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I've checked everything and I'm still getting this issue. Admin check. Hidden files check. I don't understand how I moved the folder wrong 10 times doing exactly what this guide says to do. Mind you it worked the first time and only the first time I ever tryed it.
Okay. I've read thru this thread and haven't found a propper answer. I followed every step perfectly but when I try to log into the second profile it says cannot load. All i see if people saying the default folder wasnt moved properly? Thats very vague. How do you know if you did it right? I made sure I was able to see hidden folders before moving the folder. ( that's one of the steps....) so I don't understand how I could have done it wrong. There was no errors or...
oh? do tell
I filled it out, I'm not ranked as a diamond player or anything haha, but I feel with the right working and practice I can be useful to the team.
Congrats bro! Living the dream lol.I've been playing since season 1 and I'm stuck in silver atm. Not sure what im doing wrong exactly but im trying hard to get better, I feel like i need an outer source of judgement on my gameplay. Anyone have any suggestions or willing to coach little old me?
Fun times in ranked XD
Crappy image quality....buuut she's almost ready to be unveiled. Here another inspirational pic
Is that a flat or glossy carbon fiber?
LOL I guess as a last resort I could do that. I'm just trying to run a black and red internal theme and the blue ....well it kinda kills that.
Any one know a safe way to remove the corsair logo on the front of the mesh? I don't wanna maul this thing trying to find out it doesn't come off.
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