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I have tried it both ways not lazy as some would suggest. First I tried 4 in (front rad) 3 (out rear and top rad). Second and as it is in the pics I have 6 in (front & top rad ) and 1 out (rear case). You are correct the old way was slightly better but we are talking 1-2C idle and no improvement under load making the positive case pressure, therefore less dust, the key reason why I don't change it back. I've considered a more potent fan for the rear exhaust, removing all...
My Luxe setup Hope it helps.Monsoon Dual Bay D5 Pump/Res280 UT 60 push/Intake (filtered) 2-PH-F140MP240 UT 60 Push Pull (filtered) 4-Corsair 120SPPH-F140MP Rear ExhaustPositive case pressureDistilled water and silver coil onlyCustom DIY satin epoxy white interior        
They also do custom orders just call and talk to them they will be more than happy to give you a quote for what ever.
opps open mouth insert....... lol 
Phanteks Enthoo Primo Clear Window Replacement Side Panel Version 2Not tempered glass rather cast acrylic 3/8" but full side panel glass and no need to remove parts
Not sure how bad it is or color of case but if it's the black version I have used a black sharpie with good success at least it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. No matter what you do it will show unless the whole area is sanded down and then sprayed to blend in.
It would fit if you remove the res bracket or move the UT 360 to the front and mount the dual pump in the rear similar to my setup but with a low profile tank such as yours the dual top could fit up front unless you have a rad there too if so you could always side mount the ST30 instead of the front. Really where there's a will there's a way with this case. Although I think the Coolstream was a good buy filling from the top is impossible with only two ports facing down. I...
IMHO I would use an EK dual d5 top if you really must have two D5's and add some fans to the monsta for push pull those rads need lots of air flow to make them worth their while. Especially when you consider the restrictions associated with the bottom of the Primo it needs all the help it can get. You'd get way more out of that than just adding a pump which may or may not truly be needed.
If you notice from my pic I resolved that issue with a swivel 90 elbow. With flexible hoses I simply pull it out of the way. The res can move in and out. You just have to be sure all connections are tight and don't wiggle loose when moving. I have also placed a support under the pump to insure no stress on the elbow and that keeps it perfectly straight up and down but the res is not hard mounted to the rear panel which would obscure access to expansion slots.
My bottom rad is a Monsta 360  Keep in mind the primo fits up to a 480 down there just be carfeful because the width won't fit some of the wide rads. All Alphacool rads are compatible though. Normally this is where Doyll chimes in, he's the expert but, I believe max width for rads in the bottom of a Primo is 127mm. In my build my rad is pushed a little towards the back (under 120mm away from rear wall) to accommodate easily a drain at the front of the case. Bottom line...
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