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My wife won't get rid of her Blackberry. I think she's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
Good to see more XB1 owners. I've been enjoying mine immensely since I got it about three weeks ago. PvZ: Garden Warfare is pretty fun too. I just need to find more time and money to play the thing. I also got my first 1000/1000 game ever on LocoCycle. Not super proud of it but hey
Yup, someone did get lucky, just not me. Thanks for sharing it though.
February update is live. Next time you put the console to sleep it should auto update.
Titanfall Beta signups should begin around 9 PM EST tonight.
It's all about the games. Xbox has the games I WANT and the PS4 currently does not.
Picked up my Xbox One yesterday along with my first HDTV. Much fun to be had. Downloaded Ryse and Dead Rising so far.
Maybe I overreacted, or maybe I'm tired of people saying they don't want it. Every thread is littered with people that say they don't want it. And it was the first reply... I'm glad people can express their opinion over the internet. I just feel it's a bit redundant that every Windows 8 thread seems to be the same thing.
To me, this is just flame bait. Can we knock it off with all the negative comments, or at least wait until the second page.
Honestly, I really don't care. I preordered the collectors edition and put in about 200 hours. It was a fun game. If it wasn't for you, why do you think you're entitled to a refund or other benefits? We've all been burned purchasing games we don't like or don't even play. Get over it.
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