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Double check those boards. At those prices they may likely be laminates. Not an issue really, but if you sand to much or round over corners you will expose the underlying plywood/MDF. Also the edges would need to be banded or covered with solid wood if you want to maintain the solid wood look. Also at 4' x 8' your likely getting peices that have been joined together (laminated or not) so you will have to be careful with your cuts to not have a seam running down your...
Thier site saysThe PYST cables they sell are all from Straight Wire. You can make out parts of the name in the product photos on their site.
Posted my schiit stack on the last page, threw my new DT880s in front of the lens this time also. Beyerdynamic DT880 & Schiit Stack by Adam.Mrugacz, on Flickr
Picked up a Magni 2 and Modi 2 around Christmas. At home today with a sore back so practicing some photography. Schiit Magni 2 and Modi 2 by Adam.Mrugacz, on Flickr
Keep in mind the likely total population vs the number of google results stating a problem. Likely a very small part of the total delivered units.On the other hand a longevity issue (even if perceived) could be devastating to a small company like Schiit.
Thanks guys.
They used to have a modi optical. Now it's modi 2 and modi 2 uber. Uber has optical and usb in and is powered by a wall wart.
They were announced 12/12 according to their site, was it before that.There is a new Modi and a Modi uber (multiple input options and non-usb powered)Amazingly I ordered yesterday and they will be here Saturday. Placed my order at 9:44, got the shipping notice at 11:09. I would say they were ready for the rush of orders.
Got called up for jury duty, got picked for a trial and 7 long days later I was done. Since it I did my civic duty I decided that the money I got from the fed's should go to something fun. Have a pair of DT880s from the marketplace and a magni2 and modi2 on the way.
I have the following that I will likely be selling to fund another project. Would prefer to sell as a lot. Motherboard: ASUS IPIBL-LA Processor: Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q6600 RAM: 4GB Corsair DDR2...
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