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@MrKoala I see only 8 physical attachments on the EEB and based on dimensions looks like a tight but doable fit in a Luxe. However I don't have the board in person maybe there are more I can't see from images.
I don't have precision calipers but if anything it's under 6mm.It is my understanding 6mm is a common height for mobo standoffs.My Luxe came with 9 installed and 2 spare. 
Luxe 6mm I will have to check on the threading edit: After closer inspection of an extra stand off in my Luxe accessory box it appears to be the same threading as the 31mm HDD fan mount screws, 6-32. 
Luxe and Primo are both HD Audio to front panel connectors.
No matter what happens stick with it you have mad skills that will only ripen with age
I figured as much GL man!!
What Happened? Are you finished?
Awesome!  love the simplicity of it and your mad painting skills.
The confusion is when you say side but the hand drawing depicts front. See Illustration below for front of case rad mounting options or seek out the videos and reviews of the case to get a general feel for all it's capability. You could even search this thread for many of the answers to questions you've been asking. If you are wanting to install a front rad in exhaust orientation and supply it with air from fans mounted in the bottom of the case in intake orientation they...
+-I use a 420x65mm thick rad in the top of my Primo on a MSI Z87G45 Gaming and fitted a MSI Z97 Gaming 7. On the ASUS x99 Deluxe the 8pin would be hard to reach w/o removing a fan but I think it would work. Push pull is not an issue in the top or bottom. As a matter of fact the bottom has no issue with a monsta in push/pull however you don't want a rad down there wider that 126mm in width or you will have to modify.   I'd recommend the 2m which can be cut to length...
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