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TY good luck everyone
Can't say I like the fan grills on top but everything else looks fantastic
I'd have to disagree with Rainmaker on the kit the raystorm cpu block is way better than the alphacool. I'd get the 420 kit and add an alphacool 240 rad if it were me. Also I'd have to agree with the 2x 120 per component rule for having plenty of head room but you really should calculate the actual wattage you will be dissipating if you want to be sure. You may find this link helpful " " In this case I think a...
Yes that's where I bought mine (Lowe's). If you can find my post I believe I linked to all supplies but I just took what was on the shelf which is why I had to rip it with a knife. BTW those mods you did and the glass are exactly why I don't have a Luxe right now. I will when I feel like messing with it because I have working benchtop z97 project rockin a 4790 @ 4.8 needing my Primo but I need a place for my sig rig setup first. I wish the left side drive panel for the...
I used dbl sided foam tape for padding then velcro tape over that. I posted here way back not sure where atmYou can see in the pic I bought 1" wide and ripped into thirds with an exacto knife but here is a good option too  
There's a Luxe out there calling my name. Nice work! What are your impressions of the TT rads and fans?
I'm in TY for Op
There is no reasonable regulation produced by the Federal Government. All it amounts to is a middleman with his hand out. Nothing was stopping you and your fellow internet users from creating your own ISP to compete against the lone service in your area until it was regulated. Projects that were on the books and even in progress to provide internet service in places that still don't have it have been put on hold or stopped by this law. Why? Is it possible the middleman...
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