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I don't think they were taking a hit on the HD6XX. The R&D was paid off long ago and other than a small amount of development on the color and box there was little cost to do the drop. The parts certainly don't cost 200.
Focal Elear sold. Down to HD6XX and a Jot and love it. Simple rig, great sound, and relatively inexpensive. Not perfect at everything or really resolving but really fun to listen to. Only path I may venture down is building a crack. That would be more for the fun of building it though.
As this box will be on 24/7 I would go with the Intel setup. The difference in power usage will add up over time.
If I am reading the ESXi docs correctly you can over provision your CPU. ESXi does not give direct access to a certain core(s) as I thought. It instead receives the request and sends that work to the available core(s) of the CPU.Given that both PFsense and HA barely touch a 3570 I think its safe to over provision. Now my only problem is RAM.
Take a look at the components page for everything you can link in. Thermostat and sensing doors opening and closing is easily doable, remote locks are possible to but they are not cheap. Its more of a roll your own or homebrew option than some of the all-in-one packages that companies provide. However, it has no monthly service fees and you can keep everything in house if you want. No depenencies on the "cloud" and you can mix and match a lot of technologies (wifi,...
I would be interested to see the insides of a M1060. I did a pre launch review for a set of headphones that look really similar to them, they also have the same cracking issue. Wood needs to move, if not allowed to move it can easily crack itself.Anyone looking for a pair of focal Elears? PM me if interested.
Slowly virtualizing some of my needs. Wife picked up a Dell Optiplex 9010 free from work. Added a 4 port Gb NIC and a spare SSD. Dell Optiplex 9010 i5 3570 128 GB SSD Intel PRO/1000 Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Adapter LP – 45W1959 Running ESXi 6.5.0a VM1 - pfSense VM2 - Linux Mint -> Home Assistant ( ) VM3(future) - NAS
Thanks1Well, since you offered. I have some wifi light bulbs that can either be used via an app or locally controlled by my home automation system. They are rather chatty with the mfg's server so I set up a firewall rule to block their traffic. This also blocks the app use but that is OK.The firewall rule is stopping 99% of the traffic but looking at Ntopng there are still a few packets here and there.Setup from what I recall is:Action: blockInterface: LANProtocol:...
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