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These should work.
Picked up a pair of MEE Electronics M6 Pros. Nice accessories and great sound once you get ear tip and placement right. They sound horrible without a good seal, however, when you get it right they stay put and sound pretty nice.
Has anyone here heard the new Bitfrosts? They dropped the price after a new chip. The multi bit version is pricey though. Original Bitfrosts are dropping in price nicely though.
How would I listen to the hifiberry without buying it? I really need to take some more time switching back and forth before I say they are equivalent. Its a bit of a task to get it switched over so pretty hard to discern anything but major differences, hence my initial impression.I like the idea of the hifiberry for a simple setup. I love the portability of it and so far it sounds great.
Picked up a hifiberry dac to go with my Rasberry Pi, immediate impressions are that there is no change from my Modi playing off the Pi.
Thanks, Ill give that a try later today.
So in 2013 the Eagles issued a box set of their studio albums which were remastered. I found out awhile back that the album "The Long Run" that was in a number of the box sets was not the remastered version. Got a remastered version from Rhino which finally came to my door today and put both into audacity. Pretty interesting to see the difference. The original master has tons of headroom and is noticeably quiet compared to the other albums (and most albums for that...
If you truly want to learn photography, buy an old manual film camera and some film. But first do a lot of research on what each setting on a camera does (Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO for starters) and be able to adjust your camera to get the result you are looking for. Also you need to learn about composition, study it closely and learn what makes or breaks a shot. The rules of composition go back to the days before cameras and are found in many of the great artworks...
Unless your sister is editing medium format images or constantly stitching huge images she likely will not have an issue with todays file sizes and editing programs at 16GB.I'm am trying to find a review that shows the scaling in graphics card power and Photoshop performance but I can't seem to find it right now. From what I recall there was a definite plateau that happened pretty low in the range of graphic cards. Ill post it if I can find it.
Based on what she uses it looks like she could use a bit more CPU power and she may be running into RAM limits with 8GB. With the older versions of Photoshop and Lightroom I never used to have issues with 8GB. However, the latest versions I hit my 8GB limit the first night after installing them and bought another 8GB.My shrinkage build (-the gpu + 8GB of RAM) is what I currently use to process images with very little hiccups or slowdowns in both lightroom and photoshop. ...
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