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You can go just as wide with crop as FF. With lenses like the 10-XX lenses and sigmas 8-16mm you can go really wide on crop.
I did number 4. awhile back (one camera and one lens). Shot with nothing but my 85mm and my crop body for awhile. Tried to use it outside its stereotypical uses and really enjoyed it. Funny thing was people commented that they really liked my 'new stuff' and that said it was refreshing to see different viewpoints of the downtown area.maybe I should do that again.....
Save your money. If you want to shoot really wide. Shoot 4 frames to make a square with your 17-40 and stitch them together with Microsoft ICE (free).
How much RAM do you have and how much are you allowing lightroom to have? Keep an eye on your resources when your editing on a separate screen and see where things are getting overburdened. The brush you are using may be single threaded or not able to use all the cores you have available.
All other factors were the same? Same music, amp, speakers? Even the room? Otherwise your comparison is kinda pointless.
That would be over 1000 shots a day since the camera was new.
Maybe try and team up with a site like HD tracks to share the cost. Not sure how it would work but just an idea.
Since you will likely only be posting photos on the web you can get away with a rather small overall pixel count on the camera. In addition since you will be shooting stillsSpeaking just to the rig shots for the build log but just about any camera with some manual controls will do. Get some decent light blubs, some posterboard and a white sheet (iron it) and you can do wonders. Use the sheet/posterboard to create a white backdrop if that is the look you are going for or...
Stop your camera down to f/16+ and take a picture of blue sky or a solid white object and you will see every bit of dust.Take it into LR or PS and tweak it a bit and it really makes it easy to see. Increasing the black levels, dropping the shadows usually works.
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