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Have been looking at the SS-520FL2 for a quiet build. Although I think the PRIME Titanium 850 fan would never turn on in my build.
The physical translation of bass to movement of your ear I think also plays a large part in bass perception. From my experience headphones that are relatively light and have pads that create a good seal and are somewhat compliant do it best. What are the D2000 pads like?
I think certain members of this group are looking for quantity and maybe extension when it comes to bass and others are may take quality and extension over quantity.My Ether Cs are known to be bass light, however, they extend way down low and the bass is clean and precise. Id take that any day over sheer quantity.I always laugh when people talk about a speaker/headphones bass and how good it is and it sounds like there is nothing playing below 50-60 hz. Always fun to...
I'm still evaluating my HD6XX and in that time I think you have bought and sold about 4 pairs of cans. Lol.
Any standard electronics repair shop should be able to either replace the switches or re-solder the existing ones.
a.) I thought you were done with this group as it was yawnfest 2017?b.) What are you going to be powering with this amp?c.) I thought your monoprice cans were your endgame?d.) Why are you obsessed with amplifiers that will make you go deaf?e.) We all knew a and c were not true.
This was likely due to him hearing more volume on the higher gain which can be perceived as more bass. That combined with the fact most people prefer the louder of two samples if presented side by side. When I match two sources with a multi meter for a review I am often surprised how much I am off after matching them by ear.
Oye, stop looking at power figures.Do yourself a favor and do some research on how power and dB output are related. Then you'll realize why you do not need 4 watts, or any specific power output value.
What makes you think you need 4watts?
Graphics cards can be tested subjectively very easily. Headphones can be tested objectively, however, the results to not often correlate to the subjective results reported.
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