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Again awesome work. It just keeps getting better. Gazing into my crystal ball I see a ASRock Z170 Extreme7+ in you future. ;) ;)
For me I chose a 420x65 in the top because the case comes with several decent 140mm fans that you can use on it reducing over all cost. All I had to do was buy a blue led and 2 regular 140s to do push pull. I know 45 thick is reccommended but the 65 worked fine in mine.
if true I'd say ditto to /\/\/\/\/\ to bad seemed like a nice guy
@MrKoala I see only 8 physical attachments on the EEB and based on dimensions looks like a tight but doable fit in a Luxe. However I don't have the board in person maybe there are more I can't see from images.
I don't have precision calipers but if anything it's under 6mm.It is my understanding 6mm is a common height for mobo standoffs.My Luxe came with 9 installed and 2 spare. 
Luxe 6mm I will have to check on the threading edit: After closer inspection of an extra stand off in my Luxe accessory box it appears to be the same threading as the 31mm HDD fan mount screws, 6-32. 
Luxe and Primo are both HD Audio to front panel connectors.
No matter what happens stick with it you have mad skills that will only ripen with age
I figured as much GL man!!
What Happened? Are you finished?
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