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CM-Storm Inferno sold to dragonhunter @ OCN
DLink DIR655 sold to clemsonfan_2001 @ EVGA
Watercool Heatkiller Waterblock/BackPlate sold to msjohnsn @ EVGA
OMG I want one!
sold Thermochill PA 120.3 to msjohnsn @ EVGA
Last chance to take the HeatKiller waterblock/backplate combo home its now listed on Ebay too. I started a 1 week auction today.
IMO the filters are adequate. Sure they could be better but at the expense of restricting air flow. A trade off most aren't willing to sacrifice. You'd be better off setting up a positive air flow arrangement. In other words more air going into the case than being exhausted. For example top fans, bottom fan and front case fans pushing in to case and one fan rear for exhaust. The latter 3 are filtered and forcing air out of any available opening of which there are many. For...
Both Heading to Ebay soon last chance
It's all Heading to Ebay soon last chance
Heading to Ebay soon last chance
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