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@atomicus The only good purpose for a variable speed pumps is to tune noise IMHO. The lower the speed = lower noise.  If you can live with the noise at 5, which if properly installed is doable, performance is best therefore the best recommendation. The more water blocks you have the higher the restriction of water flow. With increased rpm at 5 water pressure increases forcing higher flow rate through the loop which generally equals better thermal performance. Lower...
I have a 280 in the front of mine works fine (see sig) 240 should be a piece of cake
Zero issue with vibration noise silicone is the best for that you literally could put it anywhere it completely covers it and protects it from all directions
Maybe you'll appreciate this a bit more I've used these in a few rigs including a Luxe
I did not know you have the Evolv I see it now that I expanded the details of your sig my bad. I did not mean to dis you.
Surprised no with the case chimed in. I don't have one but looks to be like you'd need a 30mm thick for the top the Black Ice Nenesis is probably your best bet followed by my favorite Alphacool ST 30. The front of the case doesn't appear to have the same limitation but over 45mm thick you won't see significant improvements in cooling. There are ways to tweak and tune air flow with this case that I've seen discussed here so maybe those folks can chime in. I don't think...
For a first time watercooling build you did quit well. You obviously dotted your I's and crossed your T's right down the the drain port well done I love the Luxe and just bought another to replace the Primo.
@Gil80 I still say there is a switch in the bios there has been since Z68 chipset maybe you need a bios update. At the time Intel was pushing software that allowed us to utilize both discrete and integrated GPUs together and the software allowed for three different configurations. All which depended on the switch in bios. I'd poke around in the legacy bios and see if you can find it.
Unless I'm missing something iGPU need to be enabled or disabled in the bios. If the system sees it and is requesting drivers it is enabled. When disable the iGPU won't be visible. At least that's how it works for me.
Phanteks Announces the Eclipse P400 and P400S Tempered Glass Press Release by btarunr Thursday, October 20th 2016 06:08 Discuss (1 Comment) Phanteks, the award-winning case manufacturer, is excited to announced the availability of the new Eclipse P400 and P400S Tempered Glass. The Eclipse P400 and P400S Tempered Glass Editions will feature a full tempered glass side panel and will introduce two brand new Special Edition colors. The Eclipse P400 and P400S Tempered Glass...
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