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Did it have some warm up time? Not sure if its placebo but I do like mine better when its been on for awhile.Any thoughts on the soundstage of the Jot? A lot of people notice (me included) that the width is there, but the depth is really compressed.
I heard a pair of modded ones, cork inside the cup, super dupont resonator, they were pretty nice off my jot. Nice bottom end and they didn't have the high end issues I have heard in the past from the HD800's.
Just want some variety.
Anyone interested in a pair of Ether Cs? (with 1/8, 1/4 and balanced cable?) Once the Cs go Ill likley be selling my Schiit Jotunheim (w/dac) also.
This would be my recommendation also. The airflow in these cases is poor ( I have one) and they only have a single 80 or 92mm supply fresh air for the entire case. Throw a HDD and a bunch of cables in the way and the airflow is really bad.
Yeah I know the retail difference. However, I feel like I have seen the 600 at $250 or even $200 off and on recently.
Doesn't the HD600 often go for the same price or cheaper? May be hurting the sales, go with a known good performer or take a gamble on the new cans.
I had a set of the M6 pros and found the same. If you lost seal there was no bass, they were tinny and I really didn't enjoy them. Get it right though and isolation was great and the sound was pretty good.
heard a pair of primes at the meet for the first time. I would love to get the bass from the prime out of the ethers.
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