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You are changing way to many variables to say what is changing the sound for you. Have you tried anothe 12 AWG cable side by side with proper controls on the experiment? Likely not, so you can't say it was the termination or the wire build that did it. People really seem to jump to conclusions in audio, and expectation bias plauges a lot of what people report.
There are some headphone meets in this area via headfi in this area. Next is August 8 in Chicago. The bigger meet just happened though , this is a smaller one.
Thanks for confirming.
Gotcha, didn't think about the IP issue. Maybe I will just keep things as they are now and run CAT 6 upstairs from the current router position.
Was looking at monoprice already and there 50-75-100 foot runs are between $10-15. Im not set on the pre-terminated cables but they seemed easy and rather cheap for the lengths I needed.On the first floor now. It works well there and might leave it wired there. Speed is really the issue. Moving a few gigabytes of photos from the laptop to the file storage PC is horribly slow. Also Im sure general surfing would be a bit faster on the main PC with it wired.So current...
Not in the breaker box, in the closet where electric, cable enter the house and the sump pump exits. There is room to put the modem on the wall away from the box. With the breakers in a metal box and all the electric in conduit I assume the EMI should be minimized.That's what I was thinking. I would hate to have this for a year and then find out I really should have CAT 6. For the price difference, if there are now down sides, Ill likely go that way.
Looking to hard wire some of my network at home. I have a location that I can run from the basement to the second floor without tearing into the walls to much. A few questions. - Looking to run Cat 5e but for about 2 bucks more at the lengths Im looking should I just go ahead with Cat 6? - Looking to put my modem in the electrical panel closet right where the comcast service enters the house. Any real world difference in having 25, 50 or 100 feet of Cat 5e/6 between...
My magni exploded: Schiit Magni 2 Exploded by Adam.Mrugacz, on Flickr Actually its just a crappy rainy day here, and I decided to take some pictures.
If you can solder you can make a quick box with a switch and a couple of female jacks.
Price dropped to $40.00
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