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Air Flow is decent considering the design. I have push/pull H110 GTX in front w/4x Phanteks 140 MP fans and 3-140s top & rear exhaust.I'm pushing a 6700K to 4.7 w/1.345vcore balanced performance. ambient is 25.5c it idles 29 to 32c and 62 to 72c BF4 loadThe GPU ia an EVGA 980ti SC ACS at +10mv +105PL +48CC +40MC idles 32-35c  52-69c BF4 loadIMHO a blower style GPU would be better for this case as would most of the cases out there with the stealth front. I bought/stole mine...
Bump for looking I have one now and it's fantastic awesome speed 1000+ reads and writes Paypal charges .029 per dollar x 250 = 7.25 + 6.10 or 6.80 USPS Priority flat rate small box (cheaper if bought online) = 263.35 or  265 asking price nets you $250 GLWS
Ditto I really dislike the trend of no 5-1/4 drive bays I could go for side mounted but none at all I can't like it.
I have tried it both ways not lazy as some would suggest. First I tried 4 in (front rad) 3 (out rear and top rad). Second and as it is in the pics I have 6 in (front & top rad ) and 1 out (rear case). You are correct the old way was slightly better but we are talking 1-2C idle and no improvement under load making the positive case pressure, therefore less dust, the key reason why I don't change it back. I've considered a more potent fan for the rear exhaust, removing all...
My Luxe setup Hope it helps.Monsoon Dual Bay D5 Pump/Res280 UT 60 push/Intake (filtered) 2-PH-F140MP240 UT 60 Push Pull (filtered) 4-Corsair 120SPPH-F140MP Rear ExhaustPositive case pressureDistilled water and silver coil onlyCustom DIY satin epoxy white interior        
They also do custom orders just call and talk to them they will be more than happy to give you a quote for what ever.
opps open mouth insert....... lol 
Phanteks Enthoo Primo Clear Window Replacement Side Panel Version 2Not tempered glass rather cast acrylic 3/8" but full side panel glass and no need to remove parts
Not sure how bad it is or color of case but if it's the black version I have used a black sharpie with good success at least it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. No matter what you do it will show unless the whole area is sanded down and then sprayed to blend in.
It would fit if you remove the res bracket or move the UT 360 to the front and mount the dual pump in the rear similar to my setup but with a low profile tank such as yours the dual top could fit up front unless you have a rad there too if so you could always side mount the ST30 instead of the front. Really where there's a will there's a way with this case. Although I think the Coolstream was a good buy filling from the top is impossible with only two ports facing down. I...
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