ) and 960 are in the same box. Would it make sense to only run the 960 then. From what I recall GPUs were taking over in the PPD race and I don't think that has changed.The 3570 could chug away in the other computer.
Ill try to remember to participate this year. I have 3570K, GTX960 and 3570 I can throw into the mix. As I haven't been active for awhile what is the most efficient way of getting the client going?
His precious is for sale though. Im not sure who called two weeks but I think we are pretty close to the two week mark right now.
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