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For the science geek skeptics among us it might be helpful to learn a bit about the inventor. Below I'll quote the beginning of an article dated 23 August 13 which may be familiar to some but reassuring to the heretics.  Some flybys may think this is just another YouTuber but you'd be wrong this guy is a former NASA mechanical engineer that worked on the Curiosity Rover.I'd think he might know a bit about IR cameras and electromagnetic spectrum. It might also be easy to...
Trolls be gone....... Let's discuss how to make it work instead of tearing it down. Telling us how it can't work no body wants it not needed is what they said about color TVs when black and white was in every household. You keep your old TV I want to move on and support the idea. I don't mind conjecture but rejecting it out of hand without a solution or at least a little support is TROLLING. See Ya wouldn't want to be ya.
No I didn't see the # of signatures thanks for pointing it out. Microwave users or not automatically heating stuff through seems like a no brainier. Instead of guesstimating which is how most work now. He is right when he says the tech hasn't change much in decades and may well be the reason there aren't more microwave users. I could careless if it's on my phone but I want a lot more for the money than what they offer now.
The video has been view 859,458 times. I wonder how many have signed the petition?
Guess I am the only one. Later
What monitor are you using? and what connection type? which port on GPU? Does system boot but with blank screen? be specific
CM-Storm Inferno sold to dragonhunter @ OCN Heatkiller Multi-Link sold to RussianJ @ OCN
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