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It doesn't take much to unseal and these seem dependent on a really good deal to get the sound I want. You may have different results.I use either the medium or large tips they came with. The comply tips I didn't like the sound with. The wires over the ears do help keep them in place but I'm still having issues.Haven't tried any BA sets either.
I have a set of the M6 pros. I also have a love/hate relationship with them. When I can get them into my ear and get the seal right I really like the sound. However, if they move about at all or the seal gets broken they are harsh and lose all bass. May just be a fit thing for me but I haven't had trouble like this with other IEMs.As for their customer service though...My mic cable was DOA. I sent an e-mail and had a new cable in a few days. They paid for all the...
+1. The amount and range of fear you can try in an afternoon is huge. There seems to be a lot going on right now too, I think there were a few last weekend and there are a few this coming weekend. I'm heading to the one in Chicago on Saturday.
1 turn of usb power management options. 2. Contact Schiit. They are quick to reply via e-mail.
Was someone in this thread looking for some alpha pads? I have a pair of ZMF Lambskin pads that I am looking to part with which are basically the same. Shoot me a PM if so, I don't want to make an ad on here since its such a narrow audience.
Interesting timing on that recommendation. David Bowie passed away last night.
Picked up a pair of ZMF's Master Model (Modded T50rp). Zach has done some interesting stuff to these and they sound great. No idea what is done on the inside of the cup but just the ear side of the baffle has some interesting mods that I haven't seen before. If anyone is intrested in a pair of Fostex T50rps or a set of lambskin pads let me know.
From Jason Stoddard on head-fi:
New tube amp from Schiit...Vali 2
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