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Please do some research and provide correct information when helping someone new. It's bad enough for some people getting started with this hobby learning all the terms, they don't need to start with incorrect info.OP, Google the basics of photography. The principles regarding light, exposure and camera settings haven't changed since the beginning really. The means and methods are different (digital vs film ect) but the principles are the same. The fact that you have...
Any updates?
Hmm, looks like the same issue I'm having Ill have to try safari for a few days, see if its a chrome issue.
Happened again. This time I was on the new posts section of mobile view and was redirected to:
What are you using to connect wirelessly on the PC? My wireless adapter is gets crappy signal/speeds on the back of my PC if it sits under wires or to close to my wireless mouse dongle. Maybe some adjustment is needed? Second you can look into either a better antenna if you have a wireless card or a usb female to male cable to move a usb wireless adapter away from interference.
Picked up some new RAM off craigslist. Found a 4GB set for a decent price. Not sure anything runs faster or better but not bumping up against the old 1.5 GB limit now. 500MB is used for the OS and having a few chrome windows open and running a resource monitor was putting me at 1.2 GiB used.
Just picked up a set of these for my HTPC. Not sure if they are the exact same but look close. I would be willing to work a trade for another 4GB set.
[*] What happened? While reading OCN on my iPhone I get sent to the App Store at random times. My browser shows it was sent to. and the browser says a download has failed. [*] Are you able to reproduce this problem consistently? Not sure what triggers it. Only happens on OCN for me and not on a specific thread or site location. [*] What steps did you take to reproduce this problem? Being on OCN. Has happened about 1/2 a dozen...
Well got all the extra bits stripped off the computer. Cleaned the CPU heatsink and added the 5450. Started it up installed ubuntu and everything is running smooth. Netflix runs with chrome installed and plays smoothly. I think Im going to try and find some more DDR2 ram as I only have 1.5GB in this right now.
On the way home last night I spotted a computer sitting on the curb and picked it up. It's an older HP but seems to function fine. The HDD may be going out as it is rather loud. I have been wanting to build a HTPC / home server for a while now. I think this may provide a good base but could use some input. About 90% Netflix / Hulu / ABC / NBC / ect. I have a few .mkv movies also. File server is just for central storage outright speed isn't that important. (Yes its...
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