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 It would appear that board has only one PWM controlled (speed control) fan header.Yow will need to use one hub or the other.Keep in mind combining all fans in one hub you want all similar rpm fans.In other words using 800 and 2000 RPM fans on the same hub is not recommended.If, say the 800 rpm (Fan hub 1) is the single fan which all others are emulated off of, all fans will run 800 rpm maxconversely if the 2000 rpm is the control, it's likely the 800 rpm fans would not...
I disagree it is a big deal and it's as bad as the shabby glass.  IMO
Sad to hear that. I know it never worked well for me but haven't tried it lately. Doesn't sound like I should either.
 Great looking fans especially for that build. The static pressure is high (2.63 mm/H2O ) which is a good thing but the CFMs (33.0 CFM) are low I do hope they work out for you.
 Ditto Amazing@snefAre those Sharkoon Shark Blades Fans?That's what they look like but the center fan sticker isn't familiar to me.
   Another awesome build nice work PureBlackFire
  Awesome very Stormtropper-esque
My thoughts are to have negative case pressure vs positive which reduces dust collection and in improves inactive heat sink cooling. Negative case pressure forces air out the many open areas like 5-1/4 bays, rear panel mesh and slot covers . to name a few, minimizing dust settling in the interior space especially true when all intakes are filtered. It also supplies cooler ambient air through all radiators instead of recycling hot exhaust air from other radiators which also...
Beside the fact I already have one of the Monsoon's in a rig that's being decommissioned, it add a bit of bling and better than blanks covering the 5-1/4" bays. In terms of performance I think they are on par with tube versions of the same and take up less space.  
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