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Well my Magni is on its way back to me now. Should be here on Thursday. No word on what happened, Ill see if there is a note in the box but if not Ill likely contact Schiit and see if they have any idea. 4 day turn around isn't bad IMO.
So my Magni 2 Schiit the bed and had to go back in for service. Having only my modi I figured I would see if I could get any sound out of it as my on board has a bunch of static. Surprisingly it drives my 600 ohm DT880s to a level where I actually turn down whatever Im listening too. I figured it would be to quiet to listen to. Will be intrested to hear what Schiit says happened to the magni.
Is your optical port powering on (glowing red?) Not sure about your motherboard but I had to enable it on mine. Also iirc when I ran optical to my reciver there was some syncing involved. Get your computer running and have the optical on and then turn the modi on. Once they were synced they stayed synced though.
Plug your headphones into the headphone out, you will hear the issue. Lots of noise. I believe the headphone jack uses a PWM method to create the signal.Look into some of the is2 dacs available, they are generally powered by the Pi and some have the RCA outs you want. They should also solve the audio issues. Adafruit has a Wolfson based DAC and the hifiberry is another option.You could use a USB DAC (objective DAC is tiny). Read up on them though to ensure...
I would try another computer first. See if your computer has noisy USB interface or if it is the Fulla.
Were the ones I posted the right match? That computer is sitting idle now so easy to shop them out. Shoot me a PM with your offer.
In. Would go in my sig rig. With the upcoming release of Lightroom 6 and there use of GPU acceleration it would be nice to have a more powerful GPU.
How is the output coming from each computer? Are you wanting to feed your ODAC/o2 combo from each of the computers or are you just wanting to plug into the headphone jack of each. O2 switch. Check into a USB switch. Headphone jack switch: From Amazon (something like...
Please provide a link to the evidence. Does it apply to USB?
From your using "They" I assume you don't fully believe it or don't have any good evidence of it. Why recommend it ?Also, line level would be RCA and the like, no? So not applicable to USB?
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